Designer? Creative? Geek? Leave Your Twitter Username & Bio Below

Designer? Creative? Geek? Leave Your Twitter Username & Bio Below

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Twitter is everywhere. It’s not to late to sign up. Personally, I love it and I think you should get on the band wagon if you haven’t already.

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Benefits I get from the Twitter community: Free viral marketing, free advice, industry insights, great tips, great links, friendly conversation.

Benefits I give others: Free marketing, free giveaways, free advice, inspirational quotes, friendly conversation.

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Leave your Twitter username and bio below.

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518 thoughts on “Designer? Creative? Geek? Leave Your Twitter Username & Bio Below”

  1. Enjoy web design, photography and architecture, love helping out local charities, building and designing their websites…

    Also provides critique for sites and designs if asked 🙂

  2. http://twitter.com/marcofolio

    My name is Marco, owner and administrator of the always growing blog Marcofolio.net.

    This (we)blog brings you information about (web)design, blogging tips, (programming) tutorials and much, much more. I can’t describe Marcofolio.net in words: Just look around and be amazed. Many (new) visitors have a habit to stick around, just because of the variety of articles.

    Get the latest updates and knowing what the next article will be about when you follow in Twitter. I’ll see you there!

  3. http://www.twitter.com/1stwebdesigner

    I am designer from Latvia, 20 years young and totally obsessed with design trends, developing web-sites using CSS, HTML, xhtml, wordpress and designing at Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks. I have been working in design company for few months, but now I better work from home, getting some clients and writing my blog.


  4. Real name: Dainis Graveris

    Twitter Profile: http://www.twitter.com/1stwebdesigner

    I am designer from Latvia, 20 years young and totally obsessed with design trends, developing web-sites using CSS, HTML, xhtml, wordpress and designing at Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks. I have been working in design company for few months, but now I better work from home, getting some clients and writing my blog.

  5. Love the blog, Jacob!

    Real Name: Nick Shipes
    Loc: Seattle, WA
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/u10int
    Bio: Originally studied architecture, but now a freelance graphic designer + interactive developer working as Urban10 Interactive (http://urban10.com). Also a blogger, thinker, photographer, loves trail mix, addicted to coffee and enjoys seeing the occasional decoy owl or two! 🙂

  6. hey all,

    Name: Zach LeBar
    Twitter: @zachlebar
    Bio: I’m a budding web designer/graphic designer, who has a passion for moving design, and clean code. I’m new to “the Twitters” and actually just signed up to get on this list. 😛

  7. Name:Arthur Brown Jr.
    I am a web designer and marketing communications professional focused on creating the best online and offline experiences possible. Building engaging websites using CSS, HTML, XHTML and Flash is my main focus; I also create other marketing materials such postcards, magazine print ads and brand identity materials.

  8. I push pixels by day, and by night for an agency in Florida.
    I TRY to focus on brand development and UI but end up doing everything in-between. I haven’t had my coffee yet, I can’t think of anything witty or intriguing to say.

  9. Name- Daniel Morgan

    Location- Houston, Texas

    Bio- Web Designer, Gamer , Macross, and Jpop fanboy. I design and build websites for a SEO/SEM firm based out of Houston, Texas!

  10. Joshua Riley Simmons
    Web Developer & Consultant in the North Bay

    Web Developer and Consultant, Information Architect, Enterprise Resource Planner, and Entrepreneur. Within the realm of IA and ERP I’m primarily interested in maximizing efficiency of organizational operations by creating and employing the use of intranet websites and tools. I consult small to medium sized organizations to ensure their website is aligned with their needs and goals, and implement the strategies required to bring them into alignment. This entails search engine optimization, user experience design, code refactoring, and updating web design.

  11. Lauren Farris
    Graphic Designer and Production Manager

    I am a graphic designer specializing in print that also handles all of the production aspects of our products daily. I communicate with all of our vendors from print to promotional products. I also go on press checks and select the paper for our print projects. I work for a healthcare marketing firm in Nashville.

  12. Rob Christianson is an illustrator and designer located in the Pacific Northwest. With his wacky, zany, nutty, kooky crazy style and a love for classic and modern animation, his work bubbles with creativity and fizzes with fun! Rob is an experienced designer as well, having over ten years of agency and freelance work under his belt. Rob studied illustration at the Seattle School of Visual Concepts under such illustrators as David Harto, Jere Smith, Stan Shaw and Art Chantry.

