Win A Free Logo Contest + Our Achievements So Far

Win A Free Logo Contest + Our Achievements So Far

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On June 6th, Just Creative Design is turning 7 months old, ie. 7 months since my first ever blog post and to celebrate I am holding a little contest. I know 7 months is a random number but I actually thought we were 6 months old (a bit more appropriate) but when I checked our archives to find my first ever blog post I realised we were actually 7 months old – Doh!

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The Prize? A free logo design!

If you hadn’t already guessed it, a free logo design is up for grabs to one lucky winner. You can check out my logo design work in my portfolio.

How to win?


Easy. Leave a comment below with the reasons why you deserve / need / should win the logo – it may be as short or long as you   like –   try to tell me what the logo will be for if you can. I will pick the winner based on who has the best reasoning.

I will take entries up until 3rd of June and will announce the winner on June 4th AEST and I will design the logo after I get back from my planned holiday – aka middle of July.

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You can comment now or you can read on to see how we got to where we are today.

Just Creative Design’s Journey So Far


Back in November I found out that blogging was more than just a personal journal and after finding that out I just had to start my own blog and I am SO happy I did. I have learned more about design from the blogosphere than I ever could in 4 years at University.

My main inspiration to start blogging was David Airey who started his graphic design blog much like me, without any knowledge of blogging. He now has over 4500+ loyal subscribers and his blog is a great promotional tool for his business. I believe Just Creative Design is following in his footsteps.

After only 7 months of blogging (of which I was on holidays for 2 months) we have grown to around 2300+ subscribers and I have generated upwards of $5000 from the blog so far through advertising (want to advertise?) and design work coming through the blog, gaining clients locally as well as clients in Malaysia, America and Canada. I am still available for hire.

Some Stats

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Everyone loves a bit of stats so here we go.

  • 10.5 new subscribers per day on average. My goal was to get 2.5 per day back in January so very happy with our growth.
  • We average 8,000 unique visits per day.
  • Alexa Ranking Of 62,540.
  • 120 Posts (20 of them Side Blog Posts).
  • Google PR of 3. Used to be 5 though.
  • Currently ranked #1 on Google for “Logo Design Newcastle”.
  • Technorati Ranking of 9,468 (Favourite Us).
  • Average of 20 comments per blog post.
  • 190 Followers on Twitter. (Follow Me).
  • 80% of my visitors come from USA, Australia, UK and Canada together.
  • Main traffic is from Google Organic, Stumble Upon and Design Float.


  • Interview with well known logo designer, Jeff Fisher.
  • Just Creative Design wins Logo Design Love Award
  • Jacob Cass Named #8 Top Young Blogger Under 21
  • How Magazine – Listed in How Magazines Top 10 Websites For Designers
  • Fox News, USA – Recommend on Fox News Website.
  • The Herald Newspaper, Scotland – Article featured in Scotland’s leading daily newspaper.
  • Layers Magazine, UK – Linked multiple times from the leading magazine on everything Adobe related.
  • All Graphic Design – Many articles linked from the world’s largest graphic design related site.
  • – Featured on About which is a website sourced by hundreds of helpful experts, eager to share their wealth of knowledge with visitors. Quite hard to get onto here.
  • Communication Arts Magazine – The largest creative resource on earth has linked to us numerous times.


My work has appeared in many galleries across the net and below is a sample of some of the ones that I am aware of.

And there we have it, a small summary of our achievements thus far.

Want To Write For Just Creative Design?

Earlier this week I called for some guest articles to be written for Just Creative Design as I am going away for 6 weeks. So far I have only received 2 articles so if you want to get onto JCD please send them before May 21st either in a html or word document!

Don’t forget to comment why you should earn the free logo design.

83 thoughts on “Win A Free Logo Contest + Our Achievements So Far”

  1. I need to win the logo because I am working on a personal project with a budget that if I will call it a shoe string budget I would be wildly exaggerating. I am a decent web developer, but a poor graphic designer. My project deserve better. I need your help!
    And also:
    I love your design.
    I was here first.
    I know where you live 🙂

  2. Raanam,
    So what type of logo would be designed? Would it be for your personal project?

    Sure what do you need help with? Just shoot us an email. The photos I just find off the web randomly, sometimes I do a quick search on flickr (via and also via just things that I have saved.

