Top 50+ FREE Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logos

Top 50+ FREE Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logos

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Are you looking for the best free fonts for graphic design? If you are, then keep reading!

Fonts are a crucial part of any brand and marketing campaign. They determine the aesthetic of a project, and the target audience an organization has its eyes set on.

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The trouble is that there are so many free fonts for graphic design and branding that it would take you years to go through them all, let alone find professional quality ones.

That’s why, we’ve done the work for you and narrowed it down to a top 50 free fonts for graphic design & branding. With the excellent options on our list, you should have no problem finding a great font for your next project.

While most of these fonts are free, for some you will need a subscription to Envato Elements. This gives you access to 50+ million assets for a low price. Or if you’re an Adobe subscriber like us, check out the best Adobe fonts for designers.

We also have compiled the list of the best logo fonts based on categories such as Classic, Modern, Minimal & more styles.

If you’re ready, let’s get right to it, these are the best free graphic design fonts.

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Top 50 FREE Fonts for Graphic Designers & Branding

  1. JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface
  2. Great Halva
  3. Bolt Sans
  4. Bergen Text
  5. Relica Trio
  6. Glubby
  7. CPC Beach Ball
  8. Bob, Bob.
  9. Salttoo Handbrush Font
  10. Crops

For the complete list, scroll on!

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Top 50 FREE Fonts for Graphic Designers & Branding

1. JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

Just Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface - FREE FONT
Just Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

JUST Sans is a highly versatile typeface with endearing, modernist warmth, geometric legibility, and a distinctive friendly bite.

Designed as a professional modern geometric sans serif, JUST Sans is both serious and friendly, neutral but warmly expressive, technical but not overt, and familiar but unique enough to stand on its own.

With open-airy characters and a generous width, JUST Sans has an elegant contemporary feel, with sharp angled terminals that give it grip and make it so expressively endearing.

For lovers of modern sans serif fonts who are looking for something a tad more warm, open & expressive, JUST Sans is for you.

You can download the full JUST Sans family at Envato Elements or you can get the two free weights, Extra Bold & Regular here.


2. Great Halva

Great Halva

Created by shirongampus, the Great Halva font is a professional round font that is a perfect choice for any type of work from business cards, magazines, and advertisements, to fashion, book covers, and posters. It is one of the best fonts available and to us, a no-brainer to feature it on our list.

3. Bolt Sans

Bolt Sans

Both a minimal and modern Sans Serif typeface, this font by webhance extends an alluring kind of minimalism with sophisticated curves and aggressive edges. A perfect choice for classic typography projects, Bolt Sans is designed to stand out among its many similar contemporaries.

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4. Bergen Text

bergen text

Arguably one of the prettiest Sans-Serif fonts available in the market, Bergen Text optimizes an appealing blend of curved and sharp edges, making it a striking font for creative projects both online and off. It’s classy and conventional but also charming and attractive.


5. Relica Trio

Relica Trio

A good balance of playful and professional, Relica sports a rounded typeface that’s reminiscent of pastry and bakery brands. Best used for headlines, promotional materials, logotypes, and posters, this free font should easily help your graphics achieve memorability.

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6. Glubby


Perhaps one of the more appealing kids’ fonts on the list, Glubby is a chunky font that turns bold statements into palatable visuals. Whether for headlines or book titles, designers will find that this gem of a font effortlessly lets your text come to life.


7. CPC Beach Ball

cpc beach ball

While Beach Ball CPC isn’t for everyone, it bears mentioning that this font is a creative take on meshing letters and shapes. It’s bold, iconic, and is inherently unique and memorable. Best used for special marketing materials or niche-specific audiences, it should help you build momentum and hype for its distance appeal.


8. Bob, Bob.


Another chunky font on this list is Bob, bob. Equally attractive and striking in its own right, this font is perfect for huge signs and bold headlines. Optimizing sharp lines and loud edges, this designer favorite also works great for UI projects.


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9. Salttoo Handbrush Font


If what you’re looking for is a hand brush font, Envato’s Salttoo Handbrush Font won’t disappoint. Replicating the style and volume of a handwritten texture, this font will help you design captivating posters, logotypes, and book covers, and other similar campaigns.


10. CropsCrops

One of the cleaner-looking fonts available is Crops. With a minimal aesthetic with slender lines and conservative curves, this font is best used for sub-headlines and formal projects. From corporate marketing materials to conference invitations, this font should help you get the job done right.




Sophisticated, classy, and pristine, Qartella easily extends a sense of composure and finesse. Optimizing subtle curves and thin lines, this Envato find is perfect for beauty products, luxury businesses, and all things classy and expensive.


12. Gorga Grotesque

Gorga Grotesque

An inventive Sans Serif with refined hints of Grotesque, Gorga Grotesque is elegant and professional. With lines that aren’t too slender or thick, this font comes with a delightful aesthetic that’s easy on the eyes. Because this font is easily readable and legible, you’re free to use this in any campaign and branding project you can think of.


