🎨 20+ Bold Color Fonts for Vibrant Designs

🎨 20+ Bold Color Fonts for Vibrant Designs

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Are you in search of a fresh and innovative way to bring vibrancy to your designs? Look no further!

We have curated an exceptional collection of color fonts that will add a whole new dimension to your artistic creations.

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Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting, these captivating color fonts are sure to captivate your audience and make your work truly stand out.

Experience the fusion of art and typography as we introduce you to a diverse selection of eye-catching typefaces.

From elegant pastels to bold and vibrant hues, these color fonts will unlock endless possibilities for your design projects. Let’s dive in.

🎨 10 Best Color Fonts – Overview

  1. Color Paper
  2. Playkita
  3. Garis
  4. Newport Tracks
  5. Pastel Colors
  6. Color Bricks
  7. Fab Ice
  8. Simbox
  9. Horizontal Lines
  10. Bouqet

Scroll on for the full list. 

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20+ Best Color Fonts to Add Vibrance to Your Designs

1. Color Paper

Color Paper Color Font

First on our list, we proudly present the mesmerizing Color Paper font!

Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite paper art 3D color fonts, perfectly tailored for your exciting new projects.

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These innovative fonts come in both Color and SVG OpenType formats, ensuring a delightful experience when used in Photoshop CC 2017+, Illustrator CC 2018, and several Mac applications.


2. Playkita

Playkita Color Font

Next on our font list, we have Playkita – an extraordinary Colored SVG Font from Drizy Studio.

This font offers all the essential styles you’ll need, particularly for playful and colorful theme projects.

We absolutely adore this font for its versatility and ability to bring joy to any design!


3. Garis

Garis Lengkung Color Font

Garis Lengkung is a remarkably vibrant color font crafted from basic geometric shapes like circles, squares, triangles, semicircles, and more.

Its modern and cool appearance is enhanced by the clever use of color overlays.

This font is a perfect choice for a wide range of design applications, including logos, signatures, taglines, Tshirts, handwritten quotes, product packaging, posters, merchandise, social media posts, labels, branding, and greeting cards.

Embrace the creativity and uniqueness of Garis Lengkung in your projects and make them truly stand out!


4. Newport Tracks

Newport Tracks Color Font

Next up, we have Newport Tracks – an incredibly versatile font that offers three fantastic color palettes to choose from.

These include a stunning pastel color variation and two elegant minimal greyscale variations in both light and dark tones.

For even greater customization, you can easily adjust the colors by converting your type to paths and working from there.

This gives you the creative freedom to tailor Newport Tracks to perfectly match your design vision.


5. Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors Color Font

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We’re certain that you will adore Pastel Colors! This font is a delightful and cute display font, boasting a playful style while maintaining excellent readability.

Its versatility knows no bounds – perfect for Christmas cards, branding, stationery, blog design, custom art, stamps, embossers, books, apparel, packaging, headlines, and so much more!

Adding a unique touch to any design project, Pastel Colors exudes a stunning charm. Moreover, this font is PUA encoded, granting you easy access to all those adorable glyphs.


6. Color Bricks

Color Font

Color Bricks – a captivating and vibrant font that’s sure to spark your creative imagination! Color Bricks is designed to bring a splash of excitement and energy to your projects.

Inspired by the fun and dynamic nature of building blocks, this font boasts a playful style that’s perfect for a wide array of design endeavors.

With its eye-catching colors and modern appeal, Color Bricks is ideal for various applications such as logos, posters, children’s books, social media graphics, branding, and much more.


7. Fab Ice

Fab Ice Color Font

We’re absolutely thrilled to share the Fab Ice Lolly font with you!

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This delightful and refreshing typeface is sure to add a touch of playful nostalgia to your designs.

Embrace the vibrant colors and whimsical charm of this font as it brings joy and creativity to your creative projects.

Let the Fab Ice Lolly font be the sweet treat that adds a burst of happiness and fun to your design endeavors!


8. Simbox

Simbox Color Font

We are proud to introduce Simbox, a captivating sans serif font meticulously crafted with vibrant color elements.

Its unique and wide design sets it apart, making it an exceptional choice for creating impactful logos and eye-catching short titles.

Embracing the essence of collaboration, Simbox offers color alternates, providing a wealth of header variations to cater to our diverse community of designers.

Together, let’s explore the font’s versatility and unleash our creativity, utilizing Simbox to its fullest potential.


9. Horizontal Lines

Horizontal Lines Color Font

Next, we have Horizontal Lines – an exceptional font that exudes a sense of balance and order, making it an ideal choice for modern and elegant designs.

With its simple yet impactful appearance, this font lends itself perfectly to various creative projects, from branding and editorial layouts to web design and digital graphics.

Embrace the timeless appeal of  Horizontal Lines font and infuse your projects with a touch of sophistication and clarity.


10. Bouqet

Bouqet Color Font

Presenting the exquisite Bouquet Flower & Water Color font, crafted with two enchanting versions: the Real Flower version and the Flower Color Water Effect version.

This captivating typeface brings the beauty of blooming flowers and the artistry of watercolor together in perfect harmony.

The “Bouquet Flower & Water Color” font is fully compatible with all versions of Photoshop, from CC 2017 to the latest.

For Photoshop CC 2017 and beyond, you can utilize the .otf file and the layered PSD file, offering you the utmost flexibility in your design process. For older versions like Photoshop CC 2016, the layered PSD file is the go-to option. See more flower fonts here.


11. Eight-Bit Neon

Eightbit Color Font

We proudly present Eight-bit Neon – a captivating and colorful display monoline font that exudes a retro neon style.

