Final Cut Pro VS iMovie Comparison — What is the Best Movie Editing Software in 2024?

Final Cut Pro VS iMovie Comparison — What is the Best Movie Editing Software in 2024?

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When you want to edit videos on your own, the first step is to choose an efficient video editing program for your task. If you are working on an Apple device, you probably need to select an app between Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro.

This article is all about the ultimate comparison of Final Cut Pro vs. iMovie to help you choose the right app.

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The common thing between Final Cut Pro and iMovie is that both are designed by Apple for Mac and iOS, but they are suitable for different skill levels.

Final Cut Pro is an industry-standard tool and suitable for professionals, while iMovie is a simple video editing program designed for beginners.

However, before you decide which tool is appropriate for your video editing task, you should have a clear understanding of the functionalities and features of both video editing programs.

If you ask us, we would suggest going with Adobe Premiere Pro CC which is our pick for the best video editing software.

So, let’s explore Final Cut Pro vs iMovie in depth to understand more about these design programs.

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Final Cut Pro VS iMovie – What is the Best Movie Editing Software in 2024?

What is iMovie?

iMovie is a video editing app from Apple for Mac and iOS. Unlike Final Cut Pro, it is completely free and suitable for beginners.

This design program is specially designed for non-technical video editors who need a simple app for video editing. It has a user-friendly interface and various themes and effects to help you in video editing.

It is very easy to understand and use this app. iMovie also boasts various features color correction, transitions, voice-over recording, etc.

This app also allows you to share your videos on various social media sites. Although it is a free alternative to Final Cut Pro, it lacks several advanced features and customization options.

What is Final Cut Pro?

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Final Cut Pro is a professional video editing platform designed by Apple. Compared to iMovie, this app has more options and features for creating high-quality videos and movies. It can be used for editing wedding videos, videos for advertising, etc.

You will get various titles, themes, effects, and animations in the latest version of Final Cut Pro.

You can also use plug-ins with this app to enhance your video editing work. The app has many useful features to let you edit even the smallest details in a video or movie.

However, the app doesn’t have a mobile version which makes it a little challenging to create videos. Also, it comes at a one-time cost of $299.99, while iMovie is completely free. So, if you don’t have any professional editing needs, you can continue with iMovie.

Final Cut Pro vs. iMovie – A Deep Dive Comparison

Let’s now compare different aspects of Final Cut Pro and iMovie to see which app is better than the other one.

  • Ease Of Use

The user interface of iMovie is simple and has main features for video editing. It is a beginner-friendly and basic program that you can easily learn and start using. iMovie can also be used on iPhone, but you can’t access all features on your phone. For new users, iMovie is an excellent video editing platform.

On the other side, Final Cut Pro is a professional standard program that includes many advanced features and tools. Therefore, this app requires a lot of time to understand and use the app. This app includes advanced features and tools for video editing, which are useful for experienced users.

  • Pricing

The pricing of Final Cut Pro is a one-time cost of $299.99. You can get this app for purchase in the Apple store. This also includes future updates.

However, iMovie is completely free, and you can get it through the Apple store. This app can be used on iPhone, allowing you to edit videos without using a PC.

  • Workflow

Final Cut Pro and iMovie have different workflows because they are designed for people with different skill levels. Final Cut Pro is designed for extensive editing and is used for professional purposes. This app is used to edit large-scale projects. It includes color correction tools, a wide range of effects, and various other tools to help you in video editing.

On the other hand, iMovie is a simple app and has minimal steps for editing a video. You can simply import the footage into the timeline, cut and edit the parts, and export it. That’s why iMovie is said to be a beginner-friendly video editing app.

  • Adding Texts to Video

Both Final Cut Pro and iMovie have options to add text to videos. Final Cut Pro has a wide range of customizable text presets to let you add text to your videos, while iMovie has a few numbers of text presets with motion-based graphics. Adding texts in iMovie is easy because you just need to go to the titles tab and choose the preset. Then you can do minimal customization to get the final result.

