How to Connect Your Business With New Audiences

How to Connect Your Business With New Audiences

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In the commercial world, the age-old question of how to connect with new audiences continues to be a focal point of every business.

Regardless of which sector of business you are in, reaching new audiences is constantly an underlying goal in order to survive. Sound marketing planning is needed to achieve this endeavor. However, the digital and online platforms through which content is delivered to your targeted audiences are equally important in capturing even great numbers of potential customers.

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Establish Your Marketing Strategies

  1. Generate personas based on your target audience’s characteristics. Personas are fictional characters that represent your products’ users. Each persona has its own characteristics and uses your products in a distinct way.
  2. Based on your identified personas, divide your market into different parts. Personas are classified according to their demographics, which includes age group, gender, and cultural identity. They can also be segmented according to their habits, behaviors, and their personal preferences.
  3. Develop content relevant to each persona in the market segments that you have pinpointed. Messages that matter to your audience are more likely to involve them with your products, the work that you do, and your brand.
  4. Deliver messages that resonate with individual personas or potential customers that conform with their ideas and inspirations. Choose the appropriate messages and make use of the best channel to relay the content to the targeted persona.
  5. Research your potential customers’ habits, usage patterns, likes, and dislikes. Formulate a marketing plan that will engage your potential customers and gain their share of the market. Target your plan towards each segment of your market on the basis of your market research. Update content for all streams of delivery often and regularly to provide fresh ideas and content for continued engagement.

Utilize Press Releases

Credible sources of information are highly valued by audience members. Press releases are important official sources of news information, events or announcements put out by a business. The goal of distributing online press releases through such companies as eReleases is to enable national newspapers, such as MarketWatch, PR Newswire, Yahoo! as well as to magazines or blogs to attract the public’s attention about a certain news story.

Besides serving to increase your business’ online visibility, press releases create awareness of and build loyalty with your business’ brand, products, and services. Therefore, utilizing this form of communication is a key strategy for many businesses in gaining new audience members

Captivate Users on Social Media and Websites

Social media continues to be a platform where masses of people frequent and untapped segments of the marketplace can potentially emerge. Getting these individuals to interact with your content is the first step in potentially capturing more audience members. A number of methods exist to engage social media users:

1. Running contests create interaction through:

  • Commenting or posting alike to win
  • Creating the best caption
  • Answering trivia-style questions
  • Submitting the best photo
  • Answering the correct multiple choice question

To further increase the success of a social media marketing campaign to grow your audience, employ these strategies :

  • Use mass advertising through your website, emails, and other social media platforms
  • Award prizes related to your brand, product, or services
  • Contact winners promptly after the contest closes
  • Ensure you abide by the regulations and rules set out by the social media forum
  • Notify and thank all other contestants for entering the contest and commenting in order to promote your business and reinforce your company’s brand
  • Tailor content to each social media platform, making sure that your content is aimed specifically at each targeted audience group
  • Respond to feedback promptly with thought and attention
  • Motivate your followers to tag friends and acquaintances to potentially acquire more followers and subscribers
  • Use hashtags, especially ones that are related to trending stories, to help new audience members locate your site

2. Make use of visually appealing images

Research has shown that you get more views and sharing with content containing images, especially those with people’s faces. Refresh profile and cover page photos frequently to maintain interest in your business and brand. Show audience members what is happening with your work, new products, changes to your products and business, and the kind of impact it will have on audience members. Customize visuals for each social media platform.

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Use videos as another visual form of media to attract and engage new audience members. Directly uploading your videos rather than using an external website like YouTube. This will permit continued autoplay, ensuring potential customers get the opportunity to view them.

3. Telling stories about your product or service is one of the primary tools of engagement

Blog posts are a popular platform utilizing this form of communication. Crafting a narrative with the right language, voice, length, and style with the appropriate delivery channel are some of the principal ingredients you can use to get audiences more involved with your company’s brand, products, and services. In conjunction with creating value through quality content, acquiring new audience members should naturally follow.

Utilize humor with enlightening infographics and even memes that share the value of your and work. Again, write in language suitable for the audience to build loyalty towards your brand.

Use a CRM to Organize and Customize Content

No matter what channel you use to deliver your content, it must be customized to fit your personas or targeted audience. Using data on customer profiles that are housed in your CRM or customer relationship management tool, allows you to organize marketing initiatives.

Besides organizing data, CRM tools can help shed light on how audiences may react to your products or services, what things might be on their wishlist and more effective ways to communicate via email, as well as to demonstrate to your customers that you understand what their needs and desires are. This last aspect will especially strike a chord with your audience members, as they will be more receptive and loyal to a company that cares about them personally.

