Graphic Design Rips Offs or Inspiration?

Graphic Design Rips Offs or Inspiration?

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Here is a list of possible graphic design rips off / homages / inspired work.

By posting this article, I am not trying to point the finger or join any witch hunt – it is   food for thought – where we should draw the line between inspiration and plagiarism?

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For further discussion on this topic of design plagiarism, visit the article “The secret to creativity…

Also see this post: Design Rip Offs or Just Inspiration?

Some resources on how to deal with plagiarism and what to do if your design gets stolen.

  • What to do if someone steals your work – By far the best resource I have found on this topic even if it is based on content theft.
  • Web Design Plagiarism – Tips if someone steals your web design.
  • What to do when someone steals your content – Based on blog article theft.
  • My personal bookmarks on copyright – Many more articles that deal with the topic of plagiarism.

The ‘originals’ are on the left or on the top.

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Illustration for Magazine and Myspace Ads

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Album Covers

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Graphic Design Plagiarism

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Graphic Design Plagiarism

Concave Ad

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Graffiti to Store Signage

. Graphic Design Plagiarism

Graffiti Letter Style

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Two clothing brands

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Nissan vs Btoy

Graphic Design Plagiarism


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Graphic Design Plagiarism

Jaws Tshirt Design

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Designs to Tshirts

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Cool Tapes TShirt

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Art photography used by Adult Company

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Graphic Design Plagiarism


Graphic Design Plagiarism

Advertising Campaign

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Disney reuses Disney

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Graphic Design Plagiarism

Source: You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice

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125 thoughts on “Graphic Design Rips Offs or Inspiration?”

  1. Being hijacked, and not so sure what to do was actually happened to one of my photoshop brushes freebies. Kindda messy when dealing with freebies, since people think they can do anything with them after the complete download and selling them for benefit. When I went thru a forum, friends suggested me to visit several articles about copyright violation. Bad things, bad pirates!

    A u d e e’s last blog post..Blogspot Design Showcase – Part 2

  2. LMAO at the Walt Disney pictures.

    I understand people who see that as a rip off. If you ask me I see that as inspiration. Its like open source, you deploy on something that is already there if you follow me.

    Plus are there any original left in this world (?)

  3. dude, you have like three or four things that are rips.
    There is no way in the world to not accidentally make something sorta resemble something else.

    Have you EVER drawn a person holding a cup at an angle. Well opps thats already been done. OVEr and over and over. You could go frame by frame in a movie and find the same exact pose in another movie.

    Your portfolio image has already been done. Three column web design, been done.

    Your blowing smoke to get a rating. Bunk.

  4. I would say most are rip-offs and shame on those people for the really blatant ones. This is just not cool and shouldn’t be tolerated.

    On the other hand, a couple of the designs in there are not blatant rip-offs, I see designs that inspired someone. And now you go and call them a thief? Isn’t that like the witch hunt in Salem? You can’t look at any design and find a similar element in another and then call one of the people a thief.

    If that was the case, I could easily go search the internet for an hour and probably find quite a few logos and designs that the header on YOUR website looks like (especially because it looks like the default illustrator brushes were used). Then by your standards, I could call YOU a thief. But I won’t and never would, because I doubt you are. The same way I doubt a couple of those designs that you called rip-offs, really are rip-offs, but rather inspirations.

    I could keep going on about this, but I won’t. Inspiration vs. rip-off is a fine line, it’s obvious when you read the discussions on “You thought we wouldn’t notice”, but I stopped reading that blog purely because of the amount of people that are on a witch hunt there.

    I applaud you bringing some of these rip-offs to light, but some of the questionable ones?

  5. @Piotr
    Thanks for the new pic.

    @Andy Smith
    Thanks for your valuable first comment. I also agree with the majority of people on here that some could just be ‘inspired’ and there is a fine line.

    The Verte clothing line has a large story behind it and is in fact a rip off, you can read it here…
    Verte means green in French, Verde means green in Spanish, it’s the same font with exact same spacing between the letters.

