[Podcast] How to Build Community

[Podcast] How to Build Community

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In this episode, Jacob Cass & Matt Davies delve into the subject of community building for both brands & creatives.

We jump straight into understanding your audience, where we cover defining your target audience, understanding their needs and behaviors, and researching to gain insights.

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We then move on to defining your community’s purpose, highlighting the importance of identifying core values and the overall mission, setting goals and objectives, and aligning with your audience’s goals.

Building and growing your community is next on the agenda, where we discuss strategies for attracting members, engaging them, managing conflicts, and measuring success.

We also touch on monetizing your community, finding the right strategy, and ensuring that it benefits both your community and its members.

Finally, we share best practices and tips for success, including common mistakes to avoid, recommendations for successful community building, and tips for management and growth.

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