30+ Best Instagram Post & Story Templates for Designers & Agencies

30+ Best Instagram Post & Story Templates for Designers & Agencies

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With now over a billion users on Instagram, it only makes perfect sense why more companies and businesses are pouring in substantial budgets for marketing on the platform. 

Instagram is thriving, and with features that make it easier to sell products and services on the app, entrepreneurs are making the most of what they can in the best ways possible.

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All things considered, it’s important that as creatives and strategists, we successfully communicate the brand values we aim to champion and the messages we want to tell. 

If you’re looking for the best free and paid Instagram post & story templates for brands, designers and agencies, you’ve come to the right place!

30+ Best Instagram Post & Story Templates for Designers & Agencies

1. Corporate Instagram

Corporate Instagram

Introducing your team? Use Corporate Stories from Envato. With the perfect space for a cute photo and description below, this Instagram story template is one of the best there is for this specific purpose.

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2. Instagram Post Template Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency Instagram Post Template

An attractive mix of photo placements and text sizes, this pack is a balanced fusion of modern and formal. Whatever services or products you put out for the world, these Instagram post templates will allow you to amplify the message you want to tell easily. 

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3. InstaCool Instagram Story Templates

InstaCool Instagram Story Templates

If what you’re looking for is a template pack that’s loaded with hand-drawn elements, this is the set for you. Harnessing earthy hues and pastel colors to show off your project’s best photos and stylishly adds text to your stories with this pick. 


4. Corporate Instagram Banners Stories

Corporate Instagram Banners Stories

Are you a fan of black and white? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to check this Instagram post template for sure. Sporting a modern vibe while keeping a corporate feel, this template pack is both formal and edgy. 


5.  Instagram Banner of Digital Creative Agency

Digital CreativAgency Instagram Banner

 Instagram Banner of Digital Creative Agency is a professional, clean, and modern. This Instagram post template option from Envato comes with multiple editable Instagram banners. These templates will be an ideal choice for any creative and business leader will find stylish and functional for a myriad of campaigns. 

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Let’s Talk Carousel and Quotes

Whether your primary content consists of striking quotes or text-centric photos, you’re going to love this gem from DesignCuts. Making good use of appealing gradients and bright colors, this set allows you to confidently talk about the causes your brand champions. 


Instagram Carousel

Instagram carousels are engagement bait, so if you’re looking to up your numbers in this department, this set allows you to do just that. Upbeat and stylish, they easily appeal to younger audiences with this Envato pick. 


8. STREETX Instagram Template

STREETX Instagram Template

Do you feature a ton of personalities on your Instagram feed? If so, you’re going to like this pack. Loaded with both Instagram feed and Instagram story templates, you’re going to find this set’s photo and text placements easy to customize to your liking. 


9. Country Orange – Instagram Template + Stories

Country Orange - Instagram Template + Stories

Another pick from Envato, the template allows designers to playfully edit texts and photos in this set. This Instagram post templates are youthful and reminiscent of hip brands, this pack is young, edgy, and distinctive. 


10. CARRANT Instagram Template 

CARRANT Instagram Template

Another vibrant Instagram story template set is this pick from Envato. Fresh, modern, and blue, the crumpled paper background aesthetic is a visual winner to a lot of young audiences. With both post and story templates in this pick, you’re sure to keep your brand identity intact on the platform with this pack.


11. DECADE Instagram template

DECADE Instagram Template

Harnessing sharp lines, dark backgrounds, and colorful frames, this Instagram post template is a contender pack that’s made to catch your audience’s attention. Whether photos for the feed or story updates, capture your market’s attention with this set. 


12. Instagram Agency Template

Instagram Agency Template

Perfect for agencies and anyone starting a service-based business, this template set is clean, formal, and best of all, minimalistic. Insert your best pictures and your wittiest social media copy, and easily communicate to your market with this pack. 


13. Modern agency | Instagram post template 

Modern Agency | Instagram Post

If diamonds and two-toned themes align with your brand, you’re going to enjoy using this Envato pick. Simple, classy, and appealing, this template is perfect for when you want to post a list of your services and business updates. 


14. Instagram post from digital agency

Digital Agency Instagram Post

Loaded with quirky geometrical shapes, this option from Envato is a visual force to be reckoned with. Best suited for brands that don’t make use of lengthy in-art copy, this instagram story and post template set is for anyone whose campaigns circle corporate projects and advocacies. 


15. Instagram Post Template Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency Instagram Post Template 2

Whether carousels or stand-alone photos, these templates boast creative visual assets that help make a statement. Perfect for independent creatives and thriving startups, this pack will make personalizing your brand’s Instagram storytelling techniques much, much easier. 


