Tooting My Own Horn: My Latest Personal Achievements

Tooting My Own Horn: My Latest Personal Achievements

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As the identity designer Jeff Fisher says, “If I don’t toot my own horn, no one else will“, so in this article I am going to toot my own horn and show some of the achievements I have achieved recently. It just goes to show what you can achieve in just 9 months of being a design blogger.

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The Best of Logo Lounge 5

Logo Lounge Logos

Earlier this year I was contacted by Logo Lounge, offering me a free membership (usually $100) to their website, so of course I signed up and when I did, I also submitted some of my logo designs to their database. I never really thought anything of it until last week I got contacted by Logo Lounge letting me know that 2 of my logos are going to be published in their next book The Best of Logo Lounge 5. You can see these two logos above.


I have just been asked by Nokia to design a pair of headphones (the styling, not the actual product) for a new music site being launched by Nokia called Music Almighty however details are on the down low at the moment but stay tuned.

Enviro Shopping Bag For Walgreen’s Pharmacy


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Walgreens is a massive pharmaceutical chain in the USA with over 7000 stores and I was recently commissioned to create a design for one of their ‘enviro’ bags. I am still awaiting word if it is going to be used on the Walgreen’s bags or with another similar but smaller company… exciting none the less where ever it gets printed.

Design Graphics Magazine Design Competition Commendation

Design Graphics

Earlier this year as part of our university course we had to enter the Design Graphics Magazine Cover Design Competition. The results were released a couple of weeks ago and I made it onto the commendation list which means my work is now published in the Art & Design Education Resource Guide 2008 which gets distributed around Australia to every design college and university and goes on sale in newsagents. You can see my cover design to the left and the book on the right.

My Work Appearing In These Books


I have been contacted a few times over this year asking to submit some of my designs into graphic design books so I thought I may as well and what do you know, it paid off. You can check out some of my work in these books coming in 2009:

  • Graphic Design Down Under (ISBN: 978-3939998099) – Euro 14.95
  • Logo 2 (ISBN: 978-3-939998-17-4) – Euro 19.95
  • Best Package Design (ISBN: 978-3939998099) – Euro 19.95
  • Graphic Design 2 (ISBN: 978-3939998099) – Euro 19.95
  • Label Design (ISBN: 978-3939998099) – Euro 19.95
  • Art & Design Education Resource Guide 2008 – $19.95 (out now)

PhotoshopUserTV, Kelby Training & Layers Magazine

Photoshop User

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Just last week I got a recommendation from PhotoshopUserTV (mentioned at 36m 40s) which is a an internet based TV program which is sponsored by such big names as NAPP, iStockPhoto, Epson and Adobe. From that little spot, I   got the job of doing a logo design class for Kelby Training and also the opportunity to write an article for Layers Magazine or PhotoshopUserTV (my choice), so stay tuned for that also.


JCD Pencil Shavings

I can not count the number of interviews I have given over the past few months, both to students via email and also on other blogs but these are some interviews I have had over the past few months.

The top 3 links below were only published this week so they are tingling with freshness.

Live University Lecture to India

University Lecture

Last week I did a live lecture to a graphic design University class in India via webcam. I spoke about logo design, branding and blogging and I also answered questions from the students (mainly aged 18-19). I actually tried recording the lecture however it was very disjointed as we had to swap from Skype to MSN twice due to connection problems, so  unfortunately  I can not show you the video but it went well none the less. They even want me back again.

Photoshop For Right Brainers Book Cover Design

Right Side Brain

I was asked by by John Wiley & Sons if I would like to be a featured designer for their design contest trying to come up with a front cover design for their new book Photoshop For Right Brainers by Al Ward.

Even though I am against spec work, I was offered 4 books worth up to a maximum of $600 to be one of the featured designers. I would like to know what people think of me being a featured artist, condoning a design competition – keeping in mind that $600 worth of books is on the line. I am still yet to confirm if I will participate.

