FREE Books For You + Me As A Featured Designer

FREE Books For You + Me As A Featured Designer

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Featured Artist: Jacob Cass

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to be a featured artist for the Wiley Book Cover Challenge and for my efforts I was rewarded with 14 various books that I got to choose from a quite varied list and guess what? I’m giving them away for free (inc. postage) here on Just Creative Design.

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My Book Cover Design

You can view my cover design below or on the actual featured artists page here – please ignore the orange border that they have placed around my design on that page. The concept of my cover was to stand out from the other Photoshop books that were so busy and crowded… I went with a nice simplistic approach that reflected the name of the book and would look great in print.

I also emphasised the ‘right-brainers’ theme of the book by making the text sideways so as to make the reader turn their head to the right to read the text of the book – subtle, I know. There is also a subtle exclamation mark made with the word Photoshop. Did you see that one? The font I used was Meta, which is one of the best 30 fonts that every designer should know / own.

Anyway, you may be wondering, how do I get my free books? Well over the next few months I will be having various small ‘challenges’ or ‘tasks’ in separate blog posts starting with the first one now.

The first book I am giving away is Teach Your Self Visually: Photoshop CS3 and that comes with free postage to anywhere in the world.

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Your Task: Facebook

  1. Befriend me on Facebook.
  2. Join The Just Creative Design Facebook Group.
  3. Leave a comment on this article stating why you want the book.
  4. Come back to this post to see if you have won. I will leave this thread open until Thursday 8.30am GMT+11
Competition Closed – Vida is the winner!
Below is a picture of the 14 books and below that is the list of books that I will be giving away over the next few months.

2x Teach Yourself Visually: Photoshop CS3
2x Teach Yourself Visually: HMTL & CSS
1x Digital Photography Workbook For Dummies
1x Color Confidence: Digital Photographers Guide To Color Management
1x Color Correction for Digital Photographers Only

This isn’t the only giveaway that is coming… I have got another $6000+ worth of prizes for my 1 year blog birthday bash coming up soon. Watch out!

64 thoughts on “FREE Books For You + Me As A Featured Designer”

  1. I would really like to recieve the book because I am passionate interested in design, and I want to become a professional graphic designer. To accomplish that, i need to read a lot of relevant litterature in addition to the many blogs that i read every day.

  2. Hi, first of all, congrats on being featured – great job. 😀 I really enjoy your blog and of course – I subscribe so I don’t miss a thing.

    I got really excited when I read about this giveaway – I would love to get a book. Especially because I’m a student – low on cash and because I was deeply disappointed in my school’s brief introduction to Photoshop (and other programs from Creative Suite). They really should do better – it’s a school of arts! I try to learn by myself as much as I can (and love to do so), but it would be really amazing to have it all in one good book. I hope you consider me for the giveaway.

    Have a great day and keep up the good work,

    Vida from Slovenia

  3. hey Jacob, i’m pretty interested about the book. i’m still a learner and i enjoy every book/tutorial that i find by here. it would be great to share your tricks & tips 😉

  4. I would love to receive a book from you because I simply love your writing here at just creative design. I’m following you on twitter, I have you as a friend on facebook and I’m member of the just creative design facebook group.

  5. Great post! I’m actually learning graphic and web design on my own. Especially appreciate this post considering I’m a student. Would love to get a book on photoshop cs3.

    best regards!

  6. Hey Jacob,

    Wow! I was looking forward for this!!

    just added you on facebook! follow you on twitter…and love your blog! thanks to your posts i’ve become more active in producing, learning and networking…you’re great inspiration!

    I’ve never owned a reference book about Photoshop… the things I’ve learned are self-taught and a long list of webtutorials…

    I would really give it some usage! So please send it across the globe to PORTUGAL 🙂

    it would be like an early Christmas! 😀

  7. I would love this book because I learned how to use Photoshop 6, and could really use an update for the new version.

  8. I love working with photoshop and find there is always somethin new I can learn about it everyday. I have seen books like these and they are always good to draw info from and learn. I am fairly new in Digital art, so any help if great! Would love to get my hands on a book!