    Regarding the Jasper Goodall post, I did question that one myself that’s why I put ‘inspiration?’ as the title.

    I was very surprised as well with the Disney pictures, I wonder why they do it?

    I agree.

    I agree with number 2 and I even put ‘inspiration?’ as the title.
    #3 says homages.
    #6/7 Well it is exactly the same… you can read the full story at – Both are confirmed rips.
    #8 Read comment I wrote to Andy Smith.
    12,15,16 Believe what you want to believe I say.

    The majority is blatant rips but I can agree that there is a fine line between inspiration and thievery.

    Thanks for your input first up…I can see where you are coming from and as I said above, I can agree that there is a fine line between inspiration and thievery.
    I was not trying to go after some witch hunt and never have, nor will I (unless maybe if someone copies off me). Just so you know, most of the discussions actually do clarify and prove that the majority are rips.

    Thanks for the rip.

    Our Uni is actually getting pretty strict regarding plagiarism, have to complete a 40min course (just once) before your allowed to hand an assignment in.
    That’s just ridiculous regarding the firms pieces, how stupid can you be?

  6. Re. the “coincidence, inspiration, re-use of your own intellectual property” I think there’s defiantly a couple that are just coincidence, although the rest are certainly blatant rip-offs!

    Original: Verte Clothing
    Thieves: Volcom Stone Clothing
    This one is simply a similar typographically; and both names begin with a ‘V’ – let’s face it there’s really not much in it…

    Also the Flamingo lounge is a huge name, google it; it’s a piece of history really, and similar names (and/or influences) are used daily by fashion designers. Un derstandable if it was the exact same design reproduced (as you’ve shown in several other examples).

    Just my thoughts, that’s all – I think the others are certainly plagiarists!

  7. I’m a musician – not a graphic designer.

    Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to rewrite or play with a phrase or musical hook because it caught too much of a song that’s already well known to the masses.

    But if you’re influenced by artists X, Y or Z it’s fully natural to see their art reflected in whatever you try and craft yourself.

    I’ve come to believe that I’m not really creating anything new – it’s all been heard before but I’m just giving it a personal interpretation.

    Regan’s last blog post..Bullfrog Music special: February 2008

  8. #2…Inspiration, not thievery
    #3…Some blatant rip-offs, some similar but not thievery
    #6/7…No thievery there
    #8…None here, just a similar typeface
    #12a…Same symbolism, no thievery
    #15/16…Inspiration, not necessarily thievery

  9. sure there are some obvious ones… but there are so obvious that its probably a case of a marketing person saying to the designer “make it look like that”! which is how s*** goes down on plant earth.

    As for originality in general… man havent you heard of postmodernism. Nothing is original… its all built on the past. Not just in art but in scientific discovery also. Nobody busts Galileo’s ball for ripping Copernicus.

  10. Some perhaps are inspired, but you’re right, many of these look like blatant rip offs! Hope your professors at uni catch theiving students, too… some might try to put this stuff in their portfolios!

    My boss’ husband had someone come in with one of his firm’s pieces in a portfolio and the interviewee wouldn’t even admit it was stolen!

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..Use Squidoo to Drive Traffic and Make Money

  11. “it’s all been heard before but I’m just giving it a personal interpretation”
    In all my years in the biz, I’ve only met two artists/designers where I’ve thought they were “true” originals.

  12. Hi PublicRecordsGuy,
    You can follow the Nissan story here… – There is a heated discussion on it. You can make up your own mind…
    I am with this guy..
    “If it was a Picasso at the wall, there would be no problem because everybody knows picasso. so the artist who made the original graffiti is not that famous: so? The question is if the nissan guys are claiming the drawing to themselves, or they assume it is a re-use of a third party artist?”
    Hope to hear from you again.

  13. This is fascinating. I know that Disney frequently reuses some of their work. On some of the DVD bonus material the designers and creators mention this fact and say they went to the archives and reviewed so and so’s work. That didn’t surprise me, but it is darn right criminal to see the others. Do we know for sure whether Nissan stole that image? Or did they commission it?

