FREE Lucky Dip Draw – Comment and Win

FREE Lucky Dip Draw – Comment and Win

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Lucky Dip

Time to give back to JCD readers! All you have to do is comment on this post saying what you DO NOT like about this website and why AND/OR you could suggest something you would like to see on JCD. I am doing this so I can improve JCD.

What can you win?

There will be one winner chosen randomly and the prize is also drawn randomly, hence the lucky dip. If the winner does not want their prize let me know and I will pass it on to another person.

You could win any one of these things:

  • $100 from PayPal
  • $50 from Paypal
  • $20 from Paypal
  • Professional Logo Design
  • Blog / Website / Product Review
  • Blog Header Redesign
  • Go Media Vector Pack – Ultimate Vector Collection 1 – 597 Vectors royalty free. (Worth $523). You can view what’s in the packs here: Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4 | Set 5
  • One month 125×125 advertising on JCD.

I will announce the winner around July 20th in THIS post so you must come back to this post to claim your prize.


Congratulations to Harley of BaffleInc who has won one month 125×125 advertising on JCD! The winner and prize was chosen randomly by

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this post, I really do want to improve JCD and over the next few months I will take what you have said into consideration and make some changes. Thanks once again.

109 thoughts on “FREE Lucky Dip Draw – Comment and Win”

  1. The Design ^^
    make a new fresh design and space everything because to much content from every where and organise it better.

    Otherwise the content of the site is fantastic ^^

  2. Something I don’t need to contend much with, as I read using my feed reader–the three-column layout. 🙂 It feels rather tight and cramped to me. But you have full feeds enabled so it doesn’t bother me much 😉

  3. First off… the content is awesome… thanks for that… second, the spacing isnt the best, too many things on the left side bar, the rss button’s position in the menu bar is a bit dodgy (near to the center but not quite) and finally the menu itself and header are a bit odd… maybe too much space around the header…

    Uh… and try to separate the different ads by size or something, the change between sizes is too sudden… (probably just me.. 😛 )

  4. If I had to choose something…it would be that the site seems a little cluttered. Always remember the rule that says, “When you give the user too many choices, they tend to choose nothing.”

  5. I don’t like the layout of JCD. For being a very creative – and very talented – designer the blog layout is really boring and even cluttered in some areas.

    A new design and getting rid of everything that is really unnecessary would make JCD a much better place to visit (and advertise on, wink wink) in my opinion.

  6. The design of this site does not really fit the name — I expected to see something that blew me away design-wise, and it’s just not there….

    I think another complete re-design is needed, something crazy yet usable…


  7. hello! I personally feel that three columns are too many. I think immediately it’s a white-space/cramped-space issue, but even past that it goes to just being visually too complex. Cheers!

  8. Hi,
    The pencil shape you use for the blog post images, although it ties in nicely with your logo, I find it really off putting on first glance, a normal square image would suffice in my honest opinion.

    Keep up the good work though!:)

  9. I really enjoy the site but being a recent graduate I have not found a more helpful post on charging the client. Between school, books and posting to blogs I just don’t get it. I am lost on what the rate for graphic and web design work should be base. This site posted a few articles on charging but I still don’t understand why there can’t be a scale that’s universal in this line of work. Much like phone service or tickets to the movies.

  10. Thanks for offering this.

    The two biggest things I don’t like:
    – Not a big fan of the 3-column view
    – The entire header is a link instead of just the logo. This may sound trivial, but a few different times I’ve had several application windows open. I intended to switch back to your article and I happened to click on what I thought was white space at the top of your page. I was taken to your homepage and was confused momentarily.

    That’s all. Otherwise, I love the site! Keep up the good work!

    Bos last blog post..Create Custom Ringtones for Verizon Phones

  11. Firstly, the content on this site is second-to-none, it’s up-to-date, modern, balanced, unbiased, useful and well written. So thank you for that. If I had to chose one thing I dislike, then it would have to be to the lack of “creative design” on the site. I don’t mean having twirly bobs and thingy-jigs all over the place, I mean nice clean touches and attention to detail. I understand that you must get a lot of traffic and hence the need to keep the site clean and well organised, but I definitely see room for improvement with the general visual appearance of the site. However, that said, substance > style every time! Content is king and all that 🙂

  12. I think the site needs a fresh look with some bright eye catching colours, there’s not enough activity when you look at the home page, sure there’s up-to-date info but there’s the BOLD fonts and cool layout design to go with it!

    *From the mouth of Kyle to Your Eyes, thank you. Thank you very much*

  13. Oh I could so use a logo for myself, 😛 anyhow, Ill point out as it has been said before, I don’t like the 3 column split layout. I prefer either 2 columns or 3 with 2 same sided bars.