Subscribers / Stats


Just Creative Design now has a total of 167 posts, 19 pages and 4600 comments. On average each article has 27 comments.

We have received over 1,200,000 Unique Visitors, and over 17,000,000 hits using up 3900GB of data since we started.

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I suppose getting 7000+ subscribers in 9 months is a worthy  achievement  also, even if it just a number.

Future Plans


As you may know, I love travelling and adventure and have been to over 30 countries already but this time I am going to see more of Australia. In a few weeks, me and a few university mates are hiring a camper van to travel to the middle of of Australia to see Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) which should be a good 2700km road trip. I am  looking for a few guest articles for my time away so if you are keen, please contact me.

I also plan to go back to Canada in 2010 for 4 months for a working holiday skiing the slopes which I am looking forward to also (and saving for).

A Big Thank You

A big thank you to all of the generous people who have donated $6000+ worth of prizes to Just Creative Design and myself over the past 9 months. Donations have included such things as an electric guitar, logo designs, memberships and so fourth. I will be having another huge competition soon, so keep your eyes peeled and if you want to get a prize donation in early, you know where to contact me.

I also want to thank all of the commentators and readers that make up Just Creative Design as it is those that make Just Creative Design a better place.

Well there you have it, my horn has been tooted.

52 thoughts on “Tooting My Own Horn: My Latest Personal Achievements”

  1. Very impressive! The mentions in the books is a phenomenal achievement as is the freelance gigs mentioned..

    It’s been a good ride watching your success over the last few months. It’ll be great to see where you are in another year!

    Thanks for including the link to the interview and I’ll have to try to get something together for a guest post!

  2. Great work on all these achievements! I’ve been following the blog for a long time, you definitely have a talent for blogging. Keep up the good work!

  3. I just started reading your blog, it’s really impressive all you’ve accomplished.

    And you’re just 20! Who knows what you’ll have achieved by 30 :O

  4. Alex,
    Yeah, no idea where I will be in a year. Strange to think where I was just 9 months ago doing just local designing. No worries re the interview ink, you had some good questions.

    Anton, Penter, Mike, John, Mayhem, Claudia
    Thank you for your kind words.

    I have actually been asked this before. I refer to we when I am talking about me and the blog as a couple. It is only me behind the blog, unless where I specify it is a guest article (usually when I go on holiday).

  5. Hey, really well done on all your acheivements, and it looks like you’ve got a very successful potential career ahead of you post-graduation—looks like you’re getting contracted by some pretty well known companies already!

    As for the spec work/design competition endorsement, I’m not sure I understand what your role as a featured designer would entail, but my only comment would be: to be true to your own values, and that your integrity is priceless 😛 .

  6. Your impressive work definitely deserves the achievements you have recieved. Makes me want to get off my own ass and do my own thing and get out there.


  7. Peter,
    Thanks dude, also just read your Mac or PC post and realised you linked to the poll.

    Jin and Cpt. Space Ninja,
    Thanks, we appreciate it.

    Yeah it is always good to get big spikes of traffic however you can not rate success on just traffic or numbers alone.

    Thank you and no worries at all.

    Yeah it is coming along quite nicely. Re, the spec work, they want me to design a cover for inspiration for others that are going to enter the competition. 4 books does sound enticing though. There is always the right price, for example would you enter a competition where the prize was say, $10,000 to the top 50 winners? An extreme example but gets the point across.

    Cheers Gabriel and I am already enjoying Australia (where I am from).

    The design will be featured on their website along with being entered into the competition to actually be on the front cover of the book.

    I was in Whistler in 2006, but I think this time I will be going to Banff. I forgot about the Winter Olympics, I am guessing it is going to be premium prices. How far away is Whistler from Banff?

    Yeah I am interested to hear the full details. I wonder how many they have contacted.

    Thank you and all the best with your career also.

    Thank you for your praise and no worries at all re the interview, just send though an email with some questions.

    Good luck with it Christine!

    Haha thanks, glad to me an idol.

