Funny & Odd Emails Received

Funny & Odd Emails Received

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Raised Eyebrow

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Over the past few months I’ve been storing the emails that have made me raise my eyebrow. Some rude, some funny, some odd and some you just can’t help but cringe at.

I’ve left all formatting as it was received and it goes with out saying, I’ve made each email anonymous. I’ve also provided some general commentary just in case any of the authors are reading.

Please note that my comments are all just for a bit of fun are not meant to offend.

hey jacob
i wanted a logo redesigned for General motors or the superman logo
how much would it cost.
could it be sent by wedenesday

Certainly! I’ll have the Superman logo sent to you by Wednesday!

Hi. I really would love to know what software you used to design your website. I am thinking of being a website designer and I really like the feel of your website. I just have a copy of Frontpage 2002 and it seems out of date. Thanks!

Ps I really enjoyed the blog about advertising through google business/maps. Very innovative approach at using the free tools out there. Excellent page there, ill check out your links.

Yes, he said the F word.

The first [logo] I have a small budget for. The second, which I can guarantee I will come back to you for if you give me a deal on the first, I will have a larger budget for, at least double. If you produce really good work and the stars align, larger partner opportunities may exist, which would offer you enormous exposure.

Wow. Think they need a bit of talking to from Henry Ellison.

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dear Jacob Cass!

i wana a job. actuly do a job in uae as graphic designer in a signage company.


Sur, cum round Munday and u can strat straight away!

Hi ?
i’m look’n 4 a phoney creative newspaper that will print my phoney artical
in a Phoney newspaper
4 me ” its a April Fools
can U tell me the name of such a Company ?
Sincerely Frank

I’m sorry, I can not name such a company. Sincerely Jacob.

Will you marry me?

I’m a fellow Graphic Designer…a little older than you. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

No, but seriously, great website.

“I do.”

Would you help me to grow me up? I’m chirdlike in my ideas. I’m not absolutely aware of my shorteness wh! en I thought. How I grow? By what? I have known you from “UKE”. At that time, I relly like you although I don’t know anything about you. Today, my friend give me your website ‘s adress, when I come in, I recognize you and I feel happy. what’s a coincidence.

I am a father now?

Hi Jacob,

I work for a government department that doesnt have alot of money in the budget. We have a conference in Nov that i would like a logo designed so people can associate it with the conference. I am want to score some brownie points with my boss, and in return you can have a government department on your portfolio. Basically wat i am looking for is a freebie.

If you interested please let me know.

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-1000 brownie points for you.

hello. I am Tom from the US. I am 14. I am starting to think of a carrer to do. I have been really thing about a grapic deisgner. Would you tell me if it is a carrer you can enjoy, or is it a carrer you just can’t wait to leave everyday? How diffucult is it? My one big quistion is what sould I do to prepare for college? What sould I buy, like a computer, photoshop(which i have and been trying to practice) and so on. and what other things. Is there any websites u suggest going to? For anything and for photoshop practice? Anything to help me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email: [email protected] (not exact but very close)

Tip#1 Address the receiver by their name. Tip#2 Get a new email. Tip #3 Use spell checker or at least try to spell correctly. (I still replied to Tom nicely though.)

this is to inform about Nasty cartoon porn sites( i have a sick roomate) Cartoon Pornhouse & Famous Facial Toons.

Rather interesting spam message that got through the filter.

Okay ~~~~~~~

I need your photo !!! (Make CD)

Tommorow make start !!! ^^

complete product is for you ^^

just gift ! ^^

and Visit in Korea ! please ^^*

invited call in my university ?

Bye ~

Okay ~~~~~~~ indeed.

I want to write my crush with a logo designer in my local.

Write away!

Jacob, You R Proven Tht U r Gr8. Ur Creativity Is Really Cool.Wht I Find In U Is Ur Design R Simple & Unique. All The Best For Ur Future.

Y do Ppl Write Lke This? (But thanks and all the best to you too!)

HELLO THERE, im Hari Haran from malaysia>>> Same like you i started designing since a young age>>> im 16 now so yeah GOT FEW CLIENTS>>> juz keep in touch>> i might wana ask few questioNS.. AND I GO
.. IM launchin mah website>> ill keep u UPDATED..

Up and atom!

apart of your job, I really like you. just jacob!

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I have a design that my exboyfriend created on photoshop and I would like to use it as a design on a t-shirt or hoodie if i can…?


helo sir wel i’ve seen ur portfolio wel its too fantastic i mean masterstroke… wel me too i’m a graphic designer actually undertaking in mauritius university.. wel i got my first deal to create a magazine for a college … wel sir i wanted to know how to deal wiz the price of the magazine… i mean its my first work n its gr8.. so sir i wanted as u r a successful grpahic designer i wanted ur xplanations plz sir can u hlp

u deal wiz de price of de magazine by checkin out dis article. hpe my xplanation was hlpful.

I like to go to school with you online. Do you know how to build action figures?

Yes, I know how to build action figures and would love to go to school with you online! How do I get started?

your a c**t and you look like a c**t lol
dont know why your doing well your
logos are crap
and your full of yourself
learn some respect
and humility
what a prick –

My second piece of hate mail, I couldn’t find the first. Oh the humility.

I love your work very much and i find you in twitter. i want to be a web designer.
I have a question about me. Please answer me:
I am continuing my web designing course should I join video editing and 2D and 3D design course. Your answer is my final decision.
i hope u will give me the right answer. Awaiting ur reply.
Thank You Very much

My answer is your final decision? Is there even a right answer?


Oh my gosh! What are the odds? This is Courtney from our Contiki trip summer of ’08.