    PublicRecordsGuy’s last blog post..If you plead the 5th, SHUT UP and STAY SHUT UP

  14. Speaking of Picasso
    “Good artists borrow, great artists steal”
    – Pablo Picasso
    And lets not even start on the great masters…….
    I mean really, we are in an age of post-modernism, even the title itself is taken from the word modernism…
    I think that there needs to be rethinking of what is and is not “stealing”.

    An example of this analysis can be taken from an IP law professor speaking at the TED conference (Technology Entertainment Design)

    Also regardless of what people can think of Walt Disney and his studios, not a single place could create near the quality that they could, so how can you keep coming up with new things if your already on top of everyone else and have nothing else to take inspiration from when you are the creator of that inspiration. Not to mention the time and cost it took to create the animations that could have been simply reused.

    Ill admit though, on some of the pieces they are simply taking the same drawing from a poster and making the same piece with one different title, which is pretty bad.

    I’m even stealing this font to make this text that Im typing into this blog, so who wants to sue me?

    I don’t even know if a formal contemplation of what truly is “stolen” and “inspired from” could be mandated into law, just too many combinations.

  15. Hi Tom thanks for your input, I never knew this would cause such a rustle! There is such a fine line between inspiration, borrowing and plagiarism. As I mentioned earlier at our Uni we have to complete a compulsory 40min course on plagiarism before we can submit anyway which I think is a good start, and should implement this into every uni.

    Thanks for the TED link, I’ll watch it on the weekend.

    Regarding Disney, I never really thought about it like that… On GDF forum someone mentioned how all animators reuse frames, even in Family Guy and the Simpsons they make fun of it.

    I believe the ones that just directly copy 100% are more the ones we should be reprimanding. There is no true answer between what is inspiration/plagiarism and something has to be done about it, but who has the answers? Maybe Picasso?

    • Wow, that’s what I was looking for, what a data! present here at this web site, thanks admin of this site.

  16. re: Disney… is it creativity blocks or having to hand draw millions of cells per movie, so why not reuse the poses and backdrops that we’ve already spent thousands on and save unnecessary work? It’s like asking an artist to NEVER use the same vector or part of an image ever again in their own work… that wouldn’t make any sense. Some of these are valid ripoffs, but many, like most of the album covers, are really reaching.

  17. Those album covers aren’t rip offs they’re homages!! Can’t you see the correlation of the artist and the originators they’re givin respect?? But cool anyways, didn’t know J5’s album was based off something else, but what is it? Can’t read..too small 😉

  18. I think that we as artists should stop feeling guilty that we may be “stealing” an idea from somebody else, and appreciate the creativity and beautiful work that we see and get inspired by. When I am feeling uncreative, I go to an art museum or check out some old Print magazines, and I get supercharged with new ideas. And besides, there is so much CRAP in advertising and design, that jump starting off a good thing is better than reinventing the 2D wheel. People, lighten up. Life’s too short.

  19. I agree with Rob that often companies or groups WANT to make their message look like something else recognizable. For heaven’s sake, look at Weird Al – the guy’s made a fortune completely on knock-offs. Do we despise him? I don’t know about you, but I think it takes creativity to effectively knock-off, spoof, or pay homage to another piece.

    And yes, we all get our ideas and material from SOMEWHERE. Props to postmodernism. The fun is in re-inventing it.

  20. Neat post, and worthwhile topic. Certainly, this list seems to represent a spectrum — some rip-offs and some that simply look “inspired by X”.

    Along the lines of what Scott said earlier, what surprised me after reading this post, was finding in your own very impressive portfolio that you yourself seem to have taken very direct inspiration from others’ designs on occasion yourself (I’m looking specifically at your “Mates” logo) You do admit as much in its description, but nonetheless I think this falls squarely in the same realm of “piggybacking” as many of the examples you list.

