Best CHEERFUN Drawing Tablets For Kids – Review

Best CHEERFUN Drawing Tablets For Kids – Review

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for one of the best drawing tablets for your kids. CHEERFUN provides cheerful drawing boards for your kids.

These drawing tablets are smaller and more affordable than others you’ve seen, but they don’t skimp on technology. Whether your child is new to art, scribbling with crayons, or about to take art and design in school, the tablets provided by CHEERFUN will suffice.

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They have an adorable selection of products that will appeal to your child’s preferences. They are all lovely, from the Gege Dinosaur to the Bobo Dog, and your child would undoubtedly enjoy any of them!

CHEERFUN’s brand motto is to never stop striving to build a fun world for kids and offer a better future. They would love to help every kid grow with fun, and focus, and stimulate their inner potential to bring out the best in every kid.

They offer these LCD writing tablets with unique designs that kids can’t resist. These drawing pads can be used for fun, educational, and gifting purposes.

These drawing boards are made with the most recent pressure-sensitive technology, allowing kids to draw in neon colors!

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Free child's imagination

Allow your toddler’s imagination to run wild if he or she enjoys writing and loves to doodle. LCD writing pads help to eliminate the mess of markers or chalk. This reduces your cleaning workload by avoiding color pigment on clothes, furniture, floors, and bed sheets.

Also, CHEERFUN believes in caring for our planet. That’s why they actively work towards changing the traditional method of painting, thereby reducing paper waste and carbon emissions.

But as a parent, you might ask, how is a tablet a good thing for a kid’s eyes? Well, you don’t have to worry about their eyesight as these little beautiful things come with an eye protection feature. No radiation, no glare, so children can use it for a long time and you won’t have to worry.

Lightweight and portable

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In addition to all the above-mentioned features, the drawing tablets are lightweight, sturdy, and portable. It fits into a school bag, handbag, or travel bag perfectly because of its compact design. Graffiti boards can also be used in a variety of settings, including airplanes, cars, restaurants, and sofas. This is one of the best and ideal kids’ travel toys.

Lock key

You may be thinking that those are the only features. But wait, there are a few more features which you can’t miss. It provides you with one key to delete and a lock key at the back in case you want to save your kids’ art.

CHEERFUN has a wide range of products, like Nene Unicorn Magnetic Doodle Board and Pipi Cat Magna Drawing Board, that are unique, designer, educational, and entertaining at the same time. So, visit their website for more options that will appeal to your children.

For your convenience we have laid out detailed specification of some products of CHEERFUN below –

Nene Unicorn Magnetic Doodle Board

Nene Unicorn Magnetic Doodle Board
Image credit: Amazon

It is one of the attractive tablets with a unicorn design. It is a pink color magnetic board that acts as an educational toy for children, especially toddlers. It has a 10-inch colorful display which is sufficient for both writing and drawing purposes. This LCD tablet allows the kids to draw in neon colors due to pressure-sensitivity technology.

Along with these features, your kids can use these tablets without any eye strain due to their exterior coating. 


Latest Price on Amazon:

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Pipi Cat Electronic LCD Writing Tablet

Pipi Cat Electronic LCD Writing Tablet
Image credit: Amazon

Similar to Nene Unicorn, the Pipi Cat LCD writing tablet is also the best kids tablet. The tablet is lightweight with a writing space of 8.5 inches. This tablet is not only good for writing but for drawing as well. 

The tablet has a unique design of a cat which can grab the attention of the children. The device is portable with good shock resistance. You can carry this device with you anywhere easily.

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Kids use the device as a doodle board, drawing tablet, or toddler toy. The lock function in the tablets allows the images and drawings to stay for a longer time. So, if you are searching for a tablet that can give an experience like paper and pencil, this device can be the right choice. 


Latest Price on Amazon:

Toys for Girls Gifts LCD Writing Tablet - CHEERFUN Toddler Toys for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Girls Boys...
1,936 Reviews
Toys for Girls Gifts LCD Writing Tablet - CHEERFUN Toddler Toys for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Girls Boys...
  • Awesome Educational Toys for Girls Boys - Gift Wrap Available: Multi-functional kids doodle board is an awesome educational learning toy, which helps free children’s imagination and releases...
  • Eye Protection and Fantastic Kids Toys: Digital LCD writing tablet adopts the newest LCD pressure-sensitive technology and 8.5 inches colorful screen, offers enough space and easy for kids to write,...
  • No Mess at Home: A creative and productive little painter is often less friendly to walls. Maybe the drawing tablet for kids can save your wall/doors. CHEERFUN LCD writing tablet provides your kids...
  • Easy Operation Boys Girls Toys: LCD writing tablet is intelligent enough to deliver real paper and pencil using experience. Creates colorful lines of different thicknesses based on how hard you push...
  • Portable and Durable: CHEERFUN toys for girls boys are neat and lightweight but have good shock resistance and drop resistance, easy to place in school bags, travel bags, handbags. Easy to carry on...


Gege Dinosaur Magna LCD Writing tablet 

Gege Dinosaur Magna LCD Writing tablet 
Image credit: Amazon

This multifunctional LCD tablet appears in a dinosaur design. The device is lightweight and portable due to its strong ABS material. It has a groove at the bottom of the tablet where you can place the stylus. 

The tablet has a screen space of 10 inches which is perfect for drawing and writing purposes. Like the above-mentioned products, the Gege Dinosaur tablet also has an eye-protection feature. The tablet provides a wide range of rainbow colors to prevent blue light and glare. So, kids can use this tablet without the fear of eye strain.


Latest Price on Amazon:

CHEERFUN LCD Writing Tablet Kids Toys 10' Toddler Toys Learning Drawing Board Dinosaur Toys for 3 4...
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CHEERFUN LCD Writing Tablet Kids Toys 10" Toddler Toys Learning Drawing Board Dinosaur Toys for 3 4...
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  • Upgrade Vivid Screen - Eye Protection: Digital LCD drawing board for kids adopts the newest LCD pressure-sensitive tech, providing vivid rainbow colors without glare and blue light. With 10 inches...
  • No More Mess at Home: If you have toddlers who love to write just let their imagination go wild. CHEERFUN LCD writing tablet toy can help keep away from the mess of crayons, markers, or chalk....

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Frequently Asked Questions

In which countries do CHEERFUN deliver their drawing boards?

CHEERFUN offers deliveries across the globe.

Do they charge additional for overseas deliveries?

No, they provide free deliveries to all countries with no additional charges.

Approximately how many days do they take to ship orders?

Mostly they take 1 to 3 business days to ship products from the date of your order.

Are the drawing tables safe for toddlers?

Absolutely yes. As they provide eye protection, your kids can use these drawing tables for as long as they want. In addition to that, their battery chamber is enclosed with a screw, so you don’t have to worry about your kid swallowing the battery by accident.

What all things are included in the box?

The box includes a drawing board, 2 styluses, and a battery. The good thing is they are providing customers with a spare stylus.

Are CHEERFUN tablets travel-friendly?

Yes, being lightweight tablets, it’s really easy to carry them with you in your bag.

Are CHEERFUN tablets only for kids?

Well, the target audience is kids but they are not limited to them. Even an adult can use the drawing tablet. It can be used to note down a message from a friend, or leave a message for someone. As it has a lock key, you can save up any important message without worrying that it will get lost.