[PDF] Brand Archetypes eBook – 60 pages + 12 High Res Moodboards

[PDF] Brand Archetypes eBook – 60 pages + 12 High Res Moodboards

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How do you get people to connect with your brand?

You make your brand more human.

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To make your brand more human, you must give it personality and a voice.

But how do you do this?

A powerful tool is brand archetypes.


What is a brand archetype?

A brand archetype is a set of patterns and characteristics a person has that defines who they are and how they are perceived.

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Based on this archetype, we can predict the behaviour of our target audience and define what archetype we want for our brands.

It was Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, who defined 12 different archetypes under which every person can be categorized.

Now it’s time to find your brand archetype.

Let’s build your human brand!


How to Give Your Brand Personality using Brand Archetypes

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Brand Archetype Examples

In order to choose the right archetype we first have to define all the archetypes.

Every archetype is based on one core human desire – something this person longs for.

This desire is the based from their fears, strategies and characteristics.

The 12 Brand Archetypes Main Traits

  • THE REBEL: Liberation
  • THE HERO: Mastery
  • THE LOVER: Intimacy
  • THE JESTER: Enjoyment
  • THE EVERYMAN: Belonging
  • THE CAREGIVER: Service
  • THE RULER: Control
  • THE CREATOR: Innovation
  • THE INNOCENT: Safety
  • THE SAGE: Understanding
  • THE EXPLORER: Freedom

To go deeper on all of the brand archetypes & find the right archetype for your brand, check out the ebook below.


Download the Ultimate Brand Archetype eBook + Moodboards

Brand Archetypes Guide

Brand Archetype eBook

The Ultimate Brand Archetype eBook from Sam Caron dives deep into the personality of all the 12 archetypes.

It answers questions like recognising your customer’s archetype and what it means for your brand to be a specific archetype.

It gives examples of real-world brands and characters that fit each archetype along with design and messaging guidelines.

You will get 60 pages of explanations of the archetypes plus 12 high resolution moodboards for each archetype, perfect for printing and bringing in to client meetings.

Once you’ve picked the archetype that best fits your brand, it will guide you through how to decide your archetypal mix and develop your brand personality & voice.

You can grab the full package for just $19.


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