24+ Fonts Similar to Proxima Nova (2024)

24+ Fonts Similar to Proxima Nova (2024)

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Are you on the lookout for fonts similar to Proxima Nova? We jotted them all down here!

Check out our roundup below! Although type designer Mark Simonson began working on his famed typeface in 1980, it wasn’t until 2005 that Proxima Nova saw the light of day.

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There are a total of 48 fonts in the family, which is a geometric sans serif typeface. It is used on thousands of websites worldwide, including this one, making it one of the most widely used commercially paid typefaces online. Cool, huh?

proxima nova
image credit: Adobe Fonts

Furthermore, It is often compared to a cross between Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk because of its geometric appearance and contemporary proportions. Some may argue that Proxima Nova’s use of the internet is so widespread that it is beginning to feel a little overused. Even then, it’s a great font, so there’s a reason why it’s so popular.

So, if you are looking for a font for a logo, branding, or any clean project, our list of fonts similar to Proxima Nova is best for you. 

Top 10+ Fonts Similar to Proxima Nova (2024)

  1. Just Sans
  2. Mriya Grotesk – Premium Sans-Serif Typeface
  3. Treyton Sans Serif Font Family
  4. Daaron Sans Serif Font Family
  5. Gorga Grotesque
  6. Laca Text
  7. Univa Nova – Minimalist Typeface
  8. Valued – A Deluxe Sans Serif Family
  9. HERZ – Simple Sans Serif Typeface
  10. Gunta Variable Font

For the complete list, scroll here!

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fonts similar to Proxima nova
image credit: Envato Elements

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24+ Fonts Similar to Proxima Nova (2024)

1. Just Sans

Just Sans
image credit: MyFonts

Just Sans belongs to a grotesque sans serif typeface that effectively combines elements of classic and contemporary design. Its primary aim is to cater to the requirements of modern typography while upholding a professional appearance.

We can say that it achieves a delicate equilibrium between being formally composed and readily approachable. Its ability to convey a sense of impartiality and approachability simultaneously is especially notable, as it maintains precision without being overtly conspicuous. Simultaneously, the font retains a sense of familiarity while carving out its own distinctive identity.

From a visual standpoint, the characters within the JUST Sans Font exhibit an openness and spaciousness that significantly contribute to a modern aesthetic. The inclusion of sharp-angled terminals in the letterforms not only enhances visual intrigue but also adds a tangible quality that makes the font appealing.

Moreover, JUST Sans Font adheres to a clean and minimalist aesthetic. It offers a versatile range of seven weights, boasts comprehensive language support encompassing the Latin script, showcases meticulously refined kerning, and even offers a flexible variable version, allowing it to adapt effortlessly across various design scenarios.

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A particularly noteworthy facet of the JUST Sans Font is its astute consideration for digital platforms. The inclusion of hand-hinted web fonts, which prioritize legibility when displayed on screens, underscores their adaptability. This attribute extends its utility beyond web design to encompass branding, headline creation, user interface development, packaging, posters, and sectors spanning technology, new media, architecture, fashion, and design.


2. Mriya Grotesk – Premium Sans-Serif Typeface

Mriya Grotesk - Premium Sans-Serif Typeface
image credit: Envato Elements

First, Mriya Grotesk is a clean-looking purely sans serif typeface resembling Proxima Nova. This font combines simplicity, perfection, and beauty.

This striking resemblance speaks volumes about the design intent, which seamlessly blends simplicity, perfection, and beauty into a singular typeface.

With four different weights that also come in italic versions, Mriya Grotesk is perfect for both web and print use.

These are ideal fonts for headings and are versatile enough to be used for body text, headlines, logos, branding, marketing graphics, and corporate identities. Moreover, its innate ability to strike a harmonious balance between sleekness and legibility makes it an invaluable asset for logo creation, ensuring a visual impact that resonates. 

Its resemblance to Proxima Nova makes it a comprehensive toolkit for a variety of design demands.


