Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

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After nearly 2 months off traveling around Europe and Asia I am now back home here in Australia so a big g’day to everyone… hope you didn’t miss me too much :P!

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Thank You

First off I would like to thank everyone for their support of JCD while I was away. I would like to thank the guest authors especially and those who joined in on the discussions as it is those who make JCD a better place.

JCD also managed to gain over 1500+ new subscribers while I was away so I also thank you guys for spreading the word, whether it be through social media or just word of mouth.

Back To Normal

Things are going to start getting back to normal meaning that I will be replying to all comments left on JCD (as I did before I left) however please be patient with me as I do have over 3000+ emails to sort through and business to catch up on as you could imagine, plus we just moved house and university started back today as well so it is pretty chaotic atm.

Anyway enough about that, here are some pictures and stories of my travels.

14 Countries in 44 days

Contiki Tour

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Above you can see a map of some of the places that I visited on my tour and below is a list of the countries. All 14 countries were done in a time of just 44 days so it was pretty full on!

  • England
  • France
  • Spain
  • Monaco
  • Italy
  • Vatican City
  • Greece
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Liechtenstein
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Hong Kong

If you would like to read about exactly where I went and what I did I would recommend visiting the official Contiki tour page as it goes into much more depth there.


To summarise 44 days and choose just a few highlights of my travels would not be fair as the whole tour itself was a highlight but to put it into perspective imagine partying everynight (yes, every night) and then having to wake up 5-7 hours later to explore a city and then doing this for 32 days straight… well you get the drift.

I also met a lovely lady from California too, however, I really don’t think we could have lived any further away from each other but such is life…

Anyway, enough about that here are some photos.


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Want photos? Well I did have over 1200+ photos to choose from but here are a select 30 so as not to bore you :P. I actually also had about 200 more however my camera got stolen in Greece but luckily I had most of the photos backed up as well as travel insurance so I suppose it was not too bad. Anyway, enjoy.

The 46 of us who travelled around Europe together. I am at the very back.

Outside the Big Ben in London.

Posing in the good ol’ fashioned red telephone box.

Château Versailles, home to Louis XIV.

My second visit to this beautiful city.

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Outside the Louvre, Paris.

Good times on the beach in Biarritz.

Enjoying a cold one outside Biarritz.

Posing on the French Riviera.

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In Monaco (the world’s second smallest country behind Vatican City). This is outside Monte Carlo Casino.

The classic leaning tower of Pisa pose.

In Venice… it is extremely beautiful here.

Also in Venice with my mate James just before our Gondola ride.

The whole group outside the worlds oldest amusement park, Prater.

In a beer hall in Germany where I meet another Aussie with the same shirt as me.

In Switzerland with my ultra classy $2.95 Australian umbrella.

Setting up camp in the Swiss Alps.

Check out how low the clouds – we are half way up the mountain.

Posing inside the Ice Palace at the top of Jungfraujoch mountain, Switzerland.

Jump posing at the top of Jungfraujoch mountain, Switzerland.

Posing at the top of Jungfraujoch mountain, Switzerland with my mate, Jenna.

Inside a waterfall also in Switzerland. It really is quite beautiful there.

Inside a clog in Amsterdam just outside the clog factory. We saw how they were made.

Taking a ride in the countryside of Amsterdam.

Inside a club called the Church in London.

The Big Buddha in Hong Kong.

Tai O, a fishing town on stilts in Hong Kong. Quite amazing really. Pity it smelt like fish intestines everywhere.

Repulse Bay Beach in Hong Kong.

On top of The Peak in Hong Kong. A truly magnificent site.

Hong Kong in the day… the last day of my tour.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed that. As always I will answer any questions you may have.

52 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Hello Jacob,

    Welcome back, really liked watching the pictures. It was like making the journey too in a couple of minutes. Good luck on the university and all the things that still have to be done!

  2. Welcome back man!

    Looks like you had a blast while you were away.. and good to see you got the obligatory pushing-the-tower shot..

    what you think of the lourve? It’s near the top of ‘places to go before I die’ list

    Alex Charchars last blog post..Process, Not Product

  3. Liam,
    Thanks for the welcome home 🙂 Yeah that one in London does look a bit freaky. I actually have some better ones from about 2 years ago but oh well… London skies always look like that.

    Yup, only 20 years old! And yea I would rate the trip a good 15/10 but yeah it is always good to leave, and always good to come back!

    Hehe well I think I only featured a few countries out of the 14 visited but I did my best to give a bit from each one.

    Thanks for the welcome and yeah everything was sweet. Like I said to Claudia 15/10!

    I actually didn’t go inside the Lourve this time as I did it two years ago but I did spend like half the day there last time, got pictures with all the famous paintings which was pretty cool.

    Hehe yeah, think I’ve been to over 30 or so countries now but haven’t counted em all really. I had about 50 photos of the tower actually and even more from last time I was there but I really loved the light show at 11pm! Thanks for the welcome back too… too bad I didn’t get to Nantes.

