20+ Cloud Fonts for Sky-High Designs

20+ Cloud Fonts for Sky-High Designs

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Looking for fluffy & puffy cloud fonts? We’ve selected the best cloud fonts below!

Cloud fonts are regarded as the most appealing typefaces that can go with various projects, all thanks to their color palette, accessibility, and features.

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Credited to their fluffy & puffy appearance, these typefaces are suitable for any fun & playful design project and promise to fulfill your creative needs.

If you’re a designer looking to add an airy aesthetic to your visuals, the list below is the best 20 cloud fonts that you can look up to elevate your design projects!

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10 Best Cloud Fonts Overview

  1. Rocket Clouds
  2. Cloud Display
  3. Soft Clouds Family 
  4. Cloud Bread
  5. Hazel Clouds
  6. The Clouds Family
  7. Twist Cloud 
  8. Foam or Clouds 
  9. Fluffy
  10. Misty Cloud

Scroll on for the full list. Also see our compilation on Best Cute Handwriting Fonts and Best Italic Fonts and Best Curvy Fonts.

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20+ Best Cloud Fonts for Fluffy & Puffy Designs

1. Foam or Clouds

A funky font

Foam or Cloud is a 3D SVG OpenType font in foam, smoke, and cloud styles. It functions on Photoshop CC 2017, Illustrator CC 2018, and other Mac apps.

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So if you want a realistic brush effect with the dark font on a light background and a multilayered effect or light font on a dark background with a layered screen effect, there’s no better match than this font.

One piece of advice that we can give you is to create a type area throughout the entire window. This allows a wonderful interplay of aesthetics that will make this funky font pop!

If any letters are extended outside of this area, adjust the spacing so you can read the characters well.

2. Cloud Display

A cute cloudy font for kids

We found that we can create beautiful, extraordinary artwork with this Cloud Display font. It features big, bold, and bubbly characters and ligatures in OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats.

What we like more is, that you can create kid-themed exciting designs to make your project stand out in art competitions at school and funfairs

3. Soft Clouds Family

A soft font with typography

Soft Clouds is a font family that comes in three wonderful typefaces with varying thicknesses. The three complimentary typefaces go well together and are suitable for various artistic projects.

We loved that the letters are simple and easy to read, which makes them appropriate for digital and print material.

The characteristics of this font include all caps letters, numeric, punctuation, extension, and symbols.

The file version of this font is available in OTF and TTF with two styles: Light and Bold. In addition, Soft Clouds supports several languages, such as Albanian, Basque, French, Italian, Dutch, English, German, etc.

4. Cloud Bread

A modern font with unique colors used

The sweet, friendly typeface has a cute and bold text style, giving it a unique and fun look. We loved that Cloud Bread creates impressive designs that effortlessly fit trendy and artistic designs.

Cloud Bread comes with soft and bubbly shape language that mimics handwriting, giving a friendly and soft vibe to any design work.

This multilingual font is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats.

5. Hazel Clouds

A modern and stylish font

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Hazel Clouds, a script font, is perfect for creating modern designs.

The font comes with a sleek and curvy style that is applicable for projects like headlines, apparel, packaging, and branding. We liked that Hazel Clouds has more than nine stylistic alternates and access to underlines.

The font package comes with two styles and includes OTF and TTF files for easy installation. A quick and easy-to-use tool for any designer’s toolkit.

6. The Clouds Family

A family font with modern typography

The five fonts of this family put great effort together to make an immense variation in designs.

Using this great typeface, we found that we can create logos, labels, book covers, merchandise designs, branding, social media posts, advertisements, tags, watermarks, invites, and other related projects.

Cloud family fonts contain styles such as Bold, Italics, Light, and Grunge. The features include all-caps letters, numerals, punctuation, extensions, and symbols.

Additionally, the multilingual font is workable on both PC and Mac.

Furthermore, its easy-to-read letters are suitable for both digital designs and prints. Lastly, we found the font is easy to install in either OTF, TTF, WOFF, or Web font.

7. Twist Cloud

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A handmade and stylish font

Twist Cloud is a distinctive calligraphic font created from a hand-drawn original sketch.

We found that the font is appropriate for personal and professional projects, including writing headlines, letters, posters, wedding invites, web blogs, merchandise and pillow designs, packaging, social media posts, banners, and logo designs.

It features expressive handwritten letters and ligatures.

Employing these letters in your branding is excellent because each has a unique personality.

You’ll get this font in OTF format. The plus point of Twist Cloud we liked is that you do not need any special software to use it.

8. Rocket Clouds

A modern font with neon used

Rocket Clouds is a new addition to the Envato family inspired by 80’s music and neon lights.

The font with a duo of contemporary look infused with retro styling brings nostalgia to your design. We loved it as it is excellent to use in designing labels, text that protrudes the background image, branding, and product packaging.

Rocket Clouds are a gorgeous addition available in two styles: Rocket Clouds Regular and Rocket Clouds Alt.

We can also combine two kinds into one to make our project design more exciting and unique.


9. Fluffy

A light font with modern look

Fluffy is an adorable, plush, cottony, and airy display font. Its designer created the font using Cloud and bean shapes resembling handwritten letters.

We found it is primarily intended for children’s books, cartoons, animations, and other soft, feminine content.

Therefore, fluffy is an ideal choice for making causal statements.

10. Misty Cloud

A stylish font with modern calligraphy

Envato Elements proudly introduced the Misty Cloud typeface by Balpirick Studio.