However, Final Cut Pro has a professional way of doing the same. There you will get a wide range of presets and customize them as per your requirements. You can change the size, font style, and place of the text in your video. Overall, the process in both apps is similar, but Final Cut Pro has more customization options compared to iMovie.

  • Video Color Correction

Video color correction is a process that lets you change the color of your footage and make it look better. iMovie has a basic and simple color correction method because it is meant for amateurs. It lets you perfectly edit family videos, videos for social media, etc.

But Final Cut Pro has advanced color correction features that give a sophisticated look to videos. It has an RGB parade, vectorscope, and waveform to perform color grading on your videos.

There is an automated color correction tool that balances the colors of the clip or matches the selected colors of the clip to another portion of the clip to make the final result outstanding.

  • Graphical User Interface    

As discussed above, Final Cut Pro is a professional video editing platform that includes advanced features and tools. On the other hand, iMovie is a beginner-friendly tool that helps people edit their videos with ease.

It has three panels on its Graphical User Interfaces – Source Panel, Timeline, and Program Panel. The Source Panel holds the video clips and the complete footage.

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The Timeline holds the edited clips from the Magnetic Timeline, and the Program Panel shows which clip you are playing.

On the other side, Final Cut Pro has these three panels and an additional panel known as the Effects Panel. This panel helps users handle video clips in the Source Panel and Timeline.

  • Operating Speed

Both Final Cut Pro and iMovie are available for apple devices, so their operating speed is comparatively faster.

The editing process of Final Cut Pro and iMovie is quite similar as both of them import the footage into the timeline for editing.

However, iMovie has a fast-operating speed compared to Final Cut Pro because of limited features and smaller file sizes. Due to advanced features and a greater number of options, Final Cut Pro is a bit slower.

  • Advanced Features

Till now, it is clear that Final Cut Pro is a sophisticated video editing platform and iMovie is a beginner-friendly platform. So Final Cut Pro has more advanced features compared to iMovie.

iMovie allows you to simply edit videos by adding photos, preset texts & voiceovers, and manipulating sound speeds. Once the video is ready, you can export it.

Also, there is another feature named the Ken Burns Effect for zooming in and out of the video. This feature is also available in Final Cut Pro.

Moreover, Final Cut Pro lets you do more with your footage clips. It boasts tools like the color inspector tool to correct colors.

Its flow dissolve tool helps remove pauses made while conversing. This program also lets you access keyframes, animate videos, and manipulate graphics. This feature brings an outstanding effect to the final result.

  • Integrations And Plugins

Final Cut Pro gives access to professional plugins such as smooth transition packs, warp stabilizer, auto-zoom, mask zoom, etc. Shutterstock, Motionvfx, and Filmora also offer Final Cut Pro plugins.

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On the other hand, iMovie also supports plugins, but they are of low quality. This is why videos edited in iMovie appear a little shaky. After all, iMovie is designed for beginners for editing small projects.

Moreover, Final Cut Pro has an integration to share destinations so that you can export a file to several destinations at a time. This feature is not available in iMovie.

  • Video Sharing

Video sharing in iMovie is easier than in Final Cut Pro. It is accessible on iPhone and iPad and allows publishing a video to YouTube directly. Even you can share videos on social media platforms with ease.

On the other hand, sharing videos in Final Cut Pro is a long process because it is not supported by smartphones.


Final Cut Pro Vs iMovie – Summary

Both Final Cut Pro and iMovie are amazing video editors from the house of apple. They have similar user interfaces and timelines. But they are different in terms of use cases and pricing. iMovie is completely free, but Final Cut Pro comes at a one-time price.

Another main difference is that iMovie is suitable for beginners or non-technical people, but Final Cut Pro is for professionals or experienced people.

If you need an easy-to-use video editor with simple functionalities, you can opt for iMovie. This app has everything to help you with basic video editing. It is easy to use and will help you create videos in a few steps.

On the other side, Final Cut Pro is a sophisticated video editing tool for professional editors. It has many advanced features and tools to let you create high-quality videos. This video editing program is the perfect solution for your professional video editing tasks.

But ultimately if you ask us, we would suggest going with Adobe Premiere Pro CC which is our pick for the best video editing software.

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