Graphic Design is now ON THE RADIO

Graphic Design is now ON THE RADIO

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Graphic Design On The Radio

You would never have guessed it, but yes graphic design is now on the radio. is a series of one hour radio show broadcasts which features interviews with leading graphic designers (such as Neville Brody) who talk about their work and play music that inspire them.

The website links to the 2007 broadcasts however there will be new ones to come in 2008.

Other designers that have talked on the show include:

  • Jonathan Barnbrook
  • Malcolm Garrett
  • Michael C Place
  • Fred Deakin
  • Vaughan Oliver
  • Kim Hiorthoy
  • Rick Poynor
  • Angus Hyland

I listened to the Neville Broady Broadcast and it was quite interesting. He defined graphic design as a social need to display information and to help the public. He has some interesting music taste as well. It was great just to listen to the music in the background while continuing my normal day.

I would like to hear any other interesting info that any one hears in the other broadcasts…

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