    Also I am not a huge fan of the pencil shape images on the posts, tho I can see how it fits your logo and design, for whatever reason that I can’t really explain it just makes me look at them oddly every time. But that last one is just me been picky.

  14. I would love if the design of your site changed a little bit. Right now there is so much going on that my eye doesn’t know where to look. I also think it would be great if some of the articles were smaller so they could be a quicker reference guide with more detailed information somewhere else.

    Overall though, I love the site and always love to read what’s next.

  15. The balance of white space is a little off-putting, i.e. too much in the header, but not enough in the sidebars. I agree that the pink RSS icon should go, but should be replaced by some large splash of pink somewhere because I like the palette overall and would love to see the pink replaced!!

    Maybe the menu under the header could be spaced out a bit more?

    Really enjoying your blog, by the way.

  16. Hello,
    I do like your site design(it’s quite friendly) though there are some small details, which can be improved.
    1. According to me the header is too simple and there is too much white space. The logo is really strong but I am not sure whether is enough to stay there alone that huge with all the information in the lower part of the site.
    2. I think the left side of the site is simple and tidy but I can’t say the same for the right part. It seems a bit messy with all the sponsors placed there and that big pink button. Also the google search engine and the part of the ‘About’ information don’t seem to be on their places.
    I hope that might be helpful. Thank you for all the posts in your blog… They are so good I read them twice sometimes.
    Wish you all the best and keep going the same way!

  17. Wow where to begin ,first too many bright colors here @[email protected] makes my head spin a bit a bit cluttered and well confuseing here and there.

    I would love to see an animated menu though that would rock.Also might help clear up soem of the cluter,ya know have categorys with sub cats that might make things look nicer.Streemline it basicly.

  18. I find it very hard to find something I don’t like about this website, cause I just like it. Looking a little bit longer I maybe found one thing: the font-size. Maybe it could be a little bit smaller?

  19. I do not like that I did not win the logo desing the last time 🙂 Your site is great, I would probably do a few things in a different way but that is me, not you (less Popular Articles and a different default avatar for example), but I love your site.

  20. I haven’t been here that much, due to lack of time, but I had a look around after reading about your contest – trying to find something to make critical comments about.

    I found a lot of interesting material. Loved the reading – thanks!

    I don’t agree with the persons who say you have too much air in the logo, I really like the logo part. Worst thing? Maybe the site is a bit cluttered, though I can’t say what to take away. Maybe one can wish for more illustrations/pictures – black and white sketches would look good …

    Digg deeper and Popular articles really are
    great assets. And the best parts are of course the texts. Thanks and keep up!

  21. Although I have read good reasons to use Google Custom Search, I personally don’t like it and don’t use it. My biggest annoyance is that Google can only find results in its index – which makes perfect sense – so hopefully all your articles are in there.

    Plus, for a designer, I would think it would be a nice challenge to beautify search results.

    Jacob from Group Writing Projectss last blog post..What I Learned From Transportation Group Writing Project

  22. I hope you have thick skin…some of the comments are pretty harsh 🙂

    I like the 3 column layout, and love that you use magenta (not a color you see a lot of). The font is larger than some sites, but that makes it so much easier to read.

    suggestions on things to change? I’d love to see color other than in the advertisements. maybe duotone your photo or have the dark gray bars behind ‘graphic design’ and ‘popular articles’ in a color. Or the post headline/subhead could be a color.

    Navigation-wise, i didn’t even see the top level links until i really started looking for them. Maybe a different font, more spacing between each selection or a > would help them to stand our better. Also, flush the ‘subscribe to Just Creative Design’ RSS link in the top bar to the right so it balances.

    I dont mind the RSS feed button being pink (sets it apart) but it’s one of the largest things on the page and it competes with your logo and the post image.

    Perhaps put a space between each banner ad on the right bar. they all blend together, which i’m sure isn’t the optimum layout for your advertisers.

    Since you want your article to be the thing on the page that is read by visitors, I think you should drop the left side navigation font down a point. the point size makes it look just as important as the content, whereas i think it should be secondary.

    Otherwise, i think your content is great. Keep the posts coming.

  23. Hi,
    I LOVE your website and your LOGO!!
    Your website is full of great information/content!!
    Your logo is great because it is a sketch… not over done!
    I would move to advertising to the bottom of your page~ that way all the focus is on your company “Just Creative Design”.
    Glad I subscribed!!!

  24. Jacob,

    I have loved your site for a long time and your level of dedication towards the site really astounds me. If there was anything that I would change about the site is to clean up the design.

    I know that a ton of people have already said it, but I think that you could really tighten up the spacing and make it more uniform throughout. Also I am not a huge fan of the massive RSS icon, however I tend to underplay them in most cases because in my mind they are a one time use item.