We liked it because the stylish calligraphy font is well suited for product packaging, branding projects, magazines, social media, wedding invites, and expressing phrases over the background.

In addition, this modern typeface has multilingual support and compatibility with OTF and TTF file formats.

11. Cotton Cloud

A funky font with your designing needs

Have you ever felt the softness of the fluffy, cottony clouds as you fly through them in your imagination?

Cotton Cloud is the perfect font for adventure-themed online games, posters, movies, titles, magazines, YouTube covers and thumbnails, social networking posts, cover pages, and much more.

The font features include basic Latin dual case letters, numeric, punctuation, easy installation, and file formats such as OTF, TTF, and WOFF.

Next, we liked that Cotton Cloud works on PC and Mac devices. The font is accessible in Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and Microsoft Word.

In addition, its PUA-encoded characters are easily accessible without additional design software.

12. Cloudsters

A ligature logo font with unique design

A sans-based logo font with a distinctive ligature, Cloudsters will give your design a sleek, contemporary appearance.

We recommend Cloudsters as the font is specially made for creating logotypes and other creative artworks. We loved this typeface because it has unique ligatures that will immediately draw attention to your design.

13. Kurhosia

A futuristic font for multiple selections

Kurhosia is a sleek, contemporary, and futuristic display font.

Since writing web designs, business cards, or anything else that calls for a distinctive touch, we found this font to be an excellent option for such projects.

The elegant font contains dual case letters, punctuation, numeric, and OTF format, which is easy to install. Moreover, it has support for both Mac and Windows OS.

14. Artemus

A Creative font with futuristic look

As professionals, we found and loved the modern, chic, futuristic display font, Artemus. It creates a unique and sophisticated outlook.

We found this typeface is best suited for writing web designs, business cards, or anything that calls for a distinctive touch.

15. Figeorus

A modern font with futuristic look

With a thinner and more modern variant, Figeorus is a cutting-edge and sophisticated font.

Moreover, it helps compose web designs or other writing projects with a unique, distinctive touch.

Lastly, we loved the exquisite shape and smart concept of Figeorus which makes it seem contemporary in designs for future technologies.

16. Double Bubble

A retro display front for your next project

Double Bubble is a cute bubble 3D display typeface. Each letter floats amusingly on its own, ready to spring off the page at any time.

The audience is sure to be delighted by the hypnotic text that Double Bubble allows you to produce.

With its duality, you may combine this font’s outline and regular versions to make eye-catching graphics.

We liked how the font evokes childhood memories and captures thoughts of bubble gum, bubble tea, and those cozy puffy jackets you wear during winter.

Double Bubble will grab the interest of anybody who sees it, whether you’re making a poster, a website, or a social media post.

17. Cloud Nine

A dreamy handwritten font

Our following handwritten font, Cloud Nine, adds character and vigor to your masterpieces without being over the top.

Whether used alone or in conjunction with other handwritten typefaces, we found that it will make a stunning compliment to your artwork. This font supports European, South American, and Oceanic languages.

This awesome font is available in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 file versions.

18. Sweet Dreams Silhouette

A bedtime themed font with unique colors

You can instantly download this commendable font with just a few clicks. We liked it as you can create unique theme designs and fun projects. It offers sophisticated and decent designing options.

Sweet Dreams Silhouette is usable across a wide range of applications, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Word.

It is a commercially licensed font with OTF and TTF file formats. Apart from this, you also get free updates with this font.

19. Cloudy Aurora

A signature style font for your designs

Cloudy Aurora is the ideal fusion of traditional and fairy with a distinctive script. It has two fonts: a free-handwriting script and a delicate modern serif.

Moreover, we found that this font pair supports several ligatures, numeric, symbol sets, multilingual accents, and PUA encoding.

The special bonus of this light-hearted font is six lovely readymade logos that will simplify the process of creating a brand for you.

In easy words, we can say that Cloudy Aurora is a stylish combination of modern serif fonts and scripts.

Its distinctive serif ligature font is ideal for pairing with script fonts. The file contains OTF, AI, and EPS formats. It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Illustrator version CS6.

20. Cloud Dancer

A neon type looking font

Risca Anitawati is the designer of the Cloud Dancer font family. It is a robust and high-contrast serif display typeface with a lovely sense of nostalgia. Several stylistic variations in this font can set it apart and make it stand out.

We loved that Cloud Dancer is ideal for business cards, websites, publications, titles, books, magazines, product packaging, labels, and other advertising.

The features include numerals, symbols, PUA encryption, uppercase and lowercase, multilingual support, alternates, and ligatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best font for anime/cartoon logos?

Cloud Display adds a dash of cuteness to any design work and fits with both cartoon logos and titles that need a dash of fluffiness to it.

Which font is best for coffee shops?

Twist Cloud showcases a soft handwritten style that is perfect for any coffee shop branding. This font combines elegance with an inviting,subtle style that is sure to bring in anyone that is looking for a cup of joe.

What is the best kids font?

Cotton Cloud brings a sweet and innocent aesthetic to any design, perfect for any design targeted for kids.

Best Cloud Fonts Summary

Cloud fonts are created with an artistic feel and are a much-needed addition to your projects. They are excellent for creating fashionable designs for clothing brands, business companies, or other graphic projects.

These quirky display fonts with their cloudy, playful aesthetic are sure to win over your heart and help you compose enticing masterpieces.

We hope this post is helpful to you and that using the aforementioned fonts helps you take your digital endeavors up a notch.

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