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Taking another step further, automation software can make use of a CRM’s cache of data on all important aspects of customers, including demographics and behaviors. It also has the ability to organize and keep track of the business’ relationships with these customers.

Using this information, the software can be programmed to send out emails systematically at set intervals to reach a significantly greater number of audience members and lead them towards accessing your website or other pages where services and promotions relevant to their personal profile attributes as indicated through the database. Mass mail-outs particularly in unique themed formats such as marketing postcards add appeal for potential audiences and is another tool you can use to turn their attention to your business and your brand.

Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

Landing pages are an essential point of the first contact where visitors potentially become new audience members. These pages aim to engage customers by providing something of value for them. They are generally accessed through two online advertisement-based marketing tools.

The online display ads can be utilized within a website, social media platform, or other digital media. Their mode of action is through prompting of the user to make a series of clicks in order to end up at a landing page. There, customers are asked to provide their contact information when they agree to take a requested form of action, such as making a purchase. Display ads can be composed of content in the form of text, graphic visuals, or videos. For the majority of these types of ads, every time a visitor makes a click, the business owner is charged.

One of the most important sub-categories of digital ad marketing campaigns is social media ads which are positioned in social media blog posts. They drive visitors to your landing page by making use of search engine optimized keywords within their posts, catering to people’s likes, and providing relevance to their respective industries. On your landing page, ideally, enabling your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters or giving them links to your blog posts provides them with a way to obtain more information about your business. This technique keeps customers connected to your company’s brand and therefore allows you to achieve higher new customer retention rates.

Banner ads are another of the more common modes of digital advertising. These ads are always in the form of images, usually of specific dimensions, and are embedded in websites. The use of images is a powerful tool to attract new visitors and reinforce the advertiser’s brand. By clicking on it, the user is taken to their landing page.

Use Search Ads

Another mode of online advertising is search-based ads. When a customer enters a search term on Google’s search engine, these are the first ads to be seen. Google ads are the most popular form of search ads and are a sure bet in driving new audience members in significant numbers to your search engine optimized website content. Without a doubt, Implementing this form of advertising translates into greater sales of your business’ products, services, special offers, and all the information new audience members need in converting over to your brand, no matter the size of your organization.

In addition, with the means to reach potential new audience members to connect with your company through driving more traffic to your landing page, your company will be propelled to the top of the list of websites that appear when a search is performed on your business’ products or services, and any promotional offers.

Another beneficial feature of these ads is their capability to allow you to restrict the radius of your audience location and specify the range in which you are operating on Google Maps in order to gain a more local following. It will permit you to target your keywords precisely so that you can gain better rankings and be able to retarget your customers through the use of cookies. As well, a mobile app option to draw in customers on the go or near your business’ vicinity is also available.

To maximize the effects of running display ads, using multiple platforms will help you extend the scope of visitors that can be accessed. Once these new audience members arrive at your landing page, your optimized content should capture these new audience members’ attention and you can reap the rewards from your strategic digital marketing campaign.


Work with Another Company or Brand

When your business works with complementary partners where you share similar personas that form a part of both your audiences, your company has the ability to also capture a share of your partner company’s audience and vice versa. The collaboration can also be beneficial for both businesses by increasing  brand loyalty and identification for both organizations. This in turn leads to higher returns on investment, a measure of the amount gained from investment inputs for all companies involved.

Deploy an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

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Omnichannel marketing refers to the strategy of coordinating your various marketing channels that provide the content that is made available to your audience. The use of 3 or more avenues to market your products, services, and promotions can almost double the number of customers entering your content sites.

In using this marketing technique, all audience members receive consistent information about various aspects of your business as well as reinforcing how customers engage with your brand.  For example, videos of your product or service could be shown on your social media accounts. After viewing your videos, audience members are compelled to register for your monthly newsletter or get onto your text and email list to subscribe to your services and promotions. They also would have more motivation to visit your website to find out more detailed information about your products and services. As well, emails would be automatically activated when users add their names to special one-time offers.

Attracting new audiences is a continual process involving data collection and analysis of your audience. This can be achieved by using tools such as your CRM but also is obtained through gathering statistics from your websites and social media pages. Taking on these endeavors will assist your business to maintain opportunities to connect with new customers and allow you to stay current with the marketing tools available in the marketplace and how they can be utilized to connect and reach those personas that make up your identified target audience members.