Donate and Win! Last Call

Donate and Win! Last Call

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Over the past few weeks my wife and I have been fundraising for the Langbos Community Centre in South Africa (shown below) that helps orphaned children and thus far we’ve raised $1850 thanks to kind donations from all around the world.

This is our last call for donations before announcing the 45 winners of the $3000 worth of prizes. Right now, if you donate just $1, you have more than 50% chance of winning an awesome prize!

Please donate. No amount is too small. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the orphanage for building a safe house.

Thank you.

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Langbos Jacob Cass

Sticker Update!

We recently had some small stickers made up at and sent them to the creche. It’s amazing to see their faces light up with something so small!

Sticker Smiles

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Smiles Stickers

Sticker Smile

Please donate whatever is in your heart, thank you.

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