20 Fonts Similar to Impact – Fresh Alternatives for 2024

20 Fonts Similar to Impact – Fresh Alternatives for 2024

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If you’re looking for fonts similar to Impact, we’ve got you covered!

There’s a lengthy list of fonts people across generations are familiar with, and Impact is one of them especially because it is one of the most prominent meme fonts.

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Best Meme Fonts - Impact
Impact Meme Font. Photo Credit: vox.com

One of the bolder typefaces to ever grace the dynamic and evolving world of typography, Impact is popular for a lot of things.

Because Impact is generally thick-structured, it’s a lot easier to read, making punchlines faster to process.

All things considered, there’s a sea of reasons why Impact has made an impact on the growing design space. It’s birthed a universe of Impact-inspired fonts too!

Let’s check them all out!

10+ Best Fonts Similar to Impact

  1. Origin
  2. Visage
  3. Wolfskin
  4. Porcine
  5. Redig
  6. Alpha
  7. Jumpshot
  8. Procerus
  9. Buffalo
  10. Devant Pro

For more options, scroll on!

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Fonts Similar to Impact

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20+ Fonts Similar to Impact

1. Origin

Origin-Fonts Similar to Impact
Origin. Image credits: Envato Elements

One of the best picks for an Impact alternative is Origin. Featuring a thick and bold aesthetic, its curved sides and sharp edges make it a fantastic visual solution for when you want to throw in a punchline. Whether for memes, headlines, branding effort, or what have you, this Impact-inspired typeface is a winner for very obvious reasons.

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2. Visage

Visage-Fonts Similar to Impact
Visage. Image credits: Envato Elements

Visage is a striking bold font that’s quick to grab anyone’s attention. Strong with sharp edges and straight lines, this Impact-like font is perfect for more than just humor-driven art cards. From headlines to brand initiatives and posters to marketing materials, this versatile pack provides creatives a lot of value.

3. Wolfskin

Wolfskin-Fonts Similar to Impact
Wolfskin. Image credits: Envato Elements

One of the more comic-looking Impact-inspired picks on the list is Wolfskin. Sporting curved edges and textured outlines, this font pack is also easy to comprehend, making the selling of messages easier and quicker. If you’re looking for a trendy block font to maximize, give this set a try!

4. Porcine

Porcine-Fonts Similar to Impact
Porcine. Image credits: Envato Elements

Porcine is boxy and a little more aggressive-looking. Still, it features soft corners and tasteful curves, making it a fantastic pick for all things headline-related. Whether for marketing purposes or publication efforts, this one will come in handy for obvious reasons.

5. Redig

Redig-Fonts Similar to Impact
Redig. Image credits: Envato Elements

Another boxy, Impact-like font here is Redig. Referred to as a bold condensed display typeface, this pick is legible, and loud, making it naturally stands out. If you’re looking for long, extended-looking visual solutions, this could be what your projects need.

6. AlphaAlpha

One of the friendlier-looking font sets on the list is Alpha. Also sporting elegant curves and tasteful corners, this legible set is equally captivating and loud. As a result, it’ll make for a terrific choice for headlines, marketing projects, and even branding efforts!

7. Jumpshot


Jumpshot is a heavyweight font pack that’s equal parts fun and aggressive. Displaying a boxy and structured exterior, this one also makes for a great pick for headlines, memes, marketing materials, and even physical copies of handouts and booklets. Like many of the options here, this one is versatile and easy to read!

8. Procerus Font Family

Procerus Font Family

Designed to achieve maximum impact on a narrow ground with ultra-compressed letterforms, Procerus comes with a collection of 18 fonts in the family that range from thin to black weights along with their italic counterparts.

This font finds its use in titles, headlines, and logo designs; however, you can also use it for poster designing, book covers, and advertisement. Moreover, this font supports Baltic, Central/Eastern Europe, English, Romanian, Turkish, Western European languages.


9. Buffalo


If you are looking for a strong headline font similar to Impact then you should check out this font. The Buffalo font comes in a variety of styles including, soft, outline, inline, shadow, and reduced heights, making it a perfect fit for headline applications, powerful headlines, bold statements, dramatic titles, and more.


10. Devant Pro

Devant Pro-Fonts Similar to Impact
Devant Pro. Image credits: Envato Elements

Devant Pro is, as expected, just as boxy and structured as the rest of the font packs on the list. Nonetheless, what sets it apart is its illusion of vertical lengthiness. Loud, formal, and full of personality, this Impact-inspired set is one of the more faithful Impact-looking options here.

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11. Moon Impact

Moon Impact

A bold geometric display font, Moon Impact does a swell job of mimicking what the real Impact font looks like. Curved where applicable and sharp on most edges, this one is arguably easier to mistake as its original inspiration. What’s more, it comes with lowercase characters, too, giving you more options to work with.

12. Túrin

Túrin-Fonts Similar to Impact
Túrin. Image credits: Envato Elements

Túrin is formal-looking and crisp, rendering it a stellar choice for headlines, menus, and clean, creative projects. Much like Impact, it’s think and boxy. This one also comes with 9 logo templates, making it an even sweeter deal for designers.

13. Youlit

Youlit-Fonts Similar to Impact
Youlit. Image credits: Envato Elements

If you’re looking for a youthful Impact-inspired visual solution, consider Youlit. Much like a hand-painted aesthetic mostly seen on school posters and funky ads, this one exudes friendly energy. Featuring a striking balance between sharp edges and uneven lines, there’s a lot to love and play with here.