    Jacob Casss last blog post..Home Sweet Home

  4. Was that clog factory right outside Amsterdam, in Amstelveen? That’s right next door for me.

    The matching shirts are a great bit of serendipity.

  5. hey Jacob
    i really enjoyed watching the pics !! it seems that it was really an amazing travel !

    but come on ! we want mooore pictures pleaaase 🙂

    and.. what about videos ? 🙂
    you have to make a Video Mount (photo and video)

    Thanx for sharing and Welcome Back 😉

  6. Great to see the photos, Jacob, and shame about the theft in Greece. Still, looks like you had an amazing time. I’m sure it wasn’t cheap!

    That Hong Kong peak shot is spectacular! Reminds me of being at the top of Shanghai’s pearl tower.

    What are the chances of meeting an Aussie wearing the same shirt?!

    David Aireys last blog post..Logo design and card for Hilcon

  7. Ivan,
    Seeing though your an Aussie I would totally recommend it… about 80% of people who do Contiki are Aussie so you will fit in… you know how much Aussies can drink. Yeah look at their site or even better go into a travel agent and get a brochure. You get discounts if you book 6 months in advance.

    I believe it was in the town of Edam if that is near you? Yeah bit of serendipity 😛

    Set a goal and go for it!

    Hehe well there was 1200+ photos as I said and I don’t think you would want that many plus I also think some are not appropriate for the blog which was another reason I didn’t add them all.

    There were about 30 or so videos (about 30 seconds long) but they were mainly of parties and theme park rides. Thanks for the welcome back 🙂

    Yeah well these things happens I suppose, fingers crossed my insurance covers it, I sent off the claim yesterday.

    Ah the Pearl tower would have been a site!

    And no of course it wasn’t cheap but I did cut a few corners by camping rather than staying in hotels which saved a lot but hey, we work to live, not live to work!

    Yeah the shirt was pretty funny, people were calling us brothers too!

    Thanks for the welcome back!

    Sure was! Have you got a new email? It says this is your first comment here on JCD – I didn’t think it was.

  8. Welcome back, looks like a lot of fun! They all look like lovely pictures, apart from the one in England. Looks quite apocalyptic and scary, it’s not always like that here 🙂

    liams last blog post..Creative Domain Names: Some Clever Alternative Methods

  9. kkkkkkkkk
    Gosh, you’re young!!!! xD

    Anyway, this travel looks really fun! But it’s always good to be back, isn’t it?


  10. Sorry to hear about your camera. It seems like you had a great experience. Happy to have you back.

  11. A true Ozzie backpacker! 😉

    You didn’t stop in my hometown, Nantes (France) but that’s fine, not much to do there. And you got a nice picture of the Eiffel Tower (by nice I mean it wasn’t raining that day apparently) so it makes it up.

    Welcome back to kangaroo land!

    Zhus last blog post..How To Visit Canada (3/10)

  12. Hey Jacob, welcome back…this tour seems great…looks like lots of fun. Do you recommend it? I’m gonna take a look at the contiki site.

    Good to have you back mate.

  13. Wow, I want to travel to many countries like you, but I don’t have a chance (actually it’s money. lol)

  14. Hey, awesome trip! I was looking through the tour site and was wondering if the cost of the plane ticket was included in the price you pay?

  15. Jacob, you’re my hero, man! And to think I was planning on doing the trip around the world before I’m 40. Now I’m sure I want to make it happen much sooner! 🙂

  16. Seth,
    Nah, Contiki’s prices do not include the airfare.

    Thanks 🙂

    Hehe well set a goal and go for it!

    Thanks for the welcome 🙂 Great that you found JCD, I see you have commented 7 times already so good on ya for joining in on the discussions.

    And yeah sure, you can use that pic in the showcase… funny you ask 😛

    Yeah awesome fun eh? I wanna do another one, but not sure exactly where to go. Either that or a ski season in Canada or travel around the US or Eastern Europe. Still undecided.

    Thanks for the welcome back and yeah travelling is good fun!

  17. Hey Jacob,
    I guess it’s been said, but welcome home.
    I’d like to stand up and be counted as one of the 1500 – discovered the site whilst you were away and haven’t looked back. Congrats on choosing such a great selection of guest authors.
    Love the photo of you in front of Big Ben – the way the police van stands out more than anything made me chuckle. Any chance you’d allow me to include it in a (presently embryonic) showcase of police photography?

