Great Illustrator Designs

Great Illustrator Designs

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Great Illustrator Designs

I don’t usually do posts like this just for one article however I thought this article on Great Illustrator Designs by Danny at OutLaw Design Blog was a great resource + inspiration for anyone who uses illustrator. Even so, I added it to my 101+ places to get design inspiration post. Update: Danny just did another great post on 100% Free Vector Files.

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Also on the topic of illustrator, another article worth noting this week was an article over at YouTheDesigner on the ultimate guide to designing a logo which goes very well with my guest article on logo design on David Aireys blog.

All the best to these three aspiring graphic designers (Danny, Gino, David).

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  1. Lauren
    I am glad that is over, but not everything… weirdly I can not access my site from my both of my computers. I am writing this from a friends computer… me and my problems. Sheesh.
    I will have a look at depthCORE a bit more, I have been there before though.

    Your telling me!

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