How To Get Clients Using LinkedIn

How To Get Clients Using LinkedIn

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Chris Green from Freelance For Money has put together a short video clip showing how you can get clients from LinkedIn. I’ve humbly been “picked on” for the ego boost.

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If you do not see the video below, click through to view it on YouTube.

Please do connect with me on LinkedIn, or if you do not have a profile, I recommend you to sign up now – not only is it a great way to network, show your experience and recommendations, it also helps you get your name at the top of search engine rankings – plus a lot more.

As for my advice, I say fill out your profile, build your network up and get recommendations – it’s really as simple as that.

Also, please feel free to join the Just Creative Design LinkedIn Group – a group for design discussion, advice & promotion.

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How has LinkedIn worked for you? Have you any more LinkedIn advice to share?

16 thoughts on “How To Get Clients Using LinkedIn”

  1. I recently joined LinkedIn (and connected with you!) and have had nothing but positive results so far. I’ve been able to get in contact with a lot of people whom I’ve met in the past or gone to school with that haven’t seen my work or know what I’ve been up to over the past few years. I can’t wait to see what else LinkedIn does for me!

    Creative professionals, feel free to connect with me as well, I’d love to see your work!

  2. I would like to connect with you on linkedin, as we are connected in fb and twitter too, but he ask me for your mail when I try to add you to my network

  3. Hi Jacob! We’re already connected!

    Hello Designers 🙂 Feel free to add me to your LinkedIn page too!

    Cheers from Guate!

  4. hi Jacob,

    recently i have started reading you blog and its just awesome. I have created my account on Linkedin and now i have 90+ link with professional and colleague.

  5. Thanks for the information. I am a member of Linkedin and never really thought of using it as a tool to gain clients. Brilliant!

  6. Jamie – more and more people are looking towards linkedIn as a way to choose a person to work with. Maybe it’s because once you have a large amount of connections and a bulk of testimonials you can be seen as trustworthy.

  7. It’s really intersting. I found some great profiles there and it’s a trustable way to look for background of jobs candidates.
    Also it’s a powerful network to build connection with other compagnies all over the world.

  8. Thank you for the post. I’m a member of Linkedin and would like to make the most of my network. I just requested you as a connection as well.
    Take care,

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