Top 30 Free PowerPoint Templates for 2022

Top 30 Free PowerPoint Templates for 2022

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Powerpoint presentations are a huge part of the corporate and creative boardroom. Whether you’re pitching new ideas or closing business deals, how well we present our thoughts, concerns, and proposals is a huge part of the decisions and partnerships that businesses make and create.

Not everyone has a creative department that can come up with a template that can be used to wow people at their next conference. Yeah, we hate it too. Thankfully, we’ve got your back and understand how critical it is to have a PowerPoint presentation that not only portrays your information accurately but keeps attendees engaged.

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To help make your next presentation its best, we thought that taking a closer look at the best free PowerPoint templates that you can use in your next presentation. Best of all? They are completely free or come with a subscription! If you’re ready, let’s jump right in!

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Top 30 Free PowerPoint Templates for 2022




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Monalisa’s simplicity is what makes it strikingly beautiful to look at. With white backgrounds and clean-looking fonts, the template has been optimized to provide you with the perfect template for any presentation. So much so that this template is a fan favorite for many marketers and creatives.


Modern Aesthetic Powerpoint Presentation


Modern Aesthetic Powerpoint Presentation

Elegant, crisp, and bright, the Modern Aesthetic PowerPoint presentation presents a youthful vibe one would normally see on blogging sites like Tumblr. Merging white and colored backgrounds with arched templates for photos, the template stands out on this list because of the editorial magazine aesthetic the template provides.

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XAPA powerpoint

Packed with a long, cursive font and white text boxes, XAPA by Slidehack is a high-quality Powerpoint presentation that provides you with up to 30 slides in HD resolution. With its combination of hip, inventive, and colorful, there’s a lot the modern creative can do with these slides.


Business Powerpoint Template

Business Powerpoint

One of the more minimalist slides on our list the Business Powerpoint template embodies what corporate meetings should be like—quick, professional, and focused. Anyone looking for a no-nonsense template cannot go wrong with this option.



Opera - Elegant Powepoint Template

The Opera packs an innovative PowerPoint design. Designed with gray borders and predominantly white backgrounds, the Opera set is a simple, direct, and clean template that deserves a spot on our list.




Modernity - Powerpoint Template

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Perfect for photographers, models, or anyone needing to present a campaign idea with celebrities or key people at the forefront, the Modernity free Powerpoint template is clean and elegant. Putting a focus on images, the template leaves a limited amount of space for text making it a great option for anyone looking to pitch talent to agents or possible stakeholders to a selection panel.




Clean, versatile, and minimal, Dolor is a terrific option for anyone looking for a no-fuss, straight-to-the-point free PowerPoint template. With ample space for both texts and photos to thrive, there’s a lot you can do with these slides.




Utilizing a dark background with circles as visual relief, Kitulah is a simple-looking free PowerPoint template that allows experts to highlight data, text, and important points without cluttering your sight.


Business Proposal Template

Business Proposal


While Business Proposal might be this theme’s name, these slides can be functional for any event or purpose. Modern, minimal, and arranged, these slides will allow you to present important points as simply and directly as possible.




Sella PowerPoint Template

Sella is a stellar choice for any creative looking to sell an idea. Whether it’s his or her service or a campaign concept, this Envato free PowerPoint template provides enough flexibility for creatives to make their voice known.


Furniture Marketing


Furniture Marketing PowerPoint Template

You don’t have to be selling furniture to make use of this elegant template.  The Furniture Marketing template is a classy option that makes use of rich colors such as beige, light yellow, and ocean blue.


Pink and Blue Graphic Design Portfolio Presentation

Pink and Blue Simple Graphic Design


Whether you’re a writer, videographer, or software editor, Canva’s Pink and Blue Graphic Design Portfolio will work wonders for you. Neat, simple, and beautiful in pink and blue, there’s a lot anyone can do with using these slides.


Vooice Furniture Powerpoint Presentation


Vooice Furniture Powepoint Presentation

With its modern feel and sales aesthetic, the Vooice free Powerpoint template is a professional-looking theme that makes good use of shapes, great fonts, and stunning background colors that make all of your work stand out.


Free Modern and Minimalist Powerpoint Presentation, Themes & Templates


Aneta PowerPoint Template



A popular choice on Envato is Aneta. With its neat and clean visuals, this free PowerPoint template is perfect for both independent creatives and agency professionals. From tech matters to social media marketing proposals, this contender makes organizing your thoughts fast and easy.





Headline offers a familiar look to users. Organized designs and photo placements are conservative and traditional, making this a perfect pick for any creative who doesn’t want to overdo their presentation. Clean, straightforward, and professional, this free PowerPoint template is a fantastic choice for anyone and everyone.





One of the edgier picks on this list, Cutter uses huge fonts and emphasizes large photos to help you relay a point. Best for pitches that involve emphatic messages, this Envato gem should serve any creative who’s hungry to sell out-of-the-box ideas.

Futuristic Background

Futuristic Background

While it’s as simple as it gets, the Futuristic Background’s dark blue background, wavy dots, and orange text make for a striking visual. Equally generic as most of the themes on this list, this pick is a fantastic PowerPoint option anyone will easily fall in love with.


Modern Line


Modern Line Powerpoint Template

Making use of thick fonts, dark-colored slides and a hint of red, the Modern Line free PowerPoint template has a universal appeal that many other options on our list don’t. With 15 unique slides, a drag and drop option for images, and a wide range of customization options, the Modern Line template is a great choice for any presentation.


