‘Brand Perfect Tour’ & ‘Voices That Matter’ Design Conferences

‘Brand Perfect Tour’ & ‘Voices That Matter’ Design Conferences

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Design conferences are a great way to get motivated & stay ahead in this extremely fast moving industry. Today I wanted to share with you two great conferences and some exclusive discounts to them, as well as an opportunity to win some free tickets to each.

1. ‘Brand Perfect Tour’ Branding Conference


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The Brand Perfect Tour brings together brands, brand managers, directors, designers and developers in a unique forum of communication and discovery – An open exchange of strategies and technologies designed to improve brand consistency and the user experience in the digital landscape.

The Brand Perfect Tour is being held in London, Hamburg & NYC on various dates. There is a great line up of speakers and some awesome ‘master classes’ to attend too.

20% Discount & 6 Free VIP tickets (worth $395 each)

I have 6 free VIP tickets to give away to the NYC conference being held on June 22nd. To qualify for the free ticket,  you must be a brand director/manager from an established company or a Creative Director. If you do not qualify for the free ticket, you can still get a 20% discount by using the code ‘JC’ at checkout, valid to June 1st. Reserve your place here.

For info on how to win a free VIP ticket, see the bottom of this post. Entries now closed.

2. ‘Voices That Matter’ Web Design Conference


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Update: This year’s conference has been cancelled due to low attendance.

Last year I went to the Voices That Matter Conference in San Francisco and it was a great experience. It was a very ‘hands on’ detailed look at specific aspects of the web design industry which was spoken by people very well versed in the industry – all published authors.

Anyway, the good news is that the Voices That Matter Web Design Conference conference is being held again this year on June 27-28th in San Francisco. Participants can expect to gain insights on the best approaches on designing for mobile, social media, HTML5 and CSS3, content strategy, grids, typography, fonts, workflow, user experience, and more.

Over the two day program you will hear from Bruce Lawson, Kelly Goto, Shawn Welch, and many more.

$200 Special Discount & Free Ticket!

As someone that reads Just Creative Design, you can save $100 (new registrations only) off the conference fee by using the discount code ‘WSBLOGS’. If you register by May 27th you can save another $100 off too!

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Check out the conference web site or contact Barbara Gavin, 617.848.7026 to register / request more information.

For those looking to win the one free ticket, see the bottom of this post.

I’ve made an effort to attend (and speak at) a number of conferences over the past few years and I wanted to share my favourite ones with you, so you can put them on your radar for now and in the future.

For a more detailed list of worldwide conferences, see Smashing Mag’s 2011 upcoming conferences post.

Win A Ticket!

Like I mentioned, I have 6 free VIP tickets to give away for the ‘Brand Perfect Tour’ and 1 free one for the’ Voices That Matter’ Conference.

To enter (Entries now closed)

1. ‘Like’ Just Creative Design on Facebook. You can click through or if reading this on my blog, you can do that below.

2. Post a comment here on this post, letting me know which ticket you would like to win. If you are applying for the Brand Perfect Tour, please leave your job title & company link as well. Please only post if you can get to the event (flights not included) and you meet the organiser’s requirements.

Winners will be drawn randomly & contacted by the email address left in the comment field below. Winners will also be announced on this post. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!

Winners of Brand Perfect Tour NYC VIP Tickets

Congrats to the winners of the Brand Perfect Tour NYC VIP tickets:

  • Eric Ashley
  • Josh Broton
  • Deja Engel
  • Josh Hay
  • Robert Blaskko
  • Nick Sloggett

Winner of Voices That Matter ticket

  • Susan was the winner but since the conference was cancelled will instead be receiving some books on  the topic.

23 thoughts on “‘Brand Perfect Tour’ & ‘Voices That Matter’ Design Conferences”

  1. I’m the Creative Director for Rialto Property Partners and Hotel Indigo-Athens and would love to win a chance to attend the Brand Perfect Tour! I can get there myself!

  2. I am a UX designer at wavii.com and I would love the opportunity to attend the Brand Perfect Tour in NYC!

  3. I’m a flash developer and website designer @ visual-a in NYC and i want to go to Brand Perfect!

  4. ‘Voices That Matter’ Web Design Conference, sounds like a very resourceful and great event! Would love to attend! Thanks!

  5. ‘Voices That Matter’ Web Design Conference sounds like a very resourceful and great event! Thanks!

  6. I am the Associate Director, Digital Design and Development, for the University of Arkansas. I would love to attend the Voices that Matter conference! Thanks for this great opportunity.

  7. I am the creative specialist (our term for Creative Director) at VistaComm in Sioux Falls, SD, and since I am equi-distant from both, I would take tickets to either. Thank you!

  8. Hi Jacob,
    First of all, you really “got it going on” with your blog posts…I’ve heard Milton Glaser say that the best thing that a graphic designer can do is to develop writing skills. Also, you’ve got some great marketing smarts with this win-win promotion. I am a freelance graphic designer, ankle-deep in web development, yearning to learn more about the current trends, best practices and technologies for new media. The “Voices That Matter Conference” sounds like a significant conference to fulfill that purpose, and right in my area…thanks for making me aware of it, and for the possibility of winning a free ticket. I would assure you that I would make good use of it. Keep on keeping on! Best, Clarice

  9. I just found your blog, and very happy I did. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to go to the Voices That Matter Conference in SF. Thanks!

  10. I am a graphic designer at wiz361 on Nepal i think you know nepal is one of the poor country in south asia so that i loved to be member in Brand Perfect Tour thank you

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