How to Use Adobe Stock (Ultimate Guide)

How to Use Adobe Stock (Ultimate Guide)

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If you are a frequent Adobe user, then you may know of Adobe stocks and their assets.

Adobe Stock provides high-quality images, videos, and other assets that suit your tasks. Designers or creators who use the creative cloud find Adobe Assets a beneficial tool for their projects. 

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However, many Adobe users might have questions about Adobe Stocks and its assets, so it’s best to learn about them in detail. 

Start a free trial of Adobe Stock for 30 days or see Adobe Stock alternatives. Now let’s dive into How to Use Adobe Stock.


What is Adobe Stock?

Adobe Stock is a service that plays an important role in contributing to creative projects. This Adobe service is totally integrated into the Creative cloud platform. Adobe Stock provides access to millions of high-quality images or other assets. This gives a professional touch to the work.

The service also provides royalty-free assets in which the license fee has to be paid only once. It does not charge any extra fees for additional usage. 

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The stock service has a navigation bar that provides additional creative cloud services. Adobe Stocks also give access to more assets. But these additional assets need a separate license because they aren’t included in the stock.


What are the Different Types of Assets?

Adobe Stock includes assets such as photos, vectors, videos, illustrations, and motion graphics, which improve the quality of projects.

  • Photos – Adobe Stock is one of the best collections for standard, editorial, and premium photos.
  • 3D assets – This feature allows you to improve your content’s quality through 3D models, lights, and materials.
  • Design assets – Users can explore illustrations, templates, and vectors through design assets.
  • Motion and Audio – This service helps users to create high-quality audio, videos, and motion graphics.

Get 10 Free Stock Images from Adobe Stock, which includes royalty-free photos, illustrations, and videos.


Why Should I Use Adobe Stock Assets?

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Some of the benefits of Adobe Stock include:

Administrative Tools

Adobe assets grants licenses to users based on Federated IDs which manage permissions at the individual or group level and show reports of used assets.

Unlimited Users

There are unlimited users in the Adobe platform who work on these easily available assets and it provides access and sharing rights to people without any restrictions.

Unwatermarked images

Before licensing, this service provides test images without watermarks and this feature helps to maintain a professional touch in your project.

These are some of the reasons through which Adobe set an impression on users.

If you are a student with an interest in Adobe products, then visit Adobe’s student discount page to get Adobe products at a discounted price.


How to Use Adobe Stock?

Adobe Stock has many benefits, and users may find it difficult to use them. If you are a beginner, you might find it difficult to use assets of adobe stocks.

The steps for using the Adobe assets of Stock include:

License the Assets

You must follow these steps to license the different types of assets.

  1. Sign in your Adobe ID on your Adobe Stock websites.
  2. If you want a specific Adobe asset, select the tab from Videos, Images, 3D, and Premium.
  3. Search for the assets suitable for your project.
  4. On the left side of the search bar, there is a drop-down menu including all, images, videos, and templates. Select the needed option from the menu.
  5. If necessary, filter the results. You can filter it based on price, image orientation, and sub-category.
  6.   After selecting a stock asset of your interest, you must download the licensed version of it to your computer.
  7. Choose the stock from the result page and go to the icons for quick actions for the image.
  8. Click to ‘Buy license’ and ‘Save to my library. (You can preview the unwatermarked images by clicking save preview to the library)
  9. Click download in the dialogue box of the save to computer section.
  10. Select the needed purchasing option.
  11. Import the stock assets into your design.


How to Use Adobe Stock in Other Supported Apps?

You may open assets of Adobe stock through other supported creative clouds. These supported creative cloud apps include InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.

  1. Sign in your Adobe ID on the Adobe stock website.
  2. Select one among the following tabs for a particular Adobe asset.
  3. Search for suitable stock assets for your projects and select the options from the drop-down menu (All, images, videos, templates, etc.)
  4. Open the selected stock asset directly in your preferred creative cloud app and choose the stock from the result page and go to the icons for quick actions for the image.
  5. Click to ‘Buy license’ and ‘Save to my library.
  6. Click the icon of the preferred creative cloud app in the context dialogue that appears.
  7. In this way, your selected Adobe stock images or other assets open in the chosen app of the creative cloud.

Your downloaded assets are in the library named ‘Downloads’.

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How to Use Visual Search to Find Adobe Stock Images?

This service provides a visual search to find suitable images and is one of the easiest ways to find images.

  1. Select the camera icon from the search bar.
  2. Search by dragging an image with an image dialogue to the search bar. You can also browse the image from your computer and upload it in JPEG and PNG form.
  3. You can also filter the results by adding keywords.
  4. Through this step, Adobe stock will show similar assets to the uploaded images.


How to Manage Adobe Assets Added to Your Library? 

If you are doubtful about viewing Adobe assets added to your library, here are steps to avoid confusion.

To create a new library

  1. Select Library and click on view all. 
  2. Insert a name into the empty box to create a new library.

To Rename or Delete a library 

  1. Go to the library and select the preferred library from the drop-down list.
  2. Select the view all from the menu.
  3. Click on Rename library or Delete library as per your need.
  4. If you wish to rename it, insert the name in the text box while viewing the preferred. library. If you want to delete the library, click on Delete from the pop-up box.
  5. Select Ok.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use Adobe stock in other supported apps?

Yes, it is possible to open stock images through other apps you prefer.

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Yes, it is possible to find images through a visual search. You get results by choosing the camera icon from the search bar. Another way is to drag an image with a dialogue to the search bar.

What is the advantage of using Adobe assets?

Adobe Stock provides unlimited assets such as images, videos, motion graphics, illustrations, and vectors. This helps you convert your ideas into visuals and content. It helps the creators, artists, and other professionals to improve their standards of work.



Adobe is the world’s leading creative community providing multiple products beneficial for professionals. So, Adobe Stock is one of the products which helps in finding the best assets for projects. 

If you are interested in downloading Adobe assets from stock visit Adobe Stock’s official website. You may also start a free trial of Adobe Stock for 30 days with this link and Get 65% off Adobe software by following our Adobe Creative Cloud discount guide.

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