    Ah sounds great, what do you do in the community project? What would the logo actually be for? Your blog?

  3. I’m not in need of a logo at the moment, but I just wanted to say well done.

    However I would like to win the cake because:
    • It made me smile
    • It looks amazing
    • Nobody else has expressed an interest in winning the cake
    • I’m hungry.

    Great of you to be giving away a logo, hope it goes to someone deserving.

  4. ProofHQ is a web app for designers to streamline review and approval of designs and artwork. It supports collaboration on proofs, visual mark-up, commenting, discussion and sign-off.

    Our underlying technology is great. Unfortunately, our design is… ummmm…. basic (?), which sucks considering our audience.

    A new logo to wow designers would be very cool.

  5. I would be very happy to win the logo just becouse I’m a fev days before opening a 2 persone (my and my boyfriend) IT support company here in Poland. We need a logo for our company named but have no idea how it should be look like. Many greetings from Poland!

  6. I need a logo, because I suck and this kind of stuff and my wife’s website suffers as a result. In short I need a new logo to save my marriage.

  7. @liam – I’ll fight you for that cake! 🙂

    Any way, jacob, I don’t necessarily need a logo design, because I’m a high school student designer/web developer, but I would really appreciate some advice on some logos and web designs I’m currently working on. I hope that’s not too much trouble. 🙂 Feel free to let me know via another comment or email.

    Zach LeBar

  8. Hey Jacob

    Congrats on your achievements in just a few months.

    I have to confess to losing your blog in the *system* (or lack thereof 😉 ). However, stay tuned for this weekend’s update of my top Aussie blogs (sub 20 – w00t).

    Apologies for dropping the ball.

  9. You’re not even 21 yet? Dang. You’ve learned a lot in your short life.

    In two weeks… my blog turns 8. I’m sure its age is showing.

    Bionic Ear Blog ( could stand a logo and an icon. When I originally started the blog, it was to tell about my cochlear implant experience. That got old and boring as nothing was changing anymore and it grew to be more about living life as a deaf person and sharing my experiences from over the years as well as resources to help.

    I have no eye for design. As you can see, it’s based on an existing template.

    Meryls last blog post..77+ PR and Blogging Wars Articles and Resources

  10. Jacob,

    After over 25 years as an administrator, developer, business analyst, QA coordinator, and now technical writer working for “the man”, I find myself recently laid off. So I am striking out on my own, picking up the odd contract, doing some pro bono work, and growing my reputation in an industry that thrives more on what you know but who you know. My Achilles heal is graphics.

    My father is my inspiration for working hard and smart and his signature (Ernie “Tex” Prichard) is the most exotic I have ever seen. I would like to incorporate his capital E into a logo as a tribute to him. With your gift this would be possible.

    Thank you for considering my request. I wish you continued good success in all your endeavors.

    Craig Prichard

  11. I’m joining! I want a free logo (or badge) that the top 10 emerging influential blogs 2008 winners can post in their site.

    Cheers to your blog success!

  12. I need a logo to use as branding for my work. I’m a software developer, and I’m starting to want to get out on my own and start designing sites independently from my company. I’d love to have new, abstract logo that I could use to help establish my “brand” and launch my career in another direction.

  13. Hey there Jacob,

    Congradulations on your amount of success in such a short period of time – I KNOW it wasn’t easy! I’m one of those guys who visits at least twice a week and every time I do I end up getting lost in the wealth of knowledge that is available throughout your blog. I truly learn something new each and every time I visit….thank you for that.

    I am an aspiring web developer who hopes to have a blog and a web business of my own very soon. The only aspect of web development that haunts me is front-end development because I am NOT artistic what so ever…I can hardly write my own name clearly 🙂 I believe that natural artists have an advantage at graphic design because they visualize things differently. This has not deterred me however….

    I invested my life savings into the development of my new site set to launch this summer. You can see my splash page and current logo at When this is all said and done I will be about $20,000 in debt because I am working with a third party development firm to create a working beta application. The logo you see there was my attempt at designing an appealing logo with the consumer and business in mind. I was supplied a logo from the development firm that I can show you as well but it’s pretty embarrassing to say the least.

    This website is the only thing I have going for me and I want to make sure I put as work as I possible can into making it a success – I can’t put into words how much something simple like a logo design…even if it’s on paper will mean to me personally. I’ve been working 11 hours everyday between two jobs and finding time to put into my business is a challenge in itself…but you know what…I find it and I will continue to find as long as I have the belief that this is what I was put here to do.

