Iceland Adventure Photos

Iceland Adventure Photos

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I recently came back from 1.5 weeks traveling around Iceland, an extremely beautiful country. You can view a few snaps on Facebook and read more about the trip below.

I went with a company called Founders Excursions who organized a trip of 14 like-minded entrepreneurs from Iceland and USA, to travel through Iceland doing adventurous activities while networking at the same time.

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Highlights of the Trip

  • Canyoning (climbing and swimming up waterfalls, then floating back down)
  • Super jeeping (4×4 driving through the Landmannalaugar mountains)
  • Enjoying bonfires, beers and Icelandic BBQ
  • Having tea & coffee at the US Embassy
  • Driving through the back country & around the glaciers / volcanoes
  • Viewing the Northern Lights
  • Speed boating & exploring Vestmannaeyjar Islands
  • Swimming at the Blue Lagoon (Geothermal spa), one of National Geographic’s Seven Wonders of the World
  • Taking in the glorious Jökulsárlón (Glacier Lagoon – where the lake’s glaciers go out to sea)
  • Bathing in the natural geo thermal springs while the mountains surrounded us
  • Participating in the steintökin (strong man competition). Needless to say, I am no Viking!
  • Having my shoes stolen on the first day at a public pool (Yup!)
  • Enjoying the “Bæjarins beztu pylsur” (best-in-town Icelandic hotdogs). Can’t say much about the Harðfiskur (wind dried fish). Also loved the Skyr (drinkable yogurt).
  • Overall, just enjoying the beautiful, peaceful Icelandic scenery.

If interested in a similar experience get in contact with our awesome guide, Siggi from South Iceland Adventure or Matt Wilson from Founders Excursions. I’d highly recommend it!

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18 thoughts on “Iceland Adventure Photos”

  1. Funny that I should read about you visiting Iceland, when I’ve just been making a list of all the places I still want to visit, with Iceland being in the top three. Thanks for the great links, I will definitely take a look. I’m not up for too much adventuring though, but I definitely want to do some horse riding through that terrific scenery!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip! And it’s great that you could view the Northern Lights! Unfortunately I didn’t see them when I was in Iceland a few weeks ago. My favourite activity definitely was bathing in the natural geothermal springs 🙂

  3. Your highlights sound awesome. I went to Iceland once and did the Golden Circle visiting Gullfoss and Þingvellir on the way. It was so amazing that I really do want to go back.

  4. a very nice photo. Thanks for sharing. reflections are beautiful, light, high light of day, though a little less would be better.

  5. I thought i posted a comment already-silly cellphone!
    Great and the most recomended country to visit! Been there for a week! I still remember numerous waterfalls’ names after 10 years! Great photos JC!

  6. I wish they were stronger when I saw them… they only came out on the second last night that I was there but still awesome!

  7. Would love to visit Iceland. Over the years I’ve seen so many friends go and photograph so many amazing places. Definitely on my bucket list.

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