    I don’t mean to be accusatory. We’re all constantly on this same spectrum as designers, and admitting when we’re doing this is better than not. Just remember that whenever you point your finger, you’ve got several more fingers pointed back toward yourself.

  21. Hey, I’ll admit it. I’m not creative enough to come up with the beautiful designs I see so I copy stuff from them. It makes my work better than it ever could have been on its own. But haven’t artists always used other artists for inspiration?

  22. There’s a principle called universal connaturality where different people (or animals) come up with the same idea at the same time in different parts of the world. It is gutting when you see your ideas somewhere else because it makes you feel unoriginal/cheated.
    But yeah some of these are blatant rips offs, but even the ‘original’ designer will have had inspiration from somewhere.
    And drawing the line between homage and rip off is always going to be a difficult one.

  23. Totally off topic here, but all of your comments (and rest of page content!) go italicized after the comment “By déia”.

    And I really can’t believe the Concave ripoff. They didn’t even TRY to make it look different.

    I didn’t read the information yet about the verte/verde ripoff on the other site, and I understand the names are the same and they have used the same spacing/font, but the two logos are so much different aside from that you really can’t call it straight copying or straight thievery. I think they modified it enough from the original to call it their own.

    I mean, you can’t claim copyright infringement on spacing, that’s ludicrous. And there are tons of companies who use the same fonts in their logos with the same letter-spacing, and hey maybe a few of them might even have the same (or similar names). It happens. Big world, lots of people, not so much room for many brand new fresh ideas.

    Lindseys last blog post..WordPress 2.5 Released; Gets Makeover!

  24. Hi Lindsey yes there is a very fine line between what is inspiration and plagiarism and it changes between person to person as everyone has their own beliefs. Thanks for the tip about the italicised problem.

  25. nice collection… i remember a while back my portfolio got completely ripped off and I found out because they left my tracking code on the site.. (morons) but, once again.. a very nice collection.. i love how some of them just changes thing by a little bit… WTF..? you think someone one won’t notice you completely ripped them off…?? it’s crazy how some people have no creativity..

    androos last blog post..Amazing Artwork

  26. What I am wondering is this … where is the proof that the “plagiarizers” didn’t ask for permission before reusing the stuff? As the Art Director for a toy company I reuse licensed art all the time. Further, I know that regardless of who makes the art, if it is related to say Monty Python, I have every right to use it. And that is a LEGAL right because my company is the licensee, and simply by making an unlicensed piece of art does not entitle you to the rights. Can someone plagiarize something that the original designer doesn’t own in the 1st place? Such as … the “Jaws” t-shirt. Was the 80stee version licensed? If not they blatantly ripped off the makers/creators of Jaws FOR PROFIT in the first place. Sure, all the people in your list obviously copied designs, but just pointing out the details doesn’t make it so.

    Personally, as an Art Director I know I would be hesitant to hire someone yelling plagiarism without providing a shred of proof. Its a very significant claim to levy against someone, especially in this field. Lastly, what if these acts fell under Fair use policy? The law provides a certain amount of plagiarism for the pursuit of academia and scholarship.

  27. Hi Androo,

    A whole portfolio, wow. Have you heard about the left or right bright test? Check it out… (

    Hi Walt,

    Thanks for your comments, just to let you know if you have a look at the source you can check up on the stories behind each design.

    Regarding the jaws shirt, the actual orignal owner of that shirt has a license for the Jaws shirt but I still agree with you… they are all obviously copied designs.

    Thanks for raising some issues that have not been raised here so far, I have learnt a lot and I have changed the words thieves to “Not So Original”? and the original sentence saying they are plagiarised to something else.

    For some reason it now says comments are closed on this post and it won’t let me enable the comments but hopefully it will fix it self soon. Walt, Please email me a comment if it doesn’t let you post a comment.

  28. Do my Godzilla Posters count as rip offs? I believe they fall under the category of dopeness meets a colossal monster.

