Island Smiles Dental Care Branding Process & Interview

Island Smiles Dental Care Branding Process & Interview

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Just Creative was interviewed on the Logo Inspirations Instagram channel, discussing the logo design & branding process for Island Smiles, a dentist in Maui, Hawaii.

Project Overview

Island Smiles (formally Hyland Dental Care) came to JUST Creative in need of rebrand. After purchasing the dental practice from Mr Hyland, they needed a new strategy, name, tagline & brand identity to reflect the new management.

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Island Smiles Overview

Island Smiles Branding

How did the client find you?

The client found my website and portfolio through Google, which is highly optimized for logo design & brand identity design search phrases.

What was the client looking for?

The new brand had to stand out from the sea of other dentists which were often sterile & clinical, and instead convey a friendly & relaxing atmosphere that is reflective of their practice in Maui, Hawaii.

What did you have in mind for the identity?

Our approach was to create an identity that plays on the vibrant and sunny nature of Hawaii. A place where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

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The name was the first port of call. We created an inclusive & friendly name that made everyone feel at home. As Maui is an island and smiles are what the dentist creates, Island Smiles, was the perfect fit.

Island Smiles Make Maui Smile

Island Smiles Stationery Branding

What was the process when creating the logo & identity?

After finalizing the name, we moved into the tag line and logo design.

The tagline ‘Making Maui Smile’ complimented the brand’s mission and tied the whole brand’s ethos together. It works multiple levels.

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The logo mark cleverly combines a palm tree within a tooth, giving off island vibes while also communicating dental care.

The typography, which features two contrasting fonts, is both professional and relaxed, perfectly reflecting the brand’s core values.

The color palette is inspired by the ocean and sun, and beach themes are evident throughout the brand, with subtle nods to seashells and sand, as well as the photography which has been shot at beach locations.

With this new brand direction defined, a style guide and other marketing collateral were created, such as stationery and social media graphics.

Island Smiles Logo Story Interview

How many concepts did you explore?

We explored about 6 core concepts with about 50 variations on these marks.

How was the winning concept chosen?

Dental logos are often cliché and clinical, so we wanted to take a new approach to reflect the brand’s ethos. This mark cleverly utilizes negative space, making it memorable and the beach themed colors ensures the brand stands out in a sea of similar blue dentist brands.

What does the logo represent?

The logo mark cleverly combines a palm tree within a tooth, giving off island vibes while also communicating dental care.

Island Smiles Interview

Island Smiles Before After


Here is what Island Smiles had to say about working with me:

“Jacob is a branding wizard! He listened with patience and delivered an amazing brand that we are very proud of. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that wants an in depth dive into brand strategy & incredible designs that will serve your business for years to come.” – Eric Stanley, Island Smiles


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Island Smiles Testimonial

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