E-MailDesigns.com For Sale

E-MailDesigns.com For Sale

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Well about 2 years ago before I even knew about WordPress, Blogging or Social Media I had a little website called E-MailDesigns.com. I used this site to get business designing signatures and letterhead for email as a small side project while I was still studying at school.

Anyway, as you may have noticed I have moved onto bigger and better things so I am selling the domain and website to whoever may want it. You can bid, get all the stats & details over at SitePoint. Bidding has started at $200.

If you have anyone that may be interested, could you also let them know, thanks!

4 thoughts on “E-MailDesigns.com For Sale”

  1. That’s Alexa for you. 3000 unique is an estimation based on the number of hits to the front page which is where the only analytics code is installed which is stated in the page.

  2. So if you get 3,000 uniques a month howcome your alexa rank is over 3,000,000 I barely get 1,000 uniques a month and mine is 565,000


    John’s last blog post..Getting Into DMoz – An Insight from a DMoz Editor

  3. Based on the number of hits? or visits? or unique visits? Because if we’re basing this on hits then I estimate that my traffic is well over 300,000 ‘uniques’ a month… don’t mean to lay into you.. its just not very clear!

    John’s last blog post..Google PageRank Has Nothing To Do With Inbound Links

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