14. Progress Pro

Progress Pro-Fonts Similar to Impact
Progress Pro. Image credits: Envato Elements

Progress Pro is one of the more relatively slender options from the bunch. Perfect for web projects and creative efforts, this Impact-inspired font sent is great for a variety of things. Whether branding initiatives or otherwise, this pick is just as versatile as the many others here.

15. Uphead Condensed

Uphead Condensed-Fonts Similar to Impact
Uphead Condensed. Image credits: Envato Elements

Uphead Condensed is one of the wackier picks here. As if written with a sharpie, this Impact-like option is cute, quirky, and packs lower case letters, too! If the energy your project is going for is geared towards children or family-oriented audiences, this one’s a safe solution.

16. Nebula

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Nebula Font

Nebula may not be everyone’s immediate pick for an Impact font alternative but it sports the same legibility and loudness of the Geoffrey Lee-designed typeface. It’s fun, nice to look at, and one of the more fascinatingly made options from the bunch. What’s not to like?

17. Rosebay Slab

Rosebay Slab

One of the more formal picks on the list is Rosebay Slab. This playful font set is a sight to behold sporting quirky edges and tasteful corners. Creative and fun, this Impact-like option is a great aesthetic solution for children’s designs and family-centered projects.

18. Brocha


Another friendly-looking option in its category is Brocha. Available in Creative Market, this font set packs 32 weights and includes alternates and italics. Since it features curvy lines and soft edges, this set makes for a fantastic visual solution for memes, too. Legible and tender-looking, there are a lot of projects this one will mesh with perfectly.

19. Lütschine Font Mega Family

Lütschine Font Mega Family

Featuring 126 carefully drawn and spaced styles, as well as two variable fonts, this is one of the most versatile headline fonts out there. This highly customizable font belongs to the sans serif family. It consists of uppercase and lowercase characters, variable fonts, three widths (narrow, condensed, normal), 3x-height variants, hand-drawn and adjusted italics for beautiful lines, and much more.

Moreover, the variable fonts included in this pack enables fluent and infinite altering of the variation interpolation- meaning that you are not bound anymore to the precise font styles defined by the type designer. With multilingual support, Lütschine Font Mega Family is perfect for use in headlines, branding, logo designs, among other projects.

20. JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface
JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

Are you looking for a professional font with a clean and minimalistic look? Then, JUST Sans is an ideal choice. This font is designed to be simple yet professional with endearing, modernist warmth, geometric legibility, and a distinctive friendly bite.

JUST Sans, even with a clean, simple, and minimal aesthetic look, is a functional workhorse with seven weights and complete Latin extended language support with maximum versatility. 

This versatile Sans font is designed to be professional yet with both a serious and friendly feel when used in your designs. Despite being neutral yet is modern, technical but not overbearing, and familiar yet unique to manage and stand out from the crowd.

As it has universal functionality and characteristic bite, JUST Sans becomes an ideal addition to anyone’s type arsenal. The warm, open, and expressive JUST Sans font is ideal for projects such as web, logos, branding, UI, signage, posters, new media, architecture, fashion, design and more. 

You can download JUST Sans at Envato Elements or get two free weights here.

21. Neu Forma Grotesk

Neu Forma Grotesk Font
Neu Forma Grotesk Font. Image Credits: Creative Market

Look no further than Neu Forma Grotesk! This extra-condensed grotesque typeface boasts its own distinctive character and form, making it a standout choice for your designs.

With its massive presence, Neu Forma Grotesk is guaranteed to capture attention wherever it’s used.

Whether it’s on a magazine spread, cover, or large-format poster, this font is sure to make a bold statement that demands to be noticed.

22. Flexible

Flexible Font
Flexible Font. Image Credits: Creative Market

Flexible, a font that leverages the latest technology to empower designers like never before.

This versatile uppercase typeface offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to easily adjust the height and width of each letter to suit your creative vision.

With 8 widths and 8 heights to choose from, as well as the option to utilize it as a variable font, Flexible opens up a world of possibilities for your designs.

23. 10B Woodward

10B Woodward Font
10B Woodward Font. Image Credits: Creative Market

Lastly, we have 10B Woodward—an all caps gothic sans font that’s tailor-made for commanding editorial headlines.

With its bold, slim figures, this font is the epitome of big, bold, and impactful, making it an ideal choice for posters, t-shirts, and magazine covers alike.

Reserved exclusively for caps, 10B Woodward exudes poise and fearlessness, making it the ultimate ally for content creators seeking to make a statement.


Professional Fonts Similar to Impact

Looking for professional fonts similar to Impact? Check out these Impact alternatives.

And if you’re looking for Google fonts similar to Impact, try Oswald.

For Adobe fonts similar to Impact, check out Anton or Oswald.


Our Favorite Fonts Similar to Impact

Still undecided? Check out favorite fonts similar to Impact below!


20+ Best Fonts Similar to Impact Summary

Ultimately, the 20 best fonts similar to Impact are all amazing finds, each designed to help you effectively communicate whatever message and story you want to put out.

And while the original 1965 typeface is irreplaceable, it’s nice to know there are similar visual solutions we can turn to. What’s your favorite pick from the list?

Let us know in the comments!

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