Freelancing Freedom is OPEN for enrollment!

Freelancing Freedom is OPEN for enrollment!

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I just wanted to let you know that Brad Hussey just reopened the doors to his popular training course on how to become a successful freelancer. It’s called The Freelancing Freedom Course and it’s better than ever.

Click here for The Freelancing Freedom Course

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Please take a few moments to watch the trailer video and read the entire web page. I want you to make an informed decision, and be excited about what you’re getting, taking special note to the case studies of freelancers who have taken this course.

But please note, the doors are only open for 7 days, closing on Oct 9th. Once enrollment closes on October 9th, Brad won’t be opening them for another few months, at least. Last time, the doors were closed for 8 months!

Special Gift for Early Birds

Bonus Launch

As a gift to all of you early action takers, when you purchase ANY package of the course, you’ll also get LIFETIME access to Code College (all of Brad Hussey’s design & coding courses, forever… a $2,500 value)

To claim this deal, all you have to do is join BEFORE October 4th at 10am PST.

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To get all of the details on the course and enrollment, click here

Here’s to you and your freedom!

p.s. There are 3 things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Course enrollment is only open for the next 7 days. Once the doors close on October 9th, I don’t know when Brad will re-open them again
  2. Once doors re-open, the enrollment fee will likely be higher
  3. This course WILL NOT be available anywhere else (i.e. Udemy)

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