Graphic Design Group Writing Project still going ahead!

Graphic Design Group Writing Project still going ahead!

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Update: Click the actual $5000+ graphic design group writing project here.

Ten days ago I called for sponsorship for a Massive Graphic Design Group Writing Project that I am holding and I am just letting you know that even after my problems, the project is still going ahead.

Please check out my call for sponsorship post.

What do prize sponsors get in return for sponsorship?

  • 80 Photoshop Brushes I have a huge collection of 80 royalty free photoshop brush sets that I will be giving to ALL sponsors. I will provide the link at the prize draw.
  • More Subscriptions You will get more subscriptions as people will subscribe to your blogs to gain extra entries into the prize draw.
  • Blog Roll Adds You will get onto peoples blogrolls as people will add you to gain extra entries into the prize draw.
  • Link Love The most valuable prize of all: blogs will link to your website to gain more entries into the draw. By writing an article you will also gain more exposure.
  • 2 or more Links I will give 2 links to your blog with the appropriate anchor text on the main blog writing article and also on the final prize draw post. These will be getting a huge amount of traffic.
  • 9x Free 2 Months Advertisement on JCD I will be giving away 9 free 16×16 advertisements to 9 random lucky people to be displayed on Just Creative Design.
  • A chance to win all the other prizes that people put up for sponsorship.

Prizes Already Put Up For Sponsorship

  • Electric Guitar – Yes! An Electric Guitar with all the equipment needed!! This was a sacrifice from Rafie from, so he could focus more on design. A VERY generous sponsorship prize. More details will be included in the next post, but at this time I am still calling for sponsorship.
  • 55 iStock Credits – PJ from WP-Premiums has offered this kind donation for a prize.
  • Plus more but I’ll keep them a secret for now 🙂

Prizes Sponsored by myself.

  • Logo design or blog header design by myself. If you are unaware of my designs, you can check out my portfolio)
  • Go Media Vector Packs – Ultimate Vector Collection 1 – 597 Vectors royalty free. (Worth $523)
  • Adobe Photoshop Brush Pack – A collection 80 royalty free photoshop brushes. View preview here.
  • 2 Months Free Advertising – Nine 16×16 pixel squares on Just Creative Design. Check out my advertising page for more details.

Please check out my call for sponsorship page for more information on sponsoring this massive graphic design group writing project.

10 thoughts on “Graphic Design Group Writing Project still going ahead!”

  1. Hi Niyaz,

    Yes, it was quite frustrating. Well it is hard to analyse a host until something really bad does go wrong, you can only learn off others so that is why I have shared my experiences.

    The project should start next week sometime, as long as I get all the sponsors sorted out, there is quite a few. Did you mean you the terms to sponsor something? Or of the whole project? If it is the whole project, I will post this later.


  2. Hi Jacob,

    Happy to help out in some way, perhaps with a design consultation, giving feedback on corporate identity and how this is implemented on a respective website. Not for what you give your sponsors in return, but because you’re building a great resource, and you’ve contributed to the discussion on my own blog(s). I’d like to do something to contribute to your online presence.

    Be careful of the linking and anchor text use. I’d hate to see you get into any hot water with the Google terms of service.

    Best of luck with it.

    David Airey’s last blog post..When is a ‘bad’ logo design actually ‘good’?

  3. Hi David,

    Thank you very much, that is very much apprecaited, especially coming from someone as well known as you.

    I have tried my best via the linking because I haven’t asked anyone to link at all, just suggested it – I believe you made it mandatory for entries to link back to you via that method?


  4. Jacob,
    Great to find your site online again.
    I could access this site only now after so many days.
    I think everybody should analyze their hosting every once in a while, before things screw up.
    If anything goes wrong, you will panic and things will get worse due to it.
    Anyway, I am extremely happy that you are back in full form.

    Loks like you are giving away some good prizes here in the contest. What are the terms of the project? When will it start?
    I will be closely following. Best wishes.

    Niyaz PK’s last blog post..The Privilege of Commenting

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