Here's To A New Year

Here's To A New Year

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Brooklyn Bridge Fireworks - Photo by look@j

It’s been a great break… I loved traveling across the USA, it truly is a remarkable country. I’ll be posting some photos when I get a chance to go through the 1400+ pics.

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Today (5th Jan) I will be flying out from Australia to begin my new life (story here) in New York, where I plan to stay for 1 to 3 years, while working for Carrot Creative. I will still be blogging & freelancing on the side.

I’ve found a great spacious apartment to live in, with 4 other creatives (and a dog) who are currently attending Pratt Institute – we had a webcam meeting just yesterday and I consider myself very lucky to have found such a great place to live (and just in time). The apartment is right near by Pratt, in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn so if your in the neighbourhood just give us a yell, I’m always keen to meet new people!

I’m still busy going through the two months of backlogged emails and comments so please be patient while I slowly get through them over the next few weeks. After this is completed I will get back to regular blogging.

I was also asked by Carrot Creative to put together a short ‘n’ quick video for their blog, telling people a bit about myself and some of the reasons why I chose to work for Carrot Creative. I thought I’d share the video with you guys here as well… just try not to fall asleep zZZ, you’ve been warned.

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Click here to view the video if you can not see it above.

Hope you guys had a great holiday break and I wish you all the best for the New Year!

Brooklyn Bridge Fireworks Image courtesy of [email protected]


This article was originally published on January 5th 2009, however due to our hosts doing a runner on us we lost a number of posts and comments. I’ve salvaged what I could from Google cache. Below you can find the original comments.

  1. Design Informer (@designinformer) on Jan 5, 2010 said:
  2. Congrats on the new position at Carrot Creative Jacob! That’s amazing, you already got to travel across the USA. I haven’t done that yet, I live in California, but maybe someday.
  3. Allen P. (@brickfieldmanor) on Jan 5, 2010 said:
  4. Exciting! I hope to watch the video – when I’m not working too hard! Have a safe trip.
  5. Kiren on Jan 5, 2010 said:
  6. Again, congratulations on the new job and the big move. I hope one day I can work for a similar studio like Carrot Creative. You’ll be amazed on how time flies when your having fun, who knows what the future holds, maybe they’ll make a movie about you?:) Good luck and don’t lose the accent!!
  7. Stella Mayfair (@stella_mayfair) on Jan 5, 2010 said:
  8. Wish you the best in this new adventure!
    Hope you have some time to upload all the pics :D
  9. rupam (@xhobdo) on Jan 5, 2010 said:
  10. Hi Jacob
    just visit your blog and waiting for more design tips,works…love & regards
  11. Lasitha (@crazylasi) on Jan 5, 2010 said:
  12. Good to hear from you after sometime Jacob.
    I was following your blog for sometime now. and this is my first comment. :)
    Actually most of your posts almost all helped me a lot to think differently as a designer. logo designer. think creatively, so after reading few blog posts of you…(What makes a good logo?, How to design a logo, Logo design process, etc)

    thought of creating a LOGO for me and a logo for freelance that i am planing to do later… I got really good positive feedback for those logos that i have done. Those posts helped me a lot. Its Pleasure to hear that you are moving to a place that seems you likes a lot “Carrot Creative” (strange name though).

    Wish you all the best.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    P.S. I will add my new logos to your “logo of the day” site. will see whether you will accept it or not. :)

  13. B. Jones on Jan 5, 2010 said:
  14. I’m really enjoying your site. Easy read. Your mobile site is pretty cool. Like your work.
  15. Mike (@thatdeadpixel) on Jan 5, 2010 said:
  16. Good luck in NY! What’s with the 1-3 year timeframe you are giving yourself?
  17. Tyler on Jan 5, 2010 said:
  18. Good to hear your moving state side. Good luck on your new job. Killing it as usual.Cheers!
  19. Lu (@Mitouch) on Jan 5, 2010 said:
  20. Glad you enjoyed the US and i hope you get to see much more while living here, there’s tons of great stuff here. Hope the climate change isn’t too bad, just be sure to dress warm.Best of luck! ^_^
  21. margishi on Jan 5, 2010 said:
  22. Hey,Jacob…!
    happy new year!!
    love your wb-site..Really njoy!! nice work done..very creative.. : )
    Waiting for other graphics tips….
    And good wishes for ur big moove…. have safe trip!!Love n regards
  23. Emily Cavalier (@EmilysPearl) on Jan 5, 2010 said:
  24. Hi there, Jacob! Welcome to Brooklyn. You’re moving to my neighborhood – the best one here. So excited for you to work with CC. I think they’re a great crew. Give a yell on Twitter. Be happy to share some spots for you to check out locally.
  25. JayPee on Jan 6, 2010 said:
  26. Good Luck Jacob…
    If you can make it There – you can make it Anywhere! (Wish I said that)
    Thought I would send you some Sydney fireworks pix – to go with your Brooklyn Bridge ones.
    Enjoy the Big Apple
  27. Julien (@juxyfr) on Jan 6, 2010 said:
  28. Have fun in big Apple!
  29. Mario (@ocondesign) on Jan 6, 2010 said:
  30. Best of luck Jacob! Congrats on the new Carrot Creative gig.
  31. Craig Scott on Jan 6, 2010 said:
  32. That’s awesome man – well done!
  33. Jacob Cass (@justcreative) on Jan 6, 2010 said:

    Thank you all for your kind words. I’m sitting here in Beijing waiting for my connecting flight to NY (still 4 hours to go). It’s bloody -15?c outside and even inside my hands are freezing! Annoying that Facebook and Twitter are blocked.

    Haha, “Designer Down Under”… if that ever happens I know that’s the end of film!

    B. Jones,
    Check out to grab your own mobile site. It’s quite easy!

    My Visa runs out in August 2011 though I can extend it 2 years more if need be. Those dates are not set in concrete, but just a rough idea. I hear many stories of people who don’t come back!

    Always up for advice, totally new to the area so I’m all ears! Always keen to meet new people too. Will give you a Twitter when I can (it’s banned in China, where I am atm).

    The pic isn’t actually mine (see copyright info at bottom of post). I’ve seen quite a few Sydney fireworks pics (my bro and mother were in the city), saw on news as well – looks like it went off as usual!

  34. Kamila – Darc Vanilla Design (@darcvanilla) on Jan 7, 2010 said:
  35. Congratulations Jacob in your new life in USA :> Gosh, I envy you :) Well done!!
  36. Melody (@sexidesign) on Jan 7, 2010 said:
  37. Wow, pratt institute…I got accepted there for architecture some time ago–wish I took the opportunity but the costs are 45k per year..very cool though, congrats on everything–to continued success for 2010!
  38. MieHanz (@MieHan) on Jan 7, 2010 said:
  39. congrats on your new job in NY & happy new year!
  40. Michael Martin (@problogdesign) on Jan 8, 2010 said:
  41. Congrats on finally getting there Jacob! Hope you have a great time over the next few years! :D