Online TV Shows Pitch Deck

Online Tv Shows Pitch Deck

The Online TV Shows template is an awesome template for PowerPoint especially if you want to keep your audience engaged. Using visual assets you’d normally see in leaderboards and movies, this modern take on inventive PowerPoint presentations is impressive, striking, and modern.


Internet Research Agency

Internet research Agency

Utilizing shapes, colorful visual tones, and vector cartoons, Internet research Agency is one of the more playful templates on this list. With the template design, your presentation can have a youthful, dainty, and fresh approach that will make your presentation stand out.


Geometric Shapes Agency


Geometric Shapes Agency

Shapes and patterns are effective visual assets that can lure audiences into focusing their eyes on your slides. With stunning geometric shapes, this pick is both a traditional and modern template, making it perfect for anyone to use.


Enable Presentation Template

Enable Presentation Template

While green-and-pink may not be everyone’s first choice of a color palette, but the Enable Presentation makes it work. Pretty, neat, and professional, this pick is also a beautiful generic theme any professional or creative can use for many things.




ZULAIKHA - Modern Fashion PowerPoint Template

One of the more striking Powerpoint themes on the list, Zulaikha is a personable set that is bursting with colors, lines, and bold fonts. If you’re looking for a theme that closely resembles a portfolio, you owe it to yourself to check out this uniquely named template.



Jennie - Fashion Style PowerPoint Template

Colorful, playful, and versatile, Jennie is another PowerPoint template that anyone can enjoy for a myriad of subjects. Conventional, familiar, and elegant, its gradient pink tones, lines, and vectors make it a perfect choice for any professional.




THRAY - Modern Keynote Template

With easy-to-use mockups and color placements that are perfectly well-positioned, Thray is a sharp template that will help you successfully bridge the gap between you and your audience.


Minimal PowerPoint Template – Professional Use

Minimal Powerpoint Template
Minimal Powerpoint Template. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Are you searching for professional and minimal PowerPoint templates? The Minimal PowerPoint Template is an ideal choice for professional presentations. 

This PowerPoint template comes with five color variations to suit your needs. It is a unique PowerPoint template that suits professional and multipurpose presentations for business or personal use. 

This template comes with elements that make it simple to edit with no need for other software and also contains some animated slides and transitions.


Strike – Minimal PowerPoint Template

Strike - Minimal PowerPoint Template
Strike – Minimal PowerPoint Template. Image Credits: Envato Elements

If you are looking for a fresh and clean minimal PowerPoint template, then the Strike Minimal PowerPoint Template is the best choice for you. This template helps you deliver information by generating a fresh and clean-looking presentation. 

The Strike Minimal PowerPoint Template includes an impressive set of 44 PowerPoint slides. The slides in the template are on a gray scale to bring life to the pictures and icons you use in the presentation. There is also abundant room for text to support your presentation.


Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation
Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation. Image Credits: Envato Elements

If you are searching for a modern corporate and business PowerPoint template for your plans and strategies, then the Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation is for you.

This marketing PowerPoint template comes with 36 unique slides, which include colorful, dark, and corporate template versions. This also includes vector icons and elements that you may edit and are simple to implement. These marketing PowerPoint templates are also ideal for social, strategic, and graphical presentations.


Free Creative and Artsy Powerpoint Templates

Modern Stylish


Modern Stylish - Instagram Powerpoint Template

If you’re looking for a fresh and playful free Powerpoint template, the Modern Stylish template is a promising option. Dominated by the colors blue, orange, and white, these slides are captivating, powerful, and make for great statements in themselves.


Nanota Project Proposal

Nanota Project Proposal

A captivating blend of purple and pink, the Nanota Project Proposal template feels like a digital creation. With lines, dots, and text boxes all alluding to visual assets we’d see in futuristic movies, this pick is a fantastic way to beautify any presentation.


Math Quiz

Math Quiz

Math Quiz is a quirky Canva offering that uses clay cartoons in its design. Best for explaining creative campaigns, fun ideas, or anything in that nature, you will find that this particular theme can be as flexible as you want it to be.


Crafting and Mining


The Crafting and Mining free PowerPoint template is most suitable for those looking to pitch programs and game apps. While you don’t have to actually be a gamer, this theme’s visual assets relate to images from video games, making it great for students, teachers, and ad agency creatives.


People Pattern


People Pattern

One of the best free PowerPoint presentation themes gravitating around diversity, People Pattern uses cartoon images of a variety of people and body types. Perfect for talks on ethnic subjects, cultural backgrounds, or other similar matters, this is a pick you’re going to find that can reach many people.




Karbon - PowerPoint Presentation Template

Karbon is a quirky Powerpoint theme that optimizes mockups and a variety of colors on each slide. With easy-to-read fonts, it provides ample space for pictures to thrive and look their best. Pitching an idea to other creatives? Check this one out.


Storyboard Brainstorm

Storyboard Brainstorm Presentation

If you’re familiar with storyboarding then you already know what the Storyboard Brainstorm template from Canva entails. Neat, simple, and creative, this particular theme has all the basic goods to make storytelling easier to relay.


Pink and White Marketing

Pink and White Geometric Marketing Presentation

Another captivating gradient theme is the Pink and White Marketing template from Canva. With shapes, lines, thick text, as well as pink and white gradients, this presentation feels fiercely feminine, soothing, and a delight to look at.




30 Best Free PowerPoint Templates

Overall, the best free PowerPoint templates should be one that helps you become effective. Design is primarily functional before it is purely about aesthetics. Find one that fits your theme, is easy on the eyes, and has enough visual assets to lure your audience.

We hope this list helps, and good luck with your search!

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