    Logo design or not – thanks for a great blog, tons of useful information, and helping me keep my creative juices flowing.

  14. Hehe, I have that same geek love poem on a t-shirt. I like that shirt. It helps me find fellow geeks 😉

    I can’t believe you get 8,000 uniques a day! Wanna share your secrets??

    And I’m almost done with my article for you! I’m trying to find some good links and photos for it, but it’s pretty much written. My goal is to send it over this weekend.

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curios last blog post..The Color Wheel and Color Theory

  15. Hey Jacob.

    Where on earth do u find all these amazingly funny geek photos!? Like the cake with the hex colours and the evolution of man pic where he ends up back crouching at the computer. They are so funny!

    Also i was wondering if you could help me with a few things to do with my blog.

    Luv nikki

    Nikkis last blog post..Abduzeedo Icon Contest

  16. Firstly, Happy Birthday!

    I’d very much like the logo redesign as I am participating in an educational school trip run through World Challenge.
    The expedition will take me, and others, on a trek through a developing country (Borneo, this time) for 28 days and includes doing a community project for at least 10 of those.

    My Blog/Portfolio is one way of which I hope to be funding this expedition (AU$5,900).

    Thanks, Nathan

  17. Jacob,

    I am not looking for a logo however I did want to congratulate you on your success over the past months. I think that you have a great blog and I am glad that I have been able to contribute to a small part of it.

    Keep up the great work!

    Zinnis last blog post..What does Creativity Mean to You?

  18. Hi there!
    Grats on the 7 months! 2 more and “he” is born. xD

    About the logo, a friend of mine asked me for something I could come up with… I’m not an expert or anything in design so I think I couldn’t make him a logo as he deserves.
    Saw this opportunity and thought about giving it a try.

    Cheers and, once again, congratulations!

  19. Why do I need it? I don’t! With every project I start its usally for a reason. Ive been planning to get my company started. Basically my network to incorporate everything I own.

    You could be the person to kick start it 😛

  20. Sorry for flooding, please delete my previous message.

    Im a freelancer from Poland.
    You are blogging JCD since 7 months. My website is suspended since 14 months. I’ve got a few customers, but no ID, only name.
    I was trying do it, many times, but i’m not able to do it well.
    U know it is some polish proverb: ‘Shoemaker is walking without shoes [Szewc bez butów chodzi]’ – it is the most challange to make something good for your own. I need to design 2letter: eM (like in eMendelski).
    Will u help me?

    jestem wolnym strzelcem z Polski.
    Ty blogujesz juz 7 miesiecy, a moja strona jest zawieszona od 14 ze wzgledu na brak logotypu, mojego ID. Posluguje sie jedynie nazwiskiem, w troch? zmienionej formie. Mam kilku klientów, ale nie moge przygotowac zadnych materia?ów reklamowych. Próbowalem juz wiele razy, ale nigdy nie jestem zadowolony z efektu koncowego.
    Jest takie polskie przyslowie, ze szewc bez butów chodzi. Ponoc najtrudniej jest zaprojektowac, co? dla siebie samego.
    Potrzebuje tylko odpowiednio skomponowac 2 litery: eM jak w emendelski.
    Móglbym liczy? na Twoj? pomoc?

  21. I’d certainly like a logo 🙂

    I currently have knocked-together+weird vector text for my blog header. I’ve redesigned the blog with a cleaner, lighter theme, but screwed up the header graphic (can’t even call it a logo).

    The design is squeaky clean, SEO-optimized (and seriously so, unlike others who just say “put important titles in h3/h4”), lightweight and received good feedback from those whom I revealed the design too. However, one thing that they all said was that the design deserves a good logo (and not what I have done).

    So, there you have the reason – I need a good logo to complement a design that is worth it.

    And since the design is airy, clean and uses white space well, abstract logo (like here on JCD) would be just the thing.

    Sumesh from Blog Creativitys last blog post..Compfight now sports a new design

  22. I need a logo!

    I lost my COBOL programming job about three years ago. I’ve spent this time trying to break through in the world of computer consulting. I’ve had LockerRoom Software Technologies since losing my job and I just can’t get it off the ground. I think I need to brand my products and services in a certain way. I do think having a professional logo and vision will go a long way in helping me get this business flying high!

