50+ Holiday Fonts for Every Occasion

50+ Holiday Fonts for Every Occasion

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Whether you are a college student or a workaholic, everyone looks forward to festive holidays. These short vacations are the ideal time to take a rest from your busy schedule and spend some time with your loved ones, treating them with thoughtful gifts and creative cards.

Holiday fonts are designed for precisely this reason. They are lively, energetic, and lovable typefaces that accurately depict the true spirits of various holidays and festivities.

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Each letter is crafted with the utmost care, love, and creativity to lighten the reader’s mood immediately!

Be it for Christmas, New Year, Ramadan, or Diwali, this guide lists down the best 50-holiday fonts for use on various greeting cards and posters.

Including some of the bigger names like Envato and My Fonts, you are sure to find a high-quality and budget-friendly typefaces in this line-up.

We have tried out these fonts ourselves and shared our honest reviews below including a detailed list of their pros, cons, functionalities, and suitable occasions for use.

The guide will help you pick out a holiday font that perfectly adheres to your project needs depending on what holiday season you plan to celebrate with it.

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So, without further ado, let’s get started!

50+ Best Holiday Fonts

Here is a list of the best holiday fonts that can spice up your designs in a matter of seconds!

Best Holiday Vacation Fonts

  1. Coastline
  2. Travelista
  3. Road Trip
  4. On The Road
  5. The Oldventure

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Best Christmas Fonts

  1. Christmas Style
  2. Merry Lights
  3. Winter Holidays
  4. Snowy Dahlia
  5. Christmas Sheep

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Best Hannukah Fonts

  1. Nekolina
  2. Holiday
  3. Risk Atoms
  4. Amory Moist
  5. Cortesia

Best New Year Fonts

  1. Happy New Year Party
  2. Party
  3. Fiesta
  4. New Year Deco
  5. Hello Festive

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Best Chinese New Year Fonts

  1. Tiger Clan
  2. Shufen
  3. Gold China
  4. Chinese Monoline
  5. Hiany Lau

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Best Ramadan Fonts

  1. Husein Script
  2. Saleha
  3. Samir
  4. Ramadan Kareem
  5. Holy Month

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Best Easter Fonts

  1. Easter Bunny
  2. Goo Easter
  3. Hidden Easter
  4. Easter Risen
  5. Hop Hop Bunny

Best Wedding Fonts

  1. Love Pica
  2. Beloved
  3. Monttocks
  4. The French Kiss
  5. Willia Script

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Best Diwali Fonts

  1. Bureno
  2. Bristol Maver
  3. Ez Sanjaya
  4. Stasya
  5. Bali

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Best 4th of July Fonts

  1. Mystery Tour
  2. The USA
  3. Love America
  4. American Label
  5. American Wonders

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Holiday Fonts

Download all the Holiday Fonts you need and many other design elements, available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over 50 million items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock effect & element packs too)!

5 Travel Fonts

1. Coastline

A coastline and coolest colors combination font for the holiday season

Looking for a travel-inspired font that brings cool coastal vibes to your brand or graphic template? Look no further than Coastline!

As professional creatives, we love Coastline’s smooth transitions and faded brushstrokes that lend a crisp and stamped style, making it suitable for professional and more laidback designs.

We enjoyed using it on posters, magazine covers, and fun quotes.

Another thing we liked about Coastline is its included SVG format that allowed us to create amazing hyper-realistic textures. Simultaneously, the included regular and alternate versions kept things interesting without losing legibility.

The only thing we weren’t a fan of was its lack of multilingual support. But fret not, as you can always go for something like

The Brightside to fit your global design needs.

In summary, Coastline is a beautiful, versatile script that is a must-have for any creative project. Its bright and cheery personality is sure to impress!

2. Travelista

All Caps and paintbrush style font

When you think of a getaway from your busy, hectic days, then Travelista will make that dream come true.

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The modern Serif font is incredibly versatile, perfect for anything from product packaging to branding and more.

We have had the pleasure of using Travelista for several projects, and we have to say – we were impressed. Its slanted, elongated characters and swirly edges greatly added a fun and original touch to our projects.

We especially loved the font’s availability in multiple formats, including a web font file, giving us plenty of flexibility regarding compatibility with different software.

We also appreciated its complete set of numbers, punctuations, and supporting Latin characters.

However, there was one thing we didn’t like about Travelista. Sometimes the font’s boldness can be too overpowering, especially if you want a minimalistic or more subtle look.

But regardless, Travelista is a great choice for designers who aim to add a charming and whimsical feel to their creations.

3. Road Trip

An adventurous font for the travel invites

Nothing screams “Travel” more than a bold serif like this Creative Market find.

The unique and stylish design of the Road Trip font truly blew us away. The striking combination of the in-line and filled version added more depth and dimension, making it perfect for titles, banners, and other attention-grabbing texts.

We were also impressed by its extensive range of accompanying upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. In addition, many cute extra glyphs served as excellent add-ons to our designs.

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Just be aware that you must install professional design software to access these alternates; hence, this font may not be suitable for every project or audience.

In conclusion, the Road Trip font is an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to lend a creative and personal touch to their project.

Go forth and use it right now!