13. RNS Camelia

RNS Camelia 

Inspired by the typefaces seen in the early 90s, RNS Camelia is a Demi-slab display font that features both rectangular and circular lines. A combination of formal and playful, this font is one of the better choices for female-empowered and children-driven brands.


14. Addington CF

Addington CF

Making use of subtle curves and slender lines, the Addington CF font is teeming with personality and elegance. Perfect for social media and upscale branding initiatives, this font from connary is among the cleanest typefaces there are today.


15. Cheddar Gothic

cheddar gothic

Clean enough to be formal but just chunky enough to be creative, the Cheddar Gothic Family is packed with thick lines and sharp enough edges that help you yell loud statements. Resembling signage you would see in tourist spots and restaurants, this font is a spectacular choice for posters and headlines.


16. Marquis


If what you’re looking for is a handmade font duo, you’re going to love Marquis. Thick, stylish, bold, and professional, this gem is perfect for apparel projects, signage, and headlines.


17. Enrique


Perhaps one of the cleaner-looking fonts on the list, Enrique employs rounded lines and enough weight to draw attention. Best suited for high-end audiences and professional campaigns, designers will easily find this font is both stunning and easy to use.


18. Hey Comic

Hey Comic

A bold typeface that veers away from subtlety and sophistication is Hey Comic. Living up to its name, this font is suitable for cartoon-inspired aesthetics, greeting cards, apparel designs, and playful campaigns.


19. PT Serif

pt serif


Standard-looking, refined, and legible, PT Serif is a free Google Font that anyone can download. Combining sharp edges, thick lines, and just the right amount of curves where necessary, this font is understandably the designer’s pick when it comes to lengthy texts and no-fuss projects.


20. Kula


Typefaces that are both thick and pristine are a dime a dozen, and  Kula is one of them. Sporting bold lines and refined, curved edges where applicable, this font is another crowd favorite because of its capacity to look striking and clean at the same time.


21. Foundry


Stylish handwritten scripts are everywhere, but if you don’t know which one to use first, consider Foundry. Optimizing long and extended lines and playful and cursive letters, this font is best suited for social media and digital marketing projects.


22. Mon Cheri

Mon Cheri

A beautiful lettering font, Mon Cheri makes use of loud shadows and long, exaggerated curves while keeping things clean. Resembling handwritten fonts you’d see on notebooks, this font from jiwstudio is perfect for when you want to replicate the elegance and craftsmanship of a professional calligrapher.


23. Stay Alive

stay alive

Another distinct font on this list is Stay Alive. With a Victorian-inspired aesthetic, this typeface is reminiscent of historic times and old English. Perfect for vintage brands and other projects, this designer favorite effortlessly communicates what you need to in style.


24. Bignord


Bignord is a lettering typeface that’s best suited for niche-specific demographics and campaigns. Optimizing thick borders and curved sides where applicable, this font can be a staple for many creative projects.


25. Exodus



Equally creative and playful as it is clean and legible, Exodus is a classy typeface that’s perfect for any marketing material and book cover project. With some letters resembling refined icons, this font is perfect for anyone wanting to explore their creativity while sporting readable text.


26. Faune


Developed for the French Centre National des Arts Plastiques, this attractive typeface utilizes the right amount of weight and curves where necessary. Employing sharp edges and clean lines, Faune can easily be anyone’s favorite because of its distinct appeal and functionality.


27. Forsaken


Another stunning handcrafted typeface on this list is Forsaken . Artsy, thick, and elegant, this font is a great choice for apparel designs, social media sliders, and other similar creative projects.


28. Another Danger

Another Danger

Arguably the most distinct font in the horror genre, Another Danger is inherently moody. Like paint splatters with uneven lettering brush strokes, this typeface is designed to capture your audience’s attention and extend a sense of sullenness.


29. Celestar


Celesta is a font that hints at a touch of femininity in every letter. It’s distinct curves on the edges and sharps on the base make it perfect for fashion blogs, lifestyle campaigns, and text-heavy projects, this font from Zeppelin_Graphics should make branding efforts easy and fun.


30. Boldwest


Combining spooky and comedic, Boldwest Font is a strong character-driven font that sports a funky personality perfect for apparel, branding texts, and creative endeavors. Also perfect for children’s book covers and greeting cards, designers will have a lot of room to experiment and play around with this pick.


31. Warming


One of the more suitable fonts for web design and text-driven projects, the Warming Font Family features spread out lines and expanded edges to emphasize space and legibility. Professional, clean, and a terrific choice for literary campaigns, you’re won’t to go wrong with this one.


32. Contraband


Reminiscent of Coca-Cola’s font, Contraband takes cursive penmanships and takes it up a notch by making it a remarkable typeface to play with. A gorgeous monoline script, use this for creative literary projects like designing notebooks, cute posters, or children-inspired visuals.


33. Kasturi


With its beautiful penmanship, the Kasturi Luxury Script Font is perfect for wedding invitations, blog headlines, and branding logos.