  9. I would like this book to further my education. I utilize design in almost all aspects of my life. Trying to find the right composition to live by, if you will. Professionally I’m not a full time designer, but rather a designer inserting my knowledge in my job (Recreation Sports). I graduated undergrad with a BFA in Printmaking and also enjoy photography. Photoshop is a tool I use in both my prints and photography. This book would be a great resource for me, both professionally and personally.

  10. So, after reading all the comments, I too vote for VIDA! :0D I was interested in the book, but I am not nearly as hard up as a student that actually has time to devote to it. Best, Olga

  11. Been creating Web sites for a while, just really starting to sink my teeth into Photoshop, been using Gimp until recently. I know there are a lot of better ways to do the things I need to do and would like to learn them.


  12. Hey Jacob,

    First of all, congrats on being featured in yet another competition. You’ve got talent!

    So, why I want the book? Well really freelance web design has been my plan for quite a few years (READ: 7), and being 16 I think that’s a pretty long period of time. Unfortunately, I’ve never been confident enough in the design aspect of my websites to put myself out there (the coding is a breeze however). Now, with university coming up in two years, I need to create an increase in cash-flow to pay my way and I’m looking for any edge. Hopefully with a book like this would help me out in that regard, and give me the confidence to display my work to the world.

    In conclusion, love your blog, love you logo, love every post.

    Thanks – from Canada,

  13. Actually – after re-reading the description of the book. Someone else certainly needs it more than I.

    Thanks anyway,

  14. Hey there,
    As a student in the art program it is hard to afford a lot of things we need these days, especially now with this money crisis. I think it is great you can come into the art community and help by giving away all these fascinating books.

    It would blow me away if I could get the “Teach Yourself Visually: Photoshop CS3” from you. I am in Fashion design and am currently taking a photoshop class, however my teacher is spanking new to the school and department so we aren’t learning much and we don’t have a textbook for the class. Your efforts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much,

  15. Hi!
    I am interested in the Photoshop CS3 book because I have not been able to afford formal education, and this would be a great educational tool for me.
    I love reading your blog as well. It is such a wonderful resource for education.

  16. I’m just starting off in designing. But i don’t think that i would be needing these books so bad.

    I just wanted to say “Good For You!!”. I think it’s an excellent gesture.

  17. Looks like I’m ahead of the curve. I’ve already friended you on Facebook and have been in the JCD group for awhile. So where’s my free book? 🙂

  18. You know I’ve always wanted to know the true tricks behind blogging that I don’t already know! Can’t wait for JCD’s b’day!

  19. I was going to ask for the book for myself – sounds like Vida from Slovenia could really do with the book!

  20. I’d love to have a copy of this book. I thirst for knowledge, especially when it comes to graphic design and applications. You can never learn too much Photoshop!

  21. I think I should get the book because I am currently studying graphic arts, have no job, and any material such as this I can share with the rest of my class, while pluging your site.

    The reason I don’t want the book is, Im curious why you don’t want them?

    being perfectly honest..

    Your site is excellent, and I always make sure I read your blog/emails..

  22. hey jacob
    yeah, i’m interested about the book, because i realy want to learn new things about designig..
    thanx =)

  23. hey jacob
    yeah, i’m interested about the book, because i realy want to learn new things about designing..
    thanx =)

  24. I have always been using Photoshop to do Web design, and it is all self taught with online tutorials.

    I’m planning to get a camera soon and have never really played around with Photo manipulation, so I guess this book should be great help.


  25. Hey I already did those two ‘tasks’, cause I wanted to! Don’t need the book as my CS4 will be here any day now. Nice giveaway though!

  26. First of all, congrats for being a featured designer on the Wiley Book Cover Challenge, I’m a big fan and really learned a lot from reading your blog.

    Why do I want your free book ?
    Well because I hate my job, I hate my boss and I hate my car.
    How would your book help me ? You ask…
    Well, let’s say, I want to be like you, and like other freelance designers… free (daydreaming). I want to quit my job and become a self-employed graphic designer, but I feel I’m not ready yet, I need to better myself, so I need your book for learning purposes.

    Thank you for your time.

  27. I would love to have the book because I’m in the process of becoming a self-taught designer on a starving artist’s budget and have always been much more responsive to visual learning.

