Gift Ideas for Designers & Creatives

Gift Ideas for Designers & Creatives

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Gifts for Designers & Creatives

This article was put up a few years ago but it’s still relevant so I thought I’d re-share. If you really want to please your designer friend for the holidays / Christmas / birthday I suggest getting them one of these presents below. Please feel free to add your own!

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What to get a designer or creative for Christmas / Birthday?

  • New Books (Or a voucher for a book store that sells graphic design books)
  • Pens & Pencils
  • A Large Clock
  • Graphic Design Magazine Subscriptions
  • Drafting Table
  • Lightbox
  • Paints
  • Art Paper / Canvas
  • Pantone Swatches
  • Sketch Pads / Moleskine
  • Dot Grid Book
  • Easel
  • Blank Canvases
  • Post It Notes
  • A Digital Camera
  • iStock Credits (or other stock sites)
  • Designer Tshirts
  • iTunes Shop Credits
  • New Speakers

Computer Goods… for the rich friend

  • More RAM
  • Screen Calibrator
  • New Video Card
  • New Mouse – I recommend Logitech MX Revolution
  • New Computer (Mac or PC?)
  • New Large Screen Monitor
  • A Second Monitor
  • New Cordless Keyboard
  • New Software (Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Software Updates
  • Wacom Digital Graphics Tablet
  • Scanner
  • Multi Function Printer
  • A Massive External Hardrive
  • Multi Card Reader
  • Multi USB Connecters

More Great Gift Ideas for Designers

Feel free to add your own wish list / suggestions in the comments below.

59 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Designers & Creatives”

  1. Hi Ana,

    Im assuming you meant Cintiq 20 WSX? Widescreen is cool. I also had a look at your blog, have you ever thought about installing a traslator on your blog?

    Thanks. Regards, Jacob.

  2. Yep thats the one, yes I have being meaning to make my posts in two languages, I have just started the blog so I still have to work some things out especially my updates, but If you have a link of how to install a translator it would be very helpfull, Thanks and Happy holidays

  3. i’m a mainly a web programmer but i have started getting into design with side jobs and have been working on a design for my own site in photoshop off and on for a little while now. is there a specific graphics tablet that you would recommend for someone that doesn’t do too much design (yet). also, what are some key things to look out for when buying a tablet?

  4. I’d definitely support that list.. So far on it i’ve gotten (in one birthday):
    * Logitech speakers
    * Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse set (minimum features possible)
    * New custom PC (1GB ram, Dual Core, 160GB harddrive, etc.)

    Now all I need is Creative Suite and a new Monitor (900$AUD Apple 23inch display) and I’m set 😀

  5. I’ll take the sketch pads and pencils please!

    The links under ‘Merchandise’ don’t seem to work by the way. I wanna see!

  6. I’d love to have a shotgun and a few hundred shells for Christmas. A designer should go out and blast something every once in a while. 🙂

  7. I wish me some rich friends for the finer suggestions you made, haha! For real, I’d love a Wacom Digital Graphics Tablet. So, who wants to be my new friend…anyone? ;D

    So how do we get posts like these to our friends without letting them know we sent it to them? Fake Email sender?

  8. lol @ the graphics tablet not being in the “rich-friend” category 🙂

    Nice post, buying Christmas presents is not fun… Its so difficult to find a good present.. This might help.. Except if I do not have many graphic designers to buy for 🙂

  9. ha just gave this list to the wife and fam… seeing that my birthday is this month!

    thanks for the cool list

    ~ Aaron I

  10. I’d love to have a set of the Pantone swatches, but they are really pricey I hear?

    A graphics tablet I got a few months ago. It was a present from me… me.

    Rarely use a mouse for anything now, so Jacob don’t buy me that expensive mouse, I’ll have the new computer instead (PC, preferably XP 64bit). Thank you Jacob!

  11. Great list! It sure features some of the articles that I would love to have for Christmas. I especially like the more ram option ;-). I think I’m going to buy me one of those 24″ displays myself and have someone give it to me for Christmas :P. A USB stick/SD Card/*BIG* External Hard Drive are always welcome too, of course!

  12. Brian,
    My wish list would probably be books (or vouchers) & iStock credits. I think have everything else that I need except pantone swatches but I can’t justify the cost at this time. A car would be nice but like thats gonna happen.

  13. Books and external hard drives…. Can never have enough of either of them! 🙂 What’s on your wish list this year Jacob?

  14. ho ho ho.. I would want just wacom tablet, but this list is really everything I could want for Christmas..:D

  15. I wouldn’t mind new pencils. I love buying and recieving pencils, all types.

    I got a bit of a fetish for them maybe.

  16. I’ve been eyeing pantone swatches for a few years myself. They’re just so expensive I can’t justify the cost either

  17. @Brian, @Jacob, Pantone swatches are well worth the financial outlay if you’re doing lots of print work and logo design. So is the Wacom tablet, Jacob!

    This year I’ve asked for a subscription to Computer Arts for Christmas. Last year I was given a box of high quality art pens along with a sketch book.

    From the rich friend (who I know is out there …) I would want a DSLR and a Cintiq. C’mon, a girl can dream, can’t she?!!

  18. Tracey,
    Re the pantone swatches, I can’t justify the cost when the printer is just down the road. It just doesn’t seem worth it at this time.

    I actually have a graphics tablet at the moment however I seem to never use it. I think because I am not used to it.

    Computer Arts is a great mag 🙂

  19. Jacob, is this your hint list, lol … eh? eh? nudge … nudge … 🙂

    Am I too girly for loving the bedazzled/blinged up USB mouse they have in Next this year? Unfortunately I feared it wouldn’t be of the quality I required so never asked for it.

    Surely there must be a service where they can bling your existing mouse? I’d love that.

    You can get reasonably priced basic set of Pantone swatch books for as little as £90 – I think that’s really reasonable.

  20. Amanda,
    Any hint will do 😉 feel free!

    Ah, my mother has one of those blinged up mice (mouse?), won it in some competition funnily enough. It is quite annoying because it lights up the whole time, when ever it is plugged in.

    Thanks re Pantone books.

  21. I LOVE this list! haha this is what I will show friends/family if they ever have trouble shopping for me. Thank you!

  22. Jacob,
    Thanks for sharing this list again. I’ve amorously perused it a few times and found everything to my liking. I would add a few font families to my personal list.

    And I think if you ever commit to using your graphics tablet for a few days, that you’ll be hooked. I found mine awkward at first, too. I still use my mouse for certain tasks, but now there are times when the pen is just so much better!!

  23. I LOVE this list! haha this is what I will show friends/family if they ever have trouble shopping for me. Thank you!

  24. Jacob,

    Which graphic design magazines would you recommend? Is there anything you would ammend from the list you wrote in 2007 or have you tweaked it a bit since then? e.g. the logitech mouse… my boss uses the Apple “Magic Mouse”, what do you reckon? Is logitech still the better choice for designers?


  25. A job. With paycheck, please. Health bennies. Retirement plan. Colleagues who treat me with dignity and mutual respect.

  26. OH! Now I’m waiting for Santa to come along with all these beautiful gifts. 😉

    But on a serious note, you really gave me some great ideas to buy gifts for friends. And i even can ask them to check this to refer to buy for me. 😉

    🙂 Keep Smiling 🙂

  27. which configuration of computer would best for graphic design work, I mean VGA, RAM and HDD requirement please?

  28. Hi Jacob,
    That’s an excellent list of Gifts, a designer can have. If i ever get a chance to give gifts to designer i will use these types of gifts for sure.
    Thanks for sharing.

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