4. On The Road

A cute handwritten font for your projects

If you are into font styles with an organic human touch, this font by Big Moments Design should be on your list.
On the Road is a handwritten font perfect for conveying a carefree and adventurous vibe.

We liked how its irregular style and rounded edges gave a sense of warmth without losing the message’s seriousness.

It’s perfect for social media posts, invitations, book covers, and product branding. We used it for all these purposes and were impressed with the results each time.

Another winning feature for us was its two unique styles and tons of high-resolution elements that opened a myriad of design possibilities and provided us with complete creative freedom.

We didn’t like that it only has an OpenType format, limiting its use to only a few design applications. So, keep an eye on fonts like Prospect Street to overcome such software restrictions.

But overall, we highly recommend On The Road to anyone looking for a bold and friendly font to add to their creative arsenal.

5. The Oldventure

10 different style fonts with outdoor adventures look

Are you a designer or a wanderer searching for a vintage-style travel font? The wait is over, as The Oldventure Font has got you covered.

With its handcrafted san serifs, this adventurous font is explicitly designed to mimic classic typography. We liked the round contours and extended swirls that gave the font a convectional yet intriguing vibe.

But, what really stood out to us were its ten font styles and tons of characters, ligatures, and alternates that suited our creativity for all smooth and rough adventure designs.

Plus, its included multilingual support proved equally helpful for local and international designs.

The possibilities with this one are endless, from logos and photographs to prints and business cards!

In short, if you’re looking for an excellent and versatile font, The Oldventure is worth checking out.

5 Christmas Holiday Fonts

6. Christmas Style

Hand written font especially designed for holiday season

Are you feeling the pressure to make a truly stellar holiday design or card this season? Get your hands on Christmas Style to evoke the true holiday spirit!

As creative experts, we love Christmas Style for its strong roots in hand lettering. The swoops and swirls of the letters radiate a lot of energy, while the thinness ensures that the font is not too overwhelming.

These clean yet decorative accents make it a go-to option for seasonal cards, billboards, and other printed materials.

We particularly appreciated the font’s swashes and stylistic sets of lowercase letters that worked well in our minimalistic and type-centric graphics.

One thing we weren’t thrilled about was how some of the letters looked a bit too similar, causing confusion and readability issues.

To summarize, there’s no better option than Christmas Style this holiday season.

So, download it right away!

7. Merry Lights

Hand drawn fonts for Christmas holidays

Sprinkle some Christmas and Party mood to your artwork with Merry Lights font!

We were excited to get our hands on this holiday font and happy to say it didn’t disappoint.

We used it in many projects, including social media graphics, flyers, and postcards, and were impressed with its elegance and versatility.

The linear dots and scalloped shaping gave it a bold yet refined appearance, and we especially loved this lace-like patterning that bought out the overly retro feeling.

One thing we didn’t like about Merry Lights was that its casual vibe didn’t suit our business-related designs, as the message’s seriousness tended to get lost.

Overall, we recommend Merry Lights to anyone looking for a contemporary and stylish font to elevate their seasonal projects.

8. Winter Holidays

Funky, unique and different style font

Shine bright in any season using this cheery typeface by Coaca Studio.

We are big fans of its tiny, intricate detailing in each letter, giving off an Art Nouveau feel that makes it excellent for not only Christmas projects but also custom designs like website headers, apparel, mugs, journal covers, and much more.

Luckily for everyone, Winter Holidays isn’t only style over substance. We loved how it came with everything a discriminating font needs: upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuations, and multilingual support to tackle every design requirement.

However, keep in mind that sometimes the spacing between certain letters can turn out to be too tight, affecting readability. But, if you wish to avoid such readability issues, try going with something like Noel.

But regardless, Winter Holidays is a one-of-a-kind cut-out font perfect for those wanting to bring a touch of whimsy to their holiday artwork.

Grab it today to elevate your design game!

9. Snowy Dahlia

A bit of neon touch with regular style font

Fanciful and slightly geometrical, let the elegant swirls of Snowy Dahlia remind you of snow, frost, and a jolly good time by the fire!

We were blown away by the stylish and unique design of Snowy Dahlia. With snowy white letters, clean path lines, and lots of swashes, this font did a wonderful job amplifying our projects.

We thoroughly enjoyed using it on logos, headlines, blog designs, and even branding, and it effortlessly merged into the theme every time.

While we definitely appreciated the look and included ligatures and a stylistic set, we didn’t like how it didn’t work well in smaller sizes, as the letter turned out to be too “crumbled.”

Overall, we highly recommend Snowy Dahlia to lend a touch of simple elegance to your design projects.

10. Christmas Sheep

Cute and playful display

Satisfy your holiday cravings with this typeface by Stefani Letter.

Christmas Sheep is a relaxed, contemporary-style display font that won us over with its cuddly, cartoonish vibe. We liked how its round, bubbly letters embody authenticity and playfulness and are a perfect choice for everything child-related.

From birthday and New Year cards to book covers and school projects, the font always impresses.

The included glyphs and OpenType features were straightforward to use and provided multiple ways of creating unique designs. The PUA-encoding further ensured swift and easy access without any special software applications.

However, the casual vibe of Christmas Sheep might not be a good match for more somber projects like business cards and automobile designs.