    Thomas Wrights last blog post..On what could be:

  18. Ahhhh the memories!!! I did a similar Contiki trip in 2004 and it was the best trip ever!!!! Far out it seems like forever ago now. Having a look at those photos makes me want to go back. Looks like you had an awesome time. Shame about the camera….. you have to watch those dodgy europeans ;o)

  19. Hey, Welcome Back, Jacob. It’s been awfully quite here (I mean in the entire blogiverse, not on JCD 🙂 ) while you were gone. Glad to see you back and rested. So no complaining about the +3000 emails to respond to 😉

    Thanks for posting the photos, they are amazing. Looks like you had a time of your life there. Look forward to reading more stories about your travels, especially about the once in a lifetime meeting of another Aussie with the same shirt!

    So, did you manage to get your insurance money and buy a new camera? What was your most favourite moment from your travels?

  20. Welcome back, Jacob. What an awesome trip.

    Venice in particular is stunningly beautiful and so much fun to walk around, one big gorgeous labyrinth.

    It’s sad but too often true that almost everyone who spends 2 months touring in Europe will be robbed or pickpocketed or worse 🙁

  21. Hi Jacob,
    loved the pictures! To meet a fellow countryman
    halfway across the world, wearing the same shirt was fenomenal! :c) Looks like it was a great trip.

    Added your blog to my netvibes!

    See ya!

  22. Vivien,
    Yeah, I am still catching up on the emails, it is a never ending circle! And yeah, I did have the time of my life, it was amazing!
    I have sent the insurance claim off but have not heard from them since but it should all be fine… fingers crossed. I bought a new camera while I was over there so I didn’t miss out on many photo opportunities.

    I couldn’t choose just one favourite moment as there was pretty much one every day however I really did enjoy relaxing in Greece and cruising around on a private boat in Capri, Italy.

    Thanks and yeah it was totally awesome… Europe is such an amazing place, so many different cultures in such a tiny place.

    Thank you, and yeah travelling is awesome filled with good memories.

    Hehe yeah it was pretty strange, but just shows how small the world is. On saying that, I flew all the way over to London and soon as I got out of the plane the person in front of me was from where I lived and was in the same University course as me!

    Thanks regarding the photo, it had to be done and not to worry about the camera, these things happen. I am lucky that was it!

  23. Welcome back, Jacob. Love the Pisa photo! Hehe, and the photo with your “twin” is classic! That’ll make a great memory. Sorry to hear about your camera being stolen in Greece 🙁 Well, thankfully you still captured a lot of great moments. Thanks for sharing

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curios last blog post..Improving Your Designs with the Principles of Design

  24. Welcome home, Jacob. Camping at the foot of the Swiss Alps … wow. The farthest from home I’ve ever been is the shopping mall, lol.

  25. Hi Jacob! Greetings from Greece! So fun to read about your experiences! Sorry to hear that your camera was stolen in Greece… Where did you do? Which places did you visit?


  26. Hi Valia,
    I was at Corfu in Greece, really loved it there! Was there for 4 days which was great as it was my ‘relax’ part of the trip. Can’t do much about the camera now.

  27. Hey Jacob, I really enjoyed your travel photos. I have some questions, if u don’t mind. Do you have a reason for travel, besides for fun? Why do you visit so many places in such a short period?

    I’d like to say that your work is really amazing. I am a graphic design major myself and I usually visit this website to get some inspiration.

    Anyway, I know it’s late but welcome from your trip. I’d say “I hope you have a good trip”, but it’s obvious that u did.
    Have a Merry Xmas, if you celebrate it. If not, Happy Holidays!

    It’s a great talent you have and I know it will continue to take you places for a very long time.

    • Hello Chioma,

      Thank you for the welcome home, but matter of fact I am leaving tomorrow for another holiday, but just locally this time, an hours drive north where our holiday house is. I am also going to Thailand in January for 2 weeks so looking forward to that!

      In regards to traveling to so many places in such a short time, that is what the Contiki tours are known for. I wanted to a taste of each city to see what places I could come back to… I really loved Italy & Greece so I may be going back there at some stage in the short future.

      Thanks and all the best to you too! Merry Christmas too!

  28. Well Jacob, I wish you safe journeys and happy experiences on both your trips. Like always, bring back pictures to share with us. It’s always lovely to see life outside the ones we’re used to, you know?
    Anyway, take care.

  29. Wow, another awesome trip 🙂 Looks like fun. I need to think about studying abroad. Sounds like fun.

  30. Wooww!! My dream is to visit Switzerland!!

    Funny thing about a Bar named Church… Imagine a kid saying Mom, i’ll go to the Church haha you know what i mean? hehe
    Welcome back!

  31. Hi Jacob,
    I saw u all pictures that all was so great n u look handsome also. I want to knw how to start my career in graphic designing bcz I’m doing an animation cource, if i do a job graphic designing that i would be manage or not…n also tell me the tips n tricks of graphic designing..

  32. Nice travel, but i think you must come to Europe again, you miss one of the best countries, Portugal, with great cities, (Oporto win the Europe best destination, (TWICE, in 2012 and in 2014), with great food, and one of the cheapest countries to travel, is really great, specially in summer 🙂 come to visit 🙂

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