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Branding 101 eBook

Get the ultimate ‘bloat-free’ guide on branding & logo design, suitable for designers & non-designers!

Logo Inspiration eBook

A 70 page ebook featuring 1000+ inspiring logo designs to help your next logo or branding project.

The Best Tools for Designers

The best gear for designers, sorted by career level and price as well as our top recommended resources.

101+ Best Logo Design Resources

As a professional logo designer, I’ve gathered a number of resources over the years, which I have curated into this PDF.

101+ Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Maximize your business’ sales and visibility with these 101+ marketing ideas and tips.

Branding Mockup Template Pack

Looking for high quality mockup templates for your logo & branding work? This pack includes signage & facade mockups, branding mockups, logo templates, stationery, packaging and more. Courtesy of DesignCuts.

Hipster Logo Template Pack

This free logo asset pack contains 18 finished logos with text and symbols and 40+ elements such as ribbons, badges, ornaments and many more that will make your designing as easy as it can get.

Logo Signage PSD Mockup Pack

8x high resolution storefront & sign logo mockups (PSD) in all different perspectives and angles.

Brand Personality Matrix

A brand strategy tool that promotes discussion between designers & their clients, helping them define the positioning of their brand in the market – perfect for logo design & branding projects.

Brand Strategy Workbook

Make an impact in the world through your business, craft a brand strategy that will define your who, what, when, where and WHY.

Brand Core Values Worksheet

Core values should be one of the very first elements defined in your brand strategy. Use this sheet sheet to zero in on the three values that speaks to you most and develop them into your unique core brand values.

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