    BTW, I love the book cover!

  28. I like to thank I know photoshop but I haven’t even scratched the surface. This book may help me in that regard.


  29. The color correction book would be a big help for me since part of my job is photographing items and clothing for online stores and sometimes due to lighting I need to correct these things before I submit final work and I need additional resources.

  30. Hello Jacob! Why I want this book? Because in Nicaragua you can’t find any design book on bookstores and because clients doesn’t want to pay more than $5 for any project, and its really hard to afford books and survive at the same time… sad but true!

    Greetings from Nicaragua!


  31. Love your blog, love your work. You are an inspiration. Even if I don’t get a free book, I’ve learned so much already. I have only just started to learn Photoshop – and I’ve only scratched the surface.

    Thanks for all of your hard work and the help you provide.

  32. Jessica,
    You can still vouch for the book even if you already had me on Facebook!

    True tricks? I couldn’t answer that one myself.

    I can relate with you on that level of the introduction to the CS suite. I have learned way more outside of class, at least 10 times fold.

    Marius, Annie, Raul, Wouter, Sarmad, Marta, Rommel, Logan, Chris, Manau, Peter, Todd, Phil, Angie, Benjamin, Martin, George, Matches, Kristine, Laura, Stan, Wyomi, Courtney, Kok, George, Bage,
    Thank you for your entries and good luck!

    Thanks for the tip on the spelling error. It amazes me the amount of things I miss, especially since I proof read so many times.

    Gotta love the blanket – 70’s retro style! You should see my bed!

    Thanks for being a part of the Facebook community Jim and good luck!

    Lucky 😛 I am sticking with CS3 for now but maybe upgrade soon.

    I am interested to know how you bring design into your sports job, have you got some examples?

    I can relate with Vida too, being a student and all.

    The colour correction book will be coming up in a competition soon.

    Thank you for your kind words and for considering the others in the contest, very kind of you.

    Why don’t I want the books? You will notice that I actually received 14 books but am only giving away 7 on JCD. The others I have given as gifts to others and 4 I have kept for myself which is more than enough.

    So you are a student teaching your own class? Sounds like me sometimes. That saying is a Chinese proverb – it is stuck around walls in some of our university rooms.

    Good luck for the colour book! Which one in particular did you want?

  33. Because I love taking things to the next level as I am web developer, and this book sounds perfect for that!


  34. Hi Jacob!

    This book would be awesome for me because I’m a graphic design student. I taught myself photoshop in highschool and now that all my classmates and I need to do things in photoshop they are always asking me questions on how to interpret the really old instructions and tutorials our professors give us. These instructions are from way older versions of the program and we’re trying to do it on cs3! I need help helping my friend and this book would be the trick! Plus one of my professors is always bugging us to read graphic design blogs and if I won this book from you I’d probably get brownie points.


  35. Hey Jacob,
    I’d really like this book as I am about to study Graphic Design at tafe next year and all the books I could get would be so helpful.I am also a passionate photographer and believe that this book could be very helpful in that aspect as well.
    I’ve been in the JCD group on facebook for quite awhile now, along with being your friend too! 🙂

  36. I am actually not in need of the book, however, I know that my classmates and art design teacher would greatly benefit from this, saving me time teaching a class I’m meant to be a student in. Would be great if my presence could be replaced with a book

    Whats that old saying, give a man a fish he can live for a week, give a man a fishing rod and he can live his whole life? sounds appropriate don’t you think?

  37. They say that nothing is no longer free in this world. Every thing has a price. Thank God, not true! The best things in life are free. Each time I’d go to a bookstore, I could only browse the design books. I cannot afford to buy one because they are very expensive. As a self-learned newbie graphic designer, I am grateful about your site because I have learned a lot. The book will surely benefit me more. My fingers are crossed hoping your generosity will be a miracle for me. In any case, may you be blessed a hundredfold.

  38. Hey jacob, love the blog i visit everyday and love the articles they are helping me grow as a designer.
    I am very interested in the book that you are giving away especially because my instructor will be teaching out of it next semester, and it would be great to hold on to some cash for books next semester. I’m just like other students on this post who are low on cash but i work 3 jobs and it sucks but i love design i’m not in for the money im in it because it reflects who i am.