I am taking an advanced graphic design class at the University of Georgia (in the US) and my teacher suggested we look at YOUR website as a guide when we create logos! Small world. I knew you did graphic design but I didn’t know you were this good!!

Just wanted to let you know because it was so funny!!


It is a very small world.

– hi jacobcass
– i visited your site and found lots of interesting thing.
– i became a fan of you.
– i am an instructor in a reputed art college of eastern india.and busy in teaching product campaign design.
– i have attached my biodata with this mail for your necessery information about me.

– can you let me know that how can i purchage these following books for my reference.

– Graphic Design Down Under (ISBN: 978-3939998099) – Euro 14.95
– Logo 2 (ISBN: 978-3-939998-17-4) – Euro 19.95

Yes, they sent this email with dash points all down the side and yes they did attach their ‘biodata’ (CV).

Anyway, hope this brightened up your day! Have you ever received a funny or odd email? Please do share with us in the comments below.

41 thoughts on “Funny & Odd Emails Received”

  1. No lie, my work MAKES me use Frontpage to keep the website up to date. No external style sheets, all tables. It’s painful.

  2. Hahaha! Great post. Like everyone else, I love the informative posts, tutorials and the like – but it’s always good to throw in a fun one here and there. It’s also interesting to know that a designer of your stature still gets emails claiming they’ll be back “if the stars align and you do a great job” with double budget. Something we’ll never get away from, I guess.


  3. HAHA, I started laughing after reading the first one.

    The email from “Courtney” could have take na turn for the worse…


    Oh my gosh! What are the odds? This is Courtney from our Contiki trip summer of ’08.

    Guess what? You’re a daddy!

  4. Hey dude, great stuff, have no idea why you’ll receive hate mails at all. You are doing great stuffs here, I a self taught enthusiast and have gained numerous tips from your site. Hope you are doing fine and rock on!

  5. I made the mistake of reading this in some spare time at work. My attempts to hold in my laughter were probably more obvious than if I had just cracked up, and I got the strangest looks. Smile-worthy though. Thanks.

  6. “I know how to build action figures”

    Man, you know everything! Except maybe how to build static figures. For that, you will have to email me in ALL CAPS and I will explain it by Wednesday for free and you can put it in your portfolio.

    Did you google “chirdlike” yet? It’s a bit like googling “recursion” 🙂


  7. Man! I have the same kind of mails, i’m not a graphic designer (not yet) but run a blog about Photoshop tutorials, i don’t know how people can take a time to write this kind of crap.

    Thanks for share, you’re not alone.

  8. Hi Jacob, you have a site with good content, a lot of visitors and of course good content and you have to receive all of that crazy emails imagine which emails receive for example: Brad Pitt, Beyonce or steve Jobs this could be amazing.

    You pick a nice selection, i enjoy specially the general motors redesign and the marriage proposal

  9. I’m not sure why you get hatemail, but this is the internet and people do love some good annonymity.

    Thanks for the laugh! I needed it!

  10. I received an email from someone saying they liked my work and wondered if I was hiring. No official greeting using my name, no resume or work samples attached. Really? Even if I were hiring, don’t make me waste time by emailing you back just to ask for things that should be common sense to attach.

    I’m going to email you now with the craziest combination of nonsensical rubbish I can muster.

  11. Man oh man, you think some of these guys would learn to spell and write a full sentence. Goes to show that the more popular you are, the more weirdos you attract:) I’m sure you’re confident enough not to take that hate mail personally;) Don’t hate the player, hate the game!!!

  12. I really like this post!!
    Especially the one wiz talk’d like thiz and keep’d calling u sir, please sir:D
    Keep up the fantastic work!! …sir!

  13. “Basically wat i am looking for is a freebie.” Now comes my morning anger… Spam has wasted too much of our creative times. Odd indeed. 😀

  14. Wow a proposal?? Ha! You have to admit that would be one hell of a story to tell the kids “Your mom proposed to me via email. It was love at first email” But I’m sure it would be a different story if she wrote it in Comic Sans–Oh the horra!!! Haha!

  15. Dave,
    Surely you can talk them out of that? Show them what can be achieved elsewhere and the benefits of doing so.

    I tinK We aLl Shud riTe LiKe Dis!

    I agree, a light hearted one is always good here and there. If only I started saving them for longer I would’ve had many more.

    I highly doubt they have emails for the public to contact them on! Let alone check them.

    Hahah, you made me laugh – one of those cough laughs where you splurt out your tea… yes it could have been quite worse!

    JC, Danielle, Bobby,
    Not so sure if it was serious, it’s all good either way.

    That would have been a site… I can picture everyone staring like when someone does three really loud sneezes or something.

    Chirdlike actually brings up this post as the first result! Lol, can’t believe I googled that.

    Makes you wonder doesn’t it? I find it amazing how many emails I get that don’t address me by my name… especially considering it is plastered on every page of my site.

    It’s been done before! And even via Twitter too… and blog post. Suits some I guess!

    Thanks for the link, I remember seeing that a while back. Not sure if I would send it to a potential client but makes me laugh none the less.

    I don’t even bother replying for emails such as that. Why do they bother?

  16. Jason,

    Err? Was it Josh?

    I mean…Jacob!

    Think I enjoyed your comebacks more than the actual posts and emails.

    Thank you for posting.


  17. Hi Jacob
    I find it hilarious that someone would take the time out of their day to call you a c**t. I mean, if they dislike you so much, why would they spend time on your blog? The best part is “U r a c**t, lol.” Gotta love the internet.

  18. so should we keep sending you “interesting” mails, thou? 😀

    Frontplague of course totally 0WnZ!1!ELEVEN!!

    cu, w0lf.

  19. some of these seem like the writer tried to translate from their language to english word for word, I have seen brasilians do it all the time and its funny to hear

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