But overall, it is a great visual solution that is a must-have in every designer’s toolkit.

Sweet, endearing, and absolutely flexible, what’s more to ask for?

5 Hanukka Fonts

11. Nekolina

Elegant, italic and glamorous font

Want to infuse your creations with the true Hanukkah spirit? Look no further than Nekolina.

We were amazed by the graceful combination of Nekolina. The font is inspired by the lettering used in the 60s and 70s, combined with a bold typography style to add a vintage flair to any of your projects.

Another thing we liked about Nekolina is its range of smart-looking alternate and ligatures that served as beautiful add-ons for delivering eye-catching results.

We enjoyed using them on our blog designs, editorial designs, and other holiday branding projects.

But, if you like your work inclining more towards the modern style, try swapping Nekolina with a contemporary-style typeface such as the SunGold Font.

In concise, Nekolina is an elegant all-purpose font that we highly recommend to those searching for a beautiful and vintage visual solution.

12. Holiday

Custom font for the holiday invites

Meet Holiday – a simple, decorative script that will take you on a journey to the sixties.

We are particularly fond of its vintage look that appears flat, plump, strong, and heavy but still manages to come across as unique and elegant.

Another thing we loved about Holiday is its wide array of styles and alternates. Including two weights (regular and grunge) and two alternate glyphs, the font gave us many options to spruce up our designs.

However, we weren’t thrilled to find that it doesn’t come in WOFF format and, therefore, can’t be used for Web page applications.

But if you’re looking for a font solely for your printed designs, Holiday fits the bill. From Hanukkah cards to birthday posters and everything in between, it makes everything look amazing!

13. Risk Atoms

An aesthetic and cool font

Simple, albeit with a few geometric touches, this Hanukkah font by Fype Co. packs a punch.

Risk Atoms is a serif typeface characterized by its graceful letterforms. We loved how its thick, bold structures boost a minimalistic look and lend an air of class and refinement without being extra showy.

Our personal experience using Risk Atoms has been fantastic. Its complete character set, alternate ligatures, and multiple language support allowed for a higher degree of customization and creativity.

We also appreciated how it maintained readability at all sizes, and the details didn’t get lost at small sizes. We found it ideal for applications that require a highly readable font with a simple, contemporary aesthetic.

In summary, Risk Atoms is an exceptional addition to any roster of holiday fonts. We can easily imagine it on stunning logos, posts, quotes, imagery, and much more.

14. Amory Moist

modern and aesthetic looking font

Need to add some formal flair to your Hanukkah templates? Amory Moist will do the trick!

We loved how its stencil letterforms and flat edges are reminiscent of the candelabrum’s unique shape and pay homage to this menorah.

Our experience with Amory Moist has been a delight. Its OpenType features paved the way to better design possibilities, while the aesthetics did complete justice to most themes.

We particularly enjoyed the balanced look it created on pairing with a cleaner sans serif like Kalistra.

The only drawback for us is that the subtlety of this font may sometimes fall behind in getting your message out. Since the letters aren’t bold enough, viewers may fail to resonate with your brand and its objective.

In conclusion, Amory Moist is suitable for anyone who wishes to add some class, flair, and sophistication to their design projects.

So give it a try and see for yourself!

15. Cortesia

A great looking holiday font

Meet Cortesia – an all-purpose holiday font that genuinely blew us away!

One of the most adaptable picks in the bunch, this font is perfect for all your festive designs. From birthday invites to Christmas posters to Hanukkah cards, with a font this versatile, the sky is the limit!

We were thrilled to find how each letter of Cortesia is adorned with a subtle uniqueness, each having a different sound to it.

However, the thing that really stood out to us was Cortesia’s extensive range of file formats. The font includes OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 files, making accessing the glyphs easy and hassle-free.

Conversely, the attenuated letterforms may not be fit for main, attention-demanding texts.

But overall, we recommend Cortesia to anyone looking to level up their design game.

What’re you waiting for? Add some holiday elegance to your designs with Cortesia today!

5 New Year Fonts

16. Happy New Year Party

Playful, decorative and quirky font

Reminiscent of stars, fireworks, ribbons, and anything you’d find on New Year’s Eve, this font by Shanaf Art is the answer to all your creative needs.

Aside from new year cards, we used it in several other projects, such as social media posts, brochures, album covers, and even clothing, and it performed exceptionally well.

The elegant curves and bold letters make for the font’s enviously festive look. When regular serifs and scripts aren’t the talk of the day, Happy New Year Party feels celebratory and relevant.

One thing we particularly enjoyed about this font is its versatility. Featuring eight versions with different decorative elements, Happy New Year Party helped us create designs that truly stood out.

We particularly enjoyed using the splash version that lends a much-needed oomph to our work.

Remember that accessing these variants requires professional software, so download the necessary applications before you try your hands on the font.

In short, Happy New Year Party is an excellent holiday font that we suggest all designers and party-lovers to try this festive season.

17. Party

A neon and modern font - Get lit using this font

New Year is all about parties and celebrations, and honestly, what’s a better way to commemorate these values than by using a font bluntly named “Party?”

