What it takes to reach 6 figures as a freelancer

What it takes to reach 6 figures as a freelancer

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Are you wondering what it takes to reach 6 figures as a freelancer?

Find out truly what it takes by reading this incredible success story from Kate Anthony (name changed to protect her privacy).

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Kate is a brand designer & strategist and one of my long-time coaching clients, and a fellow Exponential Creatives member.

Kate hit her 2021 goal of reaching 6 figures just before Christmas 2021 which is DOUBLE her previous year.

Check out the screenshot she sent through to me…

6 Figure Freelancer

I asked Kate what moved the needle for her most in 2021 and she generously outlined it all below.


How to make 6 figures as a freelancer

Here is what it takes to make the elusive six figures as a freelancer.


“I never would have even dreamed up this goal for myself if not for you planting it in my head and pushing me there! (and that’s honestly not a suck-up answer).”


“Having the courage to raise my package rates, which came through a sense of valuing my own work and standing up for the value I provide.”


Improving my sales conversations (shoutout to your 101 Questions Doc) to ask about the deeper problem they’re facing, and also asking for their max/ideal budget before spitting out my costs, that’s given me a few more grand from time to time.”


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“Definitely setting goals and holding quarterly reviews, shoutout to my own PDFs on that.” (Free for EC members)


“My one contract client… building up trust from a year and a half of working with them, doing my best to go above and beyond.

Now every new project manager from this organization who reaches out is like, “Everyone told me, ‘oh you don’t know Kate?!’”.”


“And the boring part of the answer is, it just took time to get here as well. A lot of it was repeat work, whether repeat work from past branding clients who now need a website or other service, or repeat work from a contract client; that just takes time to get to that point as well.”

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