  13. Real Name: Holly Davis
    Twitter Profile: http://twitter.com/hol410
    Bio: Graphic Designer & Owner of HRD Design based in Houston, Texas. I focus on full identity work including but not limited to logos, business cards, letterhead, web design and other custom work.

  14. http://twitter.com/tgittos

    Programmer & Web developer. Specialising in .NET, PHP, Javascript and Actionscript 3.0 connecting to MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.
    I also know HTML and a bit of CSS.

    My tweets are mostly me complaining about how dumb various programming languages are, but I hope to actually contribute something useful one day.

  15. I am a lead developer of a web development group in Australia, specialising in interfaces design & accessibility. I code late into the evening ever

  16. freelancer, business owner, flash designer & developer, student and weirdo. tend to put the “F-U!” in fun. don’t take it personally.

  17. Aaron Irizarry

    I survive mostly on Asian food & coffee, I am a designer, artist, God follower, father, husband, dodger fan, star wars geek, retired musician, canvas: I am passionate about web design/development, and I love pretty much anything creative.

  18. _business_
    twitter: asyouwish
    bio: photography & event services; photographer, wedding, maternity, newborn, toddler, teen, senior, graduation portraits

    twitter: loriluza
    bio: with a little salt & (blue) lime; University of Miami Hurricanes; Zeta Tau Alpha; photographer

  19. @chrispetescia

    Co-founder of a design shop in Brooklyn. We’ve worked with musicians you’ve actually heard of to baseball leagues you’ve actually watched, and are pretty big design nerds

  20. Ryan Egan here…

    Rookie graphic/web designer.

    twitter.com/inflate – for Inflate Productions – helping your ideas grow bigger.

  21. Ahh why the hell not!

    Name: Nathan Beck
    Twitter: twitter.com/redswish
    Bio: CSS Web and Graphic Designer from Manchester, UK.

  22. Twitter name: Brammm
    Short Bio: Belgian college student, doing webdevelopment in my spare time. Loving the CodeIgniter framework. I’d like to connect with more developers than designers ( a lot of blogs seem to be focussed more on design than development).

  23. http://twitter.com/josh909

    court stipulated not to operate power tools, i’m a 32 year old graphik designer specialising in print as well as having moments of brilliance doing online design and marketing strategy/ advertsing planning in non traditonal channels.

    i also create and sell designware in the form of polypropylene lighting solutions (read: lampshades).

  24. Real Name_ Kat Neville
    Twitter Profile_ http://twitter.com/kassy4
    Bio_ I’m a webdesigner and arts/crafts enthusiast who is slowly becoming a css genius. My alter ego, safetygoat, is a cheeky kid who is constantly getting his-self into trouble.

  25. I have a twitter account but I use plurk much more these days.
    my twitter: twitter.com/bsmirnov
    Bio: Web designer/developer, graphic designer, creative professional. Drupal websites, photography and other fun stuff. Lately have been getting inspired by design and website work, reading some of your articles…

  26. Name: Thomas Norsted
    Profession: Usability & Graphics designer
    Where: Ebay, Europe, Denmark
    Bio: 31 years old, previously been doing a lot of branding and logo work, but today more focused on user experiances, usabilty, testing and online design. Also love to fiddle around with WordPress, Joomla and Menalto.

  27. We are a full service interactive agency located in Austin, TX and ranked #2 in the National by BtoB magazine. We offer SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Design, Marketing Campaigns, Media Placement, Market Research, Consulting and Training.

  28. http://twitter.com/PolytheneLucy

    Unlike most of the people who have commented, I am an ASPIRING graphic designer from the LA County who simply likes to read graphic designers’ blogs. Right now I’m in college at San Diego as an undeclared major and I mostly tweet about college-related events, rants, etc.
    Oh, and I love The Beatles!

  29. Oh Twitter, I wish I could find more interesting people to follow.

    My Name is: Jesserandgd

    Bio: Graphic Designer in Boston, MA. Freelance Illustrator as well.

    My blog is http://www.agrokrag.com

    Hope to hear from some of you!

  30. Name: Dan Raftis
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/danraftis
    Bio: A student located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada freelancing and studying Graphic Communications here at University downtown in the city. I tweet about graphic design, health + nutrition, weight-training, and day-to-day life!

    Follow me 🙂

  31. Chad Engle
    I post all kinds of design related links tutorials, inspiration how-to’s, I also drive traffic to your site by retweets or commenting on you blog and then asking people to join our discussion.