Party is one of those fonts that can instantly add a more appealing and aesthetic look to a gathering. We thoroughly enjoyed its dazzling neon letters that snatch all the limelight.

When it comes to displaying, nothing can beat Party since it’s really lovely and shining.

We loved how it included so many accented characters that were easy to choose in seconds. We even layered them over one another to create unique variations, further enhancing the look.

Download Party right now to celebrate your favorite events with style. From events to techno branding needs, this serif display font fits all!

18. Fiesta

A decorative needs fulfilling font

Any New Year poster that is decorated with Fiesta becomes iconic.

Fiesta is a kooky display font that gives any design a relaxing yet celebratory feel. We were impressed by its elongated letters and their geometric sensations that boost a peaceful and chill look.

Another thing we loved was its two font styles: Plain for the day and Strippy for celebratory nights. Both worked great as standalone and even when paired together.

Fiesta also includes an SVG file that offered us greater design flexibility and allowed us to create our very own graphics and custom icons. Not to mention its characters’ ability to be resized without losing quality.

But, since it doesn’t come with multilingual support, you may have to look for alternatives like Fiolalisa to display your designs in different languages and increase your reach.

All in all, using Fiesta on your designs can make them the talk of the town (in a good way!), so giving it a try is worth it.

19. New Year Deco

A lit font for your new year parties invites

Raise a glass to the New Year with the extremely elegant New Year Deco Font.

Right off the bat, we were blown away by the sparkling look of New Year Deco, which has a charming look. From party menus to event decorations, this font will make everything look pure and dazzling.

Another thing we liked about New Year Deco is its experimental design that is heavily inspired by Art Deco typefaces.

Starting with four alternative styles with varying degrees of flourishes, it offered plenty of ways to spice up our creative projects. From title designs and logos to awards and invitations, it leaves no stone unturned.

We also appreciated the additional icons, underlines, and illustrated symbols that add a graphic touch.

What we didn’t like about New Year Deco is that it’s only available as an all-caps font and isn’t suitable for body texts.

But if you’re fine working with only uppercase, New Year Deco is the way to go!

20. Hello Festive

Banner style font for your tasks - hello festive

New Year is the time when you let go of your past problems and throw some parties to welcome new beginnings. And this is where Hello Festive comes in.

This decorative font by DM Letter is as festive as it gets. We loved how it looked exactly like party decorations, ribbons, and confetti. It is explicitly designed for banners and large display needs to make your gatherings even more enjoyable.

Our favorite part about Hello Festive was its simple yet attractive letter design, making it incredibly easy to design greeting cards, baby shower cards, and other printed designs.

As a plus, the font comes in two styles and features tons of regular and “love” symbols that you can rely on to add a romantic flair.

On experimenting with Hello Festive, the results were majorly positive.

The only thing we didn’t like was how some letters became almost invisible on certain backgrounds due to their too-dark or light color.

But, if you can work with this minor inconvenience, go ahead and use Hello Festive to make your special occasions even more memorable.

5 Chinese Holiday Fonts

21. Tiger Clan

Modern yet classic chinese style font

Introducing Tiger Clan – a modern Oriental font for all your visual needs.

As professional creatives, we are thrilled to come across Tiger Clan. While most Chinese fonts lie closer to the traditional side, Tiger Clan acted as a breath of fresh air with its contemporary style and sleek brush strokes.

From product branding and room decoration to Lunar New Year themes, we used this font in everything. And it managed to liven up the atmosphere every time.

We particularly liked its carefully-crafted letters that take after the classic Chinese typography but with a touch of timelessness to ensure it never goes out of style.

However, the best-loved part for us was its included weights, Oriental backgrounds, and tiger head illustrations that were fully editable and allowed for greater design possibilities.

One thing we weren’t impressed with was how some of the letters (like “a” and “p”) could be difficult to read at smaller sizes. So, you might want to consider a cleaner typeface like Shangai as an alternative.

But keeping this aside, we highly recommend Tiger Clan for any mandarin and oriental look.

22. Shufen

A chinese font with chinese symbols looks

What’s a better font pack to start with than this Envato offering?

The Shufen typeface by Type Factory Co. is an awesome Chinese-inspired display font that’s worth a glance. We were thrilled with its carefully-crafted characters, each reminiscent of towering edges and Chinese infrastructure, making it a solid choice as a Chinese New Year Font.

Aside from this, we also enjoyed using it on restaurant menus, posters, headlines, and branding initiatives.

Another thing that left us amazed was the long list of features to enjoy here. Shufen is loaded with uppercase, numerals, basic punctuation marks, and tons of ligatures that helped add a striking touch and communicated our message more clearly.

However, since it’s an all-caps font, it may not work for subtle and larger chunks of text.

Despite this slight flaw, Shufen does an incredible job of keeping the Chinese aesthetic admired, intact, and respected.

Download it today and see it for yourself.

23. Gold China

Get China town vibes using this typeface

Gold China is an oriental decorative font indicative of strong Asian roots. Perfectly fit for your Chinese New Year projects, China Town decorations, restaurants, and marketing endeavors; anything you need an instant vibe of it, this font is an easy way to go.

We liked how the characters of Gold China don’t adhere to generic parodies in the category but are crafted in bold, traditional, yet futuristic. In addition, they were thick and legible, further optimizing their readability.