    Thank you for your time and God’s speed.

  23. Wow, if only every designer had this many true non-fictional design briefs come in on one day the design world would be a better place. I never thought about this, but offering something for free is a great way to find new clients! I would never had known this many people needed new logos!

    I am carefully going through every submission and weighing up who would benefit the most so please keep the entries coming in and if you have anything more to add, please do.

    The cake is all yours just save us a piece. Oh and I think Zach wants some too.

    ProofHQ is a great idea, I will have to try it and yeah it could do with a new logo, that reflection is horrible. The rest of the site is well designed though.

    Have you got a preview of the site so I can see what I could be working with?

    Rob White,
    A interesting approach… a logo to save a marriage. Is it for your site?

    Kick start your ventures with a logo? I think you will need a bit more motivation than that!

    I really love that Polish Proverb and so true too. Designing for yourself is no easy task. Did you read about my logo design process for the logo of this blog? It was a hard task.

    You are correct, I don’t believe your current logo reflects the true quality of your website.

    Time is a constant thing, you have to make priorities and put the effort in. As I like to say, time is for careful people, not the passionate ones.

    Fight it out with Liam! For some advice I would check out my featured articles page to see what sparks your interest and to find some great articles.

    Jacob Carter,
    Thank You! Another 7+ months you shall have 🙂

    Thanks Alan, too bad about losing your job, that is unfortunate. Yes, branding, I believe, is essential for nearly all successful businesses.

    Meg Tsiamis,
    Thanks and no worries as we like to say 😛 Look forward to your post, make sure you send a pingback to let me know!

    Nope, just 20!

    Wow 8 years of blogging! I thought you meant 8 months but I thought I should check and it was 8 years. Wow, I was a very late starter. I hate to imagine if I started this blog 8 years ago where it would be today. And I never knew about your second blog!

    And thanks again for letting me know via email about the comment.

    That is unfortunate about being laid off. I would love to see this signature you talk of so if you could post a link that would be great.

    Designing for yourself is always hard. Have you read many logo design articles here on JCD? That could help you out quite a bit. You will find many in my featured articles page.

    Thank You Gerlof!

    Other commentators, I will read and reply to your comments soon, time has gotten the better of me!

  24. I would love to be considered for a new logo. My main emphasis is in print production, where I’m hoping to pick up some local freelance jobs. I would love to have a real “logo designer” to help me out. (I try to know my own weaknesses…)

    I got my domain from the lyrics in a Beastie Boys song and I love the name, but haven’t figured out a decent way to represent it graphically.

    If I don’t win, any help from other commenters would be greatly appreciated…

  25. Okay, I NEED a new logo design for my Private Investigative Agency. It’s really a one-man shop but I’m trying to get the business going on a more consistent basis, so that I can soon rejoin my family and we can get a home again. It’s really a sad story, our landlord got the house foreclosed upon, and I’m stuck in my 9-5 job, so I’m hoping to grow my PI business, but need a new brand image. The PI website is and if you want to read about the personal situation that ended up geographically separating me from my family it’s at so if you’d like to help a family of 4 (soon to be 5) I’d LOVE THE HELP. Thanks.

  26. I’m starting a new blog/community aimed at event managers – something along the lines of FreelanceSwitch (but not necessarily for freelancers) – encompassing all sorts of event types from weddings to international conferences. I’m big on branding so having a strong logo would really give both me and the site a boost.

    I would *love* to win a logo design, not least because I got through an entire pad of paper yesterday trying to come up with a concept. I have ideas, but I’m an amateur when it comes to logos, having something professionally done would be incredible.

    Hayleys last blog post..5 Resources to Help Name Your Business Start-Up

  27. Congratz Jacob!

    Now, here’s my line:

    I hope I win this one because 6th June (1987) is my birthday 😀

    Have a nice holiday!

    Rafie’s last blog post..Logo Design: SMSA Women

  28. Hi there!
    First of all, happy 7th monthversary! 😉
    In second place, I just wanted to tell you why I (think) need the logo design:
    I am a designer myself but, as you may know, being your own client is one of the hardest things to do 🙂 and I can’t afford a professional design like yours.. so, I don’t know if I deserve that design but I am kind of needing it.
    Thank you anyways for the chance! 🙂
    Keep up your great work!

