Free Brand Strategy Workbook – 10 Steps for an Extraordinary Brand

Free Brand Strategy Workbook – 10 Steps for an Extraordinary Brand

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Make an impact in the world through business… craft your brand’s strategy!

Use this ten step workbook that will help you build an extraordinary brand.

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These are tough questions, but ultimately they will give your brand direction and a higher purpose.

You can download a free printable version of this worksheet or simply answer the questions on a notepad.

  1. Your Proposition / Who Are You
  2. Your Why / Why You Do What You Do
  3. Your Vision / What You Want To Achieve
  4. Your Mission / How You’re Going To Do It
  5. Your Customers / Who You Serve
  6. Your Position / The Niche You Own
  7. Your Values / What You Believe In
  8. Your Personality / How You Present Yourself
  9. Your Tone Of Voice / How You Communicate
  10. Your Core Messages / What You Want To Communicate

A preview of one of the pages inside the workbook:

Once you’ve defined your brand’s strategy, the next step would be to start working on your brand’s identity (logo, fonts, colors, etc).

But first… Do you know your WHY? What value do you bring to this world and your clients? This is crucial and something I am really thinking about a lot lately. Going deeper and making a difference, both in the client’s world and their customers, not just on an aesthetic level, but actually working towards a mission.

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These ten points were cited from Circular’s ‘10-Point Brand Strategy’ – madebycircular.com.au 

What’s your why?

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