Another thing we were fond of was its OTF and TTF file formats and language support which gives great fluidity regarding design software selection.

In concise, Gold China is the gold standard of holiday fonts, perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate the beauty and majesty of the Chinese New Year.

24. Chinese Monoline

Monoline font with chinese style

Next, we have Chinese Monoline, a typeface that’s easy on the eyes and big on impact.

We admired how it’s designed using the principles of traditional Chinese typography. With its thin and slender lines and structures, the font sets a raw, casual, yet relatable tone to your designs.

We also enjoyed using its two styles – regular and slant – which turned out to be pretty legible, cohesive, and thematic. The best part was to mix and match them with one another to add more dynamism.

While Chinese Monoline is a great option for Lunar, Oriental, and Art Deco themes, its conventional design made it unsuitable for more up-to-date projects, particularly those relating to science and technology.

But overall, this font stays true to the theme, which is why you should definitely consider giving it a go!

25. Hiany Lau

Chinese style display typeface for your project needs

Turn to Hiany Lau when your projects call for strong, heavy display font with a Chinese vibe.

We were impressed with its sharp, bold brush strokes that are equally aggressive and powerful and managed to get our message out with a boom.

Be it editorial layouts, home decor quotes, or signage, Hiany Lau stood out everywhere. Moreover, it includes OpenType features and seamless multilingual support, extending its use for more global designs.

But since the letterforms are made using individual brush strokes rather than a single, smooth one, some may find it a little less legible. Want to get the same aesthetics without compromising on readability? The Chinese will come in handy.

To sum up, Hiany Lau is perfect for any Chinese design theme and a must-have for designers wanting to create spectacular designs.

5 Ramadan and Eid Holiday Fonts

26. Husein Script

Sacred script and creative looks - Husein script font

Husein is ideal for Ramadan and Eid-related invitation cards, gifts, and other projects. This script immediately caught our eyes with its flowy, natural, bold brush strokes.

Our experience with the Husein script has been flawless, all thanks to its versatile features. Husein script offers four styles to suit different project templates and a unique extruded style.

We also liked the complete package of the font, including lower and upper case letters, numerals, and punctuations with PUA encoding!

We used Husein on wedding invites, photography, and advertisements apart from Ramadan designs, and it looks aesthetically pleasing on all of these designs.

So, get your hands on Husein script right now and make your projects visually appealing with its layered, natural style and features!

27. Saleha

One of the exciting Arabic fonts for your unique designs

Are you looking for an Arabic-style font to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and the Eid holidays with your friends? If yes, then look no further because Saleha is the typeface of your dreams.

From the first moment, Saleha has managed to leave us in awe of its functionality. We found this typeface incredibly user-friendly to install on both Android and MAC devices.

Since Saleha is made from Latin characters, the font adds a classic Arabic feel to your designs while being easy to read and understand. We particularly like how it offers multilingual support for specific characters and includes unique alternates and ligatures.

We tried using Saleha with and without additional design software such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop and found the results admirable in both cases.

To summarize, Saleha is a commendable holiday typeface for flyers, posters, and product packaging related to Islamic and Arabic themes.

28. Samir

A creative Arabic display font

Samir is another exquisite Arabic-style font that promises to elevate the look of your projects in a matter of seconds!

Samir consists of decorative, modish Latin characters, punctuation, and numerals. We found the font easy to install on our devices, credit to its supported OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats.

Even though it goes well with a variety of designs, our favorite pairing of Samir typeface was with Eid and Ramadan Mubarak posters, postcards, quotes, and editorial templates.

The only thing we disliked about Samir was its lack of multilingual support. If you are working on a project requiring multiple languages, we suggest skipping on this font and instead going for a more versatile option like the Arabian Fairs typeface.

Regardless of this drawback, Samir is still one of our top choices for Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr-inspired holiday projects.

29. Ramadan Kareem

A modern Islamic font

As its name suggests, Ramadan Kareem is an awesome and efficient holiday font to celebrate the blessed month in the best spirits.

The feature that makes this font stand out from other holiday fonts is its contrasting style characters. Contrary to classic Arabic style fonts, we found Ramadan Kareem to be the perfect balance between modern and signature Arabic designs.

Our creative team wildly applauded the included alternates in this package, letting us freestyle our variations and shapes without any hassles.

Ramadan Kareem works best as a display font, but we also liked how it looked on stationery, product packaging, social media posts, and other creative graphic designs.

It is also available in four different file formats, so what are you waiting for? Get Ramadan Kareem right now to unleash your creativity without any limits or restrictions on your masterpiece!

30. Holy Month

Inspired by Arabic manuscript offers you a great display font

The authentic Arabic manuscript heavily inspires our following font and promises to boost the visual appeal of a wide range of compositions.

The holy month features sophisticated yet exquisite upper and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuations.

Our favorite part is the generous glyph count, ligatures, and alternates that allowed us to customize the font per our needs and project requirements.

We are also fans of the 60+ multilingual support of Holy Month for all Latin-based languages.

With availability in OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats, we experimented this font on different promotional designs, posters, and product packaging and were impressed by the results.