    Keep up the great work, I think everyone here would agree that you have done some fine work with this blog.

    Zinnis last blog post..Setting Expectations & Why You Should Question Your Clients.

  25. Hi Jacob !
    So you want to know what I DON’T LIKE?
    Well there’s not much, really – I like it the way it is !
    But, above my post there are two lines – one would be enaugh (only showing if there are no comments! probably the spaceholder for them) and the list with ‘digg it’ and so on is a bit confusing.

    And, which I don’t like the most is, that you are better than me if it comes to logos. Muahaha – just kidding -I don’t hate it, it’s motivating !
    And I don’t like that you had this idea with prices for the “don’t like” thing.

    But my personal blog isn’t that popular as yours – and I do not want it to be like that (for now – I need my time).

    And I want to win ! 😀
    At least the ‘Professional Logo Design’ thing. But it would be nicer to get it as some kind of advice. I am stuck in to my own ideas.
    Anyway – let it be random 😉

    Have a nice day !

    P.s.: I hate JavaScript – therefore I don’t like the live-post-preview. I would really prefer it the old-fashion way !

  26. I’ll be honest but it’s really trivial. Anyway, what’s with the pink RSS icon? =)

    Yonghwees last blog post..Top 12 Free iPhone Apps

  27. my points are about this site’s design, well, it’s just my personal preference though 😀
    I don’t like…
    – Split 3 column layout (double right sidebar please)
    – too much white (negative) space on the top (waste?)
    – the left sidebar has too many choices (clutter?)
    – that big pink RSS icon. there’re many rss icons in the page already. , and that pink arrow in sidebar list. While your site looks need overall, unfortunately, imho, they(arrow and big rss icon) don’t.
    – font in left sidebar is a bit too big
    – social media clutter in the bottom of each post
    – drop down menu friend list on the right. what if I want to open many sites? I must open your page again to open the friends’ sites
    – search box’d be on the grey bar to save space.
    – OpenID enabled in comment. What’s the benefit?. I can’t edit my own comment anyway.(not via plugin, I mean I can’t edit comment as WordPress user, so why do I need to signin?) and I must sign in everytime to comment? as I use my domain as openid.
    – Please extend the time to edit comment via Ajax edit comment plugin (like 15-60 mins. 5 min is too short 😛 )

  28. Hi Jacob,

    First, let me say the content is top-notch, and I read this blog with ever greater interest.

    I’m not going to comment on the design of the blog, because I think that’s not what you intended, instead let me concentrate on the content.

    I love most articles, but I’m especially keen on the how-to ones, on the creative process and practical stuff like that.

    What I would really love to see is a tutorial on wordpress template design. Not only the coding and design of the thing, but how you would approach a request from a client.



    Miguel Verissimos last blog post..articles and keywords

  29. Hey Jacob,

    One thing that really irks me is that you have the street sign shape to every image header on every post – the mask that is an elongated arrow. I’d prefer a reflection, or a border or a lot of padding, but not a street sign!


    Harleys last blog post..Rockstar Community

  30. In order to not repeat what 56 other people have already said concerning the layout of the website, I’ll just agree with whoever mentioned the Tye Pennington-esque photo. Not a bad photo by any means, but it doesn’t really stand out as unique in terms of people seeing you as the person behind this blog…more of Tye Pennington doing design.

    I’m a follower of this site, and have found it helpful. It’s great to see someone seeking to continue to improve and not just settle.

  31. I really like the contents of this site, but I get a little bit annoyed with all the white space, especially on the top of the page. Everything is just white white white, until the page starts…

  32. The most important, to me, is the content. Since I read the feed in reader the design now is not annoying me. But there are a few things I would do if I was you:

    – The logo design is perfect, so I would make the hole blog design around that idea. “sketch” like lines, one bright colour (like the logo pink) and grey, with the light bg.

    – Everybody already said: 3 columns this way, no. Maybe just one, or maybe 2 columns on the same side. Maybe.

    – Popular articles: I know all of them are popular, but there so many! Popular articles links list should not look like a long list. What about 3 or 4 random popular articles with more colour and approach?

    – Ads: when they are all together it is not so effective (specially if you get paid by click ^^). I’d put them all around so it wasn’t a place “not to look at”.

    After all, I’d love to help with more ideas, this post gave me nice ones, we could make a exchange of knowledge! =)

    Good luck to us!

  33. I love the design of the website but I think it would be much better to work with just 2 columns, or keep the 2 columns on the right.

    The pink suscribe button works for me, but I don’t like the way it looks next to the orange buttons.

    There’s something about the advertisements that I don’t like.. Perhaps leaving a space between each other would make them look better.

