92 More Must See Creative Photographs

92 More Must See Creative Photographs

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Due to the popularity of the last 56 Awe Inspiring Must See Creative Photographs post I thought I would do another bunch of creative photographs. This time I have added in some creative advertisements, creative photo manipulation and just some stunning photography in general. Most link back to the original authors however there are some that are unknown.

Update January 25th 2010:

Due to an outing with our web hosts, we lost a lot of files including this post so unfortunately they are no longer available but good news, you can find 192 creative ads or 80 more here. Thank you.

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433 thoughts on “92 More Must See Creative Photographs”

  1. Breath taking work! Some of them I know!

    (p.s, thank you so much for linking to the artist’s gallery when you could <3)

  2. Radek, Liam, Ivo, Fubiz, CrazyLeaf, Barry,

    Your welcome!

    Only took about 30minutes plus I had a lot already.

    My lesson was learnt last time.

    Well they were all from the same artist and I thought they were just so cool they all had to be added!

  3. You have waaaay too much time on your hands! 😉 Where do you find all of these? I see some from Worth1000.

    Love the collection, some are very creative! I like the one of the girl on the grass holding hands with the shadow.

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..Free Vector Resources

  4. Nice one, Jacob. Dugg and Stumbled for sure!

    Armen’s last blog post..24 Checkpoint Signs Your Obsessed with Web/Graphic Design

  5. Jacob,

    I love all the Chema Madoz photos, but the two by Timur Sezgin are just stunning! I did a lot of Installation Art back in the long ago of college and they remind me of… what I was hoping for. I’m off to deviant art right now to look him up!



    Kelly’s last blog post..Why Noise Is Essential

  6. WOW!
    As a photographer myself, it takes something pretty astonishing to blow me away…this did.
    Thanx for the shot of creative energy.

  7. I never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity of imagination.
    Its a bloody good job that they are not all by the same photographer. All that genius with one person; just not fair. Thank you very much for your work in finding them; your recogntion and eye for brilliance.
    Very inspiring. The Baldchemist

  8. Very well said Ray. I would be very scared if they were all from the same photographer. (But the last ones are, the black and white ones.) Cheers.

  9. hi everyone,while I was surfing on the web,I found this website”justcreativedesign.com” and I did like it when I saw the pictures.and I really want to see more and more.is the anyone who knows if there is any way ? can get those kind of pictures randomly to my email address…? mean ? want to get it 2 or 3 times in a week so when ? check my mails? also can see those nice pictures and I can send them to my friends..if it is possible, my mail adress is ”[email protected]” thank you so much to everyone who read this and try to help me…

  10. Quite impressive trip
    inbetween sophisticated studio stuff
    and almost serendipity shoot.

    Thanks for the big time you took
    to give us this.


  11. Unless I’m mistaken, photos 12, 18, 19 and 21 (billboard poking nose, black and white dog, subway sleeper, and walking pigeon) are all by Matt Stuart. http://www.mattstuart.com

    Anyone know who shot the “gears of the earth” one? I know it’s a husband and wife team, but I can’t remember their names for the life of me.

  12. Alan, yes very outstanding indeed.

    Josh, thanks for the tip off, I have linked all his photos up to his site as well as the other artist you mentioned. They are all so great!

  13. This is a truly spectacular collection

    Stumbled and have never seen such a well put together collection of images or a collection of quality all the way through. Thank you for sharing.

    Ben Poser

  14. I can only guess at the imagination and curiosity these artists had as a child. Those poor parents and teachers! LOL
    Fantastic work and a joy to see.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Great collection, photos like that make me wanna buy a pro camera for me… =/

    Cayo Medeiros aka. yogodoshis last blog post..Designoogle – Sua busca por inspiração começa e termina aqui

  16. Truly mind blowing!! that burnt matchstick on wood is amazing, genius !!!

    JokesBoys last blog post..Neglected Bills

  17. I love the Girl with the Strawberry tongue. It reminds me of the Arcimboldo exhibit I went to see earlier this year in Paris.

    Parisgirls last blog post..Free Museum Night in Paris: May 17th, 2008

  18. love the collection – great images – some I have seen, but certainly are a few I haven’t and am glad I did!

    great work and imagination used in some of these images!

  19. Great Collection. I love the Matt Stuart photo.

    Georges last blog post..46" BRAVIA® S Series LCD Flat Panel HDTV

  20. These are the most creative and inspiring pictures I’ve seen in a long time.

    Thanks for the wonderful collection.

  21. heya,
    these photos are awesome! but i just wanted to say how cool your site banner is.. i cant get over it- really clever!!
    goodluck with everything


  22. wow wow wow wow i am completley speechless funny ,thought provoking,arrogant,surreal it is all here fantastic and thank you

  23. Such a beautiful list – makes me wanna go get busy with my camera.
    Were the burnt match images from one collection? They seem like they ought to go together.

    Thomas Wrights last blog post..New site – tdwright.co.uk

  24. the first 20 or so are good, then it goes to the chemadoz.com pictures. while some of them are good, it gets pretty boring after awhile, and a lot of them are hardly “must see” nor “creative”…

  25. Great and extremely creative pictures…

    Wong Chendongs last blog post..Is Your Email Been Delivered Or Been Throw Into Spam Folder?

  26. Hi There,
    I just wanted to mention that you have one of my photos up there (23rd on down – blue liquid pour shot) and I’ve never given anyone permission to distribute it. Not that I mind it being called “Must See”, it’s kinda of flattering, but it would be polite to ask permission for that kind of thing. Also, the version that you have up there has been edited (the “flame” portion). It was done by someone on Deviant Art who didn’t have permission to distribute it either. He made a personal modification to it and it’s been circulated around the internet and back again.

