Chimp Essentials: How to Grow your Business with MailChimp

Chimp Essentials: How to Grow your Business with MailChimp

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Paul Jarvis just launched his new course, Chimp Essentials which focuses on “no-bullshit video lessons that teach you how to use MailChimp to grow your business.”

Below is more info, plus an exclusive Just Creative discount.

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Chimp Essentials

Chimp Essentials is an essential course for anyone currently using MailChimp (freelancers, teachers, product makers, businesses, course creators) OR anyone wanting to grow a successful mailing list.

Mailing lists really do pay off. Paul has a 12,000% investment return on his.

Paul’s simple and direct teaching style is smart and practical, with a bit of humor thrown in for good measure. See an example video here. This teaching style is what made his uber popular Creative Class so successful.

Paul Jarvis Chimp Essentials

As Paul promises, this course covers everything from “Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Zee” and his own newsletter fan base of 30,000+ (worth $120 per subscriber) is testament to his knowledge in this marketing jungle.

FREE 3 Months to MailChimp

As for me, I personally use MailChimp for many of my client’s email campaigns and I can’t deny that MailChimp’s GUI and newsletter templates are the best on the market. You can get 3 months free by using this MailChimp sign up link.

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Get $30 off Chimp Essentials Course (3 Days Only!)

Just Bananas

Go check out the Chimp Essentials program to learn more.

Updated coupon: Use coupon code ‘JUSTCREATIVESE’ (case sensitive) to get life time access and $20 off. This coupon will expire on March 11.

Please note the course closes on March 31 for a few months so it can be updated with MailChimps latest features and updates.

Go bananas!

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