3. Treyton Sans Serif Font Family

Treyton Sans Serif Font Family
image credits: Envato Elements

If you’re looking for a typeface with a variety of weights, then the Treyton Sans Serif Font Family could just be what you need.

The Treyton Sans Serif Font Family is a versatile collection comprising 7 distinct weights, each exuding its own unique charm whether utilized individually or in combination. With a focus on legibility and impeccable design, this sans-serif font style captures attention effortlessly.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of platforms, the Treyton font family ensures compatibility across Windows, Apple/Mac, and Linux operating systems. Its adaptability extends further with easy conversion to web fonts, making it an ideal choice for digital applications. 

Additionally, the font family’s compatibility with cutting machines such as Cricut, Silhouette, and others adds a layer of convenience for various creative projects.


4. Daaron Sans Serif Font Family

Daaron Sans Serif Font Family
image credit: Envato Elements

For a clean yet compelling look, our pick is the Daaron Sans Serif Font Family.

The Daaron Sans Serif Font Family presents a contemporary and sleek rounded typeface, characterized by its minimalist aesthetic.

This font family encompasses three distinct weights: Regular, Round, and Bold versions, each featuring a comprehensive set of fundamental glyphs supplemented with multilingual support. 

With its diverse applications in mind, this font proves highly suitable for an array of creative projects ranging from packaging and presentations to logos, headlines, posters, and more. Its utility extends to various contexts, including branding, quotes, titles, magazine headings, web layouts, advertising, invitations, packaging design, books, and practically any design venture. 

The Daaron font family ensures versatility by encompassing uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation, as well as accommodating non-English characters from both the Latin Supplement and Latin Extended-A sets.


5. Gorga Grotesque

Gorga Grotesque
image credit: Envato Elements

There are different reasons to choose Gorga Grotesque, among them are beauty and legibility.

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Gorga presents itself as a contemporary sans serif typeface, imbued with subtle hints of Grotesque influence. Offering a versatile range of 6 fonts encompassing 3 distinct weights, accompanied by their corresponding italic variants, Gorga effortlessly merges the realms of Geometrical fonts and Humanist Sans serifs.

The creation of these fonts involved an iterative process of trial and refinement, driven by the pursuit of enhanced readability and legibility.

Derived from a marriage of geometrical principles and the nuances of humanist typography, Gorga manifests as a result of rigorous experimentation and refinement. This dedication has led to the incorporation of OpenType features that elevate its functional and aesthetic aspects. 

Among these features are Ligatures, Discretionary Ligatures, Contextual Alternates, Fraction Height Number Sensitivity, Small Caps, Numerators, Denominators, Superscripts, and Scientific Inferiors. 

Each of these elements serves to enhance specific aspects of the font’s performance and appearance, ensuring a comprehensive and sophisticated experience in typography


6. Laca Text

Laca Text
image credit: Creative Market

For functionality and simplicity, our pick is the Laca Text. This is the sans serif version of the well-known font Laca.

Because it has a cleaner and quieter look, this font works best for long texts, both in web or print usage, and eases readability.

Despite that, it can also work for branding and headlines, giving your design a sleek, elegant look that stands out.


7. Univa Nova – Minimalist Typeface

Univa Nova - Minimalist Typeface
image credit: Creative Market

Univa Nova is another contender chosen for its minimalist design and outstanding usability.

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This typeface comes in a total of 16 fonts and 8 weights, giving you an endless variety of possible uses, from product labels, logos, branding, editorial and body texts, graphics, banners, headlines, social media and blog headers, and many other purposes.


8. Valued – A Deluxe Sans Serif Family

Valued - A Deluxu Sans Serif Family
image credit: Envato Elements

Joining the list is the Valued – A Deluxe Sans Serif Family bundle that boasts a combination of a minimalist, simple, and elegant look.

This typeface comes in clean regular, bold, outline, and italic versions, making it perfect for logos, name cards, magazine layouts, invitations, headers, or even large-scale artwork.

The pack includes upper- and lowercase letters with multilingual support for various languages.