  29. Great competition.
    I have this idea for a logo on my website (url on coment field). It’s a portuguese blog about blogging and with alot of information to help bloggers but when it comes to create it I simply don’t have what it takes.

    I don’t want to share too much information right now but it’s an animal that simbolizes knowledge and once I have it, the blog design will change and hopefully boost everything to a new level.

    I’m really hopefull to win this 🙂

    Mario Andrades last blog post..Comment Info Tip WordPress Plugin – Mais informação sobre quem comenta

  30. Jacob,

    Ho, ho! So you should have been writing your birthday post about when I was doing mine, eh? I had no idea your blog was a baby, too!

    No need of your fabulous logo design, just wanted to say an early congrats, and naturally, having begun my blog within days of yours, and having read you for most of that time, I am intensely jealous. In a nice way. You have worked very hard for it and deserve every bit of your Internet fame.

    I *will* have an article or two to you by Monday, really. Haven’t forgotten.



    Kellys last blog post..Why is Go Daddy so Gosh Darn Ugly?

  31. Hey Jacob,
    Thanks for offering this contest, not sure how good my chances are of winning but here’s my plea.

    I would like a new logo because I am finally getting time to work on my site’s custom theme and I suck at logos. I just learned that adding inner and outer bevels and drop shadows doesn’t make a good logo. So a professional logo would help greatly for the new design.

    Jeremy Daviss last blog post..Knowledge-Based Pricing: Kicking it Old Carpenter Style

  32. We (the group) aren’t entirely sure as of yet what we are going to do for our project, but it is along the lines of volunteering in an orphanage, teaching the kids, playing with them.
    It also includes (if needed) helping with maintaining the buildings (painting, repair work, rendering etc) or building new ones – bricklaying, buying the materials.

    Thanks again Jacob!

  33. Congratulations Jacob with the blog being 6 months old! great achievement for any blogger! 6 more and youll be hitting the age hahaha.

    Well im currently study my higher national diploma in my college, and with it nearing the end (June 13th) i’ll be graduating with the certificate and i plan on going to university and grabbing that internet software development degree. I feel as if my current logo doesn’t reflect who i am enough, and as a web developer i would like something that would market myself as a developer. It would be a good present for myself if i did win to end my graduation year 🙂 and a massive boost towards improving the way of how my portfolio looks for the future with an amibition nature to succeed.

    Thanks Jacob! and keep the blogs rolling, they just keep getting better and better 🙂 inspiration!

  34. Hello,
    Here is my reasoning for the logo contest:

    Reason 1:
    Last summer, I made the mistake of having a few telephone conversations with my neighbor. Ultimately, my wife got the cell phone records and did not like it (lightly put). I tried to explain it as just kidding around, but she didn’t buy it and told me that I had to go back to work (meaning real work, not this writing novels and short stories and poker stuff), and that I had to make a certain amount of real cash or else we were kaput–me out the door for good. My kids even got involved. It was ugly. Anyway, so here I am, now ghostwriting for cash. I have this great business growing but no logo. I’ve had several successful businesses so I know the value of a good logo.

    Reason 1a: I do graphic design (book covers/illustrations) but would prefer someone else create my logo.

    Reason 2: I want to get some experience with blog entries and I noticed that you are looking for a writer to create some for you.

    Reason 3: I was impressed with your logo portfolio

    I didn’t put my website in this entry for obvious reasons. If I happen to win the contest, I will send you the url of my website.

  35. Congrats on all the milestones you’ve reached!

    Amazing how the comments flood in when you’re giving something away!

    I spent weeks, maybe months trying to come up with a new logo for my blog. It had to be something simple that could work in black and white if needed. I wanted to use it on my blog, as a favicon, maybe on “business” cards in the future. I had to give up because I just couldn’t come up with something satisfying. I have a a lot of sketches and a few vector workings, but I don’t love any of them. I’m not sure whether I was too close to the design and the blog, so I couldn’t see something clearly or whether I just suck at identity. 😛

    Look forward to seeing how you celebrate your 1 year blog anniversary. That should be interesting. 😀

    kristarellas last blog post..New theme: Clean Shave

  36. I am my own worst client – and I need to be emancipated from myself.

    It would be for my freelance design.

    Save me from myself.


  37. Yes I did. I read it 2 times. And im amazed of your work – most impressive for me is your photo with sketches of logo – i have the same in front of me, laying on my desk 🙂 Greetings.