34. Roboto


One of Google Font’s most popular options, Roboto is a sans-serif and minimalist font that’s  readable from the get-go. It’s clean, simple, and dramatic. If what you need is a regular font without the dramatic flair or loud personality, consider this one.


35. Slabo 27px

Slabo 27px

Simple, slender, and light, Slabo 27px is another Google Font favorite that employs curved drips at the end of each letter’s edges, making it a simple typeface that packs enough punch to appear elegant and quirky without being too loud.


36. Voyager


Working on a sci-fi project? The Voyager Typeface might be what you’re looking for. Avoiding sharp edges and aggressive lines, this font uses rounded sides and long lines to help you achieve any creative project centered on fictional backdrops.


37. Lauronos


A sci-fi-inspired pick by Scredeck is Lauronos typeface. Optimizing a modern feel with snappy lines and rounded sides, this font is elegant and charming, making it a fantastic choice for branding projects and eye-grabbing posters.


38. Tron


Inspired by the movie of the same name, Tron utilizes icons that closely resemble their letter counterparts, this free font is fun to look at and is teeming with attitude.


39. Gilbert

Much like the colorful Google logo, Gilbert uses curved lines and rainbow flag-inspired colors to make a statement. Easy on the eyes and light on the mood, Gilbert is a perfect choice for book covers, podcast display pictures, and other social media profile logos.


40. Invertor


A playful font that uses chunky bases and exaggerated lines, Invertor is a free font anyone can use for creative projects and niche-specific marketing campaigns.


41. Aleo


Aleo is a contemporary slab-serif that makes for a great professional headline. Perfect for blogs, newsletters, and other formal marketing projects, this free font is neat-looking and smartly optimizes sharp edges and long lines.


42. New York

New York

New York is a font any designer would love to use if they’re working on signage as well as bold headlines. Vintage, formal, and loud, this font uses long lines and sharp, shadowy edges to relay a point.


43. Biko


We can never have enough sans-serif fonts, so if you’re a lover of these kinds of typefaces, you’re going to adore Biko. Sporting thick lines and sharp edges, this font is reminiscent of children’s alphabet books. A superb pick for branding materials, Biko should work well with product branding logos and other similar projects.


44. Knubi


Sleek and formal, Knubi is a wonderful pick for news headlines, magazine articles, and menus. Its easy readability gives it an edge among its contemporaries, making this a convenient pick for anyone wanting a simple yet classy typeface.


45. Manteka


Another beautiful free, sans-serif typeface on the list is Manteka. Perfect for both web and print initiatives, this font helps convey innovation and tech-inspired graphics. With just the right combination of curves and pointy edges, this font is legible, striking, and professional.


46. Dyspepsia


Similar to everyday letters, Dyspepsia uses highly-detailed cursive lines. Employing an endearing sense of enigma and Gothic typography, this font thrives most with literary projects and female-focused campaigns.


47. Squiborn


Squiborn is a hand-drawn display font that features bold lines and elegant edges. Like signs you see in public establishments, this pick is perfect for apparel designs, catchy headlines, and branding logos.


48. Fritz


A unique typeface that makes use of chunky frames, Fritz can easily be anyone’s go-to pick for branding projects. Also usable for book covers, headlines, literary campaigns, and pretty much any creative project, this font by designova is definitely one of the most versatile contenders on the list.


49. Stag


One of the more prominent all-caps display typefaces, Stag is noticeable, clean, and professional. Shying away from pointy edges and aggressive lines, this rounded font from designova is perfect for any project you need huge text for.


50. The Kingdrops

The Kingdrops

The Kingdrops is a exquisite font that sports large, cursive letterings. Perfect for any entrepreneur needing an eye-catching font for a logo, this pick is among the best in the cursive fonts segment.


51. Backer Town

Backer Town

Backer Town, created by shirongampus, meshes informal and formal with its rounded sides and marker-like edges. Perfect for blogs, headlines, and apparel designs, you can’t go wrong with this one.


52. Simbox


If you’re looking for a font that stands out but doesn’t draw too much attention,  consider Simbox. Arguably one of the best geometric fonts available in Envato today, this sans serif typeface is distinct, colorful, and captivating.


53. Astherik Sans Font

Astherik Sans Font Asterisk is a handwritten Sans font. This is perfectly suitable for projects like signatures, posters, logos, typography quotes, and many more. It includes a set of ligatures and alternates. This typeface also supports multiple languages
Astherik Sans Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Asterisk is a handwritten Sans font. This is perfectly suitable for projects like signatures, posters, logos, typography quotes, and many more. It includes a set of ligatures and alternates. This typeface also supports multiple languages.


Our Favorite Free Fonts

Still undecided? Below, we’ve hand-selected our 12 favorite free fonts from the list!

Top 50 Free Fonts for Graphic Design & Branding

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Overall, the internet provides no shortage of premium and free fonts designers can turn to for all sorts of projects. Nevertheless, we hope you were able to use our list of the Top 50 FREE Fonts for Graphic Design & Branding to complete any current or even future projects!

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