9. HERZ – Simple Sans Serif Typeface

HERZ - Simple Sans Serif Typeface
image credit: Envato Elements

For a much simpler and multipurpose typeface, HERZ is the best choice.

This everyday sans serif font comes in three different weights and in complete OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts (all EOT, SVG, TTF, WOFF,  and WOFF2 everything are included).

Because of its eye-catching simplicity, this pick can be used in logo, web, and graphic content presentation, headline text, and branding types.


10. Gunta Variable Font

Gunta Variable Font
image credit: Creative Market

Another geometric sans serif display choice is Gunta Variable Font.

It has headline characteristics and comes in five different weights and can be used in different designs such as product labels and branding, posters, blog and social media headers, cards and invitations, and many more.

The pack is available in OTF and WOFF formats.


11. FOSLIN – Minimal Sans-Serif Typeface

FOSLIN - Minimal Sans-Serif Typeface

If you’re looking for something that has a unique flair, FOSLIN is the way to go.

This minimalist sans serif font has a distinct characteristic that makes it perfect for logotypes, headlines, branding materials, corporate identities, and web and print purposes without any limits.

It can also be given a more distinct look for logos and product labeling by adding extra spaces between the letters. It comes in three different weights, all with italic versions.

The pack contains OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts (all EOT, SVG, TTF, and WOFF included).


12. METZLER Minimal Sans-Serif Typeface + Web Font

METZLER Minimal Sans-Serif Typeface + Web Font
image credit: Envato Elements

For a classic geometric sans serif typeface with a rather unique modern touch, METZLER is the one you’re looking for.

It has a minimalist design that’s perfect for luxury consumer product labels, fashion and portfolio websites, premium packaging designs, and many more.

It’s also suitable for small content body texts and headlines!


13. Obadiah pro – Modern Typeface + WebFont

Obadiah pro - Modern Typeface + WebFont
image credit: Envato Elements

If you want a sans-serif font specifically for decorative and title purposes, then, Obadiah Pro is a perfect choice.

This unique typeface comes in 9 different weights, upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation, alternates, and ligatures that are perfect for film posters, headlines, block letters, subheadings, logo designs, big banners, and classic and decorative typography web designs.

The pack includes OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts (all EOT, TTF, and WOFF included).


14. Glaukon – Modern Sans-Serif

Glaukon - Modern Sans-Serif
image credit: Envato Elements

Another contender that exudes elegant minimalism is Glaukon.

This modern sans serif typeface is optimized for easier readability, making it perfect for headlines and text bodies. But don’t let that limit you.

This font will also boost your magazine covers, website titles, articles to professional business cards, product packaging, album covers, and other branding materials with its sleek and professional touch.

The pack comes in two designs: regular and italics, all with multilingual support.


15. Gilgan Sans Serif

Gilgan Sans Serif
image credit: Envato Elements

Clean lines and smooth curves are the things that make Gilgan Sans Serif stand out.

These distinct characteristics will give your projects and designs an extra touch of modern elegance and class.

Moreover, it comes in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2.


16. Audio Sans

Audio Sans
image credit: MyFonts

Looking to achieve that vintage album cover aesthetic?

Then Audio Sans is the answer.

This typeface uses loud geometric designs that will make your projects stand out. This font is best used for album covers, and can also work well as a display for headlines, social media headers, menus, posters, and logos.

It comes in six weights with over 100 glyphs and multilingual support for several languages.


17. Vaulto – Extended Bold Sans Serif

Vaulto - Extended Bold Sans Serif
image credit: Envato Elements

A contender for an eye-catching display is Vaulto – Extended Bold Sans Serif.

This striking font combines clean lines and polished curves for a balanced and pleasing look, all the while easing readability.

It is perfect for logo branding, editorial design, stationery design, fashion, sport design, startup industry, music poster, blog design, website, app design, UI UX, modern advertising design, editorial, magazine, cover title, special events, and many more.