    About the content, I don’t have any critic, I love it, it’s the reason why I suscribed your blog.

    Susanas last blog post..Free Console Stock Icons

  34. In the About section in the right column, one of the first things you mention is “free graphic design tips.” It would be nice to see more of those, especially specific things, instead of articles about generalities.

  35. Hi Jacob, love the content you have going on, the only thing I would suggest changing is your header, maybe redesign so the subscriptions options are more up top on the right within the header (too much space not used). Then I would def. get rid of the huge pink rss icon & IF you were changing the layout I would do a 2 col, sidebar right. Hope this helps!

    adelles last blog post..15 Hottest Portfolios on Behance: Part 2

  36. I only started following a few weeks ago, and I love your content. It’s been really helpful for me as a freelance artist.

    There is hardly anything within your site to find fault in, but the one thing that stuck out to me was your header/ logo design. I LOVE the concept, and that’s what made me stare a little harder at the brush stroke effect on the letters. For me, it’d feel more organic if you changed up the brush strokes, so they don’t all look quite uniform.

    That’s pretty much the tiniest thing ever, isn’t it?

  37. Im not too big a fan of the active links being dipslayed in that reddish colour. It reminds me of a default visited link colour. I find your feeds great though! Keep up the good work.

  38. First off – I love you blog. I always find something helpful in the posts.

    Something to change – under the “subscribe” section, the pink “>” next to the large RSS icon looks out of place.

    Hope that helps!

  39. I enjoy your site… 🙂

    my view towards improvement:
    -too much white space on top and not much white space in middle
    -keep your blog and portfolio separate

  40. I was trying to decide if it was your bio photo that looks very Ty Pennington-esque or the logo (there’s something about the logo… can’t put my hate-finger on it…), when it hit me.

    I don’t like that this isn’t my blog. Which brings me to: I don’t really like my blog (or lack thereof.)

    Also don’t like the anonymous looking avatar in the comments, especially the cheesy Mr. Happy Face looking thing.

    Sorry so hateful… It’s Monday.

  41. I love the simplicity of the overall design. Simple header, column layout, soft grays, etc. However, the content is a bit jumbled or busy. Simplify it (maybe cut down to 2 column instead of 3?) and you will be in business!

    franks last blog post..gui borchert

  42. hey, you have a great website! Congrats!

    Kis last blog post..Top 10 Weirdest and Most Bizarre Anime Movies and Series of All Time

  43. I’ve just discovered your site and I’m kind of overwhelmed with the amount of good, solid advice you provide.

    After reading several articles on type, I though that I should print them up to read on the commute. However, I found no link to do so.

    So my suggestion is this, provide either a “print” feature, or a download to a secured PDF of an article.

    Other than that, I’ve got nothing. Keep up the great work!

  44. I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your website helps me with running my own business and tips on how to work with clients…

    If I win any money through paypal, I promise I will spend all of it on toys and give them to kids. I will send you video to prove it.

  45. This is a great site! I love the content but I’m not to keen when browsing and see that I have to click on a link to continue reading (although I do know that the articles are lengthy). I’m okay with a 3 column design, but if it could be spaced out more, that would be better. Right now, I feel like the articles are a bit claustrophobic.
    Other than that, FAB BLOG!!

  46. I’ll tell you what I don’t like, that bit of text in the top right:

    “I am out of the design / blog office from June 6th until July 18th”

    Looks fine and everything, its just, well it would be better if you were back. Other than that I’d say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and there’s nothing here to me which jumps out as a problem.

    liams last blog post..Free Theme: Outdoorsy Theme Now Available to Download

  47. I love you blog. In fact I have a link to it on my blog.
    DON’T change you pencil logo cuz I really, really, like it.

    Probably the one thing you could get rid of is the PINK color and perhaps more sublte color on the page itself rather than all the white space.


  48. I will be honest, the pink RSS feed has been making me cringe… and the three-column layout has made some of your stories seem really compact.

    Your content is amazing, I truly enjoy reading it, but I would love to see some of these things worked on!

    Cheers mate!

  49. I’d try to clean up the clutter between the post content and the comments area and shorten the left sidebar a little bit. The overall design is well organized but maybe some more creativity would be nice. As said in just about every other comment, your articles are excellent so keep up the good work with that.

    I hope these comments help you make JCD an even better blog, Jacob.

    Alec Rioss last blog post..Bad Blogging 101

  50. You have really great content on your site. Good enough that I’ve bookmarked it in my “Design” folder.

    Free downloads are a good idea (I originally came here for the Page Type Classification PDF, but not if they require a password that is nowhere to be found – it’s not in your feed which consists of summaries, and if I follow any link from the feed, I just end up on the corresponding page on the site, which doesn’t have a password either. So I have no idea how good that PDF is, I can’t get at it. Free downloads are4 a good idea only if they actually can be downloaded.