  38. Hayley,
    Sounds great, please let me know about your community once launched, I will write a blog post about it.

    Happy Birthday for then!

    Tim Nash,
    Thanks Tim, lovely drawing you have there! I am sure that it will strike fear in all beholders.

    Thank you, yes I know very much how hard it is to design for yourself. Did you read about my logo design process for the logo of this blog? It was a hard task.

    Sounds like a great place for a logo or badge to be. Looking forward to the outcome of the contest if you can call it that.

    Not everyone needs a logo, just because you don’t have one doesn’t mean you need one but it does help with branding.

    Sounds great, good luck with your venture. I tried having a look at your website but it didn’t load?

    Yes a lot of hard work has gone into it and glad you are a regular. I can hardly write my name either, I’m terrible with a pen that I try to avoid it wherever possible. Probably because we are so reliant on computers nowadays.

    It is strange that you spend $20,000 on a development but then skimp out on a logo that would probably cost you less than $1000 at most. Maybe something you should look into – if not chosen.

    Also regarding time, I have said before that time is for the careful and not the passionate. If you want something bad enough you will put the time into achieve it. 🙂 Do you agree?

    Sounds interesting Mario, I may need a bit more info though for it to be chosen so if you could provide a bit more info that would be great.

    Haha, great shirt. I wonder how many ppl actually know about the AYBBTU. Secrets? I left a comment on your last blog post with a reply to that question regarding my secrets. Look forward to your article.

    Thank you and thank you for being a part of the community.

    Hehe yup, 2 more months. Could you provide a bit more info on the requirements of the logo design please!

    Yeah only 7 months, pretty small compared to other blogs out there and thanks for the article you sent today, going to read it tonight.

    Which website is it for Jeremy?

    Very kind of you! It will be an interesting experience indeed. Is the logo you were after for your blog or for part of the expedition.

    That’s no good regarding the phone conversations. I also find it strange that you know the value of a good logo yet don’t have one?

    You are welcome to guest write here on JCD if you wish.

    What amazed you about the photo of the sketches? They were pretty rough and messy.

    Yeah well everyone loves free stuff! Designing for yourself seems to be common ground for many designers, maybe because the logo is meant to sum up everything about them so they want it to be perfect. Probably why I took so long creating my logo design.

    Not sure what will be done for my 1 year anniversary, still a while down the track.

  39. We are currently in the process of rebranding our business to cater to a more upscale clientele and we’re in need of a new, high quality logo. We’ve been struggling for months to come up with something on our own and even tried a couple college students to help out. We just don’t have the money to hire a professional logo designer and would love the opportunity to have you work on our new brand.

  40. I certainly will, thanks!

    Hayleys last blog post..5 Resources to Help Name Your Business Start-Up

  41. I need help designing a logo for my personal blog. Waaay back in the days of html coding, I had something I liked, but my head exploded and I had to back away from sitting in front of the computer at 2am, crying my eyes out because the project I’d been working on for three hours just crashed.

    I’m trying to work in elements of that past website with the current site (which is using an incredibly extensible but horridly plain cookie-cutter template) as I brainstorm my way to a New Day for Mama’s Bloggin’.

    Emilys last blog post..Dysfunction 101

  42. @JacobCass “rough and messy” – no, it was artistic disarray 🙂
    At the first time in influences me to increase efforts in drawing my own logo, at the second time it shows my inability. So i am in need! Help me! 🙂
    Greetings, thanks for your work.
    *ekhm – e m e n d e l s k i*

  43. I’m no graphic designer and did put this job out to bid some months ago but the people who responded just didn’t seem to grasp what it was I was looking for – so a challenge for you, if you pick me! And it will give you exposure to my regular stream of visitors too!

    Kathie M. Thomass last blog post..Another Year at OIVAC is over!

  44. I need a new Logo, cause I workin on a new one for 6 months now, but I’m never satisfied with my own work 🙂

  45. Jacob,

    Great idea for the logo design contest! Even if I’m not chosen, I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

    I’m an American living in Heidelberg, Germany (from which Heidelberg in Victoria got its name…it’s near Melbourne, perhaps you know of it), where I co-lead a youth-oriented social project with my German wife. Our focus has been on personal development, both in terms of discovering and exploring creative talent as well as inner growth in areas such as integrity, character and personal conduct.