18. Noiche Sans Serif

Noiche Sans Serif
image credit: Envato Elements

Noiche Sans Serif is a good choice if you want a combination of classic and modern sans serif with a reminiscent hint of vintage movies.

This font comes in seven weights: black, bold, light, medium, regular, semibold, and thin.

This pack is well suited for branding, logos, magazines, films, websites, headlines, titles, captions, games, apps, posters, t-shirts, and more.


19. Aragon Sans

Aragon Sans
image credit: MyFonts

If you’re looking for a humanist sans serif font with a novel approach, then Aragon Sans is the answer.

This font boasts its humanism that’s deeply rooted in the typographic tradition of true and trusted 16th-century forms.

It has stems that gradually thicken as it goes higher, so when used in smaller texts, it has a conservative and legible look; yet it becomes attractively modern when used as titles and headlines.


20. Motiva Sans™

Motiva Sans™
image credit: MyFonts

With 7 weights and matching italics, the Moltiva Sans family boasts a diverse collection of fonts that gives you much freedom to customize your work.

Not only that, Moltiva Sans is the chosen font for Valve’s Steam OS, making it easily recognized by thousands of people worldwide.

It comes with essential OpenType features like small caps, caps to small caps, tabular, lining, old-style figures, and fractions as well as extended language support and alternate characters in the italic weights.

It can be used for both printed and digital and web outputs.


21. Neohead Condensed Sans Serif Font

Neohead Condensed Sans Serif Font
image credit: Design Cuts

For more subtle decorative elements and neutral design, Neohead Condensed Sans Serif is a good choice.

This font combines modern and minimalist characteristics that save space yet remain clean looking and legible in both the text body and headline.

It comes in upper- and lower cases, 249 glyphs, and extensive Latin script language support. This font will give your layouts, branding, web design, and editorials to apps a friendly, confident, smart-looking, and professional design.


22. Blezja

image credit: MyFonts

A sans-serif design with a unique history, Blezja exudes a simple, casual, and decorative look.

This typeface was inspired by a few letters from an old metal tin from 1907, which explains the vintage artisan-like characteristics.

It uses clean and condensed lines with rounded edges, which makes it perfect for headlines, book covers, product labels and packaging, and social media and blog headers.


23. Sans Beam

Sans Beam
image credit: MyFonts

If you’re having problems with the limited space of the typographic layout and cannot choose the appropriate font weight to serve the right intention, Sans Beam will solve that issue for you!

This contender comes in 15 different weights that support different usability from headlines to text body.


24. Techead Sans Serif Font Family

Techead Sans Serif Font Family
image credit: Design Cuts

With its simple and clean appearance combined with smooth curves, Techead creates a strong yet friendly personality for your design.

It has five weights, ranging from thin to black, upper- and lower cases, and also lower uppercase characters with alternative characters and numerals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are fonts similar to Proxima Nova?

These fonts share characteristics like clean lines, geometric shapes, and excellent legibility, making them alternatives to Proxima Nova. These fonts not only emulate Proxima Nova's aesthetic appeal but also offer exceptional legibility, making them well-suited alternatives for various design applications.

Why would I consider using fonts similar to Proxima Nova?

Using fonts similar to Proxima Nova offers several advantages. These fonts often have a modern and professional appearance, making them suitable for a wide range of design projects, from web design to branding. They also tend to be highly legible in both print and digital formats.

Where can I find and download fonts similar to Proxima Nova?

Fonts similar to Proxima Nova can be found on various font websites and marketplaces. Websites like MyFonts, EnvatoElements, and CreativeMarket, offer a wide selection of fonts, including many alternatives to Proxima Nova.


24+ Fonts Similar to Proxima Nova (2024)

All in all, the best fonts similar to Proxima Nova are terrific picks that help capture the essence and aesthetic of their source material, whether intentional or not.

That said, there is a reason formal sans serifs like our font of the hour continue to be sought after in the world of typography.

What’s your favorite Proxima Nova alternative on the list? Let us know in the comment section!

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