    Apart from the content, the design of the site shows some major flaws that seem to be particularly fashionable these days. Déja vu all over again – these very same mistakes were made 10 years ago and are being greedily repeated now. I can’t imagine why. It treats each web page as is its a piece of paper: totally rigid, it doesn’t adapt to a browser window and it doesn’t adapt to the user’s font size.

    Forget that already: on the web you cannot dictate a window size and a font size. If you want to design for the web, you need to start from that reality. The web is not a collection of pieces of paper. It’s totally variable. Grids are for paper – they just break on the web, unless you make them both fluid and elastic. But your design is neither. It breaks in small browser windows, it breaks in very large browser windows, it breaks with large font sizes. The more people use larger screens, the more they use their browsers not maximized. The more people use their phones or PDAs to access the web, the more very small browser windows are used. The reality of the web is that it’s unpredictable what the visitor uses to browse with. The only thing you can be sure of is that it’s not a piece of paper.

    When a beginning blogger uses an off-the-shelf design ends up with a rigid site like this, that’s understandable (it’s the designer of the template who’s at fault, not the blogger). When a designer has a site like this, it totally boggles the mind. What is the broadcasted message? I follow fashion even if in inconveniences visitors? I don’t understand how the web works? I don’t care how the web works? A bit of all of those. None of this is a recommendation (except maybe to those who also don’t know how the web works).

    You have a “Hire me” link at the bottom of every page. Would I hire you? For a logo design, maybe. For a web site design, never. (You could hire me to fix yours, though. Then I would also repair the accessibility problems for you. ;))

  51. You could fix your horizontal navigational bar at the top. It really doesn’t match the rest of your site as well as it could and it is a little plain.

    Dan Coles last blog post..Design Must Be and Not Be

  52. Hey, I cannot honestly find much that i would like to change about your site. I just wish it would be updated more, and that your RSS Logo wasn’t pink (whats up with that anyway). I love the content on here, and despite being fairly new to the blog (about a month of reading) I have to say this is one of my favorite creative blogs. Also i was thinking it would be cool to have an area for people to post links to their portfolios, so the community could look around at each others’ work a little more.

  53. I love the logo and the white and gray design, but the big pink RSS logo doesn’t do it for me.

  54. Comment on JCD Layout:
    Sidebar (right), the alignment of the search box. It’s a little bit up from the main content and left sidebar. Owh, and I’m ok with RSS but that icon is too big 😀 Maybe you can put a text area (form) for RSS subscription.

    Everything else is fine. JCD colour scheme maybe too bright, perhaps you want to add more colour variations in JCD. Good luck!

  55. I generally don’t like three columns layouts like this. I think you could achieve better results with a layout like Smashing Magazine’s or iLT’s ones–you still has three columns, but the design looks more open and content centered.

    Also, thank you for the great work you’ve been doing here!

  56. Jacob,

    Can’t touch your content. It might be what you wanted to hear about but I just can’t. For all the fun I had guest posting, I still miss your words. Hope you come back refreshed and raring to go!

    I love the magenta on this site. I always thought the RSS button was a bit too purple and not matching the magenta elsewhere well enough, but I disagree with those who’d like it smaller. I think the size and design of it are well-done.

    Removing the > next to the button has been mentioned, as has the “Subscribe” in the top nav; either get it to behave on the right or maybe move it all the way to the left, even before Home. The main point is to get new readers to become subscribers, so keep on emphasizing!

    LOVE your logo, as you know. I almost want the header a bit narrower, so more content shows above the fold. But the blog is busy lower down, so it’s a nice visual break. I’m torn on that.

    I like the three-column design. Personally, I hate having to read a blog where all the content is squashed on the left. The more of those there are, the more a different approach stands out, so I say keep that.



    Kellys last blog post..Summer Is a Great Time to: Smile for the Birdie

  57. This may sound strange, but I can’t stand the huge RSS logo you use. It looks like a big wad of bubble gum, not a dignified RSS logo.

    I also agree with the others who have said things are a bit too cluttered.

  58. I don’t really like the header of the pencil drawing – it’s just not appealing to me. I didn’t think it was a pencil at first and I don’t really care for the pencil-shape for the images in the post. am I being picky? I just don’t think it’s as creative as your work. the design is organize and clean but I think it should be more creatively design but then again, maybe that’s not the point. I’ve never been a fan of 3-column design, it always looks too busy to me.

    your writings and articles are great and useful. I haven’t been a reader long enough to make any more criticism on your writing but it sounds pretty clear to me.