    We have occasionally done small projects, but so far, nothing continuous. However, we feel strongly that the next step for us to take is to establish a community center. For some, this institution would function like an art studio where people can conceptualize and create what they envision, where young people can take classes to help them develop artistically. For others, it might function like a coworking space such as Jelly (, where independent and entrepreneurial minds can come together and exchange innovative ideas, and where tomorrow’s leaders can engage in thought-provoking discussions over issues such as entertainment, media, politics, education, civic responsibility, religious faith, family and society, and other culture-shaping topics. For still others, it might function like a trade school, providing an alternative to (or otherwise supplementing) traditional education.

    We are prepared to offer courses in the visual arts, acting, dance and choreography, film and video production, photography and graphic/web design, fashion design and handcrafting, as well as other areas. We believe that such an inventive environment has great potential to become an incubator of start-up businesses and could provide other benefits to our community as well. Our hope is that our program will also provide a “draft pool” for local designers, production companies, and other jobs in creative industries.

    We haven’t officially chosen a name for this creative studio, but we’re leaning toward “Spark!” which we think is a solid representation of the vision. As far as a logo or identity design is concerned, we want something crisp and professional, I imagine that it would have a captivating appearance.

    As far as the reasons I think we should be chosen above all others, they are as follows:

    1. You would be supporting a non-profit organization.
    2. You would be inspiring others to cultivate their creativity.
    3. Just Creative Design will assuredly become a more integral feature of our program, meaning more exposure to your blog and thus, more personal profitability for you.
    4. We would be inexpressibly grateful.
    5. I can almost promise you’ll have a blast doing it and will receive great personal satisfaction from your efforts.
    6. Potentially, you could be instrumental in changing the whole of German society, not to mention the local economy and culture. Not bad for such a simple task. ;^)

    I hope all is well, and here’s looking forward to June 4th.

  46. Thank You for Your blog:)
    I would like to win because unfortunately, from a long time i have continuously misfortune. It needs my store change of appearance very and logo but unfortunately, I have emptiness.
    best regards

  47. Hi.Thnx for this opportunity..I need a logo for my new site because i dont like so much which i use right now..i know its not a strong reason but maybe…

    Bilals last blog post..?öhret

  48. Great site!..Great contest!!

    Why should I win a custom designed logo by “THE MAN” in Creative Design…take a look at my logo.Enough said.

    Just started a blog to feature as many of the great photoblogs as possible. Would love to have you design a logo for the “fastest growing photoblog site in the world.”

    Did I mention I’ll mow your lawn as well?

    ricks last blog post..Black and White Street Photography by Nitsa – May 25, 2008

  49. Nathan,
    Very kind of you! It will be an interesting experience indeed. Is the logo you were after for your blog or for part of the expedition.

    The logo is for my blog / portfolio, through which I hope to make some money to fund my expedition.

    Thanks, Nathan

  50. Let me try. Hmm. You should design a logo because we both are students. The logo will be for my portfolio site called IKportfolio. I have still to do it. Wana help me do my portfolio?

  51. Hi!

    Congrats on your 7th month.

    As the chinese proverbs says,”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

    I am taking my first single step, and I ask for your help.

    I need the Logo to use on clothing I am adapting to be used by clients, patients, residents who are bedridden or in wheelchairs.

    I have worked in the healthcare for the past 20 odd yrs, and i get faustrated when i see patients, residents, clients, be worn clothing that are ill fitting or torn.

    Because of their illness, and limited funtion of mobility, dextrity,body structure has changed, and they are not able to dress as they used to before.

    I would like to use either their own clothing or one that I have re-adapted making it easy and comfortable for their carer’s or family to wear on them.

    When anyone is taken care of especially in their grooming, you see such a difference in them, I can tell you from experience they are usually happier and so is their family.

    You have taken your single. Help me take mine by making me the winner.

    I have no money, as i am writing this!!!

    I am overdrawn and being an occupational therapy student, single mum of two, this is one way of me assuring my children’s feature and at the same time giving back dignity to the elderly.