  29. Appriciate your keen point-of-view… well it happens sometimes. Lesson learned – we are not the only creative who come-up with this idea

  30. If some are just inspiration, why don’t they openly credit the original designers? It’s not like they should have anything to hide if they themselves don’t feel like they’ve done anything wrong. It’s interesting how the idea of plagiarism changes completely when dealing with visual information and not writing. I often wonder how artists could cite the sources of their inspiration in a way that isn’t distracting to their design. In some cases, the above are just thievery, flat out. In others, they may be playing “homage” but if they are, how will viewers know it without some sort of credit given to the original designer?

  31. I got seriously nauseous seeing all this, and I am not even a professional designer. Design is a creative task and should not involve stealing – it’s simply not necessary with all the ideas in the universe! I found this site because I just found plagarized work by a graphic designer in my city. It pisses me off, because additionally, the woman even stole an idea of MINE off my website after telling me I need to get a degree in Graphic Design, get a style and practice! This makes me not even want to be associated with anything ‘Design’!!!

  32. Wat a topic. This is what I’m scared the most when I start to design something. I guess, we can take inspiration from everywhere. From designs above, I can see that they really copied the concept and everything. It would be nicer if they tweak it a bit to be at least a bit different.
    makes me wonder, all of you know there are websites that gives us free vector and everything?
    Let say, there’s a vector design that I need and really suit my concept, then I just re-layout it and take some bit and pieces behind (considering the space). Would it be call plagiarism?

  33. You forgot Shepard Fairey. Big time criminal, but one of the most popular right now. O’ya, he’s is being sued, FINALLY!

  34. these are seriously ridiculous. There’s a couple that are clearly rip off’s, but you START the whole post with obvious homages. That Disney thing belongs in a separate post (included with the youtube clip of it that someone other than you did). Kudos to a couple of your “examples” (concave/perth express), but seriously you need to do a bit more research and learn the definition of plagiarism and define rip off.

    That said, I’m obviously for creating your own shit. I just think this post sucked.

  35. I’m so glad these things are being addressed, because I think this seems to be a rampant problem in our industry. I have been told that everything is copied from someone and that I am overdoing it when I try to create something completely original. This is very frustrating to me as an artist.

    Another thing is the issue of stock photos. There are also a lot of misconceptions about what is right here as well. Maybe some of you fellow designers can offer me some insight about something.

    I am designing a brochure for a florist. The photos supplied of the client’s past designs are not professional quality, so someone suggested that stock photos be used from the internet instead. My concern is that this is misleading the recipients of the brochure to think that the photos are showing them the florist’s work, when stock photos of floral arrangements would in fact be showing someone else’s work. Their rationale is that it is only an example of what she could do and it doesn’t matter if the photos are her work. In my mind, as a designer, this is similar to presenting a portfolio that included something I had not designed and saying, “I can make something like this.” When I tried to explain this I was basically shut down. I understand that in business you want to please the client, but I also believe I am responsible for being ethical in my work. I’m still learning all the ins and outs of the business, but I’m trying to do my best with what I do know.

    What do you think? Am I being a stickler or is this indeed an unethical thing to do? Would the issue be solved by including a small line of text alongside the images showing the website and contributor they were purchased from?

    If you can offer me some advice please email [email protected]. Thanks in advance for any replies!

  36. Honestly, I can’t blame Disney for reusing their own animation at all…

    This was back from the period when they were still doing all frames by hand… so if you already have the illustrations worked out for a very specific type of scene, why wouldn’t you save yourself all that time and just reuse the layout?

    Either that, or Snow White is secretly a Furry and we just never knew…

  37. Our design agency used to work for Avon. One day in a big book of logos we came across a logo for a film company called Nova. The design of the name was E X A C T L Y the same, just, obviously, in reverse. It was really shocking and, we thought, obvious example of a rip-off.

  38. there is also a big difference between ripping off and appropriating/paying tribute.
    some of the album covers were obviously playign with the iconic design but also with the iconic figures who made those records. sampling and reuse is a big style. no foul there.