    This is a great thread idea!!

  32. twitter: @acafourek

    WordPress fanatic… just getting into freelancing and custom site designs… primarily for real estate and political campaigns.

  33. Creative Strategist, Art Director, Designer, Student of the world.

    Driven by curiosity and inspiration, fascinated with the creative process, idea journals, and brand storytelling.

    Things I love:
    Letterpress, screenprinting, thrift stores, public libraries, cake decorating, sewing/knitting, traveling, blogging, doodling, playing the guitar or piano, taking a deep breath on crisp mornings.

  34. My company is Petit Fig Tree Designs and I do anything from corporate IDs to websites to wedding invitations. I also work in broadcast design as an animator.

  35. Interactive designer, web developer, avid gamer, musician, artist. Feel free to add me, I am into this for the sharing of ideas, evergrowing culture is what i seek

  36. Hi all! The babes are here! This is my best site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

  37. Student – Gamer – Aspiring Designer – Get My Foot In The Door-Er! 🙂


  38. I’m pretty new to web design, but I’ve been an artist all of my life. I’m going to school right now and spending every moment I can honing my skills and learning new ones.

  39. I’m a designer/developer from Puyallup, WA, USA. I mostly retweet things I find interesting. Not too much to add to what other people put so well. 🙂

  40. based in: Chennai, India

    work as: Copywriter and visualizer

    love: photography, folk crafts and art, web design, graphic design, art nouveau, surrealism, stained glass

  41. The googler for Twitter’s HashTagMafia. NY College sophmore and would-be med student in love with everything. I am a geek of all trades. Comics, Sci-Fi, Movies and Sports

  42. I am the founder of Tchochkes – an international Israeli design blog. We feature interior designers worldwide, home tours, store reviews and design tips. Worldwide guest bloggers as well – check us out! Tell us what you think!



  43. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/devonanne

    Freelance graphic and web designer, founder of Epik Creative, tech and social media junkie, writer/blogger, gamer girl and lover of music and cheese.

    I tweet about all of the above and enjoy following others who have anything interesting and unique to offer.

  44. European transplant | American addict | BMW enthusiast | Freelance Graphic Designer in Seattle
    follow @divinefusion on twitter, chat during #dcth or if you love pancakes.

  45. Cool list, Jacob.

    Name: Arnt Eriksen

    Bio: Creative AD, Ducati-riding family dad with too much “need” for gadgets and the desire to be the best husband and father I can be.

    Skills: Interactive Creative Director, designer at heart. Branding, Identity, Web, Corporate.

  46. Graphic designer// silk screen printer//cartoonist // surreal painter// Du-chi Brand From Los A. to Guatemalan Mayan city.

  47. I’m a Visual Communications student in the UK, originally from India. I decided to follow my passion after A BA Lit degree, my other passion 😀 Would love to network with other designers, see their work and have my own work critiqued.


    Add me! Would love to interact with pro designers and other design students 🙂

  48. Hi I’m Erik Peterson and I write the Logo Critiques blog to help logo designers create better logos by offering to give free critiques. I believe that through constructive feedback & critique, design can often be improved. Sometimes the truth hurts a little, but if it’s honest, it’ll likely make you a better designer. Not to mention a better logo and identity for your client or company.


  49. Thank you for this awesome list Jacob!

    Name: Linda Walton

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/bonscrapatit

    Bio: Independent Digital Designer (scrapbooking), Regular Blogger, Photoshop Addict and Memory Preservationist

    My passion is to help families worldwide to preserve their memories/heritage for future generations, DIGITALLY! I am loving social media and learning so much each and every day as well as sharing what I learn via TWEETS and RETWEETS!

    Bon Scrapatit!

  50. Creative. Plain and simple. Snowboard designer turned business owner.


  51. Fantastic list. The Uber one got my attention 😉

    Real Name: Jamie Le Souëf
    Twitter Profile: http://twitter.com/jamielesouef
    Bio: Freelance Web Designer / Developer from Melbourne Australia. Into PHP, XHTML, jQuery, CSS, SEO, Photography, Design, Anything Mac or Apple, My kids, My Wife.


  52. Specialist in PowerPoint presentation design. Answers PPT questions on Twitter. For 3 consecutive years, recipient of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award.