With its vibrant and lively appearance, this font is sure to add a nostalgic touch to your designs, reminiscent of the iconic eight-bit era.

Embrace the vibrant energy of Eight-bit Neon as you create eye-catching graphics, striking posters, captivating headlines, and much more.

Let the neon glow of this font illuminate your designs with a dose of nostalgia and a burst of modern charm. See more gaming fonts here.


12. Decorative Geometry

Decorative Geometry Color Font

One of our favorite fonts on the list is Decorative Geometry.

This captivating typeface seamlessly blends intricate geometric patterns with decorative elements, creating a unique and visually striking design.

Decorative Geometry is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your projects, from logo designs and branding to eye-catching invitations and artistic posters.

Let the harmonious fusion of geometry and decoration inspire your creativity, and watch your designs come to life with a captivating and timeless appeal.


13. Betamin

Betamin Color Font

Look no further than Betamin – a delightful color sans serif font thoughtfully crafted with rounded lines.

This font exudes brightness and joy, making it the perfect choice for crafting short and fun titles that are sure to catch the eye.

With five different colors for the capital letters, Betamin offers a playful array of header variations, adding a touch of whimsy to your designs.

Additionally, there’s a font option where all the letter colors are mixed, giving you the freedom to use the font as a multi-colored gem or in a single color of your choice.

See more outline fonts here.


14. Colorful Candy

Colorful Candy Color Font

We are pleased to say that Colorful Candy is a delightful and funny hand-lettering font crafted with love and creativity.

This font is the result of bringing hand-lettering ideas to life in a unique and charming typeface.

What makes Colorful Candy truly special is how each style complements the others perfectly, giving you the freedom to mix and match them to your heart’s content!

With Colorful Candy, the possibilities truly become endless, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of designs.


15. Fruitz SVG

Fruits SVG Color Font

One of the fonts on the list that caught our attention is Fruitz SVG Color Font.

Inspired by playful typography, this font brings a burst of vibrancy and joy to your designs. With its attractive and playful appearance, Fruitz is the perfect choice for adding a touch of fun and liveliness to your projects.

Crafted with meticulous attention to aesthetics, this font’s high-quality design makes it suitable for various applications, from eye-catching book covers and striking posters to captivating packaging, merchandise, and logotypes. See more fruit fonts here.


16. Colorblind

Colorblind Color Font

Colorblind font – a thoughtful and inclusive typeface designed to cater to a diverse range of users, including those with color vision deficiencies.

This font is specifically created to ensure readability and accessibility for everyone, regardless of their ability to perceive colors accurately.

Colorblind font is crafted with a clear and legible design, making it suitable for various design applications, from digital media and print materials to websites and signage.


17. Best Friend

Best Friend Color Font

In a distinct and unparalleled manner, Best Friend font brings a special touch to your designs.

With its one-of-a-kind charm and unmatched creativity, this font is perfect for adding a unique and memorable element to your projects.

Embrace the unparalleled versatility of Best Friend and let it elevate your designs to new heights of creativity and originality.

Explore the endless possibilities and unleash your imagination with this truly one-of-a-kind font!


18. Sagetty

Sagetty Color Font

Next, we have Sagetty – a playful and cool display font that exudes a sense of fun and excitement.

This font is an excellent choice for children-themed designs, where its vibrant and lively nature can truly shine, especially when paired with bright and cheerful colors.

With its delightful and charming appearance, Sagetty is ideal for creating captivating children’s books, animated posters, lively party invitations, and any other design that aims to spark the imagination of the young and young-at-heart.


19. Monster Ground

Monster Ground Color Font

We absolutely adore using Monster Ground!

The playful and enchanting charm of this SVG Color Font makes it an irresistible choice for our creative projects.

Embracing its whimsical spirit, we love how it adds a touch of magic and uniqueness to our designs. From book covers to posters, packaging to merchandise, and even logotypes, Monster Ground never fails to bring a smile to our faces. See more monster fonts here.


20. Playlines

Playlines Color Font

We loved using Playlines!

This display typeface is a delightful combination of firm lines and angles, creating a unique and modern design.

What truly sets Playlines apart is its playful element, making it an excellent complement to various other typefaces.

With numerous character combinations, alternates, and ligatures, the creative possibilities are endless, allowing us to experiment and have fun with different looks.


21. Minime

Minime Color Font

We love how adorable and charming Minime is!

This color OpenType-SVG font comes with both Latin and Cyrillic letters, making it a versatile choice for various projects.

Its playful and cute style adds a delightful touch to any design.

From t-shirt designs to typographic art and social media images, Minime works beautifully in a wide range of creative endeavors.

The vibrant colors and lively characters make it an excellent option for creating eye-catching and fun visual content.


22. Cerco

Last but certainly not least, we have Cerco – a delightful and inviting font family that exudes a warm and playful charm.

With its soft and friendly appearance, Cerco is a versatile font that adapts beautifully to various applications.

The intermediate styles of Cerco are a perfect fit for body texts, ensuring excellent readability and a pleasant reading experience.

On the other hand, the strong weight shines brilliantly at larger display sizes, making it ideal for eye-catching headlines and impactful design elements.


Our Favorite Color Fonts

Still undecided? No problem. We’ve narrowed down the list and selected our top 12 best color fonts just for you.


Best Color Fonts Summary

Color fonts are a captivating and innovative way to elevate our designs and unleash our creativity. These fonts offer a delightful combination of typography and color, allowing us to express our artistic visions in unique and eye-catching ways.

With a wide range of color variations and styles, color fonts provide endless possibilities for creating visually stunning and engaging designs.

Whether it’s playful and fun, elegant and sophisticated, or bold and dynamic, color fonts enable us to set the perfect tone for our projects.

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