How to Create Influencer Outreach Emails that Work

How to Create Influencer Outreach Emails that Work

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This article has been contributed by Antonio.

Influencer marketing is the way to go if you want your business to explode with sales and positive public response. Influencer Marketing has proven to be the fastest growing online customer acquisition method as compared to other acquisition methods like organic search, Paid search, Emails, Display advertising, affiliate marketing and more.

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Email Marketing

A customer is more likely to purchase a product after listening to a friend’s recommendation rather than through conventional and tried methods of advertising. This happens to be the lowest form of customer acquisition marketing yet generates high rates of return. If businesses want to boost their sales, they cannot afford to ignore it.

I’ve been guest blogging for an online writing service Edugeeksclub for a while and my recent post “How to Use Influencer Marketing to Boost Your Traffic and Conversions” was  one of my most popular posts on social media precisely because I’ve reached out to influencers for comments. According to Buzzsumo, this particular post received nearly 2,000 shares on various social networking sites.

But many people don’t know the way outreach emails should be structured to get influencers’ attention. Here are a few tips that will help you create a series of outreach mails that will work for your company’s benefit.

Tips for outreach Emails and their content:

Subject: Use a straightforward subject line that is short and to the point. Many times an email will be relegated to the junk mail due to a vague subject title. Mention your blog and the opportunity for the influencer.

Simple Greeting: Don’t overdo on the formality and address them as Dear Mr. or Mrs. So and so. Go on first name basis if you want an open back and forth form of communication to exist. If the influencer refers to themselves as Dr. or Mr. on their blog, then refer to them with their titles, otherwise there is no real need.

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Introduction: State who you are, what you do, your title and the company you work for. Attach a link in the email so the influencer does not have to put in extra effort when assessing the possibilities of this opportunity. Reduce the effort barrier from their end as much as you possibly can to help them come to a good conclusion about collaborating with you.

If you don’t have enough time to do outreach self from yourself, you can hire someone to do blogger outreach on your behalf. A blogger outreach agency like seomediaworld can help you to outreach bloggers from your niche. However you too can do it yourself. Read further for how you can.

Outline your goal: What are you looking in the future?

Outline the benefits for the influencer. Why would they want to collaborate with you? What’s in it for them? Have a single sentence explaining that either they’ll be featured as a paid blogger/ collaborator or they will be given an exclusive feature. If cash is not part of the equation, look for ways to boost their reputation.

Why should they be working with you: Give a short explanation why they’re great for your company. They key is to personalize your email. Don’t send a generic one to many influencers. Chances are none will reply. But if you do your research and mention how their blog can help and perhaps a post that was well written and you particularly like – this simple move will increase your chances of landing an influencer.

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Lighten their involvement: They are busy people, that’s why you should emphasize how easy their task would be. They don’t want to be burdened with doing the homework for you and to top it off, get the work done too!

Mention the benefits: Don’t mention the incentive again, but highlight your achievements – if you’ve boosted other influencer’s reputations or have increased traffic – point it out.

Give a deadline: Give lots of time to the influencer to think about the offer, but don’t hem them in or try to pressure them to make a decision within a few days. Avoid giving a deadline near important holidays like Christmas.
End it well: Short and sweet is your answer.

Read it again: Before sending, review it once to see that there are no grammatical errors and that the text is not lumped in together. This makes it hard to read and your email will be deleted immediately.

Email Conversion

Outreach Email Templates that will help you get the job done:

You will have to send out at least 4 emails to an influencer to complete the entire process.

First Email:

Subject: Join [Blog Name’s] Blogger network and have your own Exclusive Feature

Hi [Influencer’s first name],

My name is [Your name] and I’m a blogger and a writer.

Currently, I am working for a post for [Blog name] and I’m writing to you to ask if you’d be interested in contributing a short comment on [Your topic].

[Blog Name] has attracted a huge following and our audience will be tickled pink to read a comment from you.

Let me know and I’ll send you a quick question, it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to answer.

Thank you so much for your time!

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Have a fantastic day!


[Your name]

Second Email:

If you get a positive reply, then go ahead and ask away. Remember to keep your question brief. If it is too long, your email may be deleted, or the influencer will reply and tell you they’re not interested. As always, you should thank them for their time and demonstrate that you value their response.

Third Email:

After the influencer has responded to your first and second emails, thank them for their response and inform them that they will send the link to the post when it is published.

Fourth Email:

This last email should contain the link as promised in your previous email. Thank them and don’t ask for more. Avoid asking them to share it on their social media networking sites – It’s a given. If they really like the post, they will do that.

Steps after Emailing:

  • Promote your post like mad. Go all out. Visit all the networking sites and publish your post there. The more you post, the higher your reach is, the more visibility you get.
  • Keep in touch with the influencer. Like their posts, share their published articles, leave useful comments – this also helps your site grow.

An outreach email to an influencer can make the world of a difference to your marketing strategies for boosting sales. It is inexpensive yet yields great results. You can’t lose by sending out an outreach email – so go ahead and boost traffic by sending one out today.

Antonio is a marketing specialist and a blogger. He loves writing about SMM, marketing, education and productivity. He’s also crazy about riding his bike and bumping into new people (when he’s on foot). He will be happy to meet you on Facebook and Twitter.

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