10+ Best Interior Design Software in 2024 (July)

10+ Best Interior Design Software in 2024 (July)

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For developing ideas & creating plans, here is a list of the best interior design software. 

Are you an inspiring interior designer or an industry professional in the interior design space?

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If so, you will need sketchbooks, Pantone shade books, 3D modeling tools, and software for interior design.

Software for interior design and project management is one of the essential requirements for your projects, among the aforementioned.

You have a vision for your home designs as an interior designer. But it might be pretty hard for some designers or beginners to explain how creative visions of the rooms might look to clients.

So, it is necessary to visualize your floor plans and show the outlooks of your home interior designs using the best software for interior design.

This article covers our top 10 best interior design software that will help you simplify your tasks.

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10+ Best Software for Interior Design in 2024

  1. Planner5DBest interior design software overall, advanced & easy to use! (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Autodesk — Best interior design software for Mac
  3. FloorPlanner — Best user-friendly software for interior design
  4. Maya — Best software for 3D visualizations
  5. Sketchup — Best software for 3D design software
  6. HomeByMe — Best interior design software for beginners
  7. DreamPlan — Best software for home modification 
  8. Revit — Best software for professionals 
  9. MagicPlan — Best software with customizable features
  10. Blender — Best software for photorealistic animation

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What is Interior Designing Software?

Interior design software is a computer program designed for professionals and enthusiasts in the field of interior design. This will help you visualize and plan your interior decorating and furniture for an office, home, or store.

With the best software for interior design, you can easily share your design ideas with others.

As professional designers, we know it is necessary to identify your needs before choosing the best software for interior design.

There are numerous free design programs or applications on the internet to work on layouts and decorate your house. However, they might have limitations compared to paid professional software.

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You can go with free or paid software as per your priorities.

Note that the best program for interior design should have an easy user interface that benefits both beginners and experts.


10+ Best Interior Design Software in 2024

1. Planner5D (Editor’s Choice)

Image Credits: Planner5D

The best interior design software overall, advanced & easy to use!

If you are a beginner looking for the best user-friendly software for interior design, Planner 5D is our top pick for you.

Planner 5D is an advanced and easy-to-use 2D/3D interior design tool that helps you create your dream home (or room) without any special skills.

What we love the most about this program is its machine learning, AI, and other advanced technological solutions. This makes the interior design app and planning an easy and entertaining process for users with no experience in interior design apps before.

You can design a house online from the ground up and create an interior where every family member feels comfortable and cozy. Simply draw a floor plan, furnish the space, and select materials with a mouse click.

Moreover, this best software for interior design also offers a Design School to help you become an interior design pro in no time, complete with a certificate on completion.

If it’s all too much to do yourself, Planner 5D has a team of experts who will design your dream home for you, with “100% satisfaction guaranteed”.

Planner 5D has an extensive library of different floor plans and designs for you to choose from, making it easier for you to create an interior design.

We highly recommend this best software for interior design to beginners and homeowners. However, this might be too basic for professionals.



➕Highly customizable ➖Too basic for industry veterans
➕Offers AI technological solutions


Try Planner 5D live below.


Start Designing for Free! Planner 5D Live Editor

Planner5D is the best free interior design software! Try Planner5D for free right here on this page! Design your dream room or home in an easy-to-use 2D/3D editor with 5000+ items.

We suggest starting with the ‘Smart Wizard’ button below.

Planner 5D – Floor plans and interior design

Key benefits

  • A constantly updated furniture catalog with over 6,500 items already available;
  • Project preview is available in 2D and 3D, AR on iOS;
  • High-quality images of projects with Rendering and publish them on social networks or on thematic sites and in your portfolio;
  • Ability to add your own structures;
  • AI plan recognition – making a plan into a digital copy using our intelligent neural-network in one click;
  • Planner 5D is available on the web version in 11 languages, and on a mobile device in 30;
  • Cross-platform tool. Available on any platform: Web, iOS, Android, Windows 10 and macOs. Importantly, cross-platform is not only ubiquitous access, but also the ability to start a project on one platform and finish it on another;
  • Weekly Design Battle among users.

Pricing Plans

Planner 5D is an interior design software tool and is free to use, however, for access to premium features it is US$19.99/month or $59.99/year.


2. Autodesk

Image Credits: Autodesk

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Most powerful interior design software

While Autodesk has proven its proficiency in video game development and graphic design, it also plays a significant role in the interior design business.

Autodesk is known for its beneficial tools that help create enormous designs. Since this also contains 2D and 3D architectural rendering software, it is popular among professional interior designers.

It also impresses the experts with features like 3D navigation and 2D and 3D drafting.

Autodesk 3ds Max is one of the best programs for graphic design and game development and works excellently for architectural and interior design purposes.

3D modeling, rigging, and animations are the highlights of this best software for interior design.

Autodesk will help you create room plans and mockups for everything from homes to buildings. You can easily create 2D drafts to explain your plans to your clients. Considering the pricing, the software provides a free trial for 30 days, after which you have to pay $220/month.



➕3D navigation ➖Expensive
➕2D and 3D rendering


3. FloorPlanner

Image Credits: FloorPlanner

Best user-friendly software for interior design 

As an online interior design application, FloorPlanner is our great choice. Since it is user-friendly, the program is suitable not only for individuals but also for companies.

With the assistance of this software, you can design anything from a single room to an entire building or floor.

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One of the standout features we love about this software is the ability to create impressive designs directly from your web browser. Additionally, the software offers many opportunities for online collaboration, allowing you to edit and present projects in the cloud.