    Yeah I notice Arbenting is going quite well! Keep it up, the first 3 months are the hardest.

    Thank you 🙂

  8. Hey man! Congrats to JCD! An awesome compilation of achievements…here’s wishing you all the luck in your future endeavors 😉
    2700km road trip O.o (kool!!)
    Hoping to have another video-interaction with you soon…but was wondering if you could maybe come over to Goa(since u like to travel) and give a live-in person talk…u’ll have fun..I assure!!
    -BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus.

  9. Aha, but if you had a competition that gave $10k each to the top 50 winners, you would probably get at least 100k entrants, probably more. Which means that at least 100k entrants may well spend hours/days putting something high quality together for at most, a 0.05% chance of winning! (Two can play at that extreme example game 😉 ).

    It is a tricky one though, moreso as it’s not you that’s entering the spec work, seeing as you get ‘paid’ regardless. I think I’d be considering taking them up on the offer if I were in the same situation:

  10. Congratulations Just Creative Design. A very nice list of achievements to stand by, all i can say is i wish you the best of luck for the remainder of this year and for the future, the blog just keeps getting better and better and its materials and articles like the ones you post is what the design community thrive on.

  11. Well done! I remember how Happy I was with my first website when I got a large spike in traffic. I’m now in the process of my second website which I am to push as far as I can.

    I can only hope one day people will enjoy my sites just as they do yours! It brilliant reading your articles (even when tooting your own horn) lol.

    Darren Coxall’s last blog post..Ubiquity from Mozilla Labs

  12. Wow, Jacob, props to you. Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn once in awhile, especially with such an impressive resume. For a designer and fledgling blogger like me, you are definitely an inspiration. Keep up the good work, and enjoy Australia!

  13. Wow, you seem to have touched a worldwide nerve. Being twice your age, and loaded with experiences on your field I am, honestly, jealous. Your understanding of the big principles, the holes you poke in trends, and (most important), the examples of your work… You really know how to make the internet and your talent work for you.

    I have pointed my colleagues at Woest to, that’s another 4 visitors for you.

    (Ain’t it nice how an orchestra of horns toots with you 🙂

  14. WoW! I must say, I’m very impressed by all your achievements. You’re like Mohamed Ali in Graphic Design—you toot your horn and you back it up with your amazing achievements 🙂
    Well done, Jacob!

    Will your design be featured in Photoshop For Right Brainers book even if it’s not selected? If yes, then by all means, go ahead and participate.

    Hey, and be sure to let me know when you’re coming over to Canada in 2010. I guess you’ll be staying up in Whistler? That’s where we’ll be having Winter Olympics that year. It’s just a few hours drive from where I live, would be great if we could meet in person 🙂

  15. JC, I am truly happy that not only I and your bloggers recognize your EXCELLENT talent, but around the world they do to!!!

    Awesome to read all you have achieved and you’re not even out of university yet!

    Glad to be part of your JCD list and keep up with all you do.

    Success and keep succeeding….

    I’m a huge fan

  16. WOW Jacob, I knew you were good, but these achievements are amazing. Congratulations on all your success. I’m sure it’s well deserved. I just started reading your blog and am very impressed with all that you’ve done in such a short time. keep up the great work. you are truly inspiring… I hope you’re not sick of giving interviews because I would like to jump on the bandwagon and corner you with a few questions of my own for my readers 🙂

    Calvin Cox’s last blog post..Should your Website Designer be Your SEO Consultant?

  17. Jacob,

    How wonderful for you! Recognition that’s well deserved. You have a very special talent.

    Keep rocking right along!



  18. Hey JC,

    I think it’s absolutely incredible how well you’re doing at such a young age. Your work is great, you’ve got a fantastic following and provide some really top-notch articles. You balance Uni and plenty of traveling, freelance work and still stay committed to your fans and followers.

    And you’re only 20! You’re a real inspiration, and I keep looking up to you with great respect. It’s unbelievable that you’re only a year older than me…

    Thanks for everything, and keep it up man.