    Thanks Jacob…keep up the great work!

  39. Love the book cover, I am waiting till you give away the color book then I will write something really convincing about why I want it, so for now, good luck to whomever gets the Photoshop one. Thanks Jacob. This site is awesome!

  40. Hi, first congrats for being chosen as a featured artist for Wiley. It’s about time they need a ‘make over’ for some of their covers! (just kidding!) I’m a total newbie in web designing so either the Photoshop CS3 or the HTML + CSS would really help me, + your tutorials of course! Added you on Facebook!

    Cheers ‘mate!

  41. I actually may be the only person posting here who doesn’t want the book – but I’ll add you on facebook, since I haven’t – and since I really love your blog, your articles, and pretty much everything else you post.

    Your networking capability is definitely something we should all take some time to learn from!

    Thank you for all the great info, etc. etc. etc.

  42. Jake–

    I’d like the book because I’m a graphic design student currently working part-time as a designer for a medical school, and I like to have all the resources I can get to hone my skills (particularly in the areas of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign). Also, although I am in school in the United States, I plan to spend a semester abroad in Australia studying film and graphic design, if that gets me any brownie points =)


  43. Hey Jacob,
    Congrats on winning those awesome books! One day i’d like to be able to win a design competition. I was wondering if you know of any annual comps? I know theres Wolda but dont know any others.

    Would love to hear your suggestions! 🙂


  44. i quit my job last year and am teaching myself graphic design. stumbling across your site has been one of the best things that has happened to me cause with the combined advice from you, david airey as well as other designers you feature, i’ve been doing pretty good. had my very first logo printed this month and i am still overwhelmed with excitement!

  45. I would like to win the books as I have always aspired to be a web designer and a graphics designer.
    Being only a 14 year old, currently, it has been hard trying to learn web design and coding, not the mention the tedious cycle for designing, while balancing this enrichment with school education.
    With the book, I would be one step closer to living to my aspirations, maybe not as a web designer, but as a graphics designer.
    With the book, I can master Photoshop, the graphics program that revolutionised the designing industry.
    As such, i really do want to win this book.

    -Kay Hwee

  46. Wow, so many people that need books! I actually feel guilty not having enough to give away!

    Anyway, after reading through everyone’s requests I have chosen VIDA as the winner. Vida’s comment was hard to go past, 2 compliments (which never goes astray) and something that I can really relate to…

    Being a student and the lack of skills being taught by ‘teachers’ in our design classes… They introduce you to the program by outlining the features and then point you to online resources – is that really teaching? Anyway, I hope that this book helps you out in your career to become a designer and I think that by being a student, you will have time to actually use this book.

    Thank you everyone else for your comments, you will have more chances in the next challenge!

  47. hey jacob!

    Congrats to u for winning those books.

    I am a self-learner always.
    At first i wanted to learn webdesign, but it went to programming.
    Now i am somewhat a good programmer.
    Now I wish to show my creativity to the world.
    Actually I am having a thought of buying some good books on Photoshop & Illustrator for a month.
    If I win this book i dont need to work extra for photoshop book.

    Anyway i dont believe in luck, if i get it from u i will be extemely happy for two reasons
    1. I am good fan of ur designs
    (Yes,I have already contacted u to appreciate)
    2. Now i am in need of good photoshop book (So, i can create some inspirational works)


  48. I really meant it too! Thank you again, it truly means a great deal!

    I’m going to bed with a big smile on my face now. 😀

  49. Good Morning Jacob, I always have found your articles extremely useful, as a intermediate designer. I am so passionate about design & feel it so apart of who I am. It’s funny when you become so immersed in this career-field you find yourself developing funny habits. I have this funny habit of purchasing things I don’t need!!! But I feel I need to have it; because of someones great talent that went into the design.
    I would love to be chosen for one of your free give-away. Because honestly I can’t afford to buy any design books, lol. See you on facebook, I would love to chat! jo

  50. Hey man,

    I’m a young graphic designer doing online tutorials learning how to use photoshop, dreamweaver, HTML and CSS. I would love to receive a book and further my knowledge.

    Kind Regards.

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