However, we found Holy Month slightly challenging to read and comprehend at first glance. Therefore, if readability is crucial, try opting for something similar to the Arabic Ramadan typeface.

5 Easter Fonts

31. Easter Bunny

Handdrawn font with bluish shade

Easter Bunny is the ideal font to get in the holiday spirit and share your excitement with close friends and family.

The font consists of seemingly ordinary characters that look as if a bunny itself wrote them. We instantly fell in love with its hand-drawn, bubbly characters finished with casual brush strokes.

Our experience with the Easter Bunny has been nothing but convenient. The font has a simple and easy installation in up to three file formats.

However, this Easter font’s kerning and matrices amazed us the most—these work along with the OpenType features and ligatures to compose characters tailored to perfection.

Its PUA-encoded characters work with all crafting and cutting purposes, including labels, apparel, logos, typography, and more. But, of course, with Easter Bunny and its unbelievable features, the sky’s the limit!

32. Goo Easter

Cute, creative, colorful and fun display font

Easter is the time for limitless fun and laughter. So, keeping up with the positive energy, Goo Easter is our most lively holiday typeface for occasions filled with glee and delight.

It contains cute, bubbly, and flowy characters that radiate positive and happy vibes. We were immediately drawn towards this fun display font because of its cheery attitude and included OpenType functionalities.

We also liked how Goo Easter supports different accents for added versatility. Moreover, you can download the file in TTF as well as OTF file formats, depending on your ease and preference.

The font promises to add energy to dull, monotonous projects and transform them into masterpieces! Just remember that Goo Easter is strictly a display font. For primary or secondary text use, try going with the Today Easter font instead.

33. Hidden Easter

Fancy, cool and handwritten font

Are you a fan of decorative fonts that perfectly balance a casual yet luxurious look? If yes, then you will adore Hidden Easter as we do!

Hidden Easter drew us in with modern, eye-catching, calligraphic-style PUA encoded letters. We were entirely pleased with this holiday font’s easy installation process and multilingual support.

What stood out to us about Hidden Easter, however, was its OpenType features. The font has a vast collection of alternates, swashes, ligatures, glyphs, and stylish sets that managed to leave our creative experts astounded by their brilliance.

We also enjoy how Hidden Easter is fully accessible with and without additional design applications. In addition, it is compatible with Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Microsoft Word.

All in all, use the Hidden Easter typeface for enhanced creative control over your designs like never before!

34. Easter Risen

A playful and handwritten font

Whether you are directing a kid’s animated movie or designing easter cards for your family and friends, Easter Risen is the ultimate holiday font for all purposes!

It is a handcrafted font that contains sweet, bold, and bubbly characters with rounded edges. Based on our experience, Easter Risen brings a refreshing twist to all muted and lackluster designs.

The font is supported in various languages and file formats and is functional on both MAC and Android devices. We are also extremely fond of the open glyph panel, sweeps, and ligatures which are easily accessible and improve the aesthetics of the project.

The only thing to dislike about this font is its limited style sets; otherwise, Easter Risen looks fantastic on differing design layouts such as advertisements, social media posts, youtube thumbnails, and everything that needs the last touches of vibrance and energy.

35. Hop Hop Bunny

Love bunnies? Use this hop hop bunny font for your next project

As you can deduce from its name, Hop Hop Bunny is another funky, Easter-inspired holiday typeface that enchanted us with its friendly attitude.

The font features thick, bubbly letters with rounded edges written in casual brush strokes. However, what we love most about Hop Hop Bunny is its unique and adorable lettering with bunny ears on the edges.

Find the bunny ears a little too funky for your projects? Well, don’t worry because you can easily choose between keeping the bunny ears on or not with just a simple click.

In addition to this, we also had a lot of fun playing with the included alternates of Hop Hop Bunny and using them for scrapbooking, souvenirs, t-shirt designs, and other creative purposes.

Even though the font supports different file formats, it only offers a little support for other languages, and its use is limited to projects done in English only.

Hop on the trend of using Hop Hop Bunny if you want to portray a lively, carefree energy to your readers.

5 Wedding Holiday Fonts

36. Love Pica

A funky, and cute color combination font

Are you searching for a lovey-dovey typeface to confess your evergreen love for your partner? Or you may be looking for a holiday font that pairs well with your wedding invite without making it too obnoxious or extravagant. Whatever the case, Love Pica is the perfect choice for you.

It is an attractive, bouncy font with hearts between the characters for a highly romantic feel. We adore that Love Pica includes PUA-encoded characters and ligatures that are easy to use and uplift the overall beauty of your graphic designs.

After experimenting with the font, we can confirm that Love Pica is incredibly easy to install and designed for compatibility with all MAC and Windows devices. Furthermore, it is also available in up to three different file formats!

We recommend using Love Pica on wedding invites, event banners, kids’ logos, and Valentine’s Day posters.

However, the font lacks other practical OpenType features, so if you are looking for unrestricted creativity, try the Valentine’s Dingbat font instead.

37. Beloved

Handwritten style with a lovely display

Our next holiday typeface is for all K-pop fans and enthusiasts. Beloved is a Korean-inspired, delicate, charming font featuring characters, numerics, and punctuation marks.

