HOW TO: Get more brand exposure, traffic and sales using Facebook

HOW TO: Get more brand exposure, traffic and sales using Facebook

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With over 300+ million members worldwide, Facebook is 2nd most trafficked site in the world, sitting only behind Google. With stats like these, it’s no wonder businesses are turning to Facebook for marketing.

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With the right set up, you can effectively use Facebook to gain more brand exposure, traffic and sales and in this article I’ll guide you through how I personally use Facebook to do this, along with some other alternatives.

See First Hand Examples

Before going on you may want to see some examples first hand of how you can use Facebook as a promotional tool. Below you will find my pages.

Set Up Your Profile

Let’s start at the basics, you’re going to need a Facebook profile. I’ve personally got two profiles, one for business and one for private life. The choice here is yours but you must realise that your followers are going to see photos from you on the weekend, along with other personal details. For this reason, I keep both private and business lives seperate, though I do make my business profile a bit personal too.

You could also split your one profile into two by utilising Facebook’s lists and privacy settings. How to do this is explained in the article How to use facebook for professional networking.

After setting your profile up, ensure you get a vanity URL which is a personalised address. ie.

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To read more about the basics of Facebook you can read this guide and also this great article on how to build your personal brand on Facebook.


This may sound like common sense but not everyone does it. Fill out all of the fields that Facebook provides, taking special note of the sections that get the most visiblity (as highlighted in the picture above). You can see on the left side of my profile I’ve linked to my three websites, along with my other social networking profiles (Twitter & LinkedIn).

As for your own profile picture, ensure that it is the same picture you use on the rest of your profiles. As you can see the picture I use for Facebook is the same I use for my website and other social accounts.

You could also get creative with your Facebook profile picture and also be sure to check out this article on how to optimise your facebook presense.

Set Up A Fan Page

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After you have set up your profile you will want to set up a “fan page” (see mine here) for your business. A fanpage is essentially the way your client base can keep in touch with your business – basically a Facebook version of your online presence. As quoted in Mashable’s Facebook Fan Page Guide, a fan page provides a place to provide:

  • An overview of your company
  • Website and contact info
  • Press releases
  • Videos
  • Blog RSS
  • Twitter updates
  • Company news and status
  • Customer interaction

To set up your fan page, log in to Facebook, scroll to the bottom and click on Advertising. Then click Pages and Create a Page. Select the type of business you own and start filling in all the details. The more info you add, the better your page will be and remember: Google thinks highly of Facebook in its search engine results. Ensure you set up a vanity url for your fan page.

For some examples of great branded Facebook pages, have a look at these 5 inspiring case studies and this article on the elements of successful Facebook Fan Pages.

Below you can see an example of how users have interacted with a blog post that was posted to my Fan Page.


Set Up A Group

You may be wondering, why do you need both a fan page and a group? In short, they both engage with users in different ways. The group allows users to interact on a more personal level where as the fan page is more focused on your business & brand. For further clarification, read this article on what’s the difference between Facebook Pages & Facebook Groups?

Anyway, you can set up a Facebook Group here. As an example you can see the Just Creative Design group here. Notice how users have added photos of their work, linked to their profiles and other news? Just another way users can interact with your brand.

Automise Your Twitter & Facebook Promotion

After you have set up your profile, fan page and group, you will want to automise as much of your marketing as possible to save time and hassle.

Feed your blog to Twitter & Facebook: Whenever I write a new blog article, I’ve set it up so an automatic tweet goes out to all my Twitter & Facebook followers. I’ve done this via the use of the Twitter Feed service though there are many other options.

Send your tweets to Facebook: This may not suit everyone however the way I use Twitter is basically to share quality links with others, which in turn brings more followers, thus maximising the visiblity and exposure of my brand.

Whenever I send a tweet, I’ve got it set up (short tutorial for set up here) for all my tweets to go to Facebook as well. This allows interaction on both platforms. For example, see a recent tweet that went to Facebook below.

New Logo

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There is also a Selective Twitter Status Facebook App that allows you to choose which tweets get sent to Facebook.

Something else worth mentioning is the tool called TweetLater which allows you to pre schedule Twitter posts in advance. Very handy for promotion while your away. For more Twitter tips, visit this Ultimate Twitter Guide.

Promote Your Facebook Pages

In short, getting traffic and exposure from Facebook is relative to how you use it, how you promote your profiles and how you go about integrating Facebook with your other marketing efforts.

I always keep this in mind: do to others as you would like done to you because what goes around, comes around.

I also recommend reading this article: 9 rules of facebook promotion for small business.

More ways to promote using Facebook

There are many other ways to implement Facebook into your online marketing. Although I have not yet ventured into these areas, they are defintly something to consider.

For even more Facebook resources see this massive list of 100 Facebook tools and tips.


Your Facebook promotional efforts will be ongoing, so plan to dedicate a few hours each week to getting new fans and updating content. You’ll quickly appreciate the instant ability to connect with customers and future customers through this valuable social media tool!

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Think of your Facebook profile as a digital asset and grow the equity in that asset over the rest of your life. Also be sure to monitor your brand’s reputation.

If you have any further Facebook promotional tips, questions or comments please leave them in the comments below.


This article was originally published on November 2009, however due to our hosts doing a runner on us we lost a number of posts and comments. I’ve salvaged what I could from Google cache. Below you can find the original comments.

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  2. Geeee (@geeee) on Nov 25, 2009 said:very detailed and informative post as usual :) but I think that setting up your twitter to post to your FB account is not necessary anymore because most of the desktop applications can post separately to multiple account either fan page or personal account like TweetDeck & Seesmic. Thanks again for the good effort; you keep adding more value to our career :)
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  6. Mike Hallaron (@mh1webdsign) on Nov 25, 2009 said:Good stuff Jacob and timely. Just launched our FB business page and still learning new ways to make the page more useful. I agree with your point that it’s best not to overplay the promotions while seeking fan count. Our plan is to continue to add content and attract more fans. It’s more about a pull strategy than a push strategy. As fans grow we’ll gently begin periodic fan emails. Thanks!
  7. Abounding (@abounding) on Nov 25, 2009 said:I love the tips, especially about automation. That is a really important point for people who are producing content for multiple sites/accounts. Busy people need to maximize efforts and publish as widely as possible.
  8. Kamila – Darc Vanilla Design (@darcvanilla) on Nov 25, 2009 said:Very good post. I was about to write similar :) I’ve just launched my Darc Vanilla Design fan page and I’m still learning how to make it more attractive to potential readers.
    Facebook is indeed a great tool to quickly increase traffic on the website. Who of you designers don’t have facebook fan page integrated with your blog – I suggest to do it right away.
  9. Dave Sparks (@dsparks83) on Nov 25, 2009 said:Hi Jacob, another informative post although managing two accounts it is actually against Facebook user policy – no matter what the usage of the account is. recommend setting up a page for your business and encouraging users to follow that which is what my company has done It’s not quite the same but it does the job and stops you falling foul of facebook’s user policies.
  10. Ann Edwards (@annedwards) on Nov 26, 2009 said:I already spent over 30 minutes on Facebook because of the 2nd section. Lol.Great post, as always.
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  4. Oh wow, I missed this the first time around. This is the best article / digest I’ve read so far on using social media. Kudos to you Jacob! TOTALLY helpful. You’ve certainly worked for and gotten an excellent handle on this topic…

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