Design Group Writing Project (#2)

Design Group Writing Project (#2)

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Prize Giveaway Due to the success of the last $5000 design group writing project I have decided to turn it into a fortnightly event however with smaller prizes… it’s not so easy to get $5000 worth of prizes to give away each time I have a competition. The purpose of these competitions is to bring all the design freaks, graphic design blogs and people who subscribe to them a bit closer together by sharing valuable articles in one location.

What do you have to do?

  • Write a NEW post on your blog on anything at all to do with design in any language (ie. English or your mother tongue).
  • Leave a link back to this post if you wish or you can let me know of your post by email if you prefer not to.
  • Each post (only one per blog) gains you one entry and I will link back to your post on this page. Gotta love the link love.


  • $10 for one lucky winner via PayPal to the best article. The judge is me.
  • All entries will receive a link back to their website plus lots of traffic.

Want to donate for the next competition? Drop me an email.

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The Deadline is March Saturday 29th. Good luck!

Due to a lack of entries this competition was cancelled.

11 thoughts on “Design Group Writing Project (#2)”

  1. Great idea! I didn’t “feel” like entering last time 😛
    This will give more of an opportunity, build some community. Lets avoid meme status though!!!

  2. Ok, maybe it is because on my planet it is 5 o clock in the morning and the two cans of dark strong coffee I just had haven’t entered my brain system yet……but what do you mean with in any language?(Does Papiamento qualify?)

    Human language or computer language…??

    And uhm….post where? here? pleaseeee forgive me my ignorance..I have been travelling the past 3 months and have been in the bush-bush a lot so I really am not stupid, just poorly updated ….. 🙂

    Want to enter contest, though!

    greets to you all!

  3. Hi Zaza, thanks for the questions.

    Any language meaning you could post in English or your mother tongue.

    Post the article on your own blog and let me know about the post either by a trackback or let me know by email.

    Hope that clarifies it 🙂

    G luck.

  4. you can add the last article I just wrote:

    thx again Jacob…

    zinni’s last blog post..The Seven Most Commonly Made Bad Blog Design Choices

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