Our favorite aspect of Beloved, undoubtedly, is its eye-catching and sweet characters which add a welcoming, warm, and homely atmosphere to every design template.

After trying the font, we discovered that Beloved works flawlessly on both PC and MAC devices. Moreover, the installation process is also quite simple and easy to follow!

Featuring PUA-encoded characters, Beloved is suitable for K-pop fan art, Valentine’s Day cards, and social media posts that leave a lasting impression on its readers.

The only lack in Beloved is in terms of multilingual support. Otherwise, it is one of the most exciting typefaces for a beginner and professional graphic designer.

38. Monttocks

beautifully show your feelings in your wedding invitations

Following this, let us introduce you to another sweetheart font that promises to leave the audience gooey-eyed afterward. The Monttocks script proves that Less is always better with its simplistic and refined character design.

Apart from its high-class script in two different styles, we also adore the natural ligatures in the Monttocks script. These allow you to customize and create authentic designs for advertisements, logos, and wedding invitations.

We are also huge fans of this holiday font’s generous glyphs and alternates. Since these features support PUA encoding, we found them effortless to use with and without any additional design software.

Last, Monttocks is available in various Eastern Europe and Southeast Asian languages. However, we would have appreciated it if this script included a vast collection of style families for a better-personalized look.

39. The French Kiss

modern, creative and lovable font for your wedding invitations

Everyone knows that French is the language of love. Similarly, the French Kiss typeface takes inspiration from the royal culture, art, and love of the nation to design the most charismatic lettering we have seen until now.

The French Kiss is a modern serif typeface of sophisticated, uptight handcrafted letters. We particularly enjoy how the ligatures of this font are carefully crafted to fit with other letters without any problems.

We tried using French Kiss on diverse design templates such as blogs, posters, and invitation cards and found the results extraordinarily admirable and of high quality.

In addition, the package includes language support and a web font kit for exceptional creativity and custom-made layouts.

All things considered, French Kiss pays tribute to its heritage and leaves every project overflowing with passion and love.

40. Willia Script

A modern and decent font

Suza Studio’s Willia is a modern take on the romantic calligraphic style of letters. It features graceful and majestic bold letters which leave all heads turned in its direction.

Our favorite part about the Willia script is how it included several Italic versions that radiate raw and natural energy. It also supports multiple languages, including Central and Western European.

One feature that astounded our creative experts is the easy accessibility of Willia’s OpenType alternates and swashes. You can choose one of Adobe’s additional design software or go with Character Map, Nexus Fonts, or Pop Char for accessing swashes on PC and MAC devices.

At the same time, Willia is slightly difficult to comprehend at first glance and falls back in terms of readability. If this is important to you, we suggest you go with a more comfortable option like the Love Love font.

5 Diwali Fonts

41. Bureno

4 diverse and unique color combination font

Are you looking for a decorative typeface that doesn’t go overboard with extravagance but still manages to catch Diwali’s true spirits and joy? If yes, sit back and relax; we have just the right font for you!

Bureno is a serif-style historical font that contains majestic cursive letters, numerals, and punctuation. With its vintage and ornamental design, it was love at first sight with Bureno for us.

We also admire that Bureno is available in four contrasting styles: regular, grunge, bold, and bold. This helps pair the font with festive invitations and product packaging.

Unfortunately, Bureno’s use is strictly restricted to the display font. Still, this OTF and TTF-supported font is our top pick for retro-inspired projects that need to make a bold statement.

42. Bristol Maver

Classic and decorative font

As creative professionals, we are constantly on the lookout for stylish fonts that transform a mediocre project into a masterpiece in a matter of seconds. Our latest pick for this category is the Bristol Maver typeface.

This dashing font has a vast collection of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Bristol Maver has a royal, classical lettering style with long edges and a modern structure.

We like how it is easily downloadable in up to four different file formats and fully functional on Windows and MAC devices.

Along with this, Bristol Mayer also includes alternates that are conveniently tailored to design software like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Microsoft Word. As a result, the font looks magical on all occasions, specifically when used on Diwali.

We only dislike its restricted support for popular OpenType features and languages. However, despite this minor drawback, Bristol Mayer remains at the top of the charts for designing decorative cards and posters.

43. Ez Sanjaya

A modern, sophisticated and creative looking font

In today’s world of extravaganza, finding a font that perfectly balances minimalism and style is tricky. Luckily, we found one, so you don’t have to worry about doing this yourself.

Ez Sanjaya is a monospace serif typeface primarily used for headlines and titles. However, we are astounded by Ez Sanjaya’s ability to look equally enchanting on digital and other real-world print applications.

We also adore the characters’ neat, clean, and strong finish with fine lines and bold strokes that redefine the definition of elegance in terms of creativity.

Ez Sanjaya also includes a grand collection of multilingual glyphs, special characters, ligatures, and alternates to provide you the chance to unleash your true creative potential.

We loved experimenting with this contemporary yet conventional Diwali typeface which brings out the best in all posters, product packaging, and branding projects!

44. Stasya

Decorative and distinctive display font

Diwali is the prime time for glam and entertainment. So these are the two things we expect from every credible Diwali font like the Stasya swirly typeface.