    The name of my clothing line is ZAN

  52. I’d like a new logo for my blog. I’m currently redesigning my website and refocusing it to showcase my scripting projects, rather than just giving my opinion about web development. I’m a college student majoring in Electrical Engineering and I just got done treating my cancer with chemo. I’m passionate about programming and related topics, but my artistic skills are lacking. I haven’t put money directly into my site, because I see it as hobby only, even the server I host the site on is setup and run by myself. I’ve attempted to make my own logo before, but it’s not as easy as it looks and having it done by someone who knows what their doing would be nice.

  53. I am starting a brand; I can describe it perfectly; I just can’t draw it. I can help the logo-designer see my vision for a clean, crisp design that will translate well to black and white as well as full color. I am in the process of getting my trademark name and servicemark phrase registered through an attorney who specilizes in trademarks and patents and has an office near me.

  54. Hi John,
    Unfortunately you missed out on this competition however I may be running another one in the short future so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out 🙂

  55. I would like a free logo design because, though I can program websites, I cannot design. I would purchase a design, but I just finished high school, and thus, have little money. The money I do earn I give away. In addition, it’s hard for me to take a risk to pay for a logo design if I don’t know whether my new site will succeed or not.

  56. We’d love to win your logo contest. Here’s why:
    1) We are a non-profit agency located in Oahu.
    2) We have a staff of 6 and are all worked to the bone with limited resources.
    3) Not one of the 6 people who works here does anything remotely close to creative, graphic design so our current logo really stinks.
    4) I’m really tired of agencies asking us for our logo and us sending this pathetic, plain logo with a tagline.
    5) We help a lot of agencies become better agencies through capacity building and technical assistance, and are very good listeners. You might get the warm fuzzies knowing you helped a non-profit create an awesome logo.
    6) We could give you a nice plug.
    7) I just wanted 7. That’s really it.

  57. Hi Jacob,

    Wow…I was just going through my morning emails–and there is always one from “Just Creative Design.” And then I saw the contest…which was really providential because yesterday in staff meeting we decided we needed a new logo…a new branding.

    A little bit about us…
    Nevada Baptist Convention is a 32-year old organization that functions as an administration office for all the Southern Baptist Churches in Nevada. We offer training and consultations to the churches in the area of Church Planting, Evangelism, Community Minitry, and other areas. We are now down to 8 employees, mainly due to the economy. We currently have no Executive Director (we do have a wonderful Interim Executive Director) but we are trying to do the work of a full convention with less people. Everyone is wonderful about picking up the work of 10 people.

    Our logo started out as the outline of the state of Nevada with a cross on the right hand side…it has been changed only slightly in the last 30 years to what it is now (see our website). We need a new branding/logo! We look like we are stuck in the 70’s…

    I am in the process of re-developing our website from scratch. I am an untrained web developer/designer who receives no compensation for this work. I am learning as I go. Moving from FrontPage to Dreamweaver, using Expression Web, Notepad++ and anything else I can get my hands on and my mind around. I even dabbled in Jumla and WordPress.

    NBC, as we call ourselves, has absolutely no funds to hire a graphic designer to re-develop a logo for us, which is why I am entering this contest for our organization.

    Our vision/task/purpose…is: “Helping Churches Make Diciples.” We believe the churches of Nevada deserve an organization that is not stuck in the 70’s and can migrate to the future. We need a fresh new look.

    Thank you for your consideration of choosing us as your next logo designer.

    Donna Campbell

  58. Hacbed, Donna,
    Unfortunately this was a contest that was held two years ago and the winner has already been awarded. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  59. Hi Jacob

    At present the company I work for C3 is setting up a Coastal Academy in Madagascar as part of our wider marine conservation efforts with turtles and dugongs. It will be run as a BTECH course attracting both international and local Malagasy students who will receive the course and qualification free of charge. This course will be of particular importance in building local capacity of the Malagasy people to conserve and manage their own natural resources in the future.

    The logo must be fun, attractive to students aged between 17 and 25 and capture the sense of excitement and expectation international students will have traveling to Madagascar to learn in a tropical marine environment.

    We are a small NGO so helping us out would make a huge difference, there is also the bonus of your work being seen at over 80 universities world wide when the course is advertised and through the C3 website!!

    Happy birthday and Thanks for your consideration


  60. I couldn’t agree more – we done. I agree with this so much that I recently took a very extensive Coaching Certification Course so that I could better assist clients in the goals of the company and outcomes that matched their aspirations. It is critical to look at the bigger picture and determine, as you said, what they want to be doing on a daily basis. Thank you for you insight.

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