Do You Have Enough Friends?

Do You Have Enough Friends?


No one ever can have enough friends so why don’t you befriend me on some of these social media sites.

  • Add Me On Twitter – I twit about design and reply to all direct messages too. I’m very active here.
  • Add Me On FaceBook – Befriend me on Facebook. I am very active here.
  • Add Me On LinkedIn – Business Networking Site.
  • Favourite JCD On Technorati – Favourite Just Creative Design on Technorati.
  • Add Me On StumbleUpon – Articles and websites I find useful and great. I’m very active here.
  • Add Me On Digg – More articles and websites I find useful and great. I’m very active here.
  • Add Me On DesignFloat – Design related articles and websites that I find useful and great. I’m very active here.

Why don’t you also leave your own profile links below so more people can befriend you too?

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This was just a quick post, another quality article is coming for you tomorrow. 🙂

36 thoughts on “Do You Have Enough Friends?”

  1. It looks like I already have you on Twitter – maybe I found you on the Boagworld forums?

    If anyone else would like to add me to Twitter (I am a web designer/developer) – feel free. It’s @Jayphen.

  2. Sander,
    My Delicious account is ‘JustCreativeDesign’ however I do not use it very often but there is a million links in there!

    I have just reached my limit of friends in StumbleUpon so sorry If I can not add you at this time, I will have to filter through my list – it only allows 200.

    Min Thu,
    Thanks 🙂 I have followed you back.

    Maybe not Boagworld, but maybe through the designers who twitter post on Vandelay Design?

  3. Thank you Alex for your details.

    How will it end up badly? I would want friends that are interested in design and that is why I would advertise my profiles on a design related site (such as this) … sure if you advertise your profile on sites that do not relate to your interests then it could end up badly.

    Thank you Helena.

    Thank You For The Add.

  4. Robin, Mark, William, Curiofred,
    Thank you for your profiles 🙂

    You can never have enough friends in the real world… you should remember that. Thanks for the adds too 🙂

  5. Senseless adding of ‘friends’ on social bookmarking sites will often end up badly though. But I added you on Digg (I use this the most) 🙂

  6. I guess I pre-empted your post today having already added you in Twitter yesterday.
    Looking forward to working with you
    H 🙂

    Helena Denleys last blog post..Extending Maternity Leave

  7. Hello Jacob. I have enough friends in the real word, but I forget to make some in the internet! I have added you to twitter and I see you already added me back. We will be speaking each other in the future 🙂

    Stefan Vervoorts last blog post..An interview with Jeffro from!

  8. Well, that worked. I had to uncheck the box for the blog post URL. Now on to business…

    Interesting timing. I just made a blog post on a somewhat similar topic:

    Jacob, I believe I have you as a friend on most of those places, except for LinkedIn and DesignFloat. which I don’t belong to.






    Flickr:[email protected]/


  9. Jacob, on a completely unrelated note, did you make that “Start Friendship” street sign or did you actually find it somewhere?

    Doug C.s last blog post..Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That…

  10. Jacob,

    it will turn out badly if you add a billion people that you don’t even know where you found them, and they’re not interested in the same thing as you.

    I mean examples like using a MySpace friend adder. It just looks bad having a few thousand friends that you don’t know and they don’t know you.

    Not really the case here though, since the people adding you actually read the site and probably care about design.

  11. @Jacob – Sure, you can never have enough friends in the real world. But I rather have a couple friends I can trust, than hundreds of people who will snitch me when something happen.

    Stefan Vervoorts last blog post..Fonts on the internet: What are our options?

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  13. Very well thought out and informative. I’m sure many others enjoy reading this too, but are just a little scared to post – anyway – thanks again!

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