It is a decorative script featuring cursive, italic characters that add a touch of femininity, romance, and glitz to your designs.

We also like how Stasya, like most other products in our list, comes with many alternates and other OpenType features.

These help the designer take on greater creative control over their design templates.

Also, Stasya is offered in various accents and OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats for enhanced versatility.

We loved using Stasya over wedding and festive cards, posters, and websites. However, we disapprove of the spacing between the characters since it makes the text harder to read. For better readability, go with the Bolday typeface instead.

45. Bali

astounding and classic font for your designs

Just like vacationing in Bali seems to be the ideal getaway from our hectic life, the latest Bali typeface is your getaway from all creative problems and confusions clouding your mind.

Our favorite aspect of the Bali typeface is its eye-catching lettering. In addition, it features elegant, bold, and gorgeous typography that captures the essence of decorative fonts.

Bali has a trouble-free installation process, three supported file formats, and international characters for enhanced flexibility.

Our only complaint about Bali is that it only works for headlines, titles, and display purposes. However, this serif typeface also pairs well with holiday banners, Diwali cards, movie covers, and more!

5x 4th July Fonts

46. Mystery Tour

The most exciting and playful font

Are you an Indiana Jones fan? If yes, you, like us, will fall in love with our special July Fourth holiday typeface.

Mystery Tour takes inspiration from the Americana theme and contains bold, messy, and contrasting letters. This top-quality handmade typeface has a layered design and works best as a display font.

We especially liked that Mystery Tour allows you to change its colors with just a single click! The font also includes a bonus sans-serif script to optimize its use in different contexts.

Our overall experience with Mystery Tour has been straightforward and satisfactory, as its multilingual support and stylistic alternates provide the right platform to unleash your creativity and skill.

Its only limitation is that you need additional design software to fully access the included Mystery Tour alternates. Other than that, the font has mastered the art of portraying a passionate and patriotic American.

47. The USA

It includes 5 different fonts for your liking

What’s better than celebrating America’s beloved independence day than by using The USA typeface?

We were impressed by how accurately the font encapsulates the Fourth of July spirit.

The upper half of the characters are stars, and the lower half is horizontal stripes, representing the American flag.

The five versatile styles of The USA were of great convenience. Bundled with Regular, Shadow, Shading, Red Stripes, and Blue Upper alternate variations, the font allowed us to enjoy precise control over exactly how much emphasis we wanted on different texts.

Use it to design flyers and flags or a giant billboard. One thing is for sure: you won’t be disappointed!

48. Love America

A proudly moment for your designs

For a font that reflects the true American spirit, choose Love America by Stefaniletter!

One thing we especially liked about Love America is its big, bulky characters, boosting a timeless aesthetic that looked outstanding in any context, whether used as standalone headlines or on busy backgrounds.

Another thing we enjoyed was its wealth of ligatures that managed to add a unique flair in a range of situations, from understated to upscale. Additionally, their PUA-encoding allows for quick and easy accessibility.

Bear in mind that Love America only works with compatible software, so make sure to download them before purchasing the font.

But overall, we highly recommend Love America to anyone looking to celebrate the power of America this Fourth of July.

49. American Label

American Label typeface comes in 3 different styles and its a vintage font

Whether you are looking for a font to commemorate the Fourth of July or seafaring American history, this typeface by Holismjd is here to make things easier!

American Label is a vintage font with thick, rugged letters and a nod to the early nineties.

We loved this history-inspired, classic look that lends a masculine touch to the font, making it perfectly apt for those powerful patriotic designs. This masculine style also looked great on flyers, product labels, and insignia.

Bundled with three styles: rough, clean, and striped, paired with TTF and OTF files, American Label offers one of the best functionality on the market.

We also loved how they all work swiftly on MAC and Windows OS.

But since American Label only caters to one language, consider something like Sign 45 to overcome the language barrier.

To sum up, American Label is a font that is classic and straightforward with a recognizable, historical aesthetic that’s bound to make your designs jump right off the page,

50. American Wonders

A font to show your pride in your projects

Ready for a Fourth of July fiesta? American Wonders from Sarid Ezra is the best way to announce your fun, festive gathering.

This font pack offers one of the best flexibilities. We were especially fond of the smooth combination of its two variants.

The signature script’s soft and authentic handwriting style with the powerful bold serif perfectly complemented one another while giving us plenty of freedom in terms of design.

Another thing we admired about American Wonders is its ability to adapt to so many projects and not just the patriotic ones. Be it gift tags, print labels, or propaganda slogans, you can put this font to good use.

Aside from its compatibility with only a few major design applications, American Wonders is a great option to have an attractive and prominent design for Independence seekers on July fourth.

Summary: 50 Holiday Fonts

The best holiday font evokes festive feelings in the reader’s heart, no matter how far away they are from their homes.

Suffice it to say; our long list of fonts manages to do this and so much more with their unbelievable features and charismatic persona.

However, the secret behind choosing the best holiday font for your design lies in analyzing the audience and shortlisting the fonts based on how well they pair with the holiday you are celebrating.

We hope our list helps you find your way to an ideal holiday typeface that will brew excitement and positive emotions in the heart of the reader and take the visuals of your project to the next level.

Happy designing, everyone!

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