It provides excellent service in designing rooms and works great in accurately furnishing your rooms.

Some may find the free version and account limited, which is normal. On the other hand, the subscription version allows you to unlock and use many features to work on your projects.



➕User-friendly ➖Limitations for free account
➕Customizable features


4. Maya

Image Credits: Maya

Best software for 3D visualizations

Adding more visuals and making your plan realistic is a method most designers use to make their work impressive. If you are among them, Maya is the right choice for you. 

Even though it has shown its efficiency in video game designing, Maya also works well for interior designing. With the help of 3D visualizations, you can create great presentations for clients.

It will also work to make a visual tour of your plans for a particular project. Using Maya will benefit you by adding 3D rendering, simulations, etc. Along with this, you can also create a space planning model with a photo-realistic quality

With a subscription of $215/month, this interior design software is best suited for professionals rather than beginners.  



➕3D animations and motion graphics ➖Might not work well for all beginners
➕Advanced features


5. Sketchup

Image Credits: Sketchup

Best software for 3D design software

As a 3D interior design software, Sketchup is a great pick for professionals. With 3D visualization and great space planning, you can convert your ideas into great plans. 

It is important to note that Sketchup is not for beginners, as it may be too complex. Conversely, this is a perfect fit for advanced learners and experts.

Considering the pricing, SketchUp begins at $10/ month. For professionals, it is available for $699/year.

We highly recommend this software to interior designers and architects as well.



➕Works well for professionals ➖Expensive
➕ Real-time visualizations


6. HomeByMe

Image Credits: HomeByMe

Best interior design software for beginners

If you are a beginner searching for the best interior design software, then pick HomeByMe.

What sets this software for interior design apart from others is its great customization features. Our team enjoys its browser-based features and supports mobile browsers.

You will find it easy to implement designs in virtual and augmented reality through HomeByMe. This software helps you create a remarkable 3D rendering of room plans.

It boasts user-friendly software for all kinds of users. We also enjoy HomeByMe’s intuitive interface photorealistic 3D view of space planning.

Another highlighting feature of this interior design software is that you can work on five projects along with three realistic renderings freely. However, it takes time and patience during the rendering and design process.

Due to this feature, we suggest this interior design program for both beginners and professionals.

You can also enjoy five projects, three 360° images, and 15 realistic images with one paid option of $35.39/month.



➕Works well for beginners ➖Rendering might take time
➕Great customization features


7. DreamPlan

dream plan
Image Credits: DreamPlan

Best software for home modification 

Are you searching for interior design software for home modification? If so, then DreamPlan is a solution for you. Providing multiple levels to work, the software is best suited for most of the experts.

The software provides a collection of  3D models through which you can easily work on your ideas. Along with landscape designs, the software makes your task easy in alterations and modifications. The software also provides commercial and home licensing options

Through video tutorials provided, users may get a clear idea of how to start and use this interior design software. Since it is user-friendly software, you can easily import 3D models. 



➕Great for multiple levels ➖Some objects have to be installed further
➕Importing 3D models is easy


8. Revit

Image Credits: Revit

Best software for professionals 

As a part of Autodesk, Revit is one of the best options for working on professional interior design.

Considering the trends, design elements and ideas, the software helps provide design tools with CAD and CAM experience.

Although Revit is more expensive than Autodesk, considering its benefits, it is worth the price.

We highly recommend this for users seeking to create high-quality 3D images with a subscription of $320/month. Revit has also shown its capabilities in 3D visualization, which can make your projects impressive.

Since it might be a bit complicated for beginners, Revit has the drawback of not being user-friendly. But considering its capabilities in conceptual design tools, 3D interior design tools, 3D design visualizations, etc.



➕Best for conceptual design tools ➖Complicated
➕3D visualizations


9. MagicPlan

Image Credits: MagicPlan

Best software with customizable features

For professionals or creative experts, MagicPlan is the best pick to deal with interior design software. Through MagicPlan, you can easily create designs through the browser.

Supporting iOS and Android apps, the interior design software will allow you to work on two projects freely

With a monthly subscription, you can easily make efficient plans for your homes and apartments by unlocking the advanced features. Allowing you to customize, the software makes the dimensions editable. 



➕Provides two free projects ➖AR might struggle while fixing furniture
➕Mobile application for free


10. Blender

Image Credits: Blender

Best software for photorealistic animation

As the best tool for photorealistic animations, Blender is one of the most convenient solutions for interior design.

This best software for graphic design makes viewing room layouts and space planning easier.

With a $11.18/month subscription, you can unlock more advanced features that might help make your project more impressive. Since it is an open-source program, users might find the software user-friendly.

Interior designers or architects can work on rendering, modeling, and sculpting interior spaces easily through software. Considering the beginners, it might be a good idea to start with the blender.



➕Works well for photorealistic animations ➖Not fit for professionals
➕Efficient for space planning


Wrapping Up

No matter how expert your interior design skills are, having interior design software will help you get better results. This software can play the role of a helping hand while explaining or convincing your clients.

You can convert your ideas into visuals through an online service that will help you fix the errors in your room design ideas. Room plans and fixing furniture might be easy for the experts through these free or paid online interior design software programs.

The above-mentioned like Autodesk, FloorPlanner, etc., are some of the best software for interior design that can help you with solutions.

However, if you want to have a variety of options for interior design, you may also check out our best home design software.

Have you tried any of these best software programs for interior design? Share your opinions and recommendations in the comment section below.

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