    Again, I find if flattering that I took such a nice photo that people want to use it as a desktop, or edit it, or whatever, but it’s gotten kind of out of hand. Anyway, the real version is here:


    And the final version of the shot (the above was only a test version) can be found here:


    Just thought you should know.

  27. yawn…
    what is the point
    the most bored i have been in a while.
    get a life… all of you!

  28. Wow! These photos are really creative, and some are crazy at the same time! You did a great job on compiling these pics!

  29. Woow! This is great stuff! I like them kind of creative pic collections.

    seos last blog post..Generating unique content for free

  30. Admirations, Jacob!!!
    Lovely photos! I shall to pop in here more often for new posts.

    All the best!

  31. Lo mejor de todo es que Chema Madoz (fotos en B/N con su característico baritado), no sabe de ordenadores. No están manipuladas con Photoshop. Esto es creatividad pura y dura… la caña… pedazo artista…

  32. Most of these photos really speak to me like the cigarette touth brush and the tooth paste made of the drugs inside of them

  33. Wonderful!!! I have no word to tell what I think about this works. A lo of interesting ideas.

    Lady Maksimas last blog post..??? ????? ?????????? ??????????????

  34. all of these are spectacular! the artist(s) who came up with all of these photos have the most vivid imagination. we need more people in the world who view everything with imigination. i am 16 and i see this kink of thing all the time! GOOD JOB! ^_^

  35. great collection. very creative. really smart effort. That one where the ladder in the mirror seems that is another way to downstairs.
    REallly great .

  36. This is a gr8 site n thnx for such a gr8 work at one stop. These were indeed gr8 job. keep it up dude n plz keep adding more, v wud lik 2 have more of these

  37. AMAZING PICTURES! most of them have such an intricate hidden meaning that I am amazed. Lot of time and effort put into this. Great job

  38. Just what I needed to help me get my mind elsewhere for my PTSD (Vietnam 71-72). These works of art show how imagination and skill are true friends.

  39. as a photographer, i am unimpressed. these are relatively poor shots with hours of photoshop production on top of them. this is hardly creative photography, or in any way inspiring. obvious metaphors and allegories ahoy.

  40. Awesome, really thought provoking. I think my favourite is the flip flops with the grass in-soles. Gonna buy me some of those 🙂

  41. is it just me or were the last 50 by the same artist, i mean, they were my favourites of the bunch but i dont know if their entire castalogue falls under “must-see photographs”.

  42. Fantastic collection! The one with the two guys in a room with no ceiling and a funeral going on above: is that Jerry Uelsmann? His website has some photos worth seeing, too. And thanks, Alecks, for a link to a favorite that I’d lost (funny floor).

  43. I had a lot of fun looking at these. My sister will love them too. I love that it is out of the ordinary. I like to get creative with the camera too. Thanks so much!

  44. Haha nice. I see you found late Pantera guitarist Darrel Abbot’s lost violin (Look at the Dimebag signature Dean guitars)

  45. wow!!! i thought i was creative. love all off them. two guyz smoking in a grave and guy walking up a lader in a pic. Amazing half in half out but still all in. awesome pictures im satisfied for today. thank u.

  46. ¡Que imaginación tan bárbara!

    Me encanta una foto más que la otra.

    No cabe duda de que cada cabeza es un mundo y en cada una hay ideas increíbles por explotar!

  47. Hi!! i’m from peru! i think that u made an incredibleeee work!! i love all ur pictures and they are very creative! congratulations 🙂

  48. WOW! that is amazing work and collection, it gets me thinkin and its just amazing and sooo coool, where did u get all those ideas from??? lols there so madd, thumbs up! 🙂

  49. the first 20 or so are good, then it goes to the chemadoz.com pictures. while some of them are good, it gets pretty boring after awhile, and a lot of them are hardly “must see” nor “creative”:

  50. …] este es el ganador. Diseño de Mac Funamizu, se trata de una especie de cristal transaparente donde se combinan las funciones de escanner, […]

  51. wow…interesting perspective on life pics…my favorite it the spoon smashing the egg head. sometimes people can overwhelm you and seems like they are smashing you in….just sent to some friends…thx

  52. love the collection – great images – some I have seen, but certainly are a few I haven’t and am glad I did!

    great work and imagination used in some of these images!

  53. the first 20 or so are good, then it goes to the chemadoz.com pictures. while some of them are good, it gets pretty boring after awhile, and a lot of them are hardly “must see” nor “creative”:

  54. wow. i really like the pics you have here. will definitely refer to friends. my favorite is the one with the grave and people are looking down at the two guys smoking.

  55. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide

  56. the first 20 or so are good, then it goes to the chemadoz.com pictures. while some of them are good, it gets pretty boring after awhile, and a lot of them are hardly “must see” nor “creative”:

  57. As a photographer myself, it takes something pretty astonishing to blow me away…this did.
    Thanx for the shot of creative energy.

  58. This blog is great. A lot of useful things can be learned here. The pictures are very interesting.

  59. What happened to the last half or so of photos Jacob, you got all greyscale on us!!?

    Great collection of photos, thanks for sharing

  60. Not sure if you recovered all the photos. I had seen many of the photographs before and was coming back for some inspirational glimpses to give me ideas for creativity.

  61. This creative photographs are fantastic. I want to become a professional photographer soon. I want to be a creative in terms of photos. This blog is really impressive and I really like it. Keep it up.

    Sarah Kimmel Photography

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