My Fav Tweets From This Week (Oct 20-25)

My Fav Tweets From This Week (Oct 20-25)

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Here are a few interesting links that I tweeted this week. Feel free to follow me (@justcreative) for more.

Street Artist Re-Creates Logos Out Of Condiments
Logos made out of the actual product. Interesting idea.

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Nutella Logo

Banksy NY
On the topic of street art, Banksy has been doing his thing around NYC which has been fun to follow. Even had a few by our place and at work.

Design Principles for the Win
A bunch of articles related to design principles.

Graphic Icons: Visionaries Who Shaped Modern Graphic Desig
I recently received a review copy of this book and although I haven’t read much of it just yet, the graphics throughout are very inspiring.

I recently went to a @Qualcomm Snapdragon promotional event and they had this awesome booth that took 130 photos in a 540 degree frozen moment snapshot. The result is below, with us playing an extreme game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. There was also a flipbook version too.

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How to Recreate Your Favorite Instagram Filters in Photoshop
On the topic of cameras, this is a handy tutorial post.

Warby Barker
I love when brands do fun stuff. Warby Barker is a great example. Or the MailChimp cat hats.

Brand Impact Awards
A new international prize scheme to celebrate world-class design for branding and campaigns.

Seene 3D Photos
Came across this awesome new app that shoots photos in ‘3D’. This is gonna be snapped up very soon.

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Seen 3D Photos

Ocolus Rift – Virtual Reality Headset 3D Gaming
A buddy of mine lent me this cool new gadget to play with. Was quite impressive actually though frustrating at the same time as you couldn’t see the keys while gaming.

Nice Leather Business Card Holder
I recently branded my friend’s real estate business Spaces Limited and also his personal brand. He then got this leather business card holder which I just had to share, very nice!

Powerful Workflow Tips, Tools & Tricks for Web Designers
Some great links here for web designers.

IcoMoon Icons
IcoMoon is a great free icon set and app. They have premium icons too.

Flat Icon Search Engine & Photoshop Plugin
A large database of nice flat icons as well as a Photoshop plugin.

Jessica Hische Teaching on Skillshare
Jessica is teaching an Introduction to Lettering: One Letterform at a Time. Always great to see such talented people sharing their skills.

As I mentioned earlier, I am now married to my beautiful wife. I am still awaiting the professional photos but here is an Instagram snap I put together that sums up the day. I’ll put the professional pics up when I get them.


Thanks! Do you have any cool links to share?

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6 thoughts on “My Fav Tweets From This Week (Oct 20-25)”

  1. Hola, aqui como siempre comentando tus publicaciones, Muy interesantes por cierto, el diseño es lo mas importante, mi campo es Diseño Web por eso siempre trato de leer lo mejor.
    Gracias Just Creative
    Thank You

    Hello, here as always commenting on your posts, very interesting by the way, the design is the most important thing, my field is Web Design this is why I always try to read the best.
    Thanks Just Creative
    Thank You

  2. Never seen that Seene app before, but your right, it should be snapped up very quickly. Nice overview of recent events. Cheers.

    And congrats again on your recent wedding. 🙂

  3. Face lift Landscapes were recently engaged by a Clayfield client to provide a landscape solution for the front of their property.

  4. Never seen that Seene app before, however your right, it ought to be snapped up terribly quickly. Nice summary of recent events. Cheers.

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