  39. I use others work for inspiration, sometimes I create derivative works.

    Number one could almost be a derivative work but not enough was done to make it a unique work.

    The Nissan piece is totally inspired by. It’s not the same original art work.

    How much is actually original and how much is copied or used as inspiration for your own design.

    My website as a matter of fact was inspired by a few themes I looked at, The eye may or may not be an original idea. I doubt that this has never been done before but I can’t recall actually seeing it.

  40. My website as a matter of fact was inspired by a few themes I looked at, The eye may or may not be an original idea. I doubt that this has never been done before but I can’t recall actually seeing it.

  41. I am constantly being ripped off. What upsets me is that where I come from I am not hired because of my colour. I am often told that my work is “not good enough” But oddly I am always being ripped off, sometimes by the same people who declare my work no good. It upsets me when large companies or individuals steal from me and get over with my designs or receive rewards. My colour keeps me out of some art museums, however the same exact image done by some one who is female and of another colour grants them full entry and acclaim. That is the reality that i have dealt with. It is hard sometimes not to hate people and the industry because of this. But plagiarism is rampant. Mostly propelled by Ad agencies who employ talentless people who scour the net looking for images to rip off from others. Artist’s of certain ethnicities are always fodder because the assumption is that they will never be accepted or will gain entry into art circle any way. This whole event is something that no one talks about but it has been going on for a long time. Whenever someone needs some ‘urban’ flavor in their exhibit or Ad, they just ‘borrow’ ideas or even outright art works from other artists who clearly struggle even to exist let alone create. But that is how it goes. “Elvis was a Hero to Most…”

  42. Great examples, I would like to add some disturbing information concerning this.
    Some of my teachers in my graphic design degree are openly encouraging stealing styles. According to them original no longer exists, so you have to mimic others.

    They grade higher for copying styles than creating your own, I personally prefer original styles myself and try not to copy anyone so this leads to conflict.

    Also I think it was the fall before last, a girl in our program was caught passing off someone else’s work she printed off DA as her own for a assignment.

    Plagirism is not slowing down in the schools teaching graphic design, if anything it is accelerating.

  43. I agree with Kitty. Both my teachers (some not all) and my boss openly encourage me to copy others work.

  44. Album cover ripoffs are a longstanding practice having taken place decades before the days of the Internet. On the other hand that doesn’t make it right……

    My observation is that one should not put anything (poem, picture, song lyrics, essay, original music) on the internet unless one is prepared for the possibility that it might be lifted or somehow used as “inspiration”. This doesn’t imply that anything that one would put up is necessarily original or even good – just that , rightly or wrongly, it seems to be “fair game” in the minds of most internet users. They view the internet and all its content as a free source of clip-art, music snippets, etc.

    We’ve already heard of numerous cases wherein journalists and bloggers have ripped off each other. The popular music producer TimbaLand was accused of ripping off a Finnish music artist.
    (a claim I find to be valid). And while its boring to point out that students plagiarize internet content to meet term paper deadlines, its not boring to point out that company executives and PR people steal mission statements and strategic directions from other companies sometimes barely even bothering to paraphrase terminology.

    Its like the kid who buys a copy of Garage Band and uses Apple loops to assemble a song by dragging those premade loops out onto a grid. He will claim that he is “composing” and by the current pop culture definition of the word, he is. So this mentality has carried over into most other areas of creativity. Everyone seems to be impatient and lazy since they grab the work of someone else, alter it using the marvels of technology, and then pass it on as being “original”.

    I used to slave for weeks, months, sometimes years writing, arranging, and producing songs but
    now its all evidently supposed to be done inside of an hour on the laptop including the time it takes to upload it to Youtube, register with a search engine, post a link on a blog, and spam all YT users and everyone else I know to let them know its there.

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  48. Great post it Jacob. Your post touched a nerve as I’ve had some of my work lifted in the past as well. (Shrug shoulders) I guess it comes with the territory and the cream rises to the top. Hopefully I can continue to convince my clients Im the cream.

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