    I definitely would like see more of your work and the process it takes to create/settle on the final design. I know designers don’t always have the choice for the final design. And I would like more on blogs design – design and photography was one of the reason I visited your site. I found your site through aminus3 where I have a photoblog and where they often list articles on photography.

    there’s so much involve in design itself that it’s hard to pinpoint which to cover. Plus there are so many other sites I can go to but currently yours the only that I seem to like and that involves more on design.

  59. I really need the go media vector packs! I’m a starving college student trying to make t-shirt designs but I’m not good at designing vectors. PLEASE JACOB PLEASE I NEEEEEEEEED THEEEM!!!!!

    Keep up the great work!

  60. Decluttering the sidebars would be a good idea. Th pink rss button is a bit too much, and it looks weird to have different sizes ads on the right sidebar. You can also simplify the layout by getting rid of redundant information.

    Great blog anyway, with useful content.

    Mirkos last blog post..An image is worth a thousand words

  61. I love the content, the pink feed icon!!!, and the pic you have in the top left as your “avatar” of sorts–but I must agree that the thing I like the least is how busy the sidebars feel. Something’s gotta give!

    Thanks for the great contest! 🙂

  62. I think this site is GREAT!!!

    The thing I don’t really like about it, though (it’s not a big deal) is all the advertising!! There’s so much great content on here, it takes away from that, in my opinion… I know we’re all out there to make extra money, so… no biggie! 😉

    Keep up the great work, regardless! 😉

  63. Really enjoy the website, daily reader. My one problem is that does seem quite crowded with the three columns. I would like to see it have collapsable menus, so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming at first glance.

    Keep up the great work, and Ill keep reading.

  64. Hello.
    The logo.Could be with basic lines, instead of pencil strokes.
    Just Creative Design better would look all capital, and the whole logo should be smaller (im talking about header)
    also i would make it in one color.
    Different color scheme, or just make this better. for now this is just wihite bckg with couple of grays on it.not to well done.
    Subscribe For Free should be just Subscribe.
    everyone knows its free.
    popular articles – font size too big.
    and this font looks kinda wrong on my browser.
    ive subscribed to this page just the third time i visited it. so it looks kinda bad. use my tips to make it better looking, or hire someone 😉 it will pay back, trust me 🙂

    Anyway, if im not so thrilled about design of this page, the content is awesome for young designers, and very inspiring. You will have bright future 😉

  65. in my comment #4 “While your site looks need overall” I mean neat, not “need” 😛

    Just notice that images in every posts are pencil shape. Like other people already mentioned,
    I know you want it to be unique and suit your logo. but I don’t think it works.

    I emphasize on design because this site is Just Creative “Design”, right? 😛

    If you didn’t tell me to post things I don’t like, I won’t notice/care all the detail that I already posted. I “blind” for everything except the content in the center

    about of the content, it has nothing that I don’t like. the content itself is great and easy to read (in term of usability)

    I like the comment count too.

    edit: oh and I must sign in with openid again to comment? that’s not good 🙁
    in normal WordPress, I just need to type the comment(the detail is in the cookies) and submit, no sign-in

  66. The site is fantastic, but if I had to pick one thing that I don’t like about this site’s design it would be the pointed shaped images. I don’t like that they create such a directional force pointed towards essentially nothing. It’s a bit distracting when reading an article because it makes my eye go to the sidebar. I get that it’s supposed to be your logo but even that’s a bit too “cutesy.” Okay, but really, keep up the good work.



  68. I just stumbled on this site, so i can’t say too much but… it seems a little cluttered. I am not a fan of blogs, so i would prefer a more traditional web look to this website. I love the logo– alot!

  69. The site is really awesome, plenty of articles. What i would like to see is, maybe, more logo related articles.
    And about content organization, i think the site is well organized.

    regards, zoli

  70. Hello Jacob,

    There are few things i would like to suggest you
    1) on the top menu “Home__About__Contact me ….”, you could increase the gaping between them so that they are differentiated, like “Home ____About____Contact me ….”
    2) subscribe link can be put at the far right end so that it align almost with the right sidebar
    3) put the google search a little below so that it align parallel to the other two
    4) i think a little gaping around 5px to 7 px gaping between the sponsor’s banner would also differentiate them rather than them looking as a single banner
    5) one final, why don’t you start up a newsletter, just a suggestion

    Cheers mate.

  71. Wow, thank you everyone for your responses. I see I have so much to improve over the coming months which I will do my best to achieve!

    I am currently in Hong Kong atm and I will be returning in a few days so hopefully everything will get back to normal when I get back (after I sift through my 1000+ emails).

    Hope everyone is well and once again, thank you for your responses.

    Good luck.

  72. Jacob, I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Well done!

    Regarding “tightening up”, I think you could remove the margin from below the section headings in the sidebar columns.