    Nathan Beck’s last blog post..Increasing and maintaining blog traffic

  19. Love that peter ryan logo, it looks like a keyhole with the p projecting a shadow. I love fonts that play on x y while being 2D.

    great job on the accomplishments! we all should toot our own horns from time to time. Helps with self esteem.

  20. Hey Jacob, way to go, those are some truly amazing accomplishments. You have every right to mention them, and thank you in doing so, because I will now have to keep an eye out for those books. Enjoy the land down under.

    Matt’s last blog post..WordPress welcome back script

  21. Well done Jacob, simply listing all these achievements is one in itself, travelling to Uluru sounds like a very good plan, I have done Oz coast from Nusa to Exmouth, stunning, but ran out of time to make the centre, I am keen to return. I am enjoying the articles and leads to other sites of interest. Great stuff.

    Steve Brown’s last blog post..A full Hen House

  22. John Wiley is a major independent publisher. We get galley copies of books from them all the time. We review their books and run excerpts from them quite often in our magazine. If you can design a cover for them, I say go for it! That’s major exposure.

  23. It’s the first time that i enter in your website, and it’s great! so good!
    I’m brazilian and i come here following a brazilin link!
    see you later…
    cheers from Brazil!!!

    Odair Faléco’s last blog post..Cubo

  24. Congrats on your success!

    What are your thoughts on simplistic web design (i.e. Google’s home page) versus more robust creations?



  25. Sweet! Nice job JC. I’m not certain about the Wiley deal. But the exposure would sure be good.

    Jack McDaniel’s last blog post..Life Certain Corporate Identity

  26. Kelly,
    Thank you and I will 🙂

    Thank you and yeah 2700km sounds sooo long! Hehe, well if you can organise the return plane tickets I will come.

    Touche. I have actually just found out that I can choose up to 18 books up to $600 so I think that just confirmed that I will be doing it. I am looking forward to it actually.

    Thank you 🙂

    Thank you for your kind words and the extra 4 visitors and for adding to the orchestra.

    Wow couldn’t have put it better myself (nor would I) but thank you and keep it up yourself!

    Thank you very much 🙂

    I am looking forward to the books also and the trip to Uluru!

    Yeah I have done all of the East coast myself (not Tasmania) so it is time to go out back. Looking forward to the trip.

    Ahh oops, I wrote that they were a publicist company, just checked why I would have done that and the person that contacted me was their publicist. I have updated the post. I still have to win the competition for the cover to get exposure but fingers crossed.

    Thanks Odair, hope you stick around. I notice a lot of Brazillians are coming to JCD actually… you have some amazing artists down there.

    Yeah I really like the Peter Ryan logo also.

    Jack, Rakesh, Rash,
    Thank you 🙂

    There are different needs and purposes of different sites so it is not really a question that can be answered accurately.

  27. Hi Jacob. Banff is pretty far from Vancouver and Wistler, it’s actually much closer to Calgary than to us. I’m too guessing the prices will be premium here during the Winter Olympics.

  28. Congratulations, what fantastic successes you’ve had, and in such a short time.

    I’m particularly jealous of the book coverage, what is it about being in print in an actual ‘real book’ that is so special?!

    Blogging is incredibly powerful, I’ve started to experience some of the benefits myself this year and so am very motivated to keep it up.

    Onwards and upwards for you 🙂

  29. Wow!!! This is quite a lot of accomplishments in just 9 months….Congrats Jacob! It’s far from tooting your own horn…as your accounts are huge!

    I started blogging in May I must admit that my blog is actually tooting my own horn…because while sharing knowledge I have gathered in my field over the years I try to talk about my work.. so I am able to drive traffic to my website…. and am able to present my different skills to my clients or people who want to work with me… Wondering if that is a right approach…but am still a very new blogger…so am learning what’s the right approach which works for me.

    Thanks for sharing Jacob

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