16. Stories


Minimalism is a key strategy to help emphasize strong points. If this is the route you’re taking as a designer, you’re going to adore this Envato pick. Both modern and clean, this set packs just the right amount of visual assets that make designs pop out.


17. Content Creator Podcast Live Streaming Instagram Story Template

Content Creator Podcast Live Streaming Instagram Story Template

Are you a podcaster? Whether you are or not, you’re going to love this Envato set. Suited for projects whose main selling points are key personalities, this Instagram post templates pick will quickly lets you put the highlight on guests, speakers, and content creators. 


18. Instagram story template 

Instagram Story Template

Edgy and playful, this vibrant Envato pick lets creatives and business leaders tap into their most creative selves to reach an aesthetic-driven audience. Optimizing thick fonts, fine lines, ad grainy backgrounds, this pack is a dream come true for the trendy professional. 


19. Instagram Stories TemplateInstagram Stories Template

Another playful and youthful template pack is this Instagram post templates set from Envato. Anchored with a whole lot of color and emphatic font sizes, this pick is perfect for media agencies, PR groups, or personality-led projects. 


20. Notabene – Social Media Brand


Stylish, cool, and minimal, this DesignCuts gem allows entrepreneurs and designers to put on the forefront stunning photos and customer reviews. Are you sharing praise you’ve gotten from a client? Use this set. It’s strikingly neat, allowing you to read text legibly and directly. 


21. Digitalism – 20 Modern Instagram Stories Templates

Digitalism – 20 Modern Instagram Stories Templates

Fashion-forward and futuristic, this pick from DesignCuts mimics how graphics would appear if they were computer screenshots. This set is both minimal and modern, this set is a breeze to work with if you want to focus on our pictures and not text.


22. Storytelling Animated Stories Kit

Storytelling Animated Stories Kit

What better way to tell your tale on Instagram than with immersive story backgrounds? Striking and modern, this pack from DesignCuts easily allows readers to understand the context of the campaigns you’re putting out. Immediately add visceral depth with this set.


23. Everyday Instagram Templates

Everyday Instagram Templates

If you want a template pack that has it all, you may want to consider this pick from Design Cuts. Offering 15 varied templates, this pack offers a selection of themes you can breezily turn to should you feel the need to switch up the mood or vibe or a graphic. 


24. Instagram Stories Starter Pack – Photoshop

Instagram Stories Starter Pack – Photoshop

Conservative with a white background, this pack is one of the more minimal and straightforward story template sets on our list. What’s more, this pick’s heavy premium on photos allows designers and entrepreneurs to focus on pictures and snapshots instead of text-driven stories.  


25. InstaCool Instagram Story Templates  

InstaCreator Post & Story Templates

This Design Cuts pick is minimal and neat-looking, making great use of rounded sides, soft colors, and short lines. Steadily putting the focus on photos, this template pack is for anyone whose main business is promoting personalities, coaches, and mentors. 


26. 100+ Instagram Stories & Posts Templates

100+ Instagram Stories & Posts Templates

Gradients make for loud statements, so if this is the route you want to take, consider this pack from DesignCuts. Displaying inkblots and its emergence of fading colors, this set is a stunning template to play with and customize. 


27. 50 Paper Instagram Templates + Bonus

50 Paper Instagram Templates + Bonus

Paper-like stories remind us of when physical magazines were the cool thing to own. This template pack helps your audience relive that nostalgia. Conventionally aesthetic and playful, the crumpled paper effect is a strong feature this Design Cuts set employs. 


28. Cyberpunk Instagram Templates

Cyberpunk Instagram Templates

Arguably the most youthful pack of the bunch, this Instagram story template set uses large fonts, quirky filters, geometric shapes, and trendy visual assets. Perfect for campaigns targeting Gen Z, you won’t go wrong with this one. 


29. Elegant Corporate Instagram

Elegant Corporate Instagram

Another option from Envato that uses a fantastic balance of photos and texts is the Elegant Corporate Instagram pack. Offering templates for both posts and stories, this pick is a safe solution for anyone wanting to explore carousels and a more unified Instagram feed.


30+ Best Instagram Post & Story Templates for Designers & Agencies

Our 30+ Best Instagram Post & Story Templates for Designers & Agencies list is a fantastic resource for any creative looking to improve their Instagram feed. From hip and trendy campaigns to formal and straightforward advocacies, each pick on this list will easily help designers and entrepreneurs make bold and creative marketing choices.

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