    And although I loves me some white space, I do think the header area could use a bit of tinkering. The logo itself seems lightweight compared to the visual heft of what lies beneath. Perhaps enclosing it somehow would do the trick?

    Also, I think the search box would do well in the horizontal nav bar. It gets very lost where it is now.

    I would keep the three columns, but reserve the left column for the first section only. (ie move article/content links to the right column), and then reduce the text size in the right column.

    It would be cool to have the elbows in your picture extend beyond the border so that it looks like you’re really leaning on the menu.

    Semi-finally, the width of the main column has a pretty good ratio to that of the sidebars, but once the content of the sidebars runs out, I’m left with way too much margin. Maybe having a flexible width for the middle column only would work well?

    And finally, content-wise, I think maybe more nitty-gritty articles: things like design and business methods for very specific situations.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  73. What I Dont like / would change:
    Advertising: While I understand its a necessary evil for revenue generation, there lacks a consistency for online ads from Google. Perhaps a subtle way of differentiating it further from actual content is needed. Maybe a background shade.

    What I like: The vast amount of resources and opinion freely given.

    What I really like: The post regarding a “Graphic Engineer”. I thought I was reading a bio. The last two parts really made me want to send it to my ex employer (now a client) and say, “see, this is what you failed to recognize while I was here!”

    Graphic Engineer

  74. I like the current design. It is clean and easy to use…however, I’d like the website to more inline with the current logo. Right now it might be too clean.

  75. I love Hong Kong! But in relation to the blog I think you definately need to review how you present your content.
    – Maybe you could categorise a little more on the home page so things are easier to find.
    – I’m not a fan of that right hand colum impeding the reading space either.
    – I think you should create a funky as background to go behind a white box containing the info so it feels a little more contained & colourful breaking up the text and whitespace.

    Keep up the good work, I’m a big fan of the content!

  76. Hi Jacob,

    A very clever attempt to get worthy feedback!

    A couple of suggestions,
    1. The font in the Left Side Bar is larger than the Right Side Bar. Its occupying more space and making the blog look heavily packed.

    2. Re-arrangement of items is required in the Right Side Bar (including sizes and colors), to bring an overall clean look-and-feel.

    The quality of content is just awesome. All stars for that.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

    P.S. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist to mention this)The site is not looking clean, as it used to be earlier 🙁

    Chaitanya VRKs last blog post..30 FLASHeff patterns for FREE download

  77. I dont like the feedburner logo you have.
    Change it to something with more style!
    Dont like your Google Ads.. I think you can recieve more with some advertisers..

  78. Can I ask for more promotions? Because the content is already great! =)

    I think it would be nice if you gave more tips based on your vast experience on web projects.

    Cayo Medeiros aka. yogodoshis last blog post..Dica de CSS: Float – Quando div pai não acompanha o tamanho das divs filhas

  79. It would be nice to have a translation of the blog to spanish =)
    I’m from Mar del Plata, Argentina, and I’m a graphic design estudent. I understand almost everything you post (or at lest I think so, hehe) but I know a lot of people who would love to read a blog like this in spanish and have too little english knowlegment.
    So… that’s the way I propose to improve your blog.
    Have a nice day!
    And thanks for keep doing this, is really useful =)

  80. too much white space. You could do something with the margins outside of the content area at least.

  81. I find that, with regards to the site’s design, as you move further down the page (especially on the sidebars), it feels more and more cluttered and less thought out. The header is good, but the sidebars feel crammed.

    Also, on each of your posts the post image (for this post, the 50p lucky dip box) the shape of the image – the point? I know it takes after the logo and the pencil shape, but it doesn’t come across strongly enough as “A Pencil”.

    One last thing: Underneath each post are social feedback links and options. They look very very cluttered and not at all thought out. The Digg button stands out, but doesn’t look well placed. The Related Articles list – the bullets don’t work well with the rest of the design.

    Fantastic Blog and Work though, and good job coming from Australia! Good Luck to you and to those in this draw!

  82. I think you should make it more colorful. You can redesign a new header and footer.

    Phe Les last blog post..You Suck at Photoshop #5: Select Color Range

  83. I’m a regular (but silent) reader of your site. My favorite article you’ve ever written, is the “Ultimate List of Blogging Heading Templates”! Whenever I submit an article to Digg, I usually reference that post! Guilty as charged!

