15 Free Fresh Photoshop Brush Sets for Download

15 Free Fresh Photoshop Brush Sets for Download

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Adobe Photoshop brushes are unbelievable time savers that allow users to quickly create fantastic art pieces without the need to draw each design element separately.

While Photoshop already comes with a number of pre-installed brushes, they are good enough only to scratch the surface of photos. So, whether you have joined Adobe’s Creative Cloud or have an old school version, here are a number of fresh Adobe Photoshop brushes which you can use for free.

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Textured & Natural Photoshop Brush Set

Photoshop Brush Set

Designed by Matt Heath, this fantastic set of Adobe Photoshop brushes use 8B Staedtler pencil. With customizable settings, it is effective in giving varied textures and natural feel to the documents.

Grit and Grunge

Gritty and Grunge

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It is a collection of seven cool brushes that you can use to instantly add grimy backgrounds to your documents. Some of the greatest effects are specks & splatters, and areas of grit.

Fire Photoshop Brushes

Fire Brushes

Designed by digital artist Batitis, this is a collection of 13 Photoshop brushes available absolutely for free. This is a great tool that allows you to experiment with characters, landscapes and flames.

Spray Splatter

Spray Splatter

This one is a cool collection of twelve brushes each of which covers up to 2500 pixels. It features varied spray patterns suited to generate dirty textures and backgrounds, or to highlight typography.

Moon Photoshop Brushes

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TC magic spells moon

It is a peculiar set of twenty one Photoshop brushes, each of which revolves around the theme of the moon. It features a mythological arena too, containing elements from almost all the stories you have heard about the Moon till date. It can be a great tool to add dreaminess and accents to illustrations.

Hi-Res Photoshop Hair Brushes 

Hi-res Photoshop hair brushes

This is an excellent collection of isolated hair styles available as silhouettes. It is a great tool specifically effective for model photography and other such purposes. The set includes a wide range of hair styles that can be fixed on faces.

Photoshop Water Brushes

Water Brushes

This is a collection of brushes that includes varied water effects, including water drops, ripples and splashes. For designers, it proves to be a great tool to use on backgrounds and foregrounds.

Night Sky, Dust & Star Brushes

This is a unique set of Photoshop brushes that consists of thirteen varied elements of the night sky, including stars, moon, space and dust.

My Heart Brushes

My heart Brushes

Whether you are creating a greeting card for Valentine’s Day or designing a tribute to your loved one, this 18 love heart themed collection of Photoshop brushes can give a nice feel to your creations.

Skin Brushes

Skin Brushes

Created by Marta Dahlig, this set of skin brushes gives an amazing boost to a designer’s artistic armory.

Antique postcards

Antique Postcards

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This fantastic collection of six traditional postcard designs can provide an excellent background to create spectacular design work. Each brush in this collection features a patina and also text. You can also create & print custom postcards here.

Photoshop flourish

Created by John Horoszewski, this free brush pack is a collection of a number of leaf, wine and flourish designs. It can be a great tool for creating a naturally beautiful document.

3D Halftone

This is a really cool set of halftone images available in 3D. It can be a fantastic tool to create wonderful patterns while adding depth to the designs.

Gradient shapes

Gradient Shapes

A lovely set of simple swish brushes that consist of attractive gradient colors. It is a great brush to add soft-edged, modern finesse to graphic design projects.

Photorealistic explosions

Photorealistic explosions

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This is an exclusive set of sixteen explosion related images, each of which serves as a standard image, though they can be used as brushes as well. These brushes are ideal to add impact to your documents.

Ultimate Paint Splatters

Ultimate Paint

This collection of 30 Photoshop Brushes was created by splashing paint onto white boards, in high resolution.

Get Creative!

If you are an Adobe Photoshop user and have a natural creative instinct, then these new brushes will be of great help to you. Download the brushes for free, and start giving wings to your imagination.

Article contributed by Lisa Smith.

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