  53. Name: Ryan Hicks (rhdesign)

    Twitter: @rhdesign

    Bio: Arizona web designer – SEO consultant – Social Mediator – Internet Marketer – Zombie Slayer

  54. Doing our best to get small businesses online and their website or e-commerce shop working for them.

    We can also offer other designers cost effective web hosting, seo and marketing.

    Follow on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndoverIT

  55. I’m a 22 yr old graphic artist from Trinidad and Tobago.
    Twitter: twitter.com/theroyaltyclub
    Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/rondellpaul
    Website: royalty-club.com

  56. @bebelabree

    I’m a graphic design student who half and half blogs about life and neat things that I find on the web. I love jellyfish!

  57. Twitter Profile: http://twitter.com/chemacool

    Bio: Im a software developer. I love everything related to web, right now I’m looking for original tech ideas that can solve or help common issues in peoples life. I currently studying design.

    Plis check my web, let me know your comments 🙂

  58. You could consider me “one of them-there designers.” I’m a recently starting graphic/interactive/web/cake design-er. Follow me, I’ve got ideas that you might like to here, plus I love to point out a lot of the giveaways out there, who wouldn’t want 1000 business cards, a really nice camera bag, etc.?

  59. I’m an online marketing manager and front-end developer living in Brighton, UK. @pinkfloyd

  60. freelance > design > graphic design


    I love to create, it’s amazing to see this little creatures being born on a moleskine and to see them grow into successful business designs, I know I can be proud of them. I also enjoy staring at the world and seeing what inspiration it could give me.

  61. Real Name: Steve Webster
    Twitter Profile: http://twitter.com/dcypher_
    Bio: Web Designer & Graphic Designer who likes to share the post and links I find useful to fellow twitterers.

    The voice in my head said… Tweet and they will follow!

  62. Trent Watherston


    I’m a recent addition to the Web Development/Design Industry fresh from UNI. I love development. XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET and many others as well.

    Feel free to add me, i’m interested in networking with all you designers and developers out there.

  63. Graphic Design student getting B.F.A. in December. Website posted soon. Identity logo and print, web design, and photography.

  64. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/devonanne

    Visual communication designer, founder of Epik Creative, tech/new media junkie, writer/blogger, photographer, gamer girl, shameless geek and massive fan of music and cheese.

    I tweet about all of the above and enjoy following people with anything interesting/unique to offer.

  65. TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/jasonjajalla

    LOCATION: Toronto, Canada

    DOES: photographer/graphic designer, internet bot

    1337 5K1LLZ: photochopping, being anal about layout, logo designs, designer toy collecting, fashion/event photographizing, web design magic

  66. Real Name: Priscilla Aragon

    Twitter: @leiradesign

    Bio: Industrial Design Student (graduating soon!), freelance Graphic Designer, amateur photographer and music freak!

  67. Web junkie, blogger, designer and developer extraordinaire living the good life in San Deezy.

    Always looking for collaboration/networking/advice! :).

  68. Hello everyone,

    I’m an Graphic Designer. I love art, design and the creation of the next great idea.

    I follow, and share the newest trends in design & Marketing.

    Have a great day!

  69. Graphic Designer about to graduate, currently working my thesis project with Whirlpool.

    Wish me luck! 🙂

  70. I would love to network with you! Follow me on twitter and I’ll do the same.

    I just joined and hoping to make great friends on Twitter!

  71. Name: Yaritsa Arenas (PixieGirl Designs)
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pixiegirltweets

    Bio: Follow PixieGirlTweets for the latest updates from PixieGirl Designs, web and design trends and as much design inspiration as I can gather!

    Brilliant list, it will take me a while to go through it but I’ll certainly try!

  72. We are a Boston based interactive, web and print design studio that specializes in working with a wide range of design studios, technology and medical companies.

  73. I am a self-employed as a graphic designer, specializing in the fields of corporate identity (logo) design, web design, print design and branding with the majority of my time spent offering creative tips & inspiration of how we can “utilize our creativity to make ideas happen. My entire focus is based entirely upon how individuals can accomplish their ideals by overcoming their fear of adversity and embracing their creative strengths. You don’t have to be a hero to feel invincible. Creativity Takes Courage. twitter.com/jeremydarko

  74. Wonderful post and really very informative. It is now quite important that a every business should have a website designed and market the same on internet. SEO, social media etc. has made bright path for any business to enhance their sales online. Once again very nice post and I have subscribed your blog, hope you will post more good posts like this in near future. Thanks

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