Open Thread: What Is Your Elevator Speech?

Open Thread: What Is Your Elevator Speech?

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Elevator Speech - Picture by BogenFreund

In this open thread we will look at each others elevators speeches so we can compare and learn from one another. Take your time to come up with one or refine the one you already have and post it here for everyone else to see, even if you are not a designer (but that is what the focus is on). Share your wisdom and help others or if you are unsure about something, ask a question and let others help you out.

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What is an elevator speech?

An elevator speech is the 15 to 30 overview of who you are, what you do and why someone should use your product / service. The idea behind ‘elevator’ is that you should be able to deliver your monologue within the time span of an elevator ride (unless of course you are stuck in one for 41 hours).

Elevator speech tips

  • Make It Concise
  • Make It Easy To Understand
  • Make It Inducing
  • Leave No Questions

Helpful Resources

  • Not Getting A Rise Out Of Your Elevator Speech? – Some tips on writing the perfect elevator speech.
  • Dos & Do Nots of Elevator Speeches – Some helpful tips on how to write an elevator speech.
  • Elevator Pitches on TechCrunch – Upload a video of your elevator pitch and get feedback from others and listen to others for inspiration.
  • Elevator Pitches on YouTube – Get some inspiration and more tips in the many videos on YouTube.
  • OpenThread on Freelance Folder – A similar post to this one with user submitted elevator speeches.

So what is your elevator speech?

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40 thoughts on “Open Thread: What Is Your Elevator Speech?”

  1. how can you give tips about this kind of stuff being so young? is this the wisdom* of your classes or something like *own experience*? you make me curious about you…

  2. Annie: You’d be surprised at how much running your own business matures you and makes you learn things you never even knew existed. I’m only 22 and pretty proud of what I know.

    Our elevator speech is: ‘We help small and micro businesses create a modern identity and an effective online presence. We do this through web design, graphic design, e-commerce and web app services.’

  3. Love the idea of being able to read everyone else’s. Maybe if you get a fair amount of good ones, post some of your favorites?

    Hope your trip is wonderful.

  4. Annie – I’m considered an old coot by some, but I’m happy to learn from anyone…. regardless of their age.

  5. I work at a small web development shop with no in-house designers, so of course we have to talk about our ability to work well with 3rd party designers. After all, you don’t want a programmer picking your website colors and fonts, trust me.

    But I do like making “things on the internets awesome”.

  6. Mine is, “We make things on the internets awesome”.

    How’s that?

    @JeffFisher – you are an engineer. i guess you like to toot toot your own horn! *cymbal crash*

  7. Our group have a few to choose from depending on the client…

    “We consist of very different designers from varying backgrounds who collaborate to produce effective and outstanding designs. Our mission is simple: help our clients meet their goals through excellent design.”


    “We listen to our clients and translate their thoughts into strong designs. What can good design do for you? It can get your company noticed, bring in new business, refresh and revitalize your company, and help your customers get informed.”


    “Why should you choose us? Because we listen to our clients. We research everything including you, your company and your target audience. We do not have one style. We cater the design to your company and audience. Plus, we’re local. Just a quick call and we can be right there.”

  8. Well, My definition is Lil different. It’s not what you can show or describe. It all about what you believe.

    We usually learn from mistakes…. In person It’s always better more curious then cautious. & that serves pretty well as an result.

  9. Jack: That’s not exactly an elevator statement though. An elevator statement is meant to clearly and concisely tell someone who you are, what your business does, how you do it, why you’re different etc. in one simply statement…

  10. I’m a husband, a dad, and a Pastor. I understand and love people more than technology, and I’d love to help you reach and understand people through technology.

  11. “We are Chosen, a creative advertising agency using any artistic or marketing mediums to get a company recognized.”

    — How does that sound.. we don’t really have one pegged, so i’d like some feedback and hammer out a strong one

  12. “Hi. My name is Doug Cloud. I am a freelance graphic artist. If you have a business or personal presence on the Web I can place your brand firmly in the minds of millions.”

    [hands off business card]

  13. Annie,
    Who sets the age of who you can learn off? If you let age be put off by who you learn from, chances are you will not get to your full potential.

    Thank you for your backup, and your elevator speech. When you refer to micro businesses what do you mean by this? I would find this confusing in my opinion.

    Thank you for your elevator speech.

    I agree with you (not with the old coot bit).

    I was pretty disappointed with the small amount of quality responses here so I think I will offer a prize next time.

    My trip was great!

    I really envy developers who have both programming and design skills. I wish I had better programming skills myself but I am getting by.

    That is not really an elevator speech… and as Marnie B said, that is not exactly an elevator speech.

    Thank you for your elevator speech.

    Thank you very much for your 3 elevator speeches, I liked the last one!

    I think it still could do with a bit more work as it still leaves open questions. I am hoping to get some more soon.

    That is a very different approach, I think you should also add how you do it at the end of your speech, for example “…minds of millions by designing and implementing professional marketing material relevant to your goals.(or whatever is appropriate)”

  14. Hi Doug,
    The statement I provided was only an example… I was just thinking that it could do with something on the end of it to really reinforce your sales pitch.

  15. It’s a sales pitch. You are selling yourself and your talent. The whole point is to get it out as quickly and smoothly as possible. Adding, “:minds of millions by designing and implementing professional marketing material relevant to your goals.(or whatever is appropriate)” would make it too clumsy and clunky.

  16. Mine: **better late than never : ) **

    Hi, I’m Lisa & I run krush design + marketing.
    We’re a boutique design studio that offers visual business solutions. We’re all about ideas, action & results!! Essentially we give your business… the art of being seen!

  17. Personally, I’m not too comfortable with the idea of pitching myself in ‘business speak’. I guess I’m just not there yet.

    When asked the question, I usually say something about my aesthetic, strengths and method. That way they can gauge how good a match I’d be for their project.

  18. My elevator speech is a bit short but it seems to work well. “Hello I am Samantha Lindsey. I am a graphic designer. Basically this means that I work to help you achieve success through design.”

  19. I have just 20 seconds to create an elevator pitch about myself and my skills for a short television spot looking for a job and I only have 24 hours to write it and I have NO idea where to start and I am getting a wide variety of opinions from various resources….. Can anyone help me? PLEASE??

  20. Hi, my name is Shannon Gilmour. I help you find a way through these hard troubling times by helping you to posture yourself upright with the word of God in a way that is personally directed for you. Got a minute? I’d like to give you a quick motivational direction to help jump start your day.

  21. I have my elevator pitch as part of my company slogan! Every time I look at my website I quickly think about what my company stands for, it’s all about branding and search engine marketing is no different than any other industry.

  22. I’m a webinar promotional manager, using a blend of business & psychology to help my clients make more money online. I approach everything with enthusiasm and joy, making the most of it!

  23. You made some decent points there. I looked on the web for the issue and found most people will go together with with your website.

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