Top 15 Disney Fonts for Graphic Design (Free & Premium)

Top 15 Disney Fonts for Graphic Design (Free & Premium)

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Are you looking for the best Disney font for your magical project? We’ve got you covered.

They say it all began with a mouse. Disney has become a staple in our culture and millions of families every year visit one of their incredible parks or watches their movies, delighted by the sights, sounds, and fonts that are being used. T

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Wait, fonts? Yes, you read that right. One of the most appealing aspects of the Disney brand is its use of fun, exciting fonts to bring normal words to life. Whether it’s a movie title or a character’s name, the right Disney font can give that subject its own life and personality.

Today, we thought we’d put on our mouse ears and share our favorite Disney fonts that are perfect for any project. Before we start though, what exactly is a Disney font?

What is a Disney font?

A Disney font is a font type taking its inspiration from the wonderful world of Disney including its brands, products, and merchandise. When it comes to Disney fonts, there are generally two distinct type fonts attached to any Disney feature.

The first is, of course, the famous Disney logo that uses thick, large and unmistakable letters, This is then followed by the other letters in the logo portraying fun and a touch of style that many other typefaces just don’t come with.

The second, are the fonts that are typically used for movie or television titles. Each one is designed to be a font that not only conveys the look and feel of the program but can also give you a feeling of the plot or the characters. Think of some of the more famous Disney movies like The Lion King, Aladdin, or even Beauty and the Beast.

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Top 15 Disney Fonts for Magical Graphic Design (Free & Premium) – Overview

Top 15 Disney Fonts for Magical Graphic Design (Free & Premium)

These Disney fonts all convey a very Disneyesque feel – magical and fun!

Mickies – Fun Disney-Like Font

If you’re like us at all, you love the nostalgia that you feel every time you see Steamboat Willie play before a new Disney movie. Harkening back to that era, the Mickies font is a comical, tilted, and full of character font that is perfect for any project – and it’s free!

Colores Font Duo

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By combining the filled and hollow versions of the Colores Font Duo typeface, you can create unique and incredible creations for your projects or even use them on their own to create fun and whimsical designs that are great for any project.

Waltograph (Original Disney Logo Font)


Inspired by the original font used in the Walt Disney logo, Waltograph comes with wide loops that its predecessor came with plus the curves that made it stand out. If you’re looking for something unique and quirky for your next project, give this a try – just don’t use all uppercase.


Retrobox Retro Fancy Font

If you have projects that you just can find a suitable font for, you should consider the Retrobox font from Envato, Perfect for logos, branding, advertising, book covers, and more, this unique typeface can add a quirky, yet appealing aspect to your work.

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A perfect choice for t-shirt design, posters, packaging, and more, the Runtoys font can bring a child-like flair to your projects. With uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and more all included, you can create incredible creations that get attention.

Mouse Memoirs Disney Font

Mouse Memoirs Font

Taking its inspiration from the original Disney character – Mickey Mouse, the Mouse Memoir font also gets a touch of inspiration from animated series such as Donald Duck or Goofy. And it’s a totally free Disney font.

With a whimsical, yet bold design, if you’re working on a light-hearted project, this could be right up your alley. It will also look incredible on invitations, or illustrated books.



An excellent option for any project that is designed with children in mind, the Gweneth typeface can work wonders on projects from cartoons to comic books and everything in between. With multilingual support, the Gweneth font is a great choice for any designer.

Bookworm Kid Fun Display Font

With its cute and fun design, the Bookworm Kid display font has a unique style that can add a kid-friendly feel to any project your working on. From book covers to posters, the Bookworm Kid font also includes special characters and alternate glyphs that you can use to add a new level to your artwork.

Charlemon Cute Font

A cute, handwritten font, Charlemon is a perfect typeface for just about any project you can think of. From branding, book covers, and posters to invitations, the font can add new life to any project, especially those that revolve around children.



With magical curves, the Wisp typeface is a display font that has been designed so that almost every letter you use comes with an alternate version that can be toggled with the caps lock key. With multilingual uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, plus a bonus font file that comes with a ton of decorative elements.


A spooky, fantasy font, Ghostoons is a serif font that has been designed to be a funny, fancy, playful font for all of your designs. Great for logos, branding, websites, and more, the Ghostoons font can be the perfect choice for your next project.

Hey Gotcha! Font – Bold & Thin

A fun, playful font, the Hey Gotcha typeface is a great choice for designs targeted towards kids or children. Available in a bold, thin, and shadow layer, the Hey Gotcha font also has an all caps version included with it.


With a design that could be seen on any cartoon show, the Mailtoon typeface is a great handwritten, serif font that works great with any design needs that you might have. Whether it’s a new logo or an entire re-branding, the Mailtoon font can add something unique and fun to a project.


A bold, yet fun children’s font, the Rocketboy typeface is great for any project you can use it on, especially those that are geared towards children. With uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation characters,

Simple Cat

A playful and fun font, Simple Cat is a great typeface for posters, notebook designs, comic books, cartoons, and much more. Included with the font are ligature as well as stylistic alternates. Plus, with multilingual support, you can use the font for all kinds of projects,

Jungle Land

Like something out of Tarzan, the Jungle Land typeface is a display font that takes attractive curves and combines them with a fresh, urban edge. What this does is provide you with a stylish script, and guaranteed to add a unique appeal to your designs.


A great choice for any design project, the Birdfly typeface is a cute, fancy font that looks great on logos, branding, books, and more. With its soft curves, Birdfly will make any kid-themed project stand out from the crowd.


Enchanted Land

Get your glass slippers, the Enchanted Land font is reminiscent of Cinderella and comes with a clean set of glyphs with many European characters and diacritic support. An excellent choice for any children’s project whether you’re working on book covers or posters, the Enchanted Land font can add just that little bit of magic.

More Free Disney fonts

We love Disney fonts but there are just too many to choose from. Here are some quick links to some of our other free Disney font favorites:

You can download all these free Disney fonts as a package. Follow the instructions after clicking.


Top 15 Disney Fonts for Graphic Design

The magic that Disney brings to people all over the world cannot be understated. Trying to capture that magic, however, can be difficult but with our Top 15 Disney-like fonts for graphic design, you can spread a little magic of your own.

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