Product Insertions & Sponsored Post Guidelines

This page will provide you with everything you need to know regarding getting featured in our posts or having a dedicated sponsored post featured on JUST Creative.

What kind of articles does JUST Creative publish?

Topics are loosely based around technology, design, branding & marketing.

Topics include: technology, top gear, business, marketing, freelancing, social media, content marketing, logo design, branding, web design, UX/UI, productivity, creativity, brand strategy, self improvement, business, leadership, and more.

Who is JUST Creative publishing for?

The JUST Creative audience are mainly Designers, Artists, Creatives & Entrepreneurs. They are:

  • Buyer-Intent Shoppers
  • Media & Entertainment Lovers
  • Technology / Technophiles
  • 60% Male / 40% Female
  • 35% are based in USA
  • 21% are based in UK, Canada & Australia
  • 40% are aged 25-34
  • 30% are aged 18-24
  • 15% are aged 35-44

What will JUST Creative do for you?

To be featured in our articles, you can provide the copy & imagery OR we can do the article addition for you. The draft will be sent to you first for approval. 

For sponsored posts or reviews, we will write and edit the article for you. The draft will be sent to you first for approval.

What is the domain ranking of JUST Creative?

JUST Creative has been actively posting content since 2007 and has a 76 aDR (Domain Rating) with close to 500k backlinks and 500k monthly page views.

What does it cost?

  • Due to the frequent requests and time involved we are now only accepting article insertions and/or sponsored posts with fees. 
  • Costs are variable. Please contact our editorial team using the form below.


  • We don’t publish press releases or any other public relations (PR) content.
  • We don’t have any hidden advertisements. All advertisements are marked as such.

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