  84. Hey !
    this blog is amazing but here what I dont like :

    – the font size, style and color in the left slide
    – there is not enough photoshop tutorials

    that’s it 🙂

  85. I try to tell myself not to be evil by commenting with different name/mail to increase more chance to win hehe 😛 I really want some cash or logo/header design. lol

    Add some points (that already mentioned)
    – I wonder why there’re too many people with grey face avatar. Maybe it’s time to move away from MyBlogLog avatar to Gravatar?
    (or WordPress built-in random avatar)
    – I don’t like the way ads are placed too. it’s not attractive. in some sites that place the ads properly, I tend to click more.
    – You have so many categories. I think it’s ok, but is it possible to merge some categories? as Jeffrey said, too many choices => choose nothing
    – may add next and previous post under single post
    – I really love the logo and the way it is placed.
    but if you want to make some change, I suggest that make it smaller and place on topleft to save space, and move your intro and about to the top right
    – I’m ok with the pink color scheme (you can tell from my avatar, I love pink. lol)
    – JC as your name and site name is so cool. lol

    hehe I enjoy reading other people’s comments too, to adapt with my site.

    Enjoy your Hong Kong trip. I want to go there some day too. I live in Thailand 😉 I’m your silent reader since the very beginning. (don’t remember how I found your site. via designfloat maybe)

  86. Ok, here goes:
    1)a compact header to push the content more to above the fold.
    2)a 2 column, slightly modern (though I hate overly glassy looks) theme with smaller fonts.
    3)Less ‘white’ whitespace, and perhaps a border for the content container and a darker background (to let our eyes focus on content naturally).
    4)Removal of last three widgets on left sidebar (category, recent posts etc.)
    5)A more visible, attractive feed subscription area, “About” area pushed lower.
    6)square ads (rectangular ads with no margin in between, ugh!)
    7)differentiate content from the digg badge, the stumble upon links etc. (which are part of meta).

    Sumeshs last blog post..Forget what probloggers taught you about regular posting

  87. Hmm, you’re going to have a lot of feedback to sort through when you get back, Jacob!

    What I don’t like about the design: too much going on. More unity in the ad area (same sizes, only 1-2 sizes) would make it look less cluttered. There are tons of links on both sides, too, and it’s a bit overwhelming. Fewer links in each section would be benefitial (5 at most, imho). Perhaps some of the content can be moved into a footer as well?

    What I’d like to see in the content: tutorials. It would be interesting to see a cool new effect that you discovered or how you work in particular programs. I would also be interested in reading about your inspiration for a project. Like present a final project and show where the inspiration came from.

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curios last blog post..Understanding Photoshop Smart Objects & Layers

  88. The content is excellent. What could be improved:

    3 Column layout. Your award-winning logo is awesome, however, the actual body of the page is so overwhelming compared to it (so much text and links smashed together). I think the content would be better represented through a 2-column layout.

    P.S. Homepage to my site is blank as I’m going through redesign. Cheers!

    Additionally, I will be leaving on a trip the evening of July 20th for 3-4 days, so I hope you give us some time to claim a prize if we win!

  89. In general, your website is nice, clean, and simple. Though, I think the top nav is a little *too* simple. To me, it just doesn’t fit in right with the layout and isolates your logo (which is great) too much from the rest of the page.

  90. I like that you are giving things away for free…I don’t like that I don’t SEE enough, I’d love to see the blog be a bit more pleasing visually.

  91. well, whats this site lack of eh ? humm come to think of it, the design is not so special , the contents already good enough, but i’d like to see more article bout study case, like whats really happenin in the real world, problem , tips, trick n something like that, so i can really know whats happenin in this “wild” world
    anyway,thanks 4 the chance of winning 🙂

  92. Hey Jacob! I’ve been a keen reader albeit a quiet one :). The website totally rocks. The content is very relevant to any designer out there. The articles that you write and the guest posts are perfect :). some improvements may be a bigger font size and a background colour that is not so hard on the eyes :D. some of us are nocturnal and work in the dark (w/o any light in the room) so adjusting to all white can be a bit painful lol!

  93. I like everything except two things. The main page of articles are just too long. An excerpt with graphic would be easier on the eye then clicking through to the full article. Sometimes I find it hard to see where the next article starts.

    I actually only read this blog from rss because of this.

    Second, the sidebars are two close to the same size. I think it would create greater interest to have the left sidebar wider than the right. I think the same size is causing blindness for those links as the banner ads on the right are so much more vibrant and distract from left sidebar.

    modemloopers last blog post..MoPhoTo Is For Photographers

  94. The one thing I can think of… is that maybe there is too much white? At the top of pages it doesnt seem like an issue but when your scrolling down there is a notable mass of… well whitness. Doesnt help when you have a head ache… or hungover hehe. Joking aside I’d maybe widen the colour palette… maybe introduce a texture or something. This is all cosmetic, overall this site is my one stop shop for all things Graphical.

    Keep up the wonder that is Just Creative.

  95. I love the site it provides some great info but the site dould maybeuse some more graphical appeal it just seems to simplified.

Comments are closed.

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