Changes to Just Creative Design (now using Comic Sans MS)

Changes to Just Creative Design (now using Comic Sans MS)

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You may have noticed some changes to Just Creative Design over the past couple of days…

  • We have added a new sideblog to the right side of Just Creative Design as previously mentioned.
  • JCD with Comic SansWe have changed our base font to Comic Sans MS due to popular demand. If you have not seen the changes you must go to our style sheet and click refresh and then come back to this page and click refresh again.
  • APRIL FOOLS! In case you missed it, check out the image of JCD with comic sans. Sorry to the suckers that fell for it, no hard feelings. Did you fall for any other April Fools jokes? Just so you know the rest of the stuff on this page is the truth!
  • We have also made the front page a lot cleaner by using only post excerpts. This was done using Daily Blog Tips, home page excerpt plugin. We also removed all social media buttons from the front page as well as all clutter such as the Google Adsense ads as well as the related posts section.
  • We have also added a new sponsor, Studio 7 Designs. A green graphic design company.
  • We have added OpenID to our comments. Read about OpenID here.
  • I am now using Twitter. You can follow me here.

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23 thoughts on “Changes to Just Creative Design (now using Comic Sans MS)”

  1. Is it a joke ?
    “We have changed our base font to Comic Sans MS due to popular demand” ???
    Ahahaha ! I think this is a joke, caus’ Comic Sans MS is the worst font ever. You cannot be a graphic designer using Comic Sans MS…

    I think this is a joke, so have a look to


  2. Comic Sans is childish. Tracking is bad, kerning is bad. Counters get blocked up in bold (see “A” or “e”). I hope it’s an April fool (it’s the only part of the post in italic).

  3. Polka Dot Bride,
    Hehe, I just had to join in on the fun.

    Alex and Andy,
    Well done for picking it up.

    THe page cleaning was for real… I hope home page excerpts was not a bad thing?

    Jefe, Rafie, Thinker, JRD
    Hehe, gotchu 😛 Happy April Fools!

  4. Wow! Comic Sans 😛 I’m a bit skeptic with this font. Lol~ But sometimes it’s nice. It reminds me of good old days when I was about 15, Comic Sans used to be my fav font.

    Rafie’s last blog post..What Do You See?

  5. It’s a bit cliche when you said you are changing to Comic Sans while on few previous post you have criticize ‘designer’ who uses Comic Sans. I don’t believe at all 😛

    *It’s a bit weird when you didn’t change the input box and text field to Comic Sans. If you do, it’s gonna be more REAL!

    Rafie’s last blog post..What Do You See?

  6. Oh, Jacob, that’s hysterical.

    I read in my email, and I don’t always click through, but I actually yelped at the “Comic Sans” in the title and came to see if I could offer to run to Canada to get some cheap meds for your condition. Thank goodness it’s a joke. That screen shot is a horror and I love it.

    Best joke I’ve seen all day. Thanks!



    Kelly’s last blog post..Quit Waiting for Business to Pick Up, Theres Growing to Do!

  7. Rafie, well I had to do something to prove that it wasn’t for real… I even put italics on the line original line as a hint.

    Regan, Toon, Jesus, Jon
    Just as well heh?

    Thanks me too

    